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Monster Volume 1 : Herr Doktor Tenma Chapter 3 Downfall - Page 61 Doctors: The wound is contaminated, so I want it sterilized more

than enough. Machine: (beep)(beep)(beep) Doctors: Start cutting the skin around the bullet entry. Chapter 3 : Downfall Machine: (beep)(beep)(beep) Doctors: We're going to remove the damaged part of the lobe quickly, before acute brain swelling begins. Get the debridement done thoroughly!! - Page 62 Tenma: Bullet extracted. Bullet: (clunk) Doctors: {W... what an amazing feat. Pulling the bullet out of there like it was nothing... It was touching one of the MCAs. I might have ruptured it, if it was me...} Tenma: It's too early to relax. We still have to reinforce the damaged blood vessel walls. Doctors: R... right. Some 8-0 prolene sutures!! What's the blood pressure? Machine: (beep)(beep) - Page 63 Birds: (tweet)(twit twit) Nurse: Blood pressure 128/72, pulse 88.

Doctor: It appears the anaesthetic is still in effect. Door: (batam) - Page 64 Tenma: Hang in there... Hang in there and pull through... Doctor: Well, it seems YOUR op was successful. Tenma: Yes, for the time being... And yours? Doctor: The mayor is sterben. (dead) - Page 65 Tenma: Oh... That is... A terrible shame... Doctor: You say that as if it was none of your doing. YOU left the team right before the operation... Tenma: B... But that boy was here before the mayor was... Doctor: Who came first is irrelevant in this case. The problem is, we had to rush to fill the hole caused by your absence. Tenma: B... but-!! Please, listen!! I... Oppenheim: You threw the teamwork out of order. - Page 66 Oppenheim: I directed you to take over the mayor's operation, as per the director's orders. But you ignored me. This is unheard-of. Tenma: B... but sir, I... Oppenheim: Surgery is successful because of the trust between staff. I don't believe I need to point this out to you.

Yet you pulled this little stunt. Just because you think you're good doesn't mean you can be arrogant about it, Dr. Tenma. Tenma: N... no!! Oppenheim: Dr. Eisen and Dr. Boyer did an excellent job trying to fill your absence. But your responsibility is the heavy one. The director has already been informed. He is exceedingly disappointed. This is a case that will severely affect the reputation and influence of this hospital!! - Page 67 Oppenheim: You should prepare yourself. Tenma: Ah... P-please wait... Nurse: Dr. Tenma. The boy's blood pressure is 114/82, and his pulse is 84, at the moment. His vital signs are all stable. Tenma: Oh... That's good... - Page 68 [Dusseldorf City] TV: After falling unconscious at his private retreat, Mayor Roedecker passed away at Eisler Memorial Hospital early this morning. At the news of his death, residents rushed to City Hall with bouquets of flowers and recalled memories of the mayor in past times. There was a press conference earlier today at Eisler Memorial Hospital, where the mayor was being treated. Here is a video excerpt. Heinemann: Mayor Roedecker's cause of death was an acute stroke caused by an occlusion of the internal carotid artery. We applied every possible treatment, but the damage was irreversible.

- Page 69 Heinemann: We gave our greatest effort, but due to advanced brain swelling, the consequences were inevitable. TV: The city authorities will reveal concrete information about the system of succession very soon. The funeral service this weekend... Tenma: Sigh... Must get some sleep... TV: Next in the news... Regarding the murder of the East German Foreign Trade Advisor Liebert and his wife, late last night... Police are reporting that there were signs of searching in the house, and that a robbery, or a politically-motivated terrorist attack are both possible. The investigation is still in progress. - Page 70 TV: The couple's daughter is unharmed, but her twin brother was shot in the head... The bullet was successfully extracted, but he has not regained consciousness yet... Tenma: So that's who he was... Days after arriving in free West Germany, and he's shot... What will he do now...? I'm in the same boat... [Dusseldorf - Eisler Memorial Hospital] - Page 71 Nurse: Mr. Reinhardt in ICU... Seems to be having trouble sleeping... Could we administer some sleeping pills... Dr. Tenma? Dr. Tenma, are you listening? Tenma: Uh... Y... yes, I'm sorry. Give him a dose of Halcion, then.

