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September 2005


Maine Wing Encampment 2005

Bangor, Maine On Saturday July 23rd, ing to drill both the British and Ameri- they could acclimatize and adjust to
17 Air Training Corps (ATC) cadets can styles. The Encampment staff the five-hour time difference. During
from 1145 Squadron from Dunfirm- also consisted of a mix of both British this time they spent a day in Bar Har-
and American senior cadets. At the bor shopping and driving to the top of
“Pass & Review” all the cadets jointly Cadillac Mountain to view the incredi-
astounded everyone by first perform-
ing the “Pass & Review” the American
way then performing it again march-
ing and saluting the British way. Fi-
nally the Scottish cadets regrouped
as their ATC Squadron and gave a
polished presentation of British drills.
At the presentation ceremony that
evening, the ATC commanding offi-
cer, Pilot Officer Zerena Manek-
The National Flag of Scotland, flew shaw presented Scottish flag to the We can Fly This
at the entrance to the air base base vice-commander Col Craig
alongside the Stars and Strips Snowe. Then in turn the Maine Wing
CAP Honor Guard presented the ble Maine coastline. The Scottish ca-
folded and boxed Stars and Stripes to dets were escorted by six ATC senior
line, Scotland and 44 Civil Air Patrol the Scottish cadets on behalf of the members consisting of three civilian
(CAP) cadets from Maine Wing held a Maine Air Na- instructors: Colin Nicoles, Leslie
“Pass & Review” and Presentations tional Guard. Nicoles and Fiona Selfridge, two
Ceremony marking the climax of the The Scottish adult NCO’s: Warrant Officer John
two week Encampment the two cadets had ar- Harper and Sergeant Craig Archi-
groups had shared on the Maine Air rived in Maine bald, and one adult officer: Pilot Offi-
National Guard Base in Bangor, on July 17th cer Zerena Manekshaw. The ATC
Maine. Throughout the Encampment, after a long adult NCO’s and officers are all mem-
the blue and white cross of Saint An- delay at Glas- bers of the Royal Air Force Volunteer
drew, the national flag of Scotland, gow airport in Reserve. Like us, the RAF Volunteer
flew at the entrance to the air base Scotland, a Reserve is non-combative; however,
alongside the Stars and Strips and seven-hour the officers do hold a Royal Commis-
the flag of the Great State of Maine. flight and then sion. The Maine Wing Encampment
Like their flags, the British and Ameri- Scottish & Ameri- a long four- operational staff consisted of eight
can cadets quickly merged into a can Cadets worked hour drive senior members: Col Craig Tread-
seamless unit that was hard to sepa- together and be- from Boston to well, commander; Lt Col Mark Web-
rate one from the other. Each flight came friends for life Bangor. They ster, vice-commander; Capt Ted
consisted of a mix of British and arrived two Kryzak, Director of Cadet Programs;
American cadets with everyone learn- days ahead of the Maine cadets so (Continued on page 3)

