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Orbis IT Healthcheck

Service Sheet

Orbis IT Healthcheck Service

The Orbis IT Healthcheck Service is designed to enable clients to achieve improved service from their IT infrastructure whilst reducing both cost and risk to the business. The IT infrastructure is documented and the key issues (commercial, technical and service management related) are identified. A simplified target architecture is produced with a roadmap of initiatives showing how to fix the high priority issues based on industry proven solutions. A business case identifies associated potential cost savings and business benefits to justify any investments required. The healthcheck is completed quickly and does not drain client resources. Orbis ensure that the deliverables are clear and easy to understand; we avoid ‘consultancy speak’ and there are no lengthy technical reports that require a PhD in computing to understand.

The scope of the Infrastructure Healthcheck is completely flexible, but can include; Infrastructure Elements Facilities Network Voice (fixed line and mobile) Servers Storage Security Desktop Operating systems IT Management and Support Office applications processes The approach to the healthcheck has been proven to be highly effective at many organisations from small and medium size businesses, civil government departments through to global scale enterprises. There are three phases to the healthcheck, of which the first is to gather the commercial, technical and service management information to build a current view of the in scope infrastructure. A workshop is then held to ensure accuracy of information and build an agreed issues list with associated criticality. This is followed by the analysis phase in which a roadmap of initiatives is developed to fix the critical issues using industry proven solutions. A future state architecture view is created showing the simplified target infrastructure that the initiatives roadmap will deliver. The business case clearly highlights the cost savings, service improvements and reduced risk that can be delivered. The third and final phase is to deliver the findings of the healthcheck to the management team through an executive presentation.


The Healthcheck deliverables consist of; Deliverable A single view document detailing the current infrastructure, an agreed issues list with an associated criticality status. A single view document detailing the target blueprint architecture A roadmap showing how to transform the current environment to the target architecture A business case detailing cost savings and business benefits A strategic vision developed with the client Final presentation

The Healthcheck service produces very structured and easily understandable documentation within a short space of time which enables business to; 1. Improve the service that the IT infrastructure delivers through a target blueprint architecture which; a. addresses high priority business and technical issues b. meets current business requirements and initiatives c. identifies opportunity for new technology to provide competitive advantage 2. Reduce costs; a. infrastructure simplification b. industry best practice IT support c. improved vendor management and pricing 3. Reduce business risk; a. increase infrastructure reliability b. reduce downtime in the event of problems c. reduce business impact in a disaster recovery scenario d. industry best practise management and support ,i.e. backup and recovery All of the above benefits are backed up by a straightforward business case (using real world industry pricing) that justifies to the Board any potential investment required.

The Orbis It Infrastructure healthcheck simply and clearly documents how to improve the IT service delivered to the business, reduce business risk and demonstrates through a clear business case the cost savings that can be achieved. This enables the client management to take the right decisions on their IT infrastructure at the right time.

The Healthcheck is available throughout the UK.


The Healthcheck is fully customisable and is ordered through a Statement of Work and a Purchase Order.

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