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A Quarterly Newsletter of the

April 2010

Air Force rates Louisiana Wing “Successful”
BATON ROUGE, La. — On Mar. 13-14, 2010, a team of U.S. Air Force and Civil Air Patrol inspectors conducted a compliance inspection and awarded a “successful” rating to the Louisiana Wing. The purpose of the inspection, recurring every four years, is to determine the wing’s level of compliance with regulations and other directives of Civil Air Patrol. For a wing to achieve the “successful” rating, it must excel in performance and/or operational requirements. Procedures and activities must be carried out effectively. Resources and programs must be adequately managed. Minor deficiencies may exist, but must not impede or limit mission accomplishment. The inspectors of the team were truly impressed with the dedication, professionalism, and overall good nature of the wing staff members. Louisiana Wing Commander, Col. Art Scarbrough, CAP, commented to the wing staff, “Thank you for the extraordinary effort that went into the preparation for this important evaluation”.

Members of LAWG staff and CI Team — photo by Maj. Michael James, CAP

Pelican Flight, Louisiana Wing, April 2010

Compliance Inspection continued
LAWG Chief of Staff, Lt. Col. Amos Plante, CAP, stated, “Lt. Col. Don Hensley, CAP-USAF SWLR CC confirmed that our grade was well up on the high side of the “successful” block”. LAWG received fourteen “A-Findings” and six “B-Findings”. A total of twenty-eight “commendables” were awarded. LAWG Wing Commander, Col. Art Scarbrough, CAP, offered high praise to Lt. Col. Plante, CAP and Assistant Chief of Staff Maj. Carlton Dufrechou, CAP, for leading the charge in preparing the wing staff for interviews. Special thanks were extended to State Director John Zaremba, Air Force Reservist Maj. Bob Morgan and Lt. Col. Hensley for their aggressive coaching in the inspection preparation.

Aerospace Education Cadet Program Emergency Services Operational Mission Mgmt. Communications Flight Management Aircraft Management Professional Development Chaplain Finance Administration Personnel Public Affairs Supply Transportation Commander Safety Inspector General Legal Officer

Successful Successful Successful Successful Successful Successful Successful Successful Successful Successful Successful Successful Successful Successful Unsatisfactory Successful

Maj. David Taylor, CAP Lt. Col. Mickey Marchand, CAP Lt. Col. Harry Stafford, CAP Maj. Paul Rappmundt, CAP Lt. Col. Doc Barnard, CAP 1st Lt. George McKinney, CAP Lt. Col. Ira Schilling, CAP Col. Mary Berkowitz, CAP Maj. Lois Hopwood, CAP Maj. Lois Hopwood, CAP Maj. Michael James, CAP Maj. Todd Scioneaux, CAP Lt. Col. David Berteau, CAP Col. Art Scarbrough, CAP Lt. Col. Lane Haley, CAP Lt. Col. Fredrick King, CAP

Highly Successful Capt. Victor Santana, CAP

Highly Successful Capt. Christine Richmond, CAP

Highly Successful 1st Lt. Mike Smith, CAP

Compliance Inspection Team — photo by State Director John Zaremba
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Pelican Flight, Louisiana Wing, April 2010

Message from the Wing Commander

“Civil Air Patrol is a benevolent organization. Whether saving lives through emergency services, shaping lives through cadet programs, or influencing lives through aerospace education, each member is serving the community with generosity, kindness and compassion. There is little doubt that we serve in the present and influence the future. Louisiana wing recently went through a compliance inspection wherein we demonstrated that we meet, and in many areas exceed, mission readiness and execution objectives. More important, the wing demonstrated irrefutably a sense of dedication and devotion to duty in keeping with the highest standards of community service. It often seems as though CAP asks much of us as we train, prepare reports, and go about the business of maintaining a high state of readiness. Yet those are the things that serve as the foundation of our trust in each other as unpaid professionals and the public trust in CAP. Thank you for your dedication to CAP and for your service in everything you do to support this organization. Your service today influences tomorrow in more ways than you can ever imagine.”

