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Fact Sheet 3: School Organisation Changes The Plan  Pleckgate Community School: a complete new build on the existing

site and the size of the school to increase from 1190 to 1350 pupils by 2012  Blakewater College Community School: the current Blakewater College School will be replaced with a new east Blackburn community school  New east Blackburn community school: a new school will be built by 2012 and the preferred site is the current golf driving range on Haslingden Road. It will seek trust status, meaning it will be a state funded school supported by a charitable trust  Witton Park Community High School: a complete new build on the existing site and an increase in pupils from 1,062 to 1,200 pupils by 2012. It will also offer inclusive learning opportunities for up to 30 pupils with complex special educational needs, working closely with Newfield School  Beardwood Community School: will close in July 2012. A committee of governors from all the secondary schools will be formed to oversee arrangements such as governance, retaining staff and moving pupils to other schools  Darwen Vale Community High School: a substantial remodel which retains the historic frontage of the school but involves very significant new build elsewhere on the site by 2012  Darwen Moorland Community High School: is currently scheduled to close and to be replaced by the proposed Darwen Academy  St Bede’s RC High School: will be remodelled, including significant new build by 2015  Our Lady & St John RC High School: will be remodelled including significant new build by 2015  St Wilfrid’s CE High School: as a new school, it is not included in the building programme but the Council and governing body will work with the government to seek to meet new pupil capacity requirements. The school will also benefit from considerable ICT investment.

 Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School: will relocate to the Beardwood site by 2015 and will grow to 600 11- 16 pupils, as well as developing their existing 6th form provision  Newfield School: as a new school, no further building work is proposed but the school will work closely with Witton Park Community School to develop inclusive learning opportunities for pupils with complex special educational needs. The school will also benefit from significant ICT investment.  Crosshill School: will be co-located on the site of a new build BSF community school by 2012. It will retain its identity and independence, while sharing facilities such as sports, catering and administration  Fernhurst School: will close in 2012 and students will have access to a range of short, medium and longer curriculum programmes including vocational courses, provided by schools, colleges and other training providers  St Thomas’s Centre: will relocate to the current Crosshill School site by 2013 and provide an expanded curriculum for children with additional needs. Why are school closures necessary? The government requires that all BSF authorities review their pupil place needs for the future. The pattern of provision in the future needs to be sustainable, that means there needs to be enough pupil places in the right locations to meet need. How were school organisation plans reached? Overall secondary school pupil numbers in the borough are projected to fall slightly over the next ten years, this is particularly true in the west of Blackburn where the school age is falling. In the centre and east of Blackburn the school age population is growing. The current secondary provision does not reflect this, with 3 community schools serving the west of the borough and only one small community school in the east. Many students travel a significant distance across Blackburn from east to west to attend school. The needs of many children are not being met by the current pattern of provision. Research has shown that many parents/carers now prefer to send their children with special education needs (SEN) to mainstream schools; this is reflected in the drop in pupil numbers at both Crosshill and Fernhurst Schools and it is expected that this trend will continue. To address this it is proposed that Fernhurst School closes and that Crosshill School co-locates onto the site of a mainstream high school. There will also be an increase in fully resourced secondary schools to accommodate students with SEN and increase inclusivity.

It is proposed that Newfield School will continue to offer provision for children with complex needs and that the current Crosshill site will provide a flexible learning facility to support young people with a range of needs some with SEN. How have school sites been selected? All school sites either existing or new possible sites have undergone a detailed site appraisals that looked at: • • • Site opportunities and challenges Educational and community opportunities and challenges Affordability

Final site proposals are based on these findings and will be subject to public consultation and planning approval, as applicable. For more information contact the BSF team at: West Wing 3a, The Exchange, Ainsworth Street, Blackburn BB1 6AD email: