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Technical Data S ummary

8-1/4" LithoTrak
Accurate Density Porosity

The Baker Hughes LithoTrak™ LWD porosity LithoTrak delivers high-resolution density and
suite provides fully compensated and Pe images in all mud types to gather structural
environmentally characterized neutron and fracture information. The tool also delivers
porosity, compensated density, photoelectric caliper and real-time short spaced images,
effect (Pe), and acoustic borehole caliper which are useful for maintaining wellbore
measurements. Two proprietary acquisition integrity and optimizing drilling efficiency.
methods ensure accurate density
measurements over a dynamic range of LWD These real-time measurements allow
conditions. operators to make decisions for optimized
wellbore placement for maximum reservoir
The density sub features a minimum standoff exposure, and fast reservoir evaluation.
measurement section with sub-wall detectors
closely positioned to the wellbore, minimizing
sub wear effects from drilling fluids and
abrasive formations. The patented acoustic
standoff binning acquisition method separates
density counts into 0.25" incremental standoff
bins, eliminating standoff bias and optimizing
density measurement regardless of tool
position in borehole.

Features Benefits
Fully compensated and environmentally Identification of fluid contacts and hydrocarbon
characterized neutron porosity typing
Two density acquisition methods Confident in accuracy of density measurement
simultaneously used downhole in LWD environment
Complete suite of real-time azimuthal
16 sector azimuthal density, Pe, and borehole
measurements for reservoir navigation and
caliper measurements
wellbore positioning applications
Real-time, full-borehole coverage density Dip picking for structural analysis of borehole 8-1/4" LithoTrak
images images
Real-time, oriented borehole shape and size
Azimuthal borehole caliper and short spaced
images Breakout detection and borehole profiling via
azimuthal caliper for wellbore stability analysis
Reliable measurements for extended-reach,
Wear-protected measurement surfaces
long drilling, and logging runs
Accurate density regardless of tool placement
Standoff binning compensated density and Pe
in borehole or angle of well

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LTK-70-01-003 Rev. C

and handling of Baker Hughes tools.015 g/cc @ 2. ρb 406 mm 16 inch Baker Hughes Modular Connection*** Photoelectric Factor**** Top of BHA Stop Sub Connections (needs BH Modular Connection Pin for x-over Range 1 .3. For optimum * the 8 1/4" tool with ORD version 1. drop or hold).0" Standard 1380 bar 20. and LCM please refer to Technical Data Sheets of the applicable MWD platforms (e. Refer to Supplemental Technical Specifications Houston.5 g/cc @ 60 m/hr 270 mm 10-5/8" Statistical Repeatability 267 mm 10-1/2" (200 ft/hr) Tool Length (A) 5.2 ft Vertical Resolution Tool Weight 1481 kg 3.95 ft Nominal Hole Size by Fluid (Configurable) Displacer (FD) OD7 311 mm 12-1/4" 308 mm 12-1/8" Note: Measure points are tool specific and will vary with the BHA make up at the 270 mm 10-5/8" 267 mm 10-1/2" wellsite.000 psi) available on request (dependant on BHA size) Vertical Resolution 1/4" Max DLS (Dog Leg Severity) values are 2 data points per foot @ 180 ft/hr & 10 sec application specific and a function of Logging Speed acquisition (2 pts/ft @ 360 ft/hr & 5 sec) various parameters such as BHA Max dog leg per 100 ft/30 m Standoff Calculation Calculated using the ASO configurations.3 / 83. NaviTrak™).000 psi Statistical Repeatability N/A 2070 bar (30.50 pu Max Overpull Operating Without Rotation 5830 kN 1.6 . and Torsional Specification document Vibration TDS-20-60-0000-00.55 m LTK-70-01-003 . Technical Data S ummary 8-1/4" LithoTrak Accurate Density Porosity General Tool Specifications SI Units US Units Sensor Specifications SI Units US Units Tool Size (OD) 210 mm* 8-1/4"* Measure Point from tool bottom Hole Size Range 270 mm . Texas 77073 (TDS-20-60-0000-00) for further environmental specific specifications and information on the application. Sand Content.310 klbs ±0.bakerhughes.100 pu ±0. *** to connect to Baker Hughes components only Pulsed & memory-stored data **** all sensor precisions are 1 Sigma confidence / Density and Neutron Porosity specifications are quoted using 10-sec acquisition programmed at surface as a function of Operating Time total circulating hours and acquisition settings.10 ft FD Size Neutron (B) 3.6050 lpm 310 – 1.000 psi Accuracy ±10% Option 1725 bar 25.015 g/cc @ 2. well profiles and drilling Sliding / Rotary modes (build. expert company with ORD version 2.265 lbs short spacing 203 mm 8 inch Equivalent Stiffness OD x ID 210 mm x 72 mm 8.5 supports the 10-5/8" borehole size advice is required (BHASYS PRO). Refer to Supplemental Technical Maximum Axial. Hole Size Stab Size Density**** 292 mm / 11-1/2" / Range 1. no other representations are made concerning the information. operation. All technical specifications and commercial information concerning the product and/or services described herein may be changed at any time without further notice.99 m 13.12-1/4" Density (C) 1.1 g/cc 311 mm 12-1/4" Neutron Upset / Stabilizer 305 mm 12" Accuracy ±0. Lateral.600 gpm Accuracy 5% of reading for 10 .25 B/e from 2-6 B/e Box Up / Pin Down: Baker Hughes Statistical Repeatability ±0.25 B/e @ 60 m/hr (200 ft/hr) Tool Connections and MU torque proprietary connections Vertical Resolution full resolution 203 mm 8 inch Neutron**** Operating Specifications and Limits SI Units US Units Range 0 .55 m 18. Technical Data Summaries are controlled documents and can only be Phone: +1 713-625-4200 released through the Documentation & Records Management System(s) Group.0 kft-lbs Vertical Resolution 490 mm 19 inch Max Temperature Operating 150°C 302°F ASO-Caliper**** Max Pressure Range 0. Drilling & Evaluation Although the information contained herein is believed to be accurate.2.10 ft Hole Size Caliper (D) 1.5 g/cc 257 mm / 10-1/8" / ±0.650 klbs Statistical Repeatability (200 ft/hr) Max Bending Moment Rotary / Sliding 50 / 115 kNm 36.81 m 5.25 inch x 2.311 mm 10-5/8" .6 pu @ 20 pu Limestone @ 60 m/hr Max Overpull to Failure Without Rotation 7340 kN 1. www. Under no circumstances shall Baker Hughes be liable for any incorrect or incomplete 2001 Rankin Road information.5 pu below 10 pu Flow Rate (Min/Max) is limited by MWD 1175 .10 barnes/electron (B/e) sub) Accuracy ±0.0 .g. Regarding RPM.5 supports the 12-1/4" borehole size and the 8-1/4" tool tool capabilities and limits.813 inch full resolution. OnTrak™.