Col. Art Scarbrough, CAP

Col. Scarbrough, CAP, attends “New Wing Commanders” course
NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS — Seventeen top-level Civil Air Patrol officials, most of them new commanders or commanders-to-be, took part in a week-long Wing Commanders Course at National Headquarters, Maxwell AFB, Ala. during Mar. 13-19, 2010. The intense, graduate-level course prepares participants to assume high-level command at the wing and regional levels or as members of the CAP National Board. Those attending are selected for the course by their region commander and must be approved by the CAP national commander, Maj. Gen. Amy S. Courter. “The Wing Commanders Course covers everything a CAP commander should know in order to be an effective leader,” Courter said. “As with all of our training, its content is thorough and its effect on participants is dynamic, which are qualities that are essential to success in today’s technological savvy world.” The program focuses on three main blocks of study: leadership in the organization, tools for corporate officers and tools for commanders. The curriculum featured seminars, lectures and hands-on exercises in more than 20 enriching sessions on such topics as ethics, legal matters, fundraising and managing volunteers, finances and other resources. After completing the course participants will gain a better understanding of CAP’s aerospace education, cadet, operations, information technology, public affairs, membership development and logistics programs. Guest speakers included Courter, senior Air Force advisor Col. William Ward and CAP Executive Director Don Rowland, as well as subject-matter experts from membership and National Headquarters..

Safety is Priority One
Safety must be on every CAP member’s mind, at all times Before engaging in any CAP activity, a safety briefing must be conducted. Monthly, members must read The Sentinel and follow its timely advice. SAFETY is our Number One Priority

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Pelican Flight, Louisiana Wing, April 2010

Cadet Color Guard Competition held at Barksdale AFB
BARKSDALE AFB, La. — On Feb. 13, 2010, after a long absence, the wing hosted a Color Guard Competition at Barksdale AFB. Teams competed in many categories along with a quiz bowl and a written exam. After five hours of competition, Barksdale Composite Squadron won the right to represent the wing at the next level of competition in New Mexico. Although Barksdale was the winner in the competition, Ascension Parish Composite Squadron was recognized by the Wing Director of Cadet Program for their dedication and competition effort. Overall, all of the cadets that participated are winners in many ways. They not only supported each other but they gave advice to each other and bonded as one wing. This is truly what is all about.

Director of Cadet Program Capt. Vic Santana, CAP
Barksdale Composite Squadron cadet members who will be competing in New Mexico include: Cadet 1st Lt. Dykes, CAP — CG Commander Cadet Sr. Airman Perez, CAP — NCOIC US Flag Bearer Cadet Staff Sgt. Ramsey, CAP — Guardsman Cadet Staff Sgt. Patton, CAP — Wing Flag Bearer Cadet Airman 1st Class Dykes, CAP — Guardsman Cadet Airman 1st Class Baldwin, CAP — Alternate Good luck to our Wing Team and great job to all the cadets that participated in the wing competition.

Photo by Cadet Lt. Col. Barry James, CAP
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Pelican Flight, Louisiana Wing, April 2010

More photos from Cadet Color Guard Competition

Photos by Cadet Lt. Col. Barry James, CAP

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Pelican Flight, Louisiana Wing, April 2010