Cadet Flight Training was one of the first Cadets to take CLC Class A Success!
Program advantage of the Maine Wing CAP
program and continue his flight train- On August 20-21, 2005 Maine Wing
Two years ago Maine Wing started a ing. Cadet Riley and his instructor Lt. through the leadership of Co-
Cadet Flight Training Program in Col. William Hawksley started where Directors 1Lt Kay Greenlaw ( St
which several of our Cadets started he left off two years ago, quickly Croix) and 1Lt Richard Saucier
the process of flight instruction reaching the point of solo again, this (County) graduated six people from
leading to a Private Pilots License. time in a CAP aircraft. Cadet Riley is the Corporate Learning Course (CLC)
That program was halted when the progressing quickly and will soon be held in Camp Keyes, Augusta, Maine.
Cadets were not allowed to fly solo. ready for his Check Ride to become a Congratulations to all for increasing
The program was reintroduced this Private Pilot. Cadet Riley has passed your knowledge in the rolls of Civil Air
past Spring allowing Cadets to pro- his Written Exam with nearly a perfect Patrol.
ceed with solo flight. To date there score, has completed his long cross
has been some interest in the pro- country solo, has completed his 10
gram with one Cadet taking up where dual night landings (every one a
he left off two years ago. Cadet "squeaker") and has finished his IFR
SMSgt Ian Riley from the Downeast training requirement. Cadet Riley is a
Patrol Squadron had progressed to 2nd year student of Engineering
the point of solo flight and had soloed at UMO. He has participated in many
in a non-CAP aircraft. C/SMSgt Riley missions doing radio communications.
The advantage of a Cadet getting his
Private Pilots License in a CAP air-
craft lies in the fact that CAP aircraft
with all their high tech instrumentation Graduates of the CLC Course are
are far superior to any aircraft avail- Front Row; 1Lt Kay Greenlaw, (St
able at your local FBO for flight in- Croix), Capt Bruce Meacham
struction. In addition to free flight (County), 2Lt Joshua Cuetara
instruction, the cost of flying CAP air- (Waterville) and SM Curtis Slininger
craft is far less than local ( Bangor-Brewer). Back Row; Capt
rental cost, especially if no flight in- Raymond Albert (County), Capt
struction is available at the Mark Varney (NH) and 1Lt Wayne
local FBO. The advantage to CAP Kilcollins (County).
C/SMSgt Ian Riley After and the Air Force is that pilots
His First Solo. getting their license in CAP aircraft
are more likely to become an Air
Force pilot and/or a CAP pilot. An- PHOTOS, DOCUMENTS ON
Maine Wing Over other CAP benefit is the instruction WWII CIVIL AIR PATROL IN
and solo time accumulates and justi- MAINE SOUGHT FOR BOOK
Wing Commander fies the assignment of the aircraft
Col Mitch Sammons
to Maine Wing. Cadets at least 16 Author seeks original photographs,
Vice Commander years of age interested in the Cadet documents, clippings, etc, for use in a
Maj Chris Hayden Flight Program should contact their book on the Maine Civil Air Patrol in
Newsletter Editor Squadron Commander or a CAP WWII. Publication scheduled for sum-
Capt Dennis Murray Flight Instructor. In addition to the mer of 2006. All originals will be re-
FAA student requirements, Maine turned as requested, or turned over to
Maine Wing, Civil Air Patrol Wing requirements may be an appropriate organization as re-
PO Box 5006 found on the Maine Wing web site in quested by the donor. Author must be
Augusta Maine, 04332-5006 given rights to use photographs (with
the supplement to CAPR 60-1 found
Editorial Office: 207/767-1874 under in photo credits) and use of originals
Headquarters: 207/626-7830 the administration tab. long enough to copy them in publish-
Col William Hawksley able electronic form. Also, does any-
The Maine Wing Over is an unofficial newsletter
published quarterly in the interest of members of the one know how to reach the owners of
Maine Wing of the Civil Air Patrol. Any opinions photographs that appeared in the
either expressed or inferred by the writers herein are
their own and are not to be considered official expres- I believe in liberty, always and book FROM MAINE TO MEXICO by
sion by the Civil Air Patrol or the Department of the everywhere. Louise Keefer? Names of sources
Air Force. -Robert G. Ingersoll (Continued on page 3)

