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Teaching for Success: the Classroom and the World


Classroom activities for critical thinking

Lesson plan
Below is a lesson plan for the activities you saw in the video.

Lesson Stage Aim Procedure Interaction

and timing
Lead in To introduce and raise interest the topic of Divide learners into groups of 5 or 6 Groups, within
10 mins maps and countries Give each learner a world map. This should be a mercator whole class
To create a fun, competitive environment version
to motivate learners Ask whole class to stand up by their map
To review names of countries The first learner to find the country on the map wins

Posing the To draw attention to a critical question for Ask Which is bigger Greenland or Australia? How much Whole class
problem the lesson bigger?
15 mins To review essential vocabulary for the Learners find the answer by looking at the map
lesson Hand out globes and ask learners which country is bigger on
the globe Australia or Greenland
Ask Why are the maps different?
Demonstrate the problem of making a flat map from a round
object (use orange peel)
Ask Which is better? Which is more accurate?
To problematize the idea of maps by Show Peters projection map and ask learners to point out the
offering an alternative differences between the Mercator map and the Peters
projection map
Ask Whats the problem?

British Council 2016

Understanding To listen for specific information Hand out video viewing task. Learners read questions Individual
the To build confidence and share knowledge Play video*. Learners answer questions
problem before sharing as a whole class Ask learners to vote for their favourite map
video To emphasise the importance of critical Learners compare their answers to the video viewing task in Groups
20 mins thinking skills groups
Clarify answers as a whole class Whole class
In feedback, discuss the importance of thinking critically about
things that we see and accept every day

*You can find a longer version of the lesson here This includes the video (5:10-
6.28) which you could show to your learners

Teaching for Success: The Classroom and the World

British Council 2016