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December 2005


Greenville SPA Fly-In Another Success

members who gathered in nearly all of them. The proceeds paid
Greenville. The team con- for the Saturday evening pizza party
sisted of members of the and entertainment and the remainder
County, Machias, St. is divided proportionately amongst the
Croix, and Upper Valley units participating in this fine event.
N.H. Composite Squad- Major Wayne Merritt and I once again
rons as well as a senior co directed CAP s efforts at the Fly In
member from the Water-
ville Squadron and three
senior members from
Maine Wing. They quickly
Ramp Boss Capt Ken Knightly Guides became a cohesive strong
in a Russian Amphibian Plane team ready and able to
carry out all the Safety, Se-
On September 9, 10 and 11 of this curity, and Flight line duties expected
year a dedicated group of Maine Wing of them and they did a superb job of it
Civil Air Patrol cadets and senior all. This year we also initiated a new-
Cadets and Senior members
members gathered in Greenville for found relationship with the Moose-
worked together parking planes.
the 12th consecutive year of fine as- head Riders Snowmobile Club and
enjoyed the hospitality of their club- and we have received many apprecia-
house on the Scammon Road as our tive and congratulatory comments
evening gathering place and bunk- from the association, the participants,
house. This relationship was kindled and the spectators at this fine event.
during last years Fly In and made We are very proud of
strong at a joint project of rebuilding the fine group of ca-
the trails to the B-52 Crash Site on dets and senior
Elephant Mountain this past June. members who
This has all the fine makings of a formed this year s
long-term relationship and we truly team and we con-
Gate Security remained appreciate the friendship and hospi- gratulate and thank
tality of the club members. We also Safety First every one of them for
Tight through out the weekend
sold a great deal of bottled water to their assistance in
sistance to the Seaplane Pilots Asso- the spectators and participants of the this fine event. We look forward to
ciation annual Greenville Fly In. This Fly In. That water was generously next year s fly in. Thank You Every-
year was particularly challenging as donated to us by the Nestle Corpora- one.
another larger aviation event took tion Poland Spring Water division
place on the very same weekend and the Pine State Trading Com- Major Mike Pellerin and Major
down in Brunswick, Maine. That did pany who arranged for the donation. Wayne Merritt
not at all dampen the spirits of the 44 We had 720 bottles of water and sold

Brunswick Blue Angels and sold programs to the large crowd. SUICIDE PREVENTION
The following day (Sunday) the ca-
Air Show A Success Through the leadership of the Vice
dets and senior members worked out-
Brunswick Naval Air Station & Maine side the gate, preparing the 100,000 Commander, Major Chris Hayden,
Wing, CAP Team Up for Blue An- visitors for the security check so a and Lee Broder, October 22, 2005
gels Air Show. better flow of crowds could enter the proved once again that Maine Wing is
Citizens of Maine and surrounding show. This is a significant show as the pro-active in helping our members to
Brunswick Naval Air Station is slated cope with the difficulties of life. Nine
for closure and no further air shows Wing Members took the day to learn
are anticipated at this location. Maine about Suicide Prevention. The
Wing used this opportunity to raise classes were called Youth Suicide
money for the sponsorship of cadets Prevention Gatekeeper Training,
to Scotland next year by selling pro- and Ms. Sue O Halloran and Mr.
grams at the show which netted Loren Coleman, trainers from the
Maine Wing, CAP with over $3,000.00 Maine Youth Suicide Prevention Task
in proceeds. Forty-nine cadets had Force, made the interesting presenta-
their pictures taken in front of the Blue tions. Although none of the attendees
LCDR Ted Steelman of the Blue Angels team and their jets. Many also from Maine Wing can now be consid-
Angels gives Maine wing Cadets a received autographs from the team ered Experts in suicide prevention,
tour of the jet he flies at the shows. members. At 1200 on Saturday Mi- all of us came away from the classes
chael Coyne and Dan Gagnon were better informed as to what to look for
states were treated to a top notch Air given clear air space to take pictures and how to intervene to help prevent
Show put on by the Navy s Blue An- completed suicides in our youth. Why
gels with the help of Maine Wing, is this training important to us? We
Civil Air Patrol. Members starting ar- have to look at data that has been
riving September 9, 2005 for a prac- collected and analyzed by the ex-
tice show that was viewed by specta- perts. In Maine, Suicide is the second
tors who were guests of the Air Sta- leading cause of death for youth aged
tion. The following day, cadets and 15-24 and the third leading cause of
senior members were assigned flight death for youth aged 10-14. From
line security standing between the 1999-2003 there were a total of 805
crowds of over 119,000 attendees. confirmed suicides in Maine. Of those
Cadets, dressed in Class C blues, Maine Wing Cadets with the suicides 106 were youth. Eight were
made sure the flight line was secure Blue Angels aged 10-14, 46 were aged 15-19 and
(Photos by Bob Young) 52 young adults were aged 20-24. If
just one of these Deaths by Suicide
Maine Wing Over of the crowd and static displays. They could have been prevented, would it
made three passes and took 20 plus have been worth the training? I bet if
Wing Commander
Col Mitch Sammons
pictures, which was presented to you put that question to any parent,
Flight Operations BNAS. A big thanks grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother or
Vice Commander to Col Craig Treadwell, Maine Wing, sister you would hear a loud Yes.