Training Academy held in Lafayette
LAFAYETTE, La. — The Louisiana Wing held its 11th Training Academy at the University of Louisiana Lafayette, over the weekend of Feb. 27-28, 2010. Over 80 members consisting of 22 cadets, 41 senior members, 18 instructors and 1 state director participated in the two-day event. Attendees came from Alabama, Louisiana and Texas. First Lieutenant Michael Smith, CAP, first-time academy director commented, “I am happy that so many members took advantage of the training opportunity.” Capt. Victor Santana, CAP, Louisiana Wing Director of Cadet Programs, explained to the cadets how important it is for them to receive proper training. He also praised the senior members who completed the Training Leaders of Cadets course for their willingness to work in the cadet program. Cadets present completed the Airman Leadership School (ALS). Capt. Dan Lemanczyk, CAP, commander of Lafayette Composite Squadron who hosted the event thanked everyone for supporting the academy. Courses for senior members offered at this academy included Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC), Mission Pilot, Mission Observer, Mission Scanner, ICS 300, ICS 400, Logistics, Squadron Leadership School (SLS), Corporate Leadership Course (CLC) and Logistics.

Photos by Maj. Michael James, CAP
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Pelican Flight, Louisiana Wing, April 2010

Flight clinic held at Gonzales
GONZALES, La. — On Feb. 6, 2010, Ascension Parish Composite Squadron hosted a Louisiana Wing flight clinic. The classroom portion was held at the Gonzales Public Safety Center and the flight portion at the Louisiana Regional Airport. The clinic was designed to hone the flying skills of mission pilots. Other aircrew members were trained to become scanners and observers. Louisiana Wing Director of Emergency Services Lt. Col. Michael “Mickey” Marchand, CAP, said, “Everything went off without a hitch, and all activities were safe. Crew members were motivated and demonstrated that sense of urgency expected in our Louisiana Wing aircrews.” In one afternoon, 15 training sorties were flown, in addition to 14 inbound/outbounds for a total of 29 sorties. Cadets trained as flightline marshallers and mission radio operators. Marshallers are responsible for safe direction of aircraft on and off the ramp as well as maintaining a safe area free of foreign object debris that may damage the aircraft. Radio operators maintain communications with aircrews and relay information from a mission base to the aircrews. Lt. Col. Marchand, CAP, reported that he had received compliments on the professionalism and performance of the Ascension Parish Composite Squadron cadets. Thanks to efforts of Ascension Parish Composite Squadron Public Affairs Officer 2nd Lt. Lydia Pike, CAP, the local newspaper – The Advocate – published an article describing the event.

Flight marshallers in training, from left to right, Cadet Airmen 1st Class Conner Berry, Codey Pike and Nick Delbasty, CAP. (Photo by State Director John Zaremba)

Photo by Capt. Ken Brummett, CAP

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Pelican Flight, Louisiana Wing, April 2010

Denehan attends Civic Leadership Academy
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Cadet 2nd Lt. Brett Denehan, CAP, was one of twenty-four Civil Air Patrol top cadets from across the nation who participated in one of America’s leading civic education activities, the Civic Leadership Academy (CLA), held Feb. 20-27, 2010. Denehan, who is a senior at Airline High School in Bossier City and a member of Barksdale Composite Squadron, currently serves as Cadet Commander of Louisiana Wing. This National Cadet Special Activity offers cadets behind-the-scenes tours and briefings at the Capitol, Supreme Court, State Department, Pentagon, Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Arlington National Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Mott House, Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial and more. The week culminated with a Legislative Day, when cadets met their elected leaders on Capitol Hill. This activity is not your average field trip to Washington. CLA is an academically focused activity that includes seminars, readings and group projects. Denehan said, “One of the highlights of the week was attending the Spaatz Association’s 2010 Annual Dinner and Awards Event.” The featured speaker for the dinner was U.S. astronaut Eric Boe, the Air Force colonel and CAP senior member who piloted Space Shuttle Endeavour to the International Space Station in November 2008.

Denehan with Congressman John Fleming
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Pelican Flight, Louisiana Wing, April 2010

Scanner Training at Monroe
MONROE, La. — General Claire L. Chennault Senior Squadron held an eight hour scanner training class Mar. 27, 2010, at the Monroe Air Center. This was the first of a series of three classes that will enable new members to become competent mission scanners. Second Lieutenant Joseph Jacobs said, “I thought the instructors, Capt. John Benton, CAP and Maj. Glen Deas, CAP, were hard on the new nine students but when they complete this extensive training they won’t be embarrassed when asked to perform missions.” Other seasoned scanners and observers are taking the training to hone their skills and become updated to current scanner operations.

