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2010 Media Kit

Jarrad Williams

Photo - Joe Vulgamore

Photo - Joe Vulgamore Texas Gulf Coast Surfing Magazine is a bi-monthly publication highlighting the finest in Texas surf. Each issue presents an array of articles, interviews, product reviews, news, information, and beautiful, full color action photography.

The advantages of advertising in a printed publication are obvious, but with the rise of the digital age, printed publications are often held to regional exposure. Digital media is a very cost effective way to increase your exposure to a worldwide audience. Advantages to the digital version are: 1. 2. 3. Your ad links to your website Insert rich media (video, audio files) into your ad Expose your business world wide

With Texas Gulf Coast Surfing Magazine, you get highly visible Worldwide exposure comes with the digital version. The best thing is that it is available at one low price! Included with this cover letter is a sample of the magazine, showing all available formats, design specifications, and our price list. We offer flexible billing options and discounts for prompt payment, multiple insertions, multi-issue purchases, as well as discounts for repeat customers. We here at Sirfur Productions would like to thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to consider doing business with us.

Pricing List

2 page spread Full page ad 1/2 page ad (Vert.) 1/2 page ad (Horz.) 1/4 page ad Video Insertion Submission Deadlines: Issue # #3 - Aug/Sept Issue #4 - Oct/Nov Issue #5 - Dec/Jan Issue #6 - Feb/Mar Issue
Justin Jalufka Photo - Joe Vulgamore

$250.00 $175.00 $125.00 $125.00 $75.00 $50.00

Release Aug 2 2010 Oct. 2 2010 Dec. 1 2011 Feb. 2 2011

Submission Due July 20 2010 Sep 15 2010 Nov. 15 2011 Jan. 15 2011

Digital materials required (.JPEG/.PNG/.TIFF format): Please send a high resolution, color corrected .JPEG, .PNG or .TIFF file (300 dpi) sized to the purchased ad size. For Full Bleed add ¼ inch bleed to all sides, keep text, logos, etc. in ¼ inch from trimmed sides.

Print Ads

Warning: .JPEG/.TIFF files less than 300 dpi Accurate proofs must accompany all may not print with optimal quality. ads. Low resolution jpeg images that are sent to us are not accurate and do not take the place of a paper proof. Keep in mind that Digital materials required (PDF format): your proof is what we use to ensure that your file matches ours, and that you are Please send a high quality (press ready) PDF satisfied with the way your file looks as sent with your fonts embedded. That will be your print to us. file. All color must be in CMYK mode. Save grayscale and CMYK images at 300 dpi. Save You may submit ads in PDF, .JPEG, scanned line art (illustrations, black and white line .PNG, or .TIFF format. drawings, scanned type and logos, etc.) in bitmap mode at 600 dpi. All native files sent must include all fonts and graphics used to build the ad. Do NOT convert type to outlines. All fonts must be included with the file.

Advertisers providing incomplete or incorrect materials will be charged a $25 base fee plus $35/ hour to correct image resolution or ad size, fix non-postscript font conflicts, etc. Any ads later than two weeks past due will incur a charge of $50. If you have any questions regarding where or how to send your ad, please call us.


17” 16.5” 17.5” 8.5” 8” 9” 4.25” 8.5” 4.25” 3.5” 11.0” 10.5” 11.5” 11.0” 10.5” 11.5” 11.0” 5.5” 5.5” 2.0”

2 Page Spread
Document Size Live Area Full with Bleed* Document Size Live Area Full with Bleed*

Full Page (incl. Back Cover)

FULL PAGE BLEED (9”x11.5”)

1/2 Page Verticle
Document Size

1/2 Page Horizontal
Document Size


1/4 PAGE

1/8 PAGE

1/4 Page
Document Size Document Size

1/8 Page (Business Card)

Website Ads: 160x160 square …… $20.00 335x60 ½ Banner …. $30.00 640x60 Banner ……. $40.00 728x90 Leader ……. $50.00
Chico Martinez Photo - Joe Vulgamore

Sirfur Productions 1201 N. Shoreline Ste. 10 Corpus Christi TX, 78401 361-653-2580

Joe Vulgamore - 361-653-2580

Wes Beck Jr.

Photo - Joe Vulgamore