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Worcester Wreath and Maine Wing, CAP team up again at Arlington National Cemetery.
For the second year in a row the Aerospace Education at its finest. St Croix and Machias Valley ComposAugust 22, 2004 proved to be a ite Squadrons have traveled to Arbeautiful day to work and play outside. lington National Cemetery to particiAfter a month of almost daily rain, cadets and senior members met in Bangor, Maine to compete in the Maine Wing’s Model Rocketry Contest. As always, the St Croix Composite Squadron had over 95% participation. Picture 1 shows most of the cadets who attended the event. This is only the second time in memory that two cadets had to ride in the Commanders car because the van was full. As we add new members, I from this over came to Volunteers hope all problem continues. I like to see unload and lay help the cadets as many cadets take advantage of these programs as wreaths. possible. Our First Sergeant John Chambers, Picture 2, is shown before he pate in the laying of wreaths on I launched his rocket. After the launch,Veterans graves. This learned about asked him what he had event has taken place every year for the past ten rockets. He Said: “I know not to use years with types Worcester donatthree differentMorrill of glue on the same ing wreaths to be laid on the gravefin.” He went on to say: “Don’t wait sites in Arlington. Last year, until the last second to build yourMr. Worcester approached Capt Wayne rocket, you don’t have enough time to Merritt, Commander any make corrections and fixof the Machias Valley Composite Squadron, the problems.” All present watched asto help with the unloading went wreaths First Sergeant’s rocketof theup and at Arlington that we almost missed to down so fastand distributing them it. the volunteers from the Maine State Society to lie on the graves. Capt Merritt enlisted the help of the St Croix Composite Squadron to help with the event. Last year fifteen members traveled to Arlington and worked with the volunteers and Worcester Wreath to distribute the wreaths and to participate in a wreath laying ceremony at the Tombs of the Unknowns. Both squadrons were so moved by the event that both squadrons participated again this year. On December 12, 2004 at 0430 twenty-seven members left in two CAP vans and headed to Easton, Maryland where they were met by Col Kay Walling, Maryland Wing Commander and members of the Easton Composite Squadron. After a welcome from representative Addie Eckardt, Col Walling served pizza to everyone. The Maryland Wing provided overnight accommodations as well as breakfast in the morning. At 0600 Monday morning the squadrons left for Arlington where they met the Blue Bird truck carrying the wreaths. Cadet and senior members went to work and by 10:30 all 4,500 wreaths were placed. The Maine State Society and volunteers from various organizations were on hand to help with the placing of the wreaths. Once this project was complete, the

Finished Product was Beautiful Civil Air Patrol members attended a very moving wreath laying ceremony at the Tombs of the Unknowns. Afterwards, the group traveled to the Pentagon where all members were treated to a guided tour of the building, which included a visit to the “Memorial Room” which is just below where the plane hit on 9/11/01, and will remain etched in the hearts of all Americans. This area is the only place we were allowed to take pictures at the Pentagon. We are proud of our cadets and senior members who took time to participate in this event. All of us are looking forward to next year when we will do it again. Thank you to all who made this trip possible. Maj Wayne Merritt and Capt Dennis Murray.

Cadets SMSgt John Chambers and C/2Lt Stephen Lincoln straighten wreaths on veterans graves.


Maine Wing –

I am now able to inform you of the highly successful mission recently completed by members of Maine Wing for the U.S. Navy. Maine Wing was tasked by the U.S. Navy to provide reconnaissance flights and support communications during the transit of its recently upgraded ship from port at Bath Iron Works down the Kennebec River to its release point into the Atlantic. This mission included fly back digital photography for USN analysis and planning purposes. Maine Wing provided “eyes in the skies” for the USN security personnel in accompanying watercraft and at their ICP. This type of mission may make us an integral part of the US Navy’s plans for recon services for future ship movements. To say that the USN personnel were pleased with the outstanding job done by our Air and Ground Crews is an understatement. I thank all who took part in this very successful mission. And those key people include – Major Chris Hayden, Planning and Crew selection; Capt. Ted Kryzak, Initial Planning; Col. Jim Linker, Air Crew, Planning, Crew selection and Operations Coordination; Lt. Wayne McKin-

ney, Air Crew; Lt. Dick Sharpe, Air Crew; Capt. Marc Brunelle, Air Crew; Lt. Mike Coyne, Air Crew; Lt. Dick Gagne, Air Crew; Major Mike Pellerin, MCV Command and Communications, and Lt. Col. Bill Ricker, MCV Crew and Communications. The success of this mission has been heard at the top of CAP National Headquarters. Outstanding work that reflects outstanding training. Stay tuned…I am sure that there will be more to come… Mitch Sammons Col. CAP

