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Sarah Paramita 1

Grade 2 - Biblical Studies Daniel Is Faithful 35 mins

Lesson: Gods Deliverance Upon the Faithful Ones

Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment
Romans 12:2a Final Exam (on the third week).
Do not conform to the pattern of the world, but
be transformed by the renewing of the mind.

In this lesson, the students will analyze the events

that happened in the lives of Daniels friends.
Gods great commandment was for them to love
Him and the Babylonians even though they did
not know the God of Israel. By Gods grace,
Daniels friends were able to show faithfulness in
the midst of difficulties and by the same grace,
the students are expected to pursue peace and
restoration within their surroundings.

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)

What happened to Daniels friends when The student will . . .
they show their faithfulness to God in the Record the events that happened when Daniels friends
midst of difficulty? show their faithfulness to God in front of King
How did God show His faithfulness to His Nebuchadnezzar.
children who strived to be faithful? Explain Gods deliverance upon Daniels friends.
Generate their visualization regarding Daniels friends
in the fiery furnace.
Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies
Sarah Paramita 2
Grade 2 - Biblical Studies Daniel Is Faithful 35 mins
Beginning the Lesson
1 min The teacher will write down todays objectives on a small whiteboard and the students will
recite it together after the teacher.
God delivers those who are faithful in Him.
1 min The teacher will start the lesson by having the students observe about the result of putting the
burning candle inside a jar.
2 mins After listening to some of the responses (they might come up with the previous topic in TDL)
from students, the teacher will connect it with a fiery furnace story.
This is just a small candle in a small jar, how about the real fiery furnace that is hotter than
1 min this, even 7x hotter than the usual temperature!
The teacher will show the fiery furnace picture to help them visualize it.

Developing the Lesson

10 Give the detail events in a form of storytelling about Daniels faithful friends (Daniel 6).
mins Daniel is able to retain his high position, even though the Babylonian Empire has just
fallen to pieces. He continues to serve as one of Darius top three menpresidents who supervise
the one hundred twenty satraps that help govern the kingdom (a "satrap" is basically a state
But the other two presidents and the satraps all get jealous of Daniel. He's been doing so
good that Darius is planning to make him his number one president, ruling over everyone else
except for the king. The satraps can't find anything to discredit Daniel with in his own life, since
he's a pretty clean-living and incorruptible guy. So they devise a plot.
The satraps go to Darius and start to convince him to sign a document ordering everyone
to pray to him and worship himand only himfor thirty days, or else they'll be thrown into a den
full of lions.
Daniel pays no attention to the new rule and continues to pray to God at his window
facing Jerusalem. The satraps go to Darius and tell him what Daniel is doing. But the king really
likes Daniel and makes every effort he can to save him. Still, the satraps tell him that he can't
change his own laws. So Darius orders Daniel thrown into the lion's denthough, before it
happens, Darius tells Daniel that he hopes God can save him. After Daniel is put inside, the den is
sealed over with a giant boulder.
After heading home, Darius refuses to eat. He fasts and is unable to sleep. The next day,
Darius heads down to the den to see if God saved Daniel. Daniel is fine and answers the king when
Darius calls to him. Dan explains that God's angel showed up and made sure the lions' mouths
stayed shut. Darius allows him to be taken out of the den. But the king punishes the people who
conspired against Danielnot only the satraps and presidents, but their wives and children are
chucked into the lions' den. The lions start to devour them and crunch their bones before they even
hit the floor.
Darius told the city that they need to respect and fear Daniel's God. He pays tribute to God
for saving Daniel and says that God's kingdom will outlast all others.
Closing the Lesson
3 mins Check the students understanding with several questions
- Why was the King angry?
- What happened when they were thrown to the fiery furnace?
- What does it mean by deliverance?
8 mins Have a WS distributed to the students. The students will do it independently and it will be
checked together by projecting it on the whiteboard.
5 mins While the students are finishing the WS, have a games Now I know that... to check their
Help the students to relate Daniels friend's lives and the students lives when they strive to do
right even in the difficulties and God delivers them amazingly.
Formative Assessment Differentiation
WS page 89 and 91 Independent: Work Sheet about Daniel and his friends.
Direct Instruction: Storytelling.
Fiery Furnace Poster

Summary of Daniel 6