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June 2005



(CALAIS, ME) – The 2005 Civil Air Mr. Paul Thompson, director of the Cadet Honor Guard demonstrated
Patrol Maine Wing Conference was Washington County
held this past April 22nd and 23rd in MEMA, and Mr. Michael
Sawyer, Safety Coordina-
tor of the Maine State
Warden Service. With the
Commander’s Call out of
the way and a Pool / Pizza
party for Cadets held on
Friday night, everyone
was ready for the Opening
Ceremony and General
Assembly on Saturday
morning. After a Safety
Briefing by 1Lt. Peter Goss, atten- their abilities. Then the conference
dees were informed and entertained divided into workshops, which in-
by guest speakers, with Maj. Chris cluded Incident Command, Critical
Hayden as Master of Ceremonies. Stress Management, Communica-
Morning Awards included Com- tions, Orientation Flights (for pilots),
beautiful Calais, Maine. Over 114 mander’s Commendations presented and the SDIS in Florida. Cadets were
Wing members and to SM Terry kept very busy with a workshop on
guests, including Kilcollins, Cadet Opportunities and a Scuba
over 45 Cadets, at- Capt. Dale
tended the two-day Fellows,
event. Guest speak- TFO Na-
ers included The than Fel-
Honorable Vinton lows, 1Lt.
Cassidy, Mayor of Robert
Calais, Col. Ray Baker,
Bean, CAPNHQ, Capt. Marc
Col. Richard Green- Brunelle,
hut, Commander Capt. Don
CAPNER, Lt. Col. Saucier,
Goodlin, Liaison 1Lt. Rich-
CAPNER, Maj. Derik ard Sau-
Day, USAF Guard cier, and
Liaison, Ed Statham 1Lt. Peter
of the Canadian Goss. After Class in the swimming pool. When
Royal Air Cadets, lunch, the (Continued on page 3)

Former Cadet Continues Congratulations Maine Wing.... this
To Serve His Country is our award thanks to your effort
and support.
Flight Officer Shelby Bright of the Maj Chris Hayden CAP
Machias Valley Composite Squad-
ron, left May 11, 2005 for Army Ba-
sic Training at Fort Jackson, S.C. Paul Connors assumed command
Because of his receiving the Gen. of the Cumberland County Compos-
Billy Mitchell Award, He was able to ite Squadron on May 26, 2005. Col
enter the Army as an E-3, he is sure Mitch Sammons presented the
glad he was in Civil Air Patrol. He Shown accepting the ‘Heroes” Change of Command. Congratula-
will be going Airborne as is his award on behalf of Maine Wing, tions Capt Connors –Editor
brother. CAP is Capt Paul Connors and Maj
Maj. Wayne Merritt Chris Hayden.

tional Guard Adjacent General came Coin Update

Maine Wing Received up to use and gave us the warmest
Community handshake we have experienced from I made a change in the coin per a rec-
Heroes Award any high ranking individual. He was ommendation from Col. Treadwell,
sincerely impressed with our achieve- it will now have the MEWING Patch
On May 12, 2005, Maine Wing Civil ment. We hope you were able to on one side and the MEWING En-
Air Patrol was honored by the watch (and record) the local news that campment Logo on the other. This
Southern Maine Chapter of the evening on WGME. WGME was re- makes the coin more unique to Maine
American Red Cross at their annual sponsible for the video segment than using the National Cadet Pro-
Community Heroes Breakfast. Capt shown at the breakfast and will be the grams Patch.
Paul Connors, Capt Douglas Grosso lead news station covering the story. Capt Ted Kryzak, DCP
and myself accepted the award fol-
lowing a three minute video presen-
To All: MEWING Cadet Programs has ordered MEWING Cadet Program
tation highlighting our work as
Coins as a fund raiser. (see enclosure) We will be selling the coins for $5.00
Maine Wing and showing us in ac-
each and are taking orders now. These coins have become very popular
throughout the branches of the military and have become collectors items. If
The highlight of the morning came
you would like to start your own collection we will have them available shortly.
when Maj Gen Libby, the Maine Na-
Ted Kryzak Capt. CAP

Maine Wing Over

Wing Commander
Col Mitch Sammons

Vice Commander
Maj Chris Hayden

Newsletter Editor
Capt Dennis Murray

Maine Wing, Civil Air Patrol
PO Box 5006
Augusta Maine, 04332-5006

Editorial Office: 207/767-1874

Headquarters: 207/626-7830

The Maine Wing Over is an unofficial newsletter

published quarterly in the interest of members of the
Maine Wing of the Civil Air Patrol. Any opinions
either expressed or inferred by the writers herein are
their own and are not to be considered official ex-
pression by the Civil Air Patrol or the Department of
the Air Force.