Maine Wing Airman Academy
Attention All Cadets: The Maine Wing Airman Academy is coming up soon! The Airman Academy will be held Monday April 18 thru Thursday April 21 at the Bangor Air National Guard Base and will be run simultaneously with the Maine Wing Honor Guard Academy. The Airman Academy is a great opportunity for new cadets to learn about the cadet program, improve their basic skills, and prepare for this summer’s Maine Wing Encampment, which is shaping up to be one of the best Maine Wing has ever had! New cadets will be given the opportunity to complete all the requirements for their next grade. Participation at the basic level is designed for Cadet Basics, Cadet Airman, Cadet Airman First Class, and Cadet Senior Airman. More experienced cadets who desire to improve their leadership skills and mentor new cadets will find the Airman Academy a time of great growth. Those cadets who wish to apply for a staff position should apply now as staff positions are being chosen as we speak. To be eligible for a staff position you should have already completed an encampment, or at the very least completed an Airman Academy and be a Cadet Senior Airman or above. If you are interested here are a couple of things you should know…first the cost is $35.00, which includes all your meals. Check in time is between 1200 and 1300 on the 18th and lunch will not be served so eat before you come. Graduation will be at 1400 on Thursday the 21st and parents are encouraged to come, so let them know about it. The application deadline is April 1 for basic cadets and ASAP for cadet staff. More information will be put out on list-serve as far as packing lists and more specific instructions so if you are interested and don’t have access to a computer check with someone in your squadron to get the info. Hope to see you all there! 1LT Lori Renzullo, CAP Deputy Director of Cadet Programs

THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME!!!! Twenty Four Minute Mission.

Maine Wing Over
Wing Commander Col Mitch Sammons Vice Commander Maj Chris Hayden Newsletter Editor Capt Dennis Murray Headquarters Maine Wing, Civil Air Patrol PO Box 5006 Augusta Maine, 04332-5006 Editorial Office: 207/767-1874 Headquarters: 207/626-7830 The Maine Wing Over is an unofficial newsletter published quarterly in the interest of members of the Maine Wing of the Civil Air Patrol. Any opinions either expressed or inferred by the writers herein are their own and are not to be considered official expression by the Civil Air Patrol or the Department of the Air Force.

Sometimes it is the case. The mission was opened February 25, 2005 at 1853Z and the ELT was silenced by Capt. Fellows and Flt Officer Fellows at 1917Z. I think that is at least a ME Wing record. Fortunately for me the Fellows GT was just getting ready to leave the Augusta Squadron to take Cadets to Winter Survival when I got the call from the AFRCC. The offending ELT was located in a aircraft that had made a hard landing at Augusta State Airport. I can tell you when I called the AFRCC and told them we had it silenced Capt. Hermosa was a little surprised but I told him we had great teams up here in Maine. Thanks so much to Capt. Fellows and Flt Officer Fellows for their willingness to be a few minutes late in delivering the Cadets to Winter Survival. GREAT JOB ONCE AGAIN. Capt. Merrie Knightly, DO

We have been informed that C/Lt. James Connors has just received his acceptance to the U.S. Air Force Academy. On behalf of Maine Wing, I extend our sincere congratulations to Mr. Connors for his successful application and wish him the best in his career ahead. We are all proud of his achievement.