(Continued from page 2) followed the traditional Civil Air Patrol Training Corps started when the
cited in the book are Cecil Tyler, Jr., Encampment by providing emergency Cumberland County Squadron in
Oscar Ginnow, Louis R. Furlong, Services training, wilderness naviga- Portland, Maine establish sister
Cynthia Bessey Oakman, Sharron tion, repelling, shelter building, leader- squadron relationships with both 329
L. Nance. Please contact the author: Squadron in Finsbury Park, London in
(Ms.) Spencer Morfit as soon as pos- 2002 and 1145 Squadron in Dunfirm-
sible. 978 392-3621. Or smor- line, Scotland in 2004. Following a personal visit to 1145 Squadron dur-
ing the fall of 2004, Cumberland
Cadet Listserve Reminder County Squadron's 1Lt Robert Baker
proposed the idea of the Scottish ca-
This is just a reminder to everyone dets joining Maine Wing at the En-
that would like to join the Cadet campment in 2005. While Maine Wing
Listserve that they need to include requested and received approval from
their name and unit in the remarks of the Bangor Air National Guard, the
their request. If you have people that We will keep this simple. Royal Air Force and Civil Air Patrol
have signed up and are not getting “This is an Airplane” National Headquarters for the Scots
messages this is the reasons. We just to attend this year's Encampment, the
want to keep CAP info inside CAP. If ship, aerospace, and orientation cadets and adults at 1145 Squadron
they reapply we will approve with in a flights. With the gracious permission set about raising money to pay for
day or two. They will get notification of General Pineda, the Scottish ca- their airfares and other costs. By
that they have been approved. If they dets also received orientation flights March of this year they met their fund
forget name and unit they will get aboard Civil Air Patrol aircraft. One of raising goal and made reservations
message to provide this before being the highlights of Encampment in Ban- for the trip. Holding such an event is a
approved. gor was a day spent at the Challenger first for Maine Wing and perhaps a
Thanks, Learning Center. Named after the first for the rest of the country. This
Maj. Scott D. Higgins Space Shuttle Challenger, the Chal- was not the same as IACE, which is
lenger Learning Center contains a more of an exchange program than a
mock Space Shuttle module and mis- shared Encampment. Next year the
sion control center. The objective of Maine Wing Civil Air Patrol cadets
(Continued from page 1) Encampment the center is team building through plan a reciprocal trip to Scotland to
2Lt Seth Roberts, Commandant, Maj the simulation of space flight. Another join 1145 Squadron at their Encamp-
Scott Higgins, ES Instructor, 1Lt great feature of this Encampment was ment. Before their return to Scotland
Robert Young, 1Lt Susan Hall and the 60-foot high rock wall and repel- on Tuesday July 26th, they spent time
Lt Col Sheryl Treadwell. Many other ling directed by former United States at the lakeside camp owned by Capt
senior members also gave their per- Air force Survival Instructor, Stan Ku- Ted Kryzak, the Maine Wing Director
sonal time as they could to assist with linka. During this event the WABI of Cadet Programs, sight seeing in
running of the Encampment. The ca- television news team arrived and pro- Portland, Freeport, Kittery and Bos-
det commander for the Encampment duced a news story about the CAP ton.
was C/Maj Nathaniel McCray. The and ATC cadets for the local news- Maj Chris Hayden, V-Commander
arrival of the Maine Wing cadets cast. This growing relationship be-
marked the official start of this first tween Maine Wing and Britain’s Air
shared Encampment. The program
As I'm sure most of you have already
heard this years encampment was a
great success! With the help of our
pilots every cadet had an O flight, 62
cadets in a day and a half. 24 flew on
Blackhawks and 40 went for a KC 135
flight. Every one had a great time at
the Challenger Learning Center with a
very generous donation from Col.
Sammons and the Sheridan Corp. We
had a tour of a KC being repaired,
Crash Fire and a day on the flight
Maine Wing Encampment Graduating Class of 2005 (Continued on page 6)

