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The following list is compiled of the many business and property owners in downtown London who have signed a petition in the last few days that are not happy about the current Bus Rapid Transit Plan currently being considered by Council. In just a few short days over a 130 businesses have signed this petition that reflects their frustration about the plan, lack of communication and consultation, and unanswered serious questions. This is a reflection as more and more names are being added daily. We want a voice in London's future and an assurance City Council is listening to those concerns in a serious manner. Quesada David E, White Moxies J.B Simpson Jewellers Bertoldi’s Ryce Fashion Design Fellini Koolini’s Zipp Lash Eyes on Richmond ‘The Ceeps/Barneys Marky's Crepe Café Daisy Flowers Stobie's Pizza Starbucks Coffe Winks Toboggan Brewing Framing and Art Church Key Bistro Nicholson Smith Law Firm Loveleigh Boutique Old North Optometry Goose Realty Tim Horton's (4 Locations) Accents Hanger 9 Goligers Travels Roman Leather Black Trumpet Cilantro Kiss The Cook Michael Gibson Gallery Abruzzi Jill's Table Volour By Shubert Bloomers Urban Outfitters Chris’ Country Cuts Jack Astors International Bakery Wich Is Which The Works Cycle Path Olive R. Twists Doris Family Produce Suki Salon and Spa Joe Kool’s Little Red Roaster Copp’s Buildall Patton Law RBC Lifestyles Endo Jewellers Jas Shoes Brown and Dickson Century 21 Boxwoods YYC INC Smooth Wax Bar Mandala Books Almost Paridise Lone Star Burman Beauty Supplies Burger Burger Che Cheveux Renato’s Beckett Lawyers Running Room Seychelles Swimwear Miso Sushi Race Roster Popeyes Supplements Mega Computer Molly Bloom's Hi Ignitio Fit Lab Elizabeth Noel Taz hair Co. ‘The Tea Lounge Vivid Rouge Aladdin Shawarma Bijan’s Art Studio Perfect Image Innovation In Hair McCabes Irish Pub Ann's Tailoring Body Benefits Tantrum Sun Spa Lux Baby Benefits (Ox and Bow Barbershop WTB Inc. Nova Vita Hair Studio Desis Boutique Banhami Express At The Barre Pilates The Early Bird Cactano’s Blu Duby Music Trends Lone Star Fred Badr Tailor NU Hair and Makeup Studio George's Variety Raital Ltd. Blucor Group Anita Norris Model Ann St. Storage Supperworks Wired Custom Framing Williams’ Downtown Auto Tavares Group Monique Lalonde Andrew Douglas Clothier Marcello's HJ. Skelton (Canada) Garlics The Tasting Room Sebastians Waldos Piping Kettle Fieldgate Organics Smith Cheese New Delji Deli Kleiber’s Deli Homeopathy London Petit Paris Coop The Salad Bowl Tina's Treasury ‘The Tea Haus Hot Oven ‘The Ice Creamery Concerned Londoners are still working and receiving more signatures every day. A final petition will be presented to Council in the near future. A rush to judgement about the costliest project in our city’s future and the lives it impacts would be a mistake!