images were sent directly to the of over 5000 Christmas wreaths to
Civil Air Patrol On Display For city's Incident Command Center. Arlington National Cemetery. Ma-
Maine's Heroes Parade The working relationship between chias Valley Composite Squadron
It was billed as a parade to beat all the City of Portland has strength- won the rocketry display award. Maj.
parades, and by most measurements, ened over the last year partially due Wayne Merritt of Machias Squad-
to CAP’s participation during the ron was named Commander of the
visit of the Queen Mary 2 to Port- Year. Kristen Kilcollins was named
land Harbor last year when CAP Cadet of the Year; 1Lt. Charles
planes flew continual surveillance Brown was named Senior Member
over the controlled airspace and wa- of the Year; 1Lt. Karen Varian was
ters in cooperation with state and given the Gannett Public Affairs
local officials and the US Coast Award; 1Lt. Richard Saucier was
Guard. presented the Cantor Service
Award; Communicator of the Year
2LT Frank Curran, PAO was awarded to TFO Nathan Fel-
lows, who was also presented,
“Check Your Six” along with Capt. Dale Fellows, the
A US Navy P-3 Orion performs a (Continued from page 1) Emergency Services Award; 1Lt.
fly-by over the Maine Heroes Pa- attendees were not in a workshop, Wayne Kilcollins was named
rade as photographed by a Maine they could be seen in the display Safety Officer of the Year; Lt. Col.
wing Aerial Reconnaissance air- area admiring the Cadets’ rocketry Jim Greenlaw was awarded Profes-
craft (Maine Wing Photo) sional Development Offi-
cer of the Year; the award
for Exceptional Service
it lived up to the expectations. Esti-
was presented to the Flor-
mates of between 30,000 to 40,000
ida Hurricane Aircrew of
people lined the parade route and
cheered out of office buildings in Port- Col. Jim Linker, Maj.
Chris Hayden, and Capt.
land, Maine on Friday, April 8th to sa-
Doug Grosso; Maj. Joe
lute Maine's soldiers, sailors, airmen
and Coast Guardsmen from all wars Quinn was awarded the
Wing Staff Member of the
past and present. The event also rec-
Year; Machias Valley
ognized home front first responders;
Composite Squadron was
firefighters, EMTs, police, and auxilia-
named Squadron of Merit;
ries such as Civil Air Patrol and the
US Coast Guard Auxiliary. While the and Capt. Dennis
Murray, commander of St.
color guard, marchers and vehicles
Croix Squadron, was pre-
from the Civil Air Patrol Cumberland
sented with the Eagle
County Composite Squadron and Ma-
Award. Sustained Excel-
chias Valley Composite Squadron
lence Awards were pre-
marched smartly down the parade
route, one of 2 Maine Wing Civil Air sented to Lt. Col. Rich Grover,
exhibits from Bangor, Machias, St. Capt. Ramona Grover, Col. Craig
Patrol aircraft participated in the nu- Croix and Sundown Squadrons.
merous fly-bys which included 2 US Treadwell, Capt. Merrie Knightly,
Also available were displays on and Lt. Col. Bill Hawksley. After
Army Blackhawk helicopters, a US
Drug Demand Reduction by Capt. the presentations, we were enter-
Navy P-3 Orion, a USCG HU-60 Jay-
Paul Connors and Civil Air Patrol tained by Chris Hayden’s Year in
hawk Helicopter, and a USCG HU-25
History by Lt. Col. Helen Cantor. Review, an assemblage of photos
Falcon Jet patrol aircraft. CAP's par- The Banquet began with the posting and video set to Elton John’s Space
ticipation didn't end there though, as of Colors and the Missing Man Cowboys. All attendees agreed the
the local squadron was tasked with
Ceremony, both aptly dispatched by conference was a great success,
providing another aircraft to give ae-
the Maine Wing Honor Guard. and we look forward to meeting in
rial reconnaissance of the entire pa- Special Awards presented by Wing Bangor for the 2006 Maine Wing
rade route, major highways, and inter-
Commander Col. Mitch Sammons Conference next year.
sections for security and traffic control
included a Certificate of Apprecia- 1Lt. Karen Varian
purposes. Using the latest Satellite
tion presented to Morrill Worcester 2005 Conference PAO
Digital Imaging System technology, for his donation and transportation

