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As far as the Greek mythology is concerned Kato’s is the god of war But I am asking everybody is it justified to say that there is only one god of war .I am sorry folks there is not only one god of war there is a god of war residing in everybody’s soul. As far as the Chinese mythology is concerned there are two different parts of a soul, one good and the other bad. When the bad part of our body overcomes the right one a person or a community just stops thinking what is right and what is wrong and does what his bad soul wants him to do .his humanity is finished. He things religion, humanity, his fellow human beings as a player in his dirty game, where he has the absolute power and the control over his puppet like players .all what you are reading must sound you ridiculous but my dear friends it’s the naked truth of the today’s world. Everyone for the sake of humanity, for religion, for the nation and for absolute freedom is doing what he wants and we the common people are just facing its aftereffects in the form of blasts, racisms, wars and discrimination.

Well I am not a victim of all this but I just consider myself a right thinker, a right perceiver of what humanity is and what is the religion and I expect that if a school going teen can see that why can’t all educated politicians, working people see it. They all see it but cover their ignorance in the veils innocence I have the perfect examples to suit my philosophy, the havoc of Taliban, the American invasion on Iraq, 9\11, 26\11, the London underground bombing and some havocs by the real god of war like Katrina, earthquakes, cyclones floods and many more. I can’t say that the terrorists are brainwashed but I can say that there are really emotional and are blind folded by their masters in their so-called duty towards their religion and towards their country. Then the masters choose a target to satisfy their own hazardous ambitions and use their trained terrorists to fulfill it. They have their notions about religion and humanity; it is good to have our own perception but is it good to make the innocent humans suffer because that’s your belief. Why can’t you see others emotions? Why can’t you? The biggest religion of true man is humanity and to be at the service of it, not to devastate the roots of only pleasant, sweet, beautiful religion left, HUMANITY.I am all these murders of humanity don’t you see before killing a person that his old mother is waiting for him, his wife is cooking his favorite dishes, his son is eagerly waiting for him at the doorsteps with his report card with A+ grade and is expecting a gift and his younger daughter has a lot to tell him about her first dance class experience. Suddenly his son hears footsteps and come running to open the door but is astonished to see that his father instead of gifting him is gifted himself with the most frightening truth of the universe –Death. Answer me who is going to listen their cries. Are you all so sense less? Whom will the old lady embrace, from whom will the son demand extra pocket money, and don’t these terrorists remember their religion there.

Don’t these murderers feel ashamed when they kill thousands, millions of people? Don’t these killers remember their religion when they make a happily married woman a widow, a young son fatherless, a mother childless? The real religion is not to kill others because you believe them as a threat to your community an your religion, the real religion is to create a new renaissance, a new enlightenment in them. TO show them that we all are siblings, children of one god who has all calculations for our good and bad and we are always supposed to pay for our each and every deed in his court of wisdom and truth . Remember no one is a Hindu , no one is a Muslim ,no one is a Christian, no one is a Jew , we all are just humans and children of one god who are here to practice their true and one and only motive of our religion-HUMANITY . We are not different one we are we all, We are just her to obey the rules of humanity, And cover peace on this blue ball.