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AQA GCSE Science
It may feel like you’re heading towards even more change, but don’t worry – we’re here to help provide you with all the resources and support you need.
Our new course offers the simplest and clearest approach to the new AQA GCSE Science specifications. We’re listening to teachers to create a new GCSE science course that builds on the features you like about what you currently use, whilst incorporating all the features you feel are missing. So now you need to change your resources to match the new specifications, you can choose the best resources.

More assessment, better engagement and extra help with delivery

What do I do if I need to start teaching the new specification before January 2011?
We are providing early material to schools that need to start teaching the new specification in September 2010. To receive a free sample of this early material, order an Evaluation Pack. You will automatically get the free advance material as well as the Evaluation Pack. Also, as the specification development continues we will continue to make information online as early as possible to help you with your early planning.





So what is changing?
AQA is revising the Science, Additional Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics specifications to comply with new Ofqual criteria and bring them in line with the other subjects. The main changes are that coursework is being replaced by controlled assessment and there will also only be one core Science specification. This will be developed from the content of AQA’s current Science A and Science B specifications.

How to get in touch:
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I’m choosing AQA – but why should I choose your course?
We’re confident AQA GCSE Science is the best course for the new 2011 specifications because we feel: • It’s the simplest and clearest approach of all resources available – containing all the support you need to teach the new specifications with ease and to make the transition as smooth as possible • It provides comprehensive exam preparation and assessment to help your students understand what is expected of them and help improve their grades • It’s specifically designed to motivate every student and draw out their interest in science • It offers differentiation, so all students can reach their true potential – and you can spend your time where it is needed

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Do I need to do anything now?
Yes, you need to order your AQA GCSE Science Evaluation Pack so you can decide for yourself if this is the course for you. The Evaluation Pack shows you how this course matches the new 2011 specification exactly. It’s available on 90 days’ free evaluation to give you plenty of time for you and your department to look at the resources. To order yours, simply fill in and return the FREEPOST tear off slip at the bottom of this flyer. It will be published in January 2011. And don’t forget, if you order an Evaluation Pack you will also receive a FREE Early Material pack.

Where can I find out more information?
Log on at for a regularly updated list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that’s unanswered, drop me an email at and I’ll get back to you. For more information on the specifications, visit the AQA website at

Get prepared now and order your AQA GCSE Science Evaluation Pack today
Don’t miss out on seeing this brand new course. Order your Evaluation Pack today. It will be sent out to you on 90 days’ free evaluation as soon as it’s published in January 2011. Simply fill in your details below and return this tear off slip to us free of charge. Yes, please send me the AQA GCSE Science Evaluation Pack 978 019 912809 9 £40.00 (January 2011) All prices and publication dates are subject to change. Please sign me up to receive email updates. Here is my email address*:

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