Maj Chris Hayden
CAP for planning and administering If these classes are offered in the fu-
Newsletter Editor this event and to Commander ture, please take the time to attend.
Capt Dennis Murray Hamre, BNAS Air Ops for allowing Who knows, but it might be you that
Headquarters Maine Wing this opportunity. saves someone from doing something
Maine Wing, Civil Air Patrol Maj Dennis Murray, PA that will affect them and everyone
PO Box 5006
Augusta Maine, 04332-5006
else they know for the rest of their
lives. Those attending were: 2Lt Scott
Editorial Office: 207/767-1874 Pusey, SM Rose Storm, 1Lt Susan
Headquarters: 207/626-7830
Hall, Maj Wayne Merritt, 2Lt Steve
The Maine Wing Over is an unofficial newsletter Higgins, C/2nd Lt Kate Knight, Maj
published quarterly in the interest of members of the Dennis Murray, Capt Andrea Hayden
Maine Wing of the Civil Air Patrol. Any opinions
either expressed or inferred by the writers herein are and Maj Chris Hayden.
their own and are not to be considered official expres- Maj. Dennis Murray, PA
sion by the Civil Air Patrol or the Department of the Maine Wing, Civil Air Patrol
Air Force.

Lewiston-Auburn Receives CAP asked a question, by the visitors, considered at the review board in Jan.
826 Plane about something only a CAP member you must have a passport and you
would know (visit scheduling, specific must help in fund raising. I know this
Just before the snow arrived at Lewis- history of this particular airplane, etc.) has raised some concerns about why
ton/Auburn Airport Major Chris Hay- LTC Goldstein was able to tell them should I pay for a passport and not be
den arrived to deliver CAP Flight 1727 that he was a member of the local chosen. We have learned from the
or CAP 826. As squadron members (BHB) CAP squadron and was able to Scots mistakes, their biggest problem
painted their new headquarters, Major tell them about the CAP program was having members get their pass-
Hayden turns over the official book for and some CAP history. ports. If you are not willing to have a
the aircraft to Captain Dan LeClair, When the Liberty Foundation decided passport in hand or show the paper-
Deputy Commander of the Lewiston to visit BHB with their Liberty work that you have applied please
Auburn Composite Squadron. Belle" (another B-17G) they also let us know and we will take your
Maj Scott Higgins, Commander asked him to participate in the same name off the list for consideration.
position as before. He was unable to Fund Raising: We have two $1,000
spend more than 3 days of a 10 day donations hanging until we find two
visit working with the Liberty Belle matching donations for each one.
people but, again, He was in his flight This could net us $6,000! The Scots
suit and wound up telling visitors were able to raise their funds in six
about CAP as well as what he could months, I don't see any reason we
about the B-17G aircraft. Thank you can't do it in a year. Please keep in
to LTC Ken Goldstein for making CAP mind the review board will take your
look great in these two projects. fund raising activities into the decision
Maj Dennis Murray, PAO making process.
Maine Wing, CAP Ted Kryzak Capt. CAP
B-17G Sentimental Journey ICS Table Top
Exercise Training Planned CAP Drivers Licenses
Visits Bar Harbor Need Planning Ahead
As you have noticed recently we have
LTC Ken Goldstein was personally, had a rash of missions assigned to us If you are in a hurry for a CAP driver's
asked to assist the Commutative Air from AFRCC. The training level we license don't wait until the day you
Force during their visit of their B-17G, maintain is directly connected to the need it to send your application. After
Sentimental Journey, during the pe- outstanding results we achieve. I receive an application it will take 1 to
riod 19-26 August 2005. He was able On Saturday, 17 December, MEWG 2 weeks to get the driving record
to assist on each day the airplane will hold an ICS Mission Tabletop Ex- back from DMV, sometimes its just a
ercise in Augusta. This training day is few days but, you can not count on it
for anyone interested in learning more and then I have to mail the license to
about running a mission and gaining the individuals and you can add on
valuable experience to sign off spe- several more days. If you send them
cific new or renewal SQTR's for Mis- to Wing instead of to my home ad-
sion Base specialties. I expect this to dress, I may not pick it up for 2 or 3
be a worthwhile and fun event to re- weeks as I no longer go to Augusta
fresh our tactical skills to the stan- every Tuesday. My home address is;
dards expected by NHQ and CAP/ 183 Kings Hwy
USAF. Mason Twp, ME 04217-7219
LTC Ken Goldstein in the Thank you.
More to follow, so mark your calen-
Cockpit of the B-17G Capt Ramona Grover, MEWG/LG
dars now!
Liberty Belle
Capt Marc Brunelle
CAP MEWG ESO Cadet Alexander
was at BHB. As part of this assistance
he wore a CAP flight suit. His duties DePrenger of
included handling money for the tours Passports & Fundraising Downeast Patrol
of the B-17 and including a short Squadron, receives
Members, we have 30 plus applica-
briefing of all of the different compart- his promotion and
tions for Scotland! The next step in
ments and combat positions on the Curry Award from
the choosing process is passports
aircraft as well. When ever he was 1Lt Ken Varian, Commander
and fund raising. If you want to be

County Getson's (Micah & Dad David), Harold
Downeast Patrol Composite Squadron
Ribeiro, Ralph Gamache, Steve Hig-
gins, the Kryzak's (Jesse & Ted), Dick
Jackson, Joel Look, Larry Hanson,
On Tuesday, October 4th, 2005 at the Promotions for County Composite the Earle's (Eric & Dad), Howard
Downeast Patrol Squadron, Civil Air Squadron this quarter are C/Amn
Yanik, Andrew Rogers, Harris Hinck-
Patrol, Cadet A/B Ashcroft earned his Daniel Deschenes, C/SSgt Richard ley, John Vendola, Barbara Arsenault,
Curry award and was promoted to Deschenes, C/A1C Liam Kavin, C/
Max Clukey, John Favreau & C. Mar-
Cadet Airman. He was also presented SSgt Seth Kavin, C/MSgt Daniel Ros- tin, Jon Labbe, Mike Wilson, Niall
with his First Flight certificate and a signol, C/A1 Ryan Schieber, C/TSgt
Belcher, The Madore's (Eric, Adam &
community service ribbon represent- Levi Swan, and C/Amn Travis Torn- Dad Greg), Rick Machado, Ric
ing sixty hours of community service. quist. These cadets have worked hard Grover, Dan LeClair, Dan Gagnon,
Cadet Airman 1st Class Stefan to get through their requirements.
The Higgins' (Cory &Scott), Jeff
Blanchard was promoted to Senior Please join me in congratulating them
Weinstein, William Thibeault, Kate
Airman after achieving his Feik for their accomplishment.
Knight, The Saucier's (Dan, Marie &
award. Cadet Technical Sergeant Capt. Wayne Kilcollins,
son), Joe Burns, and Gene Hawkes.
Tina Davis, Deputy Cadet Com- Commander
Capt Paul Connors
mander, earned her Lindbergh award Squadron Commander, ME058
and was promoted to Cadet Master Cumberland County
Sergeant. Cadet Master Sergeant
Elise Pusey, Cadet Commander,
Composite Squadron Bangor Brewer
passed the requirements for her
Doolittle award, and was promoted to All good words to capture the amount
Composite Squadron
Cadet Senior Master Sergeant. The of effort that went into CAP's partici-
awards and promotions were pre- pation in this year's 2nd Annual Port- The Bangor/Brewer Squadron has
sented by 1Lt. Kenneth Varian, land Jetport Aeronautical Exposition. been very busy this quarter. We
Squadron Commander. While the receipts and expenses from started with a fundraiser/recruiting
C/SMSgt. Elise Pusey and C/MSgt. the food concession are still being activity at the Sam's Club in Bangor.