Wing and Seniors Moosehead water parking. DAE, LTC Lindon Model Cadets supported the International Pilots associationMaine Wing seven years. Photo Courtesy of Mikefairs Officer openedMaine Wing has by Rocketry at Stobie Seaplane Base on the Fly-inLake, Maine move a Cessna 182 seaplane from theLange,ramp to land Messenger.the sessions Program for the past Moosehead Christie, Jr. If you have any questions laying out his vision of the PAO’s beShaping up for about the new model rocketry proing a team within the Lead by CAP International ParadeWing rather than Wing Conference. gram, please contact your squadron working alone at squadron level. He

This year’s Model Rocketry competition will be held on Sunday morning, April 24, 2005 immediately following the Wing Conference. Competition will start promptly at 1000 hours at the Princeton Airport in Princeton, Maine. (About 15 minutes from Calais). The competition is a little different this year and requirements have changed. Guidelines follow the NEW CAP Model Rocketry Program. Each Squadron has a copy and additional copies may be requested directly from National HQ. Each participating squadron will be provided a table at the conference to Display their rockets participating in the competition. Set up of these displays would be Friday Night or Early Saturday morning. Participating squadron cadets in the competition will have completed Stage One (Redstone) of the Model Rocketry Program to be able to participate in the Maine Wing competition. Participating squadron cadets prepare Stage Two (Titan), completing written phase and constructing rockets, bringing rockets to Wing competition and displaying them on the squadron table to be judged. On Sunday morning, cadet’s rockets will be examined, launched and recovered at the launch site. Completion certificates will be issued for the completion of Stage Two (Titan) program. Awards would be determined for best performances after three (3) launches for altitude, distance, accuracy and time aloft. A special award will be given for the best squadron display. It is planned to tape the competition and show the video at a later Maine Wing function. The public will be invited to attend and watch. Each participating squadron will provide one senior member to assist with the competition. We would expect this senior is familiar with the NEW CAP Model Rocketry Program. All squadrons should request rockets through

AEO, Commander or Maine Wing DAE. 1Lt Tim Look is this year’s

Color and Honor Guard likened the job of the PAO as Wing On August 9, 2003, the Mainebeing a member of from St Croix Composite, Squadrons the Wing Public Affairs department with each Downeast once Machias Valley and being responsible for his or her squadron. International again participated in the His plan is for the PAO’s to share Maine to St Parade from Calais,expertise and pool news stories for greater coverage. Stephens, New Brunswick. In addiCapt Dennis Murray handed each attion, the Honor Guard from many diftendee a blank sheet of paper and ferent squadrons participated. This announced that to Maine Wing, CAP year was specialthey had just taken the first we in producing their squadbecausestep lead the parade, which ron’s next generation many years. has not been done forof newsletter. It His telling organizers of the copy can seems theof how he found aevent of St Croix’s Sierra Charlie to be on time count on CAP personnel newsletter in his to be very professional. Less andlocal dentist’s waiting room was proof of the them of the newsletter. problems forpower and believe me He should know he has just deal they have many problems tocompleted his fiftieth issue of SC. The with, before, during and after the reevent. Thank you to all of the partici-

C/SMSgt. Chris McCarthy and 1Lt. Tim Look work on the rocket launcher for the 2005 Rocketry Competition to be held at the Maine Wing Conference, April 22-24. (photo by 1Lt. Karen Varian) competition Launcher. He has constructed a launcher which fire six (6) rockets at a time or individually with a safe control. Now is the time to build the rockets and complete stage one and the written work for stage two. By April 12, 2005: the Maine Wing DAE should receive Names of participating Cadets/Seniors. Thank you for your participation and leadership. Capt Dennis Murray, Co-Chairman Wing Conference Committee, 2005

With this Working Group of PAO’s We will no longer be the “Best Kept Seceret” sult of Capt Murray’s presentation was a renewed enthusiasm for each squadron to get started with the production of a newsletter and perhaps create competition among the squadrons. 1 Lt Wayne McKinney encouraged squadron PAO’s to set up Web sites for their squadrons. He reminded everyone that each squadron has 50MB of Website space available through the NHQ Earthlink contract. These Websites are each squadron’s shop window for new members and a valuable communication tools for active members. Lt McKinney also explained the mysteries of digital photography and distributed free software
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On Saturday February 12th, Maine Wing held a Public Affairs Officers workshop in the conference room of Building 9 at Camp Keyes in Augusta. The one-day workshop was designed to help new and existing PAO’s in the art of promoting Civil Air Patrol through the activities that make membership so worthwhile. Major Chris Hayden, the Maine Wing Public Af-