Photo by 2nd Lt. Joe Jacobs, CAP

CAP Historical Foundation
New Mexico Wing External Aerospace Education Officer, Maj. Ted Spitzmiller, CAP, stated, “History plays a role in our society in many different ways. Understanding what went on in the past is often the key to predicting events of the future. History also provides a perspective on life and our interaction with others. It chronicles the efforts of many and highlights our achievements.” CAP Historical Foundation (CAPHF) was established in 1997 to preserve the history and promote the proud heritage of the Civil Air Patrol and WWII CAP Coastal Patrol. In 1998, it was incorporated in the State of Maryland as a non-profit charitable educational institution and was accepted by the Internal revenue Service as a 510 C (3) organization. The foundation, supported by contributions from CAP members and others with ties to CAP’s 68-year history, has raised some $25,000 to date to support its work. The National Museum of the Civil Air Patrol is a museum on the Web and can be accessed at This site contains photo gallery, art and media gallery, forums and a museum store.

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Pelican Flight, Louisiana Wing, April 2010

SAREX training
Group I __ Feb. 19, 2010 at Shreveport Group II __ none Group III __ none LA-010 __ Feb. 20, 2010 at Baton Rouge LA-022 __ Mar. 29, 2010 at Gonzales

Group I
Group Commander, Lt. Col. Charles Smith, CAP Barksdale Composite Squadron __ LA-005 Central LA Composite Squadron __ LA-067 Gen. Claire Chennault L. Senior Squadron __ LA-019 Shreveport Senior Squadron __ LA-013

Wing Stats
160 Cadets, 411 Senior Members 10 Aircraft 14 Vehicles 3 Finds to date (FY2010)

Group II
Group Commander, Lt. Col. Edmond Jones, CAP Acadia/Jefferson Davis Senior Squadron __ LA-040 Lafayette Composite Squadron __ LA-014 Lake Charles Composite Squadron __ LA-007 St. Mary Parish Composite Squadron __ LA-089

Calendar of events
April 9,10 & 11_ Wing Conference—Lafayette 9,10 & 11_ LA Fly-In Series—Pineville 24-25 ____Barksdale AFB Airshow May 9________ LA Fly-In Series—Jennings June 19_______ LA Fly-In Series—Shreveport July 15-25____ Cadet Summer Encampment 22-31____ IACE August 14-15 ____ Training Academy-Lafayette September 11_______ LA Fly-In Series—Farmerville October 8,9 & 10__ LA Fly-In Series—Pineville November 6 _______ LA Fly-In Series—DeRidder December 4________Wing Christmas Party

Group III
Group Commander, Lt. Col. Harry Stafford, CAP Alvin Callender Senior Squadron __ LA-086 Ascension Parish Composite Squadron __ LA-022 Billy Mitchell Senior Squadron __ LA-076 Capitol City Composite Squadron __ LA-010 Hammond Composite Squadron __ LA-008 Ponchartrain Composite Squadron __ LA-093

Pelican Flight
Editor: Maj. Michael James, CAP Email: The time to submit articles should be soon after an event occurs. This allows time to edit and gather more information if needed. Articles may be submitted in the body of email or as a Word document attachment. Photos should be in JPG format and at minimum of 960 by 1280 pixels. In all cases please give full grade, name and unit of assignment of 1. The article’s author 2. Photographer 3. Any person mentioned in the article Louisiana Wing website Cadet website

Louisiana Wing Headquarters
P. O. Box 74670, Baton Rouge, LA 70874 Ph. 225-359-9449 or 1-800-728-1494 Fax 225-359-9496 or 1-800-728-5175

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