Tina Davis tabulated, the counts from the sign in The cadets passed out information on
Cadet PANCO's for the Downeast sheets show the more meaningful CAP and sold food. They did not miss
statistics. The weather may not have a single person leaving the building!!!
Lewiston-Auburn Composite fully cooperated nor did the expected Great job to all those that participated,
crowds come but over 50 CAP mem- this was a very successful event. The
On Saturday October 1 the members bers, friends and family members
st Color Guard and several cadets took
of the Lewiston Auburn Composite contributed well over 450 volunteer part in the Veteran's Day Parade. It
Squadron met at the Auburn Airport hours across the two day exposition. was cold and windy but not one com-
for another painting project. This time And this does not count the number of plaint. Way to show your dedication to
the compass rose was given a new hours from members who participated CAP and respect for those Veterans
coat of paint. 12 cadets and 3 senior in planning and handling logistical that have given so much for us. The
members went to work at 07:30 in the support in advance of the event. CAP cadets also just completed a cookie
fog to get the job done before the air- more than met the expectations of the dough fundraiser and will be partici-
port got busy. At about 11:30 the Jetport any way you calculate it - we pating in a CPR course in December.
Wing Commander arrived to check up staffed the required check points, we Thank-you to Capt. Merrie Knightly for
on our work. The airport provided provided crowd control support for the her willingness to help us achieve and
lunch, for the group and the Manager exiting aircraft, looked for lost kids, advance. The Bangor/Brewer Squad-
was very impressed with the quality of and we provided food services to both ron has also been planning the 2006
work the Cadets produced. Their re- the jetport personnel, exhibitors and ME Wing Conference. Detailed infor-
sults can be seen on the Auburn Air- the general public on both days. A big mation to follow at a later date. The
port web site thank you to each of the following in- following have promoted during a
Next time you are flying over LEW dividuals...the Brunelle's (Marc & regular squadron meeting: C/Bogan
look down and see the fine work the Susan), the Grosso's (Doug & Mary to C/Airman and Cadets Griffin and
cadets have done. Ann), the Genest's (David, Claire, Slininger to C/TSgt. Congratulations
Scott D. Higgins Commander Anna, Arlene), the Hayden's (Chris & on your motivation and success. Con-
Andrea), Mark Libbey, Jennifer Tur- gratulations to SM Slininger on receiv-
geon, Bob Baker, Frank Curran, the (Continued on page 5)

(Continued from page 4) Bangor Brewer Arlington. The convoy of CAP Vans
ing his Yeager Award. We wish every-
Sundown Composite will be leaving on December 14 and
one a safe and happy holiday season Squadron will stay in Maryland overnight as
and look forward to a great New guests of the Maryland Wing and Col
Year!! Sundown is pleased to announce the Kay Walling. This year the vans will
Cathie Spaulding, 2Lt. PAO following promotions: Jonathan Kuhl, be escorted to the cemetery by Mary-
Brennan Kroger to Airman First land State Police. The Maine State
Class, Bobby Wilson to Airman and Society plans this event with the
St Croix Megan Arsenault to Staff Sergeant. wreaths donated by Worcester
Composite Squadron Congratulations to all. The cadets Wreath Company. Cap members help
have heard from guest speakers from unload the truck and place wreaths on
the community in an effort to learn the graves. Machias, County and St
As usual, the cadets and senior mem- more about opportunities in the River Croix have all raised their own money
bers of the St Croix Composite Valley and the speakers learned more to participate in this fine program
Squadron have been busy working on about Civil Air Patrol. World Wide each year. A full report will be made
many projects this last quarter. The Languages currently employs a thou- later to Maine Wing.
last of August, we had a change in sand translators in the middle east, all Maj Dennis Murray, PAO
Cadet Staff. C/2ndLt Derek Farqu- who were interviewed , screened and
harson was appointed as the Cadet trained in Rumford. Human Services
Commander; C/2ndLt John Cham- Director Richard Stuart impressed us
bers was appointed as the Cadet with his talk about their important or- Still Looking!