Waterville Composite Squadron

ning air operations in very tight quarters, Maj Jim Raymond and Maj Wayne Merritt for conducting the UDF training both at the base and in the field in the extreme cold, Capt Barker for conducting the Slow-Scan training, We are pleased to announce the folCapt Riley for his Nikon class and 1Lt lowing promotions for the last quarter. Judy Murray promoted to Capt., Michael Coyne for flying the SDIS classes. Without question, we thank you all for your participation and great enthusiasm. Maj Chris Hayden CAP

St Croix Composite Squadron

Our first full scale SAREX of 2005 held in Waterville on Saturday February 19th was great success despite the cold temperatures. We had 53 attendees all filled with enthusiasm and ready to add to their repertoire of skills. We conducted UDF field training and completed the sign-offs for several trainees, we conducted SlowScan training in the air and on the ground and we conducted SDIS training resulting in three more aerial computer operators. On the flight-line, we had a very skilled group of cadets and seniors handling the aircraft on the ramp. At the mission base several members took on new roles while others honed their existing skills in preparation for our up coming EVAL in May. On top of all that, it was a great day to fly and be outside as long as you were well wrapped up. Most impressive, was the large number of cadets attending and taking on training at the mission base and in the field. Without question, everyone displayed a professional attitude for the mission in hand and never let their guard down in respect to safety. We all thanks Waterville Squadron for their great hospitality, the cookies and pizza were great, and Capt Grosso and Lt Brown for organizing the day and staffing the initial activation. We would also like to thank Capt Marc Brunelle our Wing ES Officer, Capt Merrie Knightly our Wing Director of Operations, Col Ricker, Capt Fellows and FO Nate Fellows our great communications team, Maj Jordan for run-

Machias Valley Composite Squadron
The Machias Valley Composite Squadron would like to welcome our new members Senior Paul Dolan and Cadet Even Emerson. Glad to have you join us. We also bid a fond farewell to Senior Rick Duhaime and

Jolene Clark and Judy Murray Promoted

Jolene Clark to 1Lt., Cadet Stephen Lincoln to C/2Lt., Cadets John Chambers, Derek Farquharson, Steven Martorano and Joseph Martorano all promoted to C/SMSgt. Cadets Todd Clark and Steven Oliver promoted to C/MSgt and Cadet Shelby Cilley promoted to C/Amn. Congratulations to all members on your hard earned promotions. We are all proud of you. During the quarter, the squadron has traveled to Arlington National Cemetery, visited with members of the Maryland Wing and toured the Pentagon with members of Machias Valley Squadron. Most of the Perley Urquhart relinquishes the cadets have finished the first stage of Down East Patrol Squadron flag the “Model Rocketry” program and during the Change of Command are working on getting ready for the Ceremony. (photo by 1Lt. Karen Rocketry competition at the Maine Varian) Wing Conference in April. The entire squadron is gearing up for the Wing Cadet Josiah Duhaime, who moved Conference and many have attended to Arizona this winter. You will be the meetings taking place. Our Cadet sorely missed. Our congratulations go representatives on the committee are to 1Lt. Ken Varian who takes over as C/SMSgt Derek Farquharson and C/ Squadron Commander of the Down A1C Esther Oliver. Both cadets have East Patrol Composite Squadron. made sure that cadets attending the Good luck, and don't be a stranger! conference will have many fun things 1Lt. Karen Varian, PA to enjoy. Cadet Farquharson is workMachias Valley Comp. Squadron ing closely with the Cadet Advisory Council for input to the full committee. Capt Dennis Murray, Commander


Downeast Patrol
On February 15th, I had the pleasure of thanking Captain Perley Urquhart for his service to CAP as the Commander of the Downeast Patrol Squadron. Captain Urquhart did a fine job during a time of great change in CAP procedures and requirements. Cadet Change of Command He will be staying on in a Squadron Staff capacity to work with the new Squadron Commander. We congratu- 1Lt Wayne Kilcollins late 1 Lt. Varian for stepping up to