Guard for their kindness and generos- day March 26. Their last stop left just
County ity. The cadets were very busy work- 3 troopers on the bus and they were a
Composite Squadron ing on completing stage one of the
new model rocketry program and pre-
bit overwhelmed at the disproportion-
ate size of their welcome since over
paring for the competition. The fol- 150 friends and family had come to
County lowing cadets have promoted during welcome them to the Stevens Avenue
Com- the last quarter: Cadet Rhyne pro- Armory in Portland. Also on hand was
posite moted to Cadet Airman, Cadet Hall the Cadet Honor Guard from Cumber-
Squad- promoted to Cadet Airman, Cadet land County Composite Squadron
ron is Slininger promoted to Cadet Sr. Air- and other Senior and Cadet mem-
proud man, Cadet Parks promoted to Sr. bers; but one special nervous well
to pre- Master Sergeant and Cadet Hanson wisher was C/A1C Eric Madore
sent promoted to Sr. Master Sergeant.
three Left to right: Airman Rich- Congratulations to all for a job well
Cadets ard Deschenes, Cadet Mas- done. We are proud to announce that
that ter Sgt Kristen Kilcollins, Cadet Staff Sergeant Griffin attended
have and Airman 1st Class Levi the Honor Guard Academy in April
re- Swan
ceived Cumberland County Composite
promo- Honor Guard, MSG Madore, C/A1C
tions in the month of May 2005. If you Madore and brother.
see these Cadets, please congratu-
late them on their hard work. County whose Dad was among the 3 soldiers
Composite Squadron is proud to post returning. While in Iraq, Master Ser-
the following three awards: geant Greg Madore’s unit was in-
Maj. Thomas Goetz received the Starting with the left front we have volved in building and repairing
Commander's Commendation Award Cadet Hall and then Cadet Slin- schools, repairing roads, and restor-
for his outstanding service to Maine inger. Left rear is Cadet Rhyne, Ca- ing electricity and gas lines. Wife
Wing during his time as County Com- det Parks and Cadet Hanson. Linda, and the entire family were
posite Squadron's Commander. Con- beaming for photos but the Master
gratulations Tom! Sergeant said really just "wanted to
Cadet Staff Sgt. Kristen Kilcollins and is now joining Cadet Sr. Staff go home and find that couch!"
received the Air Force Sergeants As- Sergeant Parks as the second mem- Wing Visitors Present Mitchell Award
sociation Award for her efforts during ber from our squadron to be on the
2004 and Cadet Senior Airman Kris- Honor Guard team. The following ca-
topher Jandreau received the Air dets attended the Airman Academy:
Force Association Award for his ef- Cadet Hall, Cadet Richards, Cadet
forts during 2004. All three awards Slininger and Cadet Graham.
were presented by Col. Mitchell 2Lt. Cathie Spaulding, PAO
Sammons during the County Com- Bangor Brewer Comp. Squadron
posite Squadron Change of Com-
mand Ceremony. Left to right: CAPT Ted Kryzak,
1Lt. Wayne Kilcollins Cumberland County DCP Maine Wing, LT Steve Higgins
Squadron Deputy Cadet Com-
Composite Squadron mander, COL Mitch Sammons,
Maine Wing Commander, C2LT
Bangor Brewer Knight, MAJ Jeff Weinstein, Squad-
Composite Squadron Cumberland County ron Commander, MAJ Chris Hay-
den Deputy Maine Wing Com-
Squadron Rolls Out The mander.
The Bangor Brewer Composite Welcome Mat For One
Squadron is pleased to announce that Special Soldier Civil Air Patrol Cadet Second Lieuten-
we have moved into our new facilities. The tired soldiers from the 133 Engi- ant Katherine Knight from Cumber-

We would all wish to send a big neering Battalion slowly made their land County Composite Squadron re-
thank-you to the Bangor Air National way to 2 other Armories early Satur- (Continued on page 5)