preciated by the community.
Bangor Brewer Cumberland County squadron wel- Cumberland County
Composite Squadron comed Sundown where GES training
was held. Cadets also participated in
Composite Squadron
orientation flights and observed the
The cadets and senior members of difference between Portland Jetport
the Bangor/Brewer Composite Squad- and Bethel! The squadron were
ron would like to welcome back C/Lt guides at the Moving Vietnam War
Nathan Hicks. Cadet Hicks has been Memorial at the Blueberry Festival.
in Florida pursuing his education and Cadets guided visitors to specific
returned to Maine on Friday, August names and escorted residents from
19 after being gone for several two nursing homes. Sundown made a
months. We are looking forward to his presentation about CAP to Black
return to the squadron. We would also Mountain day camp. Fifty campers
like to wish C/Maj. Knightly good luck heard about the program and experi-
as he goes off to Vermont to attend mented with paper airplanes. Five of
college. The following Cadets at- our cadets passed the GES online Cumberland County Squadron Vis-
tended summer encampment: Parks, examinations at the public library in its Jetport Firefighting Team
Hanson, Graham, Croft-Greenwell, Dixfield. After testing, the librarian on They’re neighbors at the Portland In-
Gammon, Slininger and Richards. duty told us about her travels to Osh- ternational Jetport, but the equipment
Cadet Gammon received the Out- kosh Fly In. Her pictures that she and methods used by the Jetport fire-
standing Cadet for the Charlie brought in were fantastic! At this date fighters are rarely seen as up close
Flight Award. This is the second year we have not heard if Bethel is going and personal as the tour given by
in a row that one of our cadets has to have a Fly In this year. We will Captain Stewart and crew of the
earned this award. Good job Cadet keep everyone posted. Portland Fire Department to CCC
Gammon. On August 14th, Cadets Barbara Arsenault Squadron last month. Starting with a
Griffin, Parks, Larby, Slininger, Lip- short classroom PowerPoint presen-
pincot as well as 1Lt. Hall, 2Lt. tation, we were treated to a close up
Spaulding and SM Slininger trav- inspection of one of the on-ramp fire-
eled to Deblois for the model rocketry Lewiston-Auburn fighting vehicles.
competition. C/SMSgt Parks took 2nd
place in the distance portion of the
Composite US Air Force
competition. Congratulations to all Hello to all, Liaison Officer
those who organized this event, a 7 Cadets from Lewiston and 1 Cadet Drops In On
good time was had by all. The Ban- from Portland Squadron joined forces CCCS
gor/Brewer Composite Squadron is to represent Civil Air Patrol at Camp Some members
pleased to announce the following POSTCARD. This camp is run by the were surprised
promotions: Cadets Larby, Platte Maine Sheriff’s Assn and the Maine to enter the
and Richards were promoted to C/ DARE Officers Assn. We did confi- squadron
Airman, Cadet Slininger was pro- dence and team building activities. "Ready Room"
moted to C/SrA and Cadet Griffin We had over 150 campers and coun- on June 9 to
was promoted to C/SSgt. Congratula- cilors attend. All the campers had fun find an Air Force Colonel sitting at the
tions to you all on your hard work and and learned about the CAP and their table! USAF Col. Bob Bernard ,
success. own abilities. After the presentations Emergency Procedures Liaison Offi-
2Lt Cathie Spaulding, PAO the Cadets were invited to eat lunch cer for AFNSEP (Air Force National
Bangor/Brewer with the campers. I would like to thank Security Emergency Procedures of-
all the cadets that participated for fice) was in Maine visiting Air National
showing excellent leadership skills Guard units, and stopped by to brief
Sundown Composite while working on this project. Before CAP members on his department’s
leaving each cadet was given a t-shirt role as an information conduit be-
Squadron and hat and asked to return to next tween state and local officials and the
years camp. Air Force. Col. Bernard gave a brief
Sundown squadron started its sum- Thanks again for making us all look PowerPoint presentation, answered
mer by providing the color guard for good, questions, and reviewed the protocol
Memorial Day services in Rumford Maj Scott D. Higgins, Commander in which CAP may be called on in
and Mexico. The color guard was ap- (Continued on page 5)

(Continued from page 4) has passed his Mitchell. C/2nd LT.
case of an emergency by Defense Brent Matthews promoted to C/1Lt.
Coordinating Officers. Col. Bernard and C/SrA Dustin Turner will be pro-
also had a previous connection to moted to C/SSGT
Maine having served at Loring Air Maj Wayne Merritt, Commander
Force Base in northern Maine earlier
in his career.

