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The study of sociology

Therefore I conclude that sociology obtain functional information about our society
and different aspect of our life and it is very important, enable us to understand our
society factors cousing problems and possible some modes of thinking one has to

I suggest to have more information about what is implication of this sociology to our

The logic and method of sociological inquiry and research

Therefore I conclude that in conducting sociology inquiry it follow some steps and
methods to have come up a good research

I highly recommend to states the important of conducting a socio

Unity and diversity

Therefore I conclude that eventhough we are here in this world as one nation there
is also a diversity particularly our cultural

I suggest to have more detailed information about our culture

The Philippine values

Therefore I conclude values express the goals or purposes of social action, it also
influence a persons behavior towards a large class of object or persons although
they are not related to that specific object person including truth honesty and

I recommend to other states to adopted the values of the Philippines

The process of socialization

Therefore I conclude the process of socialization goes on as a person enters new

situation, adopts new roles and drops others. It is a continous life long process of
learning and relearning, as people move from one stage of life to another, such as
from childhood to adolescence.
Deviant behavior

Therefore I conclude deviant behavior is stem from ones physical or biological

make up an Italian doctor and criminologist held that some people are born

I suggest to have more information about deviant behavior

Social Group and social Organization

Therefore I conclude the social group and social organization is all about giving
different groups to interconmeeted, interdependent and social relationships to each
other and raised a family

Social interaction and social Relationship

Therefore I conclude the social interaction is communicate with one another within
social context. It obtain the interrelationship of competition, conflict, cooperation
and diffeutation and the different types of accommodation

I suggest to have more information about patterns of interaction

Collective behavior

Therefore I conclude the collective behavior has no single definition . collective

behavior involving transgression of stablished institutional patterns and structure. It
occurs in stress situation, usually brought by social change and characterized by a
high degree of emotion. It include the crowds, mass, public and social movements
when the collective behavior process becomes so organized

I suggest to have a one diffination of collective behavior.


Therefore I conclude the family is a small institution that unites individual into
cooperative grasp to oversee. The bearing and raising of children. The family is
build on kindship based on blood, marriage and adaptation

I dont have any word to suggest in this topic because I understand what is the
meaning of the family.
The economy and work

Therefore I conclude the economy and work are to provide for the physical
subsistence of the population, promote social change, maintain reasonable balance
of efficiency with other social institution to enhance selective welfare and determine
the stratification in the society

I highly recommend to other states to have a economy to sustain the society