“In Recognition of Outstanding
(Continued from page 4)
ceived the General Billy Mitchell St Croix Achievement in Leadership and
Award from Col. Mitchell Sammons
and other Wing and Squadron Staff at
Composite Squadron Academic Standing in the Civil Air
Patrol.” The Air
the Squadron’s Headquarters on April force Associa-
7th. She is the daughter of Thomas The St Croix Composite Squadron, tion through
and Ellen Knight of Raymond who CAP is pleased to announce the pro- their Air Force
also attended. Cadet Second Lieuten- motions of four Cadets. Receiving Aerospace
ant Knight attends North Yarmouth Foundation
Academy in Yarmouth, Maine. Her awards medals
hobbies include hunting, track and the and citations to
Shown are Lori Cro-
Scarborough Police Explorers. C2LT cadets who
man (proud mother)
Knight's post-high school plans in- and C/2ndLt Tyler achieve certain
clude attending either West Point, Air Croman goals in Aero-
Force Academy, or a civilian univer- space Educa-
sity tion and Leadership in Civil air Patrol.
2LT Frank Curran, PAO As the previous Cadet Commander,
Shown holding their individual pro- Croman has mentored many cadets
motions are C/Amn Jordan Hop- in achieving the Aerospace Education
kins, C/Amn Mark Sartell, C/A1C
Machias Valley Felicia Vincent and C/A1C Patrick
Excellence Award during the last four
years and is continuing to mentor ca-
Composite Squadron Lappin. dets today. This is the first time in this
squadron’s history that the award has
promotions to Cadet Airman First been received by a local Cadet. Con-
Machias Valley Composite Squadron gratulations to C/2ndLt Tyler Croman
Class were Cadet Patrick Lappin,
is pleased to announce that C/2d Lt on your Citation. –Editor
Calais and Cadet Felicia Vincent,
Brent Matthews
Waite. Promotions to Cadet Airman
has been ap-
were Jordan Hopkins, Calais and
pointed as our
Cadet Com-
Mark Sartell, Calais. After the pro- Honor Guard NEWS
motions, a brief “Pinning Ceremony”
mander. We also CD1LT Dillingham, CD2LT McCarthy
was held where the family partici-
promoted Cadets & I did a flag folding ceremony with
C/2ndLt Brent pated in pinning the new rank on the
Jasper Gray, the United Arms Forces Honor Guard
Mathews cadets. Congratulations to cadets
David Candee in Eastport Maine on Saturday May
Lappin, Vincent, Hopkins and Sartell
on your well earned promotions. We 20th for Mr. George Scott Cadet
and Dustin McCarthy’s uncle who was a Vietnam
are all proud of you.
Turner to the veteran. The ceremony went very well
Capt Judy Murray, PAO
rank of Cadet and was greatly appreciated by both
Airman. Con- the Honor Guard from Eastport as
Cadet Steven
gratulations to
Oliver promoted to well as the family members.
all of these ca- C/Amn David Can- Cadet Master Ser- Michael C. McCray
dets. Cadet dee geant. Shown at
the “pinning” cere- Sundown Composite
mony is C/MSgt
Jasper was
Todd Clark attaching the new rank to Squadron
not present
C/MSgt Oliver. Congratulations C/
for pictures. Congratulations goes to Commander
MSgt Oliver on your well deserved
Mary Eastman who promoted from
Captain to Major on May 18, 2005.
C/Amn Justin Turner Maj Wayne C/2ndLt Tyler Croman awarded the We appreciate all that she does for
Merritt, Com- Air Force Association Citation & Sundown and Maine Wing.
mander Medal. May nineteen’s meeting was 2nd Lt Barbara Arsenault
highlighted by promotions and a spe-
The primal principle of democracy cial surprise presentation to C/2ndLt Downeast Patrol
is the worth and dignity of the indi- Tyler Croman. Croman received the
vidual. --Edward Bellamy Air Force Association’s AFA Citation NO Report