Nurse: He's been staring off into space like that all day. Becker: Yo! I guess you've gotten into some trouble lately. Has the director come down on you yet? Tenma: Dr. Becker... - Page 72 Becker: Remember, I warned you. The hospital is a political arena; you have to get ahead. If you knew how to do that, it would have been smooth sailing for you. You really wasted a great opportunity. Well, I guess this means you're in my position, now. It's quite easy, really. Promotions aren't all there is to life. Enjoy yourself, Dr. Tenma. Women DO love a man with a doctorate. Come on, don't look so depressed. There'll be a chance for you to restore some of your name at the director's social party tonight. Nothing like a party to raise your spirits! - Page 73 Weisbach: Can we still not debrief the twin girl yet?! Nurse: This isn't the time for that, Detective. Weisbach: Huh? Nurse: She's supposed to be resting, but she likes to sneak out of her room and wander about the hospital!! Weisbach: What? Girl: (plat)(plat) - Page 74 Girl: Kill... - Page 75 -

Heinemann: ...And the reason we at Eisler Memorial Hospital have been established as the leaders of our nation's medical society... ...Is all the talented people like yourselves that we are so grateful to have been blessed with. I am sorry to say that Mayor Roedecker passed away at our hospital two days ago, but we did everything in our power, just as we always do. It will not change the value of our hospital to society whatsoever. - Page 76 Heinemann: Please give a round of applause to Drs. Boyer and Eisen, who fought to save the mayor's life to the very end!! I took a look at your thesis. You're doing very well. Keep up the work with your research. - Page 77 Tenma: D... Director!! I... I must apologize for what happened. Heinemann: There there; what's past is past. Tenma: Sir... Heinemann: You acted as you saw fit. Isn't that for the best? Tenma: Sir... Speaker: Next... We'd like to have the chief cranial nerve surgeon come up and say a word... Tenma: Excuse me, sir, I need to... Heinemann: That's not you. - Page 78 Tenma: Pardon? Speaker: Please welcome our newly-inaugurated chief, Dr.

Boyer!! Take it away. Tenma: Huh?! Sir!! W-what...? Heinemann: If you wish to stay here, then stay. But you should give up hoping to raise your position as a doctor. Your character is too problematic for that. - Page 79 Tenma: B-but sir!! Please hear me out!! Heinemann: I value your skill, but that is all. Forget about introducing your thesis at the academic meeting, too. Even if you wish to transfer to a different hospital, I will not write a letter of recommendation. Your aspirations will do you no good here. Consider the doctor's path you have envisioned to be closed. Boyer: An operation means teamwork. Only if we all work together, can we save the lives of others! - Page 80 Crowd: (clap clap clap clap clap clap) Door: (batam) (slam) Eva: Uh-oh, the party's already started. Tenma: E... Eva! Eva, can't you talk with your father? I didn't make the wrong choice. I simply performed the operations on the patients in the order they were brought in!! I... - Page 81 Eva: You really are a fool. Tenma: Ah...

Ring: (ka-ting) Tenma: My... my engagement ring... Eva!! Eva: Oh, Dr. Norden, that suit is magnificent. Norden: You are more beautiful than ever tonight, Eva. - Page 82 - Page 83 Tenma: Hahahaha... Isn't that an awfully funny story? I came to Germany from Japan, by myself. Since the family clinic was going to my older brother, I thought I could sneak my way into a university hospital somewhere... I happened to find one of Director Heinemann's theses, came to Germany, and he raised me this far. But now I realize the thesis that made such a deep impression on me... Must have been written for the director by someone else, just like me. I knew I was being used... But I thought, from the status I gained, I would be able to do as much research as I wanted... <<Heinemann: We are concerned with the academic first, saving lives second... Am I wrong? - Page 84 Tenma: You ARE wrong!! A doctor's first priority is to save the lives of others!! <<Eva: Not all people's lives are equal. Tenma: No!! There's no difference when it comes to lives!! I am NOT wrong!! I have a "problematic character"?! What about you?! You're nothing but a filthy money-mongerer, not a doctor!!

He ought to be DEAD!! - Page 85 Tenma: Thank you. You opened my eyes as a doctor. Hang in there. Stay alive. I lost everything to do your operation. I did that all to bring you back to life. - Page 86 Door: (batam) - Chapter 3 End -