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Flipped Classroom Lesson Plan

Name: Ms. Allen

I. Goals/Objectives/Standard(s)
B. Objective
To know the three types of productive resources.
C. Standard(s):

II. Home Based Study DAY 1

Students view and/or interact with content via video. They will also answer the three questions that are
at the end of the video. The questions are also posted on the class Weebly site.

III.In-Class Lesson Study DAY 2

Anticipatory Set
I go around and check to see if all students have viewed the video and answered the three
questions. (5 minutes)
I will use the plickers for my students to answer, to do answer a few questions about
productive resources. (10 minutes)
I will lead a short discussion about the video content. Students ask Questions about
aspects of the video or content they did not understand (5-10 minutes)

The purpose of this lesson, is to start preparing you for future economics lessons. This will help
you gain a broader knowledge of the three types of productive systems.

V. Lesson Presentation (Input/Output) (40 minutes)

Activity: The rest of my class is dedicated to an activity. We will split into groups of four or five.
Hypothetical game where the goal is to identify a business using the resources. They will pick out a
resource for the children. They will need to know what three natural resources are, three human
resources, and three capital resources. The students will be able to use their tablets to help them out.
They will have to decide on a business that the entire group has been to.
Example: McDonalds- Natural- beef, potato, tomato. Capital- cash register, fryer, grill
Human- cook, cashier, janitor. Drawings of all of these.
I will include: technology and adaptations for students with special needs. (tablets)
I will include: modeling/monitoring (modeling the drawings, that I will monitor)
Checking for understanding. (I will walk around and be open to any questions that the students
have for me)
Reteach (watch video again and find clips)
Guided practice (my example)
VII. Closure/ Conclusion/Review Learning Outcomes

PLAN FOR ASSESSMENT: I have an assessment for the children to do tomorrow. This will help be better
know which of my students have the lesson, and which students need more of my one-on-one attention.

1. How many students achieved the lesson objective(s)? For those who did not, why not?
I had about 90% of the class get it. I think I didnt have enough groups, so some didnt get to
fully participate.
2. What were my strengths and weaknesses?
Strengths- class engaged Weaknesses-not enough time
3. How should I alter this lesson?
I could do a few more activities vs. just the one.
4. How would I pace it differently?
Spread the work throughout a couple days, vs. just one.
5. Were all students actively participating? If not, why not?
The majority of the class participated, some didnt because they got easily distracted.
6. What adjustments did I make to reach varied learning styles and ability levels?
a. Blooms Taxonomy
b. Gardners Multiple Intelligences