Lt Sylvia Feeney PIO Education & Safety Ala. (AFPN) -- Civil Air Patrol's
national capital wing is helping the
Senior members of the Sanford- Air Force test its new visual warning
Springvale Squadron have been In the past few years, CAP has fo- system for pilots, a security measure
meeting on Monday evenings at the cused on building mutually benefi- set to become operational over the
Sanford Airport Summer Headquar- cial partnerships with organizations Washington, D.C., area on May 21,
ters; here the members spend time affiliated with our mission areas. officials said. The system signals
putting the building into shape for the One of the least known, but most pilots who fly into the D.C. area's air
cadets’ activities. The seniors also successful partnerships is with the defense identification zone with low-
work on the radio communications, Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF). level laser beams in an alternating
keep the L-4 flyable, do some flying Civil Air Patrol was instrumental in red-red-green light sequence to alert
before darkness and attend staff the development of many of the on- them they are flying without ap-
meetings under the command of Capt line educational and safety courses proval in designated airspace. Pilots
Charles Cleaves, assisted by his staff. that reside on the SSF website: who receive the warning must im-
Many new members have signed up Http:// Two mediately contact local air traffic
with the Squadron, and some of them of the most Widely used courses– control and fly their aircraft out of
come from as far away as Eliot, Kit- The Wing the no-fly zone. The ground-based
tery, West Buxton, and there have Runner visual warning system was devel-
been some visitors from Dover, New Course oped by the North American Aero-
Hampshire. The new members are and the space Defense Command special-
interested in either the communica- Tow Pilot ists in coordination with people at
tions or the flying part of the senior Course the Federal Aviation Administration
program. The cadet program has are an and the Air Force Rapid Capabilities
been picking up interest, with more annual Office. The lasers are eye-safe and
seniors becoming interested to serve require- nonhazardous. CAP, the all-
as instructors for the cadets. Sanford ment in volunteer civilian auxiliary of the Air
Squadron cadets, under the leader- many Soaring Society of America Force, is scheduled for missions
ship Lt Clyde Holbrook, USARes and (SSA) clubs and other soaring clubs May 21. CAP will use its low- and
assisted by S/Sgt Joe Goodness are as far away as South America, slow-flying aircraft to pose as intrud-
planning a Rescue group made up of Egypt and Japan. In fact, during the ers into no-fly zones near the na-
cadets who are presently receiving last three years, approximately tion's capital. Most of the aircraft in
instruction in map reading for ground 2,400 wing runners and 900 tow pi- CAP's single-engine fleet of 550 are
use. lots have been trained. Now is a Cessna similar to the one that
great time to review these courses drifted into Washington's no-fly zone
so you’ll be at the “top of your May 11 and spurred evacuations
game” during your summer soaring throughout the capital city. "This
activities. You can access these week we saw exactly what can hap-
courses from both the CAP Glider pen when a pilot flies into an unau-
WebPages: Http:// thorized zone in the D.C. area," said
dot/Glider/ or the SSF webpage: Maj. Gen. Dwight Wheless, CAP na- tional commander. "Any such intru-
html. sion not only is a safety issue, but is
also disruptive for thousands of peo-
Reprinted from “The Sentinel” ple who live and work in the nation's
capital," the general said. "This new
Cadets being briefed by Lt Romeo visual warning system will give pilots
Bachand of the Saco Squadron immediate feedback when they are
prior to operation Little Orbit. straying into a no-fly zone, and will
Waterville be a valuable new tool in our coun-
try's homeland defense pro-
Lewiston-Auburn Composite Squadron gram." (Courtesy of CAP Public Af-
Composite fairs)