Cumberland County Composite Squadron

cluded a RC model demonstration, skydiving, static displays of an Army National Guard Blackhawk and Life Flight helicopter, and aerobatic displays by Robert Holland in his Pitts Biplane, Dan McCue in his L-39 jet, and wing walker Carol Pilon on the upper deck of a Stearman Biplane-the first time she knows of anyone wing walking in the winter! Event organizers praised the orderly movements of aircraft and the professionalism of the CAP personnel, who were pleased to participate in such a unique event! Donald Godfrey

CAC On The Move
Blackhawk Helicopter On display The MEWING CAC had it first meeting of the year February 13th during the Commanders Call in Bangor. The Following cadets were in attendance: Jess Hanson Primary Bangor, Anthony Griffin Secondary Bangor, Andrew Rogers Primary CCCS, Jessica Cheney Primary Augusta, Miles Noonan Primary Waterville, Chris McCarthy Primary Machias, Derek Farquharson Primary St. Croix, Steven Oliver Secondary St. Croix, Esther Oliver St. Croix, Conference Committee Member, Kristen Kilcollins Caribou Composite, and Scott Knightly

1Lt Ken Varian receives Squadron Flag from Col Mitch Sammons durCumberland County Composite ing the COC ceremony. Squadron cadets did and outstanding job assisting with the Sebago Lake Air the plate to take on this challenge. show on Saturday, February 26. You Most everyone knows Lt. Varian from may have seen the news segment on his work with the Machias Squadron Channel 6/2 local news Saturday eveand his consistent contributions to our ning about the Windham Rotary missions, SAREX training, as well as Club's annual Ice Fishing Derby, the various other training sessions we which included a first-rate air show have held. 1Lt. Varian will do a fine and fly-in on Jordan Bay. Cadets job for the Squadron and Maine Wing. Knight, Rogers, Madore, Earle, Thanks to both of these fine gentleBelcher, Wilson and Gephardt men. along with Lt. Steve Higgins, Lt. Mitch Sammons Col. CAP Gene Hawkes and Capt. Don Godfrey assisted the Rotary Club with spectator control and aircraft parking for the 30-40 airplanes landing on the FAA designated temporary airport on

County Composite Squadron

Cadet Advisory Council Takes Time out for Picture CAC chair 04/05. Lt. Lori Renzulo will be holding a meeting the same time as the Commanders Call during the Wing Conference. Elections will be held for CAC chair, Assistant Chair and Secretary. If you haven't
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Earlier this month County Composite held their Change of Command Ceremony for the Cadets. The below photos show outgoing Cadet Senior AirStatic displays were a big hit with man Groom and incoming Cadet the Crowds Staff Sgt. Kilcollins. More photos to come next week on the web, after we the frozen lake. Aviation activities inhold our promotions for March.


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for downsizing images and cropping for effect. Each attendee received a three ring binder containing writing techniques, examples of news releases, high quality graphics files including the latest Command Crest and Maine Wing crest, and a complete copy of CAPM 190-1 volumes 1 & 2. Those attending this workshop were: C/2dLt Jessica Cheney of Augusta, 1Lt Susan Hall and SM Cathie Spaulding of Bangor, SM Frank Curran of Cumberland County, 1Lt Karen Varian, Cadet Kenny Serrano and Maj Jim Raymond of Machias, Capt Dennis Murray of St Croix, Capt Doug Grosso, 2Lt Maryann Grosso and 2Lt Lauren Grosso of Waterville. Following the success of this workshop, it is now planned to make this an annual event to be held in the January/February period. The date for the next workshop will be announced shortly.