St Croix C/1st Sgt Joseph Martorano, Past
land Composite Squadron Commander C/2Lt Stephen Lin-
County coln
Cadet’s C/Commander Derek Farquharson
Dad Tells This last quarter has proven we have and Deputy Commander John
Of Iraq many motivated members who want Chambers take time out
Tour Of to advance in Civil Air Patrol. The fol- to pose for a group picture of the
Duty lowing were promoted to C/CMSgt: new cadet leadership of the
MSGT Derek Farquharson, John Cham- St Croix Composite Squadron
Greg bers and Joseph Martorano. We
Madore would be a welcome speaker also promoted Chris Barbuto and
at any unit’s meeting, but since he’s Jordan Hopkins to C/A1C, Mark
the father of C/SrA Eric Madore, it Sartell and Robert Oliver to C/Amn, Assistant Maine Wing PAO needed.
makes it all the more interesting and Patrick Lappin, Shelby Cilley and
entertaining. MSGT Madore pre- Felicia Vincent to C/SAmn, and Cur- Maine Wing is currently looking for a
sented a riveting slide show of his tis Brown to C/SSgt. Promotions member to fill the vacancy of Maine
service in the Maine Army National were awarded at regular squadron Wing assistant PAO. The member
Guard’s 133rd Engineer Battalion meetings with friends and family pre- who fills this position should be inter-
which was stationed in Iraq from sent. Two senior promotions were ested in all aspects of the Wing’s
March 2004 through March 2005. You awarded this quarter. Ellen Carle pro- Public Affairs Programs. You do not
may have seen a story about his moted to 2Lt and Kay Greenlaw pro- need to be a computer wiz but that is
homecoming in a previous "Wing moted to 1Lt. During August, we per- helpful as most of what we do is elec-
Over". While wearing an average of formed a “Change of Cadet Com- tronic. We will train anyone that has
70 lbs. of combat and protective gear, mand” and our past Cadet Com- the desire to learn. If you are already
in dusty and hot conditions, the 133rd mander C/2Lt Stephen Lincoln, Jr. a PAO then you are already doing
engaged in general construction; passed the authority of command most of what is required. If you think
building bridges and schools, improv- over to C/CMSgt Derek Farquhar- you might have a desire to seek this
ing roads and drainage, and virtually son. A new position of Deputy Com- position, please contact me. Thank
anything to help with the infrastructure mander was filled by C/CMSgt John you.
reconstruction of the country. Sta- Chambers our previous 1st Sergeant. Capt Dennis Murray, PA
tioned out of Camp Freedom near Then C/CMSgt Joseph Martorano Maine Wing, CAP
Mosul, the engineers learned much was appointed as the squadron’s 1st
about the areas customs and tradi- Sergeant. New appointments will be County
tions. MSGT Madore also boasted coming soon as the squadron grows.
that Maine units received more mail As always, the St Croix Composite
Composite Squadron
from home than most other units, and Squadron has kept busy with many NO REPORT
at times it seems something was sent projects over the quarter. Many of
from virtually "every person in the
them are in our NEWSLETTER
“Sierra Charlie” which is on the Maine Downeast Patrol
2Lt Frank Curran, PAO Wing Web Site. We are now prepar-
CCCS ME058 ing to muster in Greenville for the
SPA Fly-In and working on fund rais- NO REPORT
ing for the trip to Arlington to place
Machias Valley wreaths on veteran’s graves in De- Waterville
Composite Squadron cember. Until next quarter, be safe.
Composite Squadron
Capt Judy Murray, PAO
Just a short report on recent promo-
tions. C/CMSG Joshia Duhamie NO REPORT

Rocketry 2005 A Success! distance contest. Cadets Todd Clark
"Five…four…three…two…one… and Shelby Cilley each scored sec-
ignition!" ond place in altitude and time aloft,
"There it respectively, with Cadet Clark receiv-
goes..." "Did ing the second place award for com-
you hear it bined altitude and time aloft, and also
pop?" "Where for overall score. The Bangor-Brewer
did it land?" Composite Squadron also made a re-
No, NASA spectable showing with Cadet Keith
was not test- Larby receiving first place for time
ing a new aloft and Cadet Alex Parks coming in
5 4 3 2 1 Ignition: Cadet Nathanial second for distance. Although there
shuttle. These Isaacson fires his rocket while
are just a few were a few misfired and misguided
Capt. Tim Look oversees rockets, this was a great day and a
of the comments heard at the Maine
fire control. great showing of aerospace knowl-
Wing Rocketry Contest held on Au-
gust 14, at Deblois Airport. 22 Cadets edge. Congratulations to all partici-
from around the state competed to founder of Maine Wing's rocketry pro- pants!
see whose rocket could fly the high- gram, was also on hand to lend words 1Lt Karen Varian, PAO
est, farthest, for the longest amount of of wisdom and encouragement. The Machias Valley Composite
time, and with the most accuracy. In overall winner, also taking first in alti-
charge of this year’s contest was
Capt. Tim Look with a new six
place rocket launcher. He had help