No Report NO Report
“Take on the Challenge” in framed military tents and eat at the staff positions and the preferred (but
base mess hall. You will get up early not mandatory) grade needed is as
Maine Wing Encampment in the morning for PT. You will tour follows:
2005 the base facilities. You will even go ·Flight Sergeant- C/SSgt-C/CMSgt
and visit the helicopters of the Maine ·Flight Commander- C/2LT and higher.
Dear Cadets: ·1st Sgt- C/MSgt-C/CMSgt
Army National Guard. Your first few ·Squadron Commander-C/2LT and higher
The Maine Wing Encampment is the hours after you arrive will be filled with ·Public Affairs and Admin Staff- any grade
experience of a lifetime! With its hun- turmoil and excitement. You will be Our second option is to attend the at-
dreds of different activities, during “in-processed” and teamed up with tending Emergency Services training
your two weeks here you will achieve your flight. You will meet your flight program of the encampment. Here
what you never thought you could do, commander and flight sergeant, your you will receive the training needed to
learn what you never though you mother and father, big brother and obtain your Urban Direction Finding
could know, and become what you sister for the next two weeks. They and Ground Team Member qualifica-
never though you could be. Leaders will assign you to your bunk, where tion. Get your 101 card and become
are made, not born. The encamp- you will be staying, your “home away a part of our search and rescue team!
ment is your first step on the path to from home”. After the initial orienta- Finally, if you are really interested in
leadership. The path will be challeng- tion to encampment and other activi- the military as a career, why not
ing, physically and mentally. You will ties you will be in bed by 2200 hours, spend a week job shadowing a mem-
have to push yourself achieve, and for this night and every other night of ber of the Air National Guard. There
the reward will be worthwhile! You are the encampment. The next morning is no better way to learn what the mili-
destined to the next generation of you will be awakened early for PT on tary does then by doing it with them!
leaders in CAP and for the nation. the parade field. Here is the first place The encampment is the chance of a
Come and learn how to work as a part you will able to challenge yourself to lifetime. Don’t let it pass you by. Be
of a team. Learn the skills of leader- do more than you thought you could with us at Bangor from July 12-25 for
ship and followership. Meet new peo- do. After PT you will shower and get a time you will never forget! See your
ple, make new friends and learn new ready for the day. Next is formation, Squadron Commander for more de-
skills. While you are doing it, you will don’t be late. Then, off to breakfast tails and complete the CAPF 31.
have a lot of fun! So come to the en- provided by the 101st Services Sup-
campment. Learn the skills you need port Flight, the best cooks in the
to succeed as a CAP cadet. Be part United States Air Force! After break-
of dedicated team, a group of people fast the daily schedule will begin with
dedicated and committed to improving classes, teambuilding programs, drill, Model Rocketry
themselves to be of service to the and other special activities. Then Still to take place.
community, state and nation. comes lunch, more fun, and finally
C/Capt Nate McCray Keep your rockets safe and ready to
dinner. Don’t be late to your dinner fly as the Maine wing Model rocketry
C/2Lt Madison Dillingham formation. Your day will end with flight
Cadet Encampment CC & Cadet Dep- contest is still going to take place. Ca-
time or personal time to work with fel- dets still have time to complete Phase
uty CC low flight members and to perfect I and Phase II
your uniform and bunks. Finally, it’s of the model
Basic Encampment
off to bed for some well-earned rest. rocketry pro-
If you have never attended an en-
You will do more in one day than your gram from
campment, pay close attention. Let
friends will do all summer. National CAP.
us tell you about what will become
your greatest cadet experience! The contest
Second Year Encampment will take place
Maine Wing has the best to offer from
Have you already been to an en- shortly, so
in facilities, food, activities and lead-
campment? Do we have the opportu- watch the
ers. We guarantee you will have a
nities for you! You can serve on the listserve for
great time. The journey may be
encampment staff, participate in the additional an-
bumpy at times, but with the help of
Emergency Services Program, job nouncements
your friends and your team, you will
shadow Air National Guard members. from Maine
pull through with flying colors! Maine
The best way to learn is to do – so the Wing. We
Wing Encampment is held on the
best way to learn leadership is serv- look forward to seeing you there.
Bangor Air National Guard Base,
ing as a cadet leader. Consider ap-
home to the 101st Air Refueling Wing. Lt Col Lindon Christie, AE
plying for a cadet staff position at the
You will see what it is like to live and Maine Wing, CAP
encampment. The following cadet
work at a military base. You will stay

Headquarters NONPROFIT ORG.
Civil Air Patrol, Maine Wing U.S. POSTAGE
PO Box 5006 PAID
Augusta, ME 04332-5006

Commander’s Corner ner that brought numerous compli-

ments from the USAF Evaluators.
evaluation. In order to receive the
highest rating of OUTSTANDING, it
is clear that a collaboration of
I thank each and every one of you trained, talented, and skilled people
for the role you played in this very is necessary.
important inspection. The depth of
Maine Wing talent was demon- Thank you all very much to all for
strated by not only their managing your cooperation and contribution.
the various tasks and problems There were no small deeds...all con-
brought to the IC Staff by the tributions added up to this success.
evaluators with skill, but also by the To add to the sweetness of this mis-
now consistent coincidence of there sion, when I opened my e-mail this
being an actual mission taking place morning, I received a note from CAP
while the simulations were under- National Headquarters telling me
way. that they have come up with addi-
tional funds that can be used for
Captain Merrie Knightly deserves training. I am sure it won't be a bo-
much praise for her ability to handle nanza, but it will allow us to pre-
so many tasks so well under pres- serve our financial well-being and
Maine Wing - sure. The hosting squadron, the some small training events.
I am very pleased and County Composite Squadron, again
proud to report that Maine Wing re- out-did itself in its hospitality and at- Again...thank you all Maine Wing...
ceived a rating of OUTSTANDING for tention to details. Thank you, Lt. you are all truly OUTSTANDING.
the second time in a row this past Wayne Kilcollins and your mem-
weekend. The IC team headed by bers for being such kind and consid- Mitch Sammons Col. CAP
Major Tom Goetz was superlative in erate hosts. You have a fantastic
all aspects. All those who participated Commander - Maine Wing
group of people and their hard work
in the evaluation performed in a man- helped make the success of this