Closer Relationship With Sister Auxiliary Forged
Major Jeff Weinstein, Commander of ME058 Cumberland County Composite Squadron, and his wife Mary were guests at the Change Of Watch (Command) ceremony and dinner for Casco Bay Flotilla 21 of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. Held at the Holiday Inn by the Bay on January 10, 2005, the ceremony included informative and inspiring speeches from the Captain of the Port; CAPT Stephen Garrity, as well as CAPT Patrick Trapp; US Coast Guard Group Portland Commander. The "social hour" portion of the evening was spent with MAJ Weinstein meeting with both the local Coast Guard officials and the local USCG Auxiliary, as well as the Commodore for the First District of the Auxiliary. Discussions ranged from the possibility of local exercises between the two auxiliaries this Spring/Summer to arranging for CAP Northern Region Commander COL Greenhut, to speak at an upcoming USCG AUX 1st District Conference. The closer relationship is being spearheaded by both MAJ Weinstein and SM Frank Curran of Cumberland County Composite Squadron who has been asked to act as a Liaison Officer between the two groups by the USCG AUX 1st District and CAP. The USCG Auxiliary traces its roots, like CAP, all the way back to World War 2. Today its over 35,000 members provide vital boating safety classes and inspections, search and rescue operations, harbor and waterway patrols, and many non-law enforcement Homeland Security related duties for the Coast Guard. For more on the US Coast Guard Auxiliary go to SM Frank Curran, Asst PAO Cumberland County Composite Squadron

Wearing of Unit Citation Ribbons
The attached clarifies the Region policy . . . it was also cleared with Ms. Susie Parker, HQ CAP/DP. It may be more up to date than the CAP knowledgebase. There has been some confusion as to whether one has the right to wear a Unit Citation if he or she joined the awarded unit after the period specified in the award. Some say no... and others say yes, until one leaves the awarded unit. The CAP Knowledgebase provides a definitive answer. To wear a Unit Citation, one must have been in the unit at the time. If one joined the unit after that time, it cannot be worn. And I quote... From the CAP Knowledgebase. (Question) I have a question about the award of unit citation ribbons, and whether there was such a thing as a "temporary" award. Basically, if a new cadet joins a squadron that has one unit citation award, a wing that has 4, and a region that has 2, does he have the right to wear the unit citation award with a silver and bronze clasp? Is he "temporarily" allowed to wear this award, while a member of the unit? Several members quoted several different sections of CAPR 39-3 for me, and I'm not sure how to interpret it. (Answer) The Unit Citation Ribbon may be worn permanently by all individuals who were members of the unit during any portion of the period of time shown in the National Headquarters Personnel Action announcing the award. New members who join after the period of time specified for the award are not eligible to wear the unit citation ribbon previously awarded. Unit awards are intended to be worn by members of the unit who were assigned during the period specified in the award. Allowing new
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already, please send in a form 2a to MEWING with your primary and secondary. Lewiston Flight if you are able to appoint a CAC rep by the Wing Conference it would be appreciated. I would like to thank the CAC representatives that are involved in the Wing Conference planning for their hard work. Squadron Commanders and DCC's please meet with your CAC Reps on a regular basis so the doors of communication between the Cadets and the Wing are opened! Ted Kryzak Capt. CAP DCP MEWING

America, we must remember, is no more than the sum of ourselves. -John D. Rockefeller III.


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members to wear the award temporarily" while assigned to the unit in not in accordance with the intent of Paragraph 5 of CAP REGULATION 39-3 (E) AWARD OF CAP MEDALS, RIBBONS, AND CERTIFICATES, "A member must be in good standing at the time of the distinguished act and must meet the criteria established for the award," or the equivalent Air Force Instruction 36-2803 (see Paragraph 4.2 below). 4.2. Individual Entitlement. All assigned or attached people who served with a unit during a period for which a unit award was awarded are authorized the appropriate ribbon if they directly contributed to the mission and accomplishments of the unit. Also see Paragraph 12 of CAP REGULATION 39-3 (below) for unit citation procedures. Paragraph 12. Award Elements: a. At the time National Headquarters announces an award, it will forward the appropriate award elements to the proper region or wing commander for presentation to the individual concerned. b. When region commanders announce an award, they will present the appropriate award elements, or forward them to the proper wing commander for presentation to the individual con-