Load Master LTC James Greenlaw

kept busy helping cadets to get
Safety Briefing before Launch A1C Angie Sexton from Machias their rockets ready
Valley Composite readies her
rocket for the accuracy contest.
from 1Lt. Chuck Matthews as safety
officer, Lt. Col. Jim Greenlaw as tude and combined altitude and time
aloft was Ryan Scheibber from the
load master, and Capt. Elaine Merritt
and 1Lt. Vicki Matthews as score County Squadron. The St. Croix Com-
posite Squadron Cadets took a num-
keepers. Lt. Col. Gerald Folster, the
ber of
awards. Ca- (Continued from page 3) Encampment
det Bobby simulators at Starbase. We had a one
Oliver night Bivouac at the new picnic area
scored first on base and ES spent several nights
place in ac- at the Army Training Center. Stan Ku-
curacy, with linka gave us a week of training in
Joseph survival and rock climbing and repel-
Martorano ling at the Army Mountaineers in
coming in Brewer. The Army and Air Guard
second. Ca- went above and beyond to make this
det Felicia encampment the most enjoyable we
Vincent re- have ever had.
ceived first Ted Kryzak Capt. CAP
place in the DCP MEWING
13 Annual Model Rocketry Contest well Attended

months. Even then, they are still ascending over the coming months,
AEROSPACE many tens of millions of kilometers (or while Jupiter will be descending. On
EDUCATION miles) away from each other. September 1, the two pass very close
3. Martian close approaches vary a lot to each other. Right now, Mars rises
The following is provided to Maine in brightness because Mars' orbit is around midnight. For weekly informa-
Wing personnel for the purpose of much more elliptical (less circular) tion about what's up in the sky, listen
correcting scientifically inaccurate info than Earth's. So, sometimes we are to The Planetary Society's Planetary
that has been circulating recently on "close" to it when it is in the part of its Radio, where in the last several min-
the Internet. SOURCE: The Planetary orbit that is nearest the Sun, and utes of each show we cover easy
Society ( sometimes when it is farthest in its things to look for in the night sky.
Jeff Weinstein, Major orbit from the Sun.
Master Aerospace Education Officer 4. Mars was closer to Earth in the
For the last few months, a factually 2003 close approach than it had been Maine Wing
incorrect email message has been in tens of thousands of years, but not On “Standby” status
circulating around the Internet con- by much compared to approaches
taining the following text: "The Red that happened tens of years ago. For help
Planet is about to be spectacular! 5. In 2005, Mars will be farther than it With disaster relief
This month and next, Earth is catch- was in 2003, but it will still be a very
ing up with Mars in an encounter that
Caused By
good apparition. It will get brighter
will culminate in the closest approach than the brightest star in the sky, but Hurricane Katrina
between the two planets in recorded not nearly as bright as Venus. It will Check your emails Daily
history. Mars will look as large as the still be great to go out and see. (It will
full moon to the naked eye. Mars will be brighter than -2 magnitudes for
be easy to spot. At the beginning of those who are familiar with that sys- (Continued from page 8) Commanders Corner
August it will rise in the east at 10 pm tem of brightness.) Information Technology Officer – A
and reach its azimuth at about 3 6. Mars never appears large enough study guide is underway for this new
am.... Share this with your children to appear as more than a point of specialty track. Another order has
and grandchildren. NO ONE ALIVE light to the naked eye (certainly not been submitted to CESSNA for new
TODAY WILL EVER SEE THIS coming anywhere near the apparent glass cockpit 182’s. This means that
AGAIN." This "information" combines size of the Moon in our sky). every Wing will be receiving a new
details that were correct about the Au- 7. Mars will be about 20 arcseconds 182 with glass cockpit and installed
gust 2003 Mars opposition, when it across during this close approach, SDIS units over the next 6 or so
was in fact closer to Earth than it had which is about 5 arcseconds smaller months. As you know, special training
been for 60,000 years, with the false than in 2003. But, the disk will be is required for pilots to be able to be
and physically impossible claim quite clear in almost any small tele- the PIC in these aircraft. This was the
that it would appear "as large as the scope. A nice amateur telescope last Board Meeting for CAP-USAF
full moon." Neither of these state- should allow you to see at least a po- Commander, Col. Voght who will be
ments is true. However, Mars will be lar cap and some light and dark replaced soon. Our new Northeast
very bright and easy to observe dur- markings on the surface. It will be Region Commander is Col. Robert
ing the fall of this year. Here are some southern summer on Mars, however, Diduch. End of year funding was dis-
of the facts about viewing Mars in and the south pole will be tilted to- cussed which should yield some
2005: wards us, so the southern polar funds for the Wings. Maine Wing has
1. Mars will be closest to Earth in cap will be small. received confirmation of additional
2005 on October 29 or 30, depending Please fight the misinformation circu- funds for September SAREX (24
on your time zone. The actual date of lating around the Internet by Sept). Other funding priorities will in-
Mars opposition -- the moment when replying to any well-meaning person clude purchases of new unit vehicles.
Earth and Mars are at precisely the who forwards you the Mars message Please watch for these changes by
same longitude with respect to the with the facts above. But don't tell checking CAP’s National Web Page
Sun -- is November 7, 2005. But be- people not to look up! We shouldn't and the national newspaper which will
cause of the non-circular shapes of need an excuse like "closest ap- soon be in magazine format. I hope
Mars' and Earth's orbits, Mars gets proach for 60,000 years" to look up you find the above useful. Thanks
closest to the Earth a week earlier. and see the planets. Right now, if you again for your dedication to a mean-
2. Because of the combination of look to the west shortly after sunset ingful organization.
earth and Mars' orbital periods, Mars you can see Jupiter and Venus shin- Mitch Sammons Col. CAP
and Earth grow closer every 26 ing brightly in the sky. Venus will be Commander – Maine Wing

