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Question 01

Read the text and answer the questions.

Elementary, my dear Doyle!

The famous detective Sherlock Holmes never existed, except in the stories created by the British writer
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930). But Holmes used to be a popular at the beginning of the century
that many peoples sent letters, telegrams, and even presents to 221B Baker Street, London. That was
Holmess fictitious address. Peoples from all over the world used to go there, and they would try to see
Holmes or ask for his autograph. Sherlock Holmes was more than a story character; he was a myth.
Elementary, my dear Watson, the phrase Holmes would say to his colleague Dr. Watson after he had
solved another complicated case, is a common expression still in use today.
There is a (true) story about Holmess creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The writer used to go to France
every year, to visit some friends there. He would always go to Nice first and from there he would take a
train to Paris he took a taxi to his hotel. When he arrived at the hotel he got out of the taxi and paid the
Thank you very much, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, said the taxi driver smiling, as he put down Doyles
bags near the hotel door.
How did you discovery my name?, asked the writer in great surprise.
Simple, sir. I read in the newspaper that you would be in Nice this morning. The train on which you
arrived came from Nice. Your clothes, and especially your hat, told me that you are English. I put all this
together and I knew immediately that you were Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Thats wonderful!, said the writer. with only those facts you were able to recognize me!
Naturally, said the taxi driver. Your name is on both of your bags. That also helped!


(To be era)-(never-nunca)-(except-exceto)-(but- mas)-(century: sculo)-(to send- sent enviar-

mandar)-(letter: carta)-(even- at mesmo)-(fictitious address- endereo fictcio)-(to try- tentar)-(to ask
for-pedir)-(chacacter:personagem)-(mith-mito)-(phrase-expresso)-(to solve-solucionar)-(still in
use:ainda emu so)-(trip; viagem)-(to take; took- tomar, pegar)-(To pay-paid- pagar-pagou)-(to smile-
sorrir)-(as he put down: ao colocar no cho)-(in great surprise-muito surpreso)-(to come, vir, chegar)
(clothes roupas)-(hat-chapu)-(to tell told- dizer, disse)-(able-capaz)-(both-ambos)

a)Answer True or False.

Atividade Avaliativa de Lngua Inglesa I Unidade - Professora: Daniely Santos CERAG

Pgina 1
a) Conan Doyle was wearing clothes that were typically French (9) ( ) (0,1)
b) The taxi driver had read the writers name on his documents(10) ( ) (0,1)

Question 02 0,2
Find the lines that refer to following facts:

a) The place where Sherlock Holmes supposedly lived? (0,05)


b) What led the taxi driver to deduce that his passenger was English? (0,05)

c) The time of maximum popularity of Sherlock Holmes? (0,05)


d) What Holmes said after another success as a detective? (0,05)


Question 03


Its eleven oclock in the morning and Ricky Starr is still in bed. He is sleeping in a large room of a
famous hotel. His secretary is writing e-mails. His manager is talking on the telephone, making the final
arrangements for Rickys show.
Outside the hotel several policemen are trying to control a crowd. More than a hundred
teenagers are screaming and fighting the policemen. A young girl is saying, I love you, Ricky!
Another day is just beginning.

Its eleven oclock in the morning. What is happening now? List the columns.

1.Ricky Starr ( ) is talking on the phone. (0,06)

2.The secretary ( ) are fighting the policemen. (0,06)
3.The manager ( ) is writing e-mails. (0,06)
4.Several policemen ( ) are trying to control a crowd. (0,06)
5.Rickys fans ( ) is sleeping (0,06)

Question 04

What is the time of verbs underlined in the text? __________________________________ (0,1)

Question 05
Ricky Starr is world-famous. His CDs sell millions of copies. He is twenty years old and he is a
He wakes up in a hotel and eats his breakfast in bed, at midday. He finishes his breakfast,
chooses some red clothes and combs his green hair. A car arrives at the back of the hotel. The driver
opens the door. Ricky, his manager, his agent, his make-up man, and several girlfriends get in (its a
large car).
The car takes them to a stadium. Ricky waits in the dressing room. He looks in the mirror and
climbs the stairs to the stage.

Atividade Avaliativa de Lngua Inglesa I Unidade - Professora: Daniely Santos