cerned. C. Award elements consist of: (1) The medal and/or ribbon of the decoration in question and the certificate that accompanies the decoration to individuals. (2) Only one Unit Citation Award certificate and streamer will be presented to the unit receiving the award. For example, if an entire group (rather than just the group headquarters) receives the Unit Citation Award, the certificate and streamer will be displayed at group headquarters only; however, all members of the group headquarters and squadrons within that group are authorized to wear the Unit Citation Ribbon. The members of each unit which receive the Unit Citation Award are authorized to wear the Unit Citation Ribbon. This ribbon is not furnished by National Headquarters, but may be purchased from the CAP Bookstore or commercial sources. The Unit Citation Ribbon may be worn permanently by all individuals who were members of the unit during any portion of the period of time shown in the National Headquarters Personnel Action announcing the award. Unit commanders will post the members' records to show their eligibility to wear the ribbon. Peter Jensen, Maj, CAP Director of Personnel Northeast Region

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CAP way and the excitement of the opportunities in aerospace. I thank you all for your steadfast commitment to our Nation through your role in CAP. Semper Vigilance. Col Mitch Sammons, Commander, Maine Wing Maine Wing Winter Survival A Success We understand that over 40 people attended the recent Winter survival Course at the BANG on February 25 & 26, 2005. We are sure there are lots of stories that could be printed about the most recent survival course but none were submitted to us for inclusion in this issue. Thank you to Jess Winchester for submitting the following pictures. –Editor

Keeping Warm A Priority

Maine Wing Conference Checklists; 1. Call Calais Motor Inn at 1-(800) 439-5534 (24/7) and make reservations as a CAP member. 2. Fill out the conference brochure and mail check or credit card information to Maine Wing, CAP, P.O. Box 5006, Augusta, ME 04332. 3. Sit back and relax.

We understand that Maj Higgins had all 2nd year cadets bring a 72 hour pack which was inspected and then all items were removed except a sleeping bag and notebook. Cadets proceeded to the camping site and made shelters from available material. –Editor


Headquarters Civil Air Patrol, Maine Wing PO Box 5006 Augusta, ME 04332-5006


Commander’s Corner
They tell me that spring is on the way…I hope so. I thought I would escape the cold and flu season, but have not had such luck. I hope you have missed it. If not…you are in very good company. I am pleased to report the success of another Homeland Security Mission by Maine Wing. This was for the aerial reconnaissance for the U.S. Navy and the NCIS during the return of the destroyer USS Nitske from Bath Iron Works to the Atlantic. Maine Wing was able to quickly respond to the need for these services on an accelerated schedule due to an impending storm. Our client was very satisfied with our services and this looks like the start of a long relationship with them. The pictures were excellent and provided great shots of one of our Nation’s ships. We are also anticipating some missions with the U.S. Coast Guard in the near

future. There are some procedural steps we need to iron out, but once that is done, we may be able to finally support an agency that is historically brethren to the Civil Air Patrol. I would like to thank all of you who are continuing to keep your training up. Again, I know that it seems like the rules keep changing, but you can see that our growing credentials are opening doors for opportunities with other agencies. It looks like Encampment plans are well underway. The Encampment Staff are hard at work to bring about another highly successful event for you all. The leadership demonstrated by Cadet McRay particularly encourages me. In addition, if you have not heard by now, Lt. Michael McCray will be taking over the command duties for Honor Guard training. Lt. McCray has extensive experience in Honor Guard training as a member of the Arlington National Cemetery Honor Guard, the Maine Army National Guard

Honor Guard as well as having established the rules and guidelines for the State of Maine Honor Guard. We are lucky to have his talents available to us. The first combined Commanders Call and Cadet Advisory Council meeting recently took place. I am looking forward to the CAC input and ideas on how we can all strengthen our Cadet Programs. Thanks to 1Lt. Lori Renzullo for stepping up to be their advisor. Soon, we will be enjoying the May sunshine and warmer breezes. In addition, with the Month of May will come our time for the USAF EVAL. Please be sure to train up for us to garner another “OUTSTANDING” from USAF for all your work. There are many new opportunities for members of CAP. Please remember to take a Teacher for a flight…part of the new Aerospace initiatives. Such an experience could serve us all very well for getting new people educated in the
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