Headquarters NONPROFIT ORG.
Civil Air Patrol, Maine Wing U.S. POSTAGE
PO Box 5006 PAID
Augusta, ME 04332-5006

Commander’s Corner Award for “Cadet Programs Officer

of the Year” – Approved. There is
munities. There is a study guide un-
derway for the position of Medical
(or shortly will be) available on the Officer. Membership cards – USAF
As I mentioned, I National Web site, a Power Point disapproved of the submitted design
have the following for Presentation that can be approved at the last Board Meeting.
your information downloaded for recruitment. Can A new design has been submitted
which is intended to see it at This which should gain USAF approval.
summarize the ac- effort is to enhance recruitment at all This card will be purchased by the
tions of the CAP levels. The mandatory uniform members on a voluntary basis for an
Board recently. Elec- change for the collar insignia on extra two dollars or so when you re-
tion of Major General BDU’s from “CAP” to rank has been new or sign on as a new member. It
Tony Pineda as National extended from 1 September 2005 to is a straight forward card which has
Commander – unanimously elected 1 April 2006 due to unavailable in- a picture of the member on it. These
and confirmed in Change of Com- signia at CAPMART. National has kinds of cards do NOT guarantee
mand. Election of Brigadier General asked Wings to submit a prioritized access to a military installation.
Rex Glasgow as National Vice list of personnel who have passed Such access is at the installation
Command – majority of votes on first the ARCHER test for further training. commander’s discretion. However, it
round. Ratification of Regulations – Of those people who passed the does have a picture ID on it which
CAPR 70-1 – CAP Acquisition Regu- test in Maine Wing, I would like to will alleviate many of the problems
lation approved. CAPR 173-2 – Fi- hear from you and please indicate we have seen in the past. Wing Ad-
nancial Regulations – Approved with your availability for such training. ministrator Program – appears to be
some minor changes. Clarification of National Chaplain Report indicates on track with the Maine Wing posi-
“Transfer of Property Responsibility that many units do not have Chap- tion scheduled to be advertised dur-
Statement” Ref. CAPR 67-1 – A folder lains or MLO’s. I would encourage ing the last week of August/first
will be established for recording Sup- our Squadron Commanders to do week of September. Here is hoping
ply Officer appointments for the units. what they can to get these important that we get it in place soon so that
Watch for regulation change in near positions filled. It may mean a visit we can get a major issue behind us.
future. Creation of the National Level to the clergy you have in your com- (Continued on page 7)