Deputy Commander. The previous ganization. Scott Christiansen spoke We are still looking for an assistant
Cadet Commander, C/2ndLt Stephen of several biomass projects that will Maine Wing PAO. This position does
Lincoln was appointed as the Cadet be coming to the area. Cadets asked not require a lot of experience as we
Executive Officer. Other appointments great questions about the biomass will train any interested member. If
will be announced in Sierra Charlie process and how the projects will af- you know how to take pictures and
which will be on line shortly. Promo- fect the local economy. It was a good have internet access, we have a posi-
tions this last quarter include; Dennis learning experience for cadets and tion for you. We can train you in all
Murray to Maj., Jerry Palmer to 1LT, the speakers. Cadets Bellegarde, aspects of Public Relations and can
Derek Farquharson and John Kuhl, Wilson and Arsenault partici- help you to achieve any level you
Chambers to C/2ndLt. Steven Mar- pated in the Veterans Day ceremony wish in the PAO specialty track. If you
torano to C/CMSgt., Curtis Brown at Mountain Valley High School in are the one we have been looking for
and Felicia Vincent to C/TSgt., Chris Rumford. They received many compli- please call 207-427-3421 or 207-214-
Barbuto and Esther Oliver to C/ ments on the color guard ceremony. 9844 and lets talk about it. We will
SSgt., Shelby Cilley to C/SAmn. And Cadets have been taking turns facili- have a lot of fun and you will enjoy it.
Bob Oliver and Jake Randall to C/ tating the Character Development Maj Dennis Murray, PA
Amn. discussions. Also monthly aerospace
Model rocketry, Greenville Fly-In and education sessions have been taking
Maine Wing Dining Out were the high- place with Major Eastman.
lights of this quarter for St Croix Com- 1Lt Barbara Arsenault, Commander Pinetree
posite Squadron. We are gearing up
for the Arlington trip coming up De- Senior Squadron
cember 14-15 and members are
working the fund raising projects so Machias Valley
we can go. Veterans Day celebrations
were handled by the cadets at Prince- Composite Squadron Augusta-Gardiner
ton and Woodland and from the re-
ports received they all did a great job
Machias Valley, St Croix and County Composite Squadron
Composite Squadrons are gearing up
of representing Civil Air Patrol. for the annual trip to Arlington Ceme-
Capt Judy Murray, PAO NO REPORT
tery where approximately 5,000
wreaths will be placed on our veter-
This country will not be a good place ans graves. Machias and St Croix
for any of us to live in unless we make participants will be meeting in Har- Composite Squadron
it a good place for all of us to live in. rington, Maine on December 11th to
Theodore Roosevelt make wreaths that will be trucked to

Air Cadet Exchange Pro- CLC & SLS Happy Holidays
gram Coming Soon From
From National Headquarters The Corporate Learning Course and Maine Wing Staff
the Squadron Leadership School will
Directors of Cadet Programs and be coming up soon. The CLC and Dining Out 2005
I wish to take this opportunity to say
SLS are required courses for CAP
members to advance in Civil Air Pa-
Another Success
"Thank You" for all the work you have trol. Again, I will be asking for a direc- October 8, 2005 was the date that
been doing for all the National Cadet tor to step forward and head each many cadets and senior members
Programs and request your support course. I will also be asking experi- were excited about. Many remember
for this year's programs. We will be enced Cap members to teach a class last year s Dining Out formal Military
using the electronic Form 31 again. It at these courses. You may contact Ball in Bangor. This year s ball was
is a great opportunity for your cadets me at; or call also held in Bangor but it was held on
to travel and be "Messengers to the my home at 207-427-3887. At times the Air National Guard Base. This
World" about America, the Air you may reach me at 207-214-5732 year also meant that the Grog Bowl
Force, the Civil Air Patrol, and their (Cell). Students, check with your com- would be back. Col Craig Treadwell
home city, state, and region. I would mander and sign up to attend these made it very clear in the beginning
like for you to encourage every cadet valuable classes. Thank you. that all personnel were to be on their
that is 17 and will have their Earhart LTC James Greenlaw, PDO best behavior and obey the rules of
Award by 31 December of this year,
the mess. Violations of the rules
to apply. Everyone who meets the
meant a trip to the Grog bowl with
qualifications in CAPR 52-16, 4-9, will It Is Official rules to obey there. Maj Scott Higgins
be considered. There is also an elec-
Wayne McKinney (Hallowell) has gave a brief presentation of how to
tronic supplemental application that
been appointed Wing Administrator properly partake of the Grog Bowl.
will be sent to everyone who applies
for the Civil Air Patrol, Maine Wing. This year was a little different be-
online. This supplement will be re-
Mr. McKinney officially assumed the cause in the past when a female vio-
turned directly to my office for review/
position on October 31, 2005. CAP lated the rules a male would take their
evaluation. I would like to request you
recently created the Wing Administra- place and suffer the punishment for
review and make recommendations to
tor position to provide administrative her. Since this is Civil Air Patrol and
your Region/Wing Commander, who
and program support to the organiza- we do not discriminate between gen-
will approve the final list of personnel
tion s 52 Wing commanders. Duties ders, it was decided that females
selected to participate.
will include maintaining financial and would also suffer their own punish-
Important Dates:
personnel records to ensure Wing ment. For a while it seemed that
1 November - Online App. Open
compliance with CAP headquarters member after member made the trip
31 December - Online App. Close
and government requirements related to the Grog Bowl until it was time to
15 January - Closeout for Supplemen-
to payroll, safety and employee- eat dinner. Then Col Treadwell
tal applications. (All supplements
related programs. Mr. McKinney will stopped the punishment phase and
must be to this office prior to this date
also assist in planning official confer- we settled down to a delicious steak
to be considered)
ences, meetings and annual training dinner. Some member from other
23 February - Results from Wing Re-
seminars; in processing registration squadrons even ordered the Vegetar-
view Boards and Form 31s returned
for Wing-sponsored events; and in ian meal that was offered. A short
to National Headquarters
taking inventories. The Wing Admin- presentation was made about Iraq
17 March - Wing CCs/DCPs receive
istrators provide a great service to our and what we are doing over there and
their slotting notification.
volunteer CAP members, said Brig the living conditions of the troops.
Scheduled selection notification will
General Tony Pineda. They are an Then it was time to dance the night
be sent out around the end of March
invaluable part of the CAP team and away. Dancing is what all of St Croix
Again, I wish to thank you for your
will support the day-to-day tasks at members did. Cadets and senior
support and look forward to hearing
the Wing. This will enable many of our members alike met new friends and
from each of you.
volunteer members to pursue reward- enjoyed the evening. We all look for-
Michael O. Stephens
ing service activities. Congratulations ward to next year s dining out and
Program Manager, Events
to Wayne McKinney on your appoint- wonder how we can make it better for
ment as Maine Wing Administrator. everyone.
(0) 334-953-2273
Maj Dennis Murray, PA Maj Dennis W. Murray, PAO
(F) 334-953-6891
Maine Wing, Civil Air Patrol Maine Wing, CAP

(Continued from page 8) Commander s Comments
NIGHT FLIGHT SEMINAR AEROSPACE juleps (whatever they are), they may
One Thursday November 3 , Cum- EDUCATION be able to look back and say, Well
berland County Squadron held an at least I did something I know I
FAA Wings seminar devoted to Night helped keep our unit vigilant and
Flying. Captain Don Saucier, Maine ready to respond to emergencies,
Wing s Stan/Eval officer presented a which is a justifiable satisfaction but
comprehensive program that included until then, it is darn hard work without
an AOPA Safety Foundation video much reward. So, I would ask our
and several PowerPoint slides. With members who might not be as active
the days now much shorter, over 20 as they could be to try to help your
members of the Wing and Squadron fine contemporaries a bit more. They
took advantage of this timely ground say that misery loves company but
training and refresher. The areas cov- that s because misery is transformed
ered included the need to be instru- into pleasure when good company
ment proficient, horizon and percep- Image above: Commander Bill calls. We are in a new fiscal year we
tive confusion, enhancing night vision, McArthur, left, and Flight Engineer have a new Northeast Region Com-
proper flight and weather planning Valery Tokarev share a traditional mander a new National Com-
and a thorough understanding of what Thanksgiving meal. Image credit: mander and, from what I have seen
happens to our frail human sight at NASA TV so far, we should be seeing some
night. Following this evening of train- impressive good things as a result of
ing, the pilots were encouraged to After completing some proficiency all this newness. I hope you all have a
follow up with night currency flights training and routine station mainte- nice holiday season and that the New
with a CAP instructor pilot. All those nance last week, Expedition 12 Com- Year brings you the vigor and resolve
who attended have taken the first step mander Bill McArthur and Flight Engi- to continue to remain vigilant in your
in attaining their next level in the neer Valery Tokarev celebrated efforts to keep our fine Nation secure.
Wings Program. Thanksgiving. The crew dined on irra- Thank you very much for all your hard
Maj Chris Hayden, V Commander diated smoked turkey, rehydrated work and commitment to excellence.
green beans, powdered drinks and a Col Mitch Sammons, Commander
thermo stabilized cranberry-apple Maine Wing, CAP
dessert. The crew is back to work this
Calls From Santa week conducting science and setting
up the Human Research Facility for NEVER DRIVE IN THE RAIN WITH
Maine Wing Families! more experiments. McArthur and To-
We realize that our cadet members YOUR CRUISE CONTROL ON.
karev continued routine maintenance Highway patrolman are taught that if
are a little past the age to believe in on the International Space Station's
Santa but many members have the cruise control is on and your car
ventilation system. They also replen- begins to hydroplane -- when your
younger siblings at home who may ished the station's cabin atmosphere tires loose contact with the pavement
still believe. We will be returning from with oxygen from the Progress 19
Arlington on the 16th of December your car will accelerate to a higher
cargo craft. The Progress is due to rate of speed and you take off like an
and will be slowing down until the undock on Dec. 20. For the complete airplane. We all know you have little
holidays. A project I started many story go to;
years ago was to make calls from the or no control over a car when it be-
mission_pages/station/main/ gins to hydroplane. You are at the
North Pole and have Santa talk to index.html. Read about and hear the mercy of the Good Lord. Patrolman
young children on the 23 & 24 of De- Wake Up Call from Paul McCartney stated this warning should be listed,
This was suppose to be a one Christ- on the drivers seat sun-visor - NEVER
mas project but has turned out to be USE THE CRUISE CONTROL WHEN
every year since. Watch your emails THE PAVEMENT IS WET OR ICY,
AEO s need to
as I will be sending out needed infor- along with the airbag warning. Tell all
respond to the
mation to email back to me. Want to of your friends about this warning. It is
survey on Model
participate? Let me know at true and you can check it out with any
rocketry for next or 207-427- police agency. You might have save a
year. Thank You.
3421 home or 207-214-9844 cell. I life. Happy and Safe motoring.
can always use an extra Santa. Maj Dennis Murray, PA
LTC Linden Christie, AE, ME Wing
(Internet Message)

Headquarters NONPROFIT ORG.
Civil Air Patrol, Maine Wing U.S. POSTAGE
PO Box 5006 PAID
Augusta, ME 04332-5006

had a fairly benign weather pattern for commitment to make, especially

Commander s Corner a while but winter is now approaching since this old world is just getting
and we need to be ready for what this more and more complicated all the
Members of Maine season may bring. I have tried to mini- time. And, what is a bit disturbing is
Wing mize the number of times that I have that only a few have committed
I was told when I was said this, but it does sometimes seem themselves to prepare to respond
younger, that I would like bad things occur when you least should events require. Think of the
find that the twenty- expect them. Kind of a Yin Yang ef- ratio of the number of people in this
four hours that make fect or, as Jerry Garcia said, When life country to the number of people
up a day would speed looks like an easy street, there is dan- who are in the armed services, po-
up as the years went ger up ahead. Maybe I am becoming a lice, fire, EMT, Red Cross response
by. Thus days and weeks and paranoid person as well, but I am positions and in augmentation
months and years would all seem amazed sometimes that our State of forces like CAP really only a few
compressed in comparison to how it Maine has not had a terrorist action covering for many. I sincerely hope
all seemed in those youthful years? I happen since we have such extensive that the members of Maine Wing
have truly found that to be the case borders which are open opportunities who have not attended training ses-
and am still trying to see if Einstein for malicious people to take advantage sions or who do not help in the man-
wrote about such a time relationship of. All citizens of this country need to be agement of their units, think about
in any of his cerebral musings. So it aware of the potential for harm that ex- how much easier it would be for
has continued to be this past year. ists from many angles, but, as CAP those who are stretched thin trying
So many successful Maine Wing members who have all demonstrated to meet the demands of running a
events and activities have occurred their willingness to actually train and do unit if they would extend themselves
and have been reported in our news- something about it, we must expect to a bit more and help the few who are
letter over the past year. These activi- be called upon when something bad doing so much. Yes someday
ties help, I think, to offset the national happens. You have seen that such a when those who are covering for the
and international tragedies we have potential exists and you have volun- many are sitting in their sliders on
all witnessed on the evening news. teered to train to be ready to respond their front porches sipping mint-
Maine Wing is very fortunate to have should things turn sour. It is quite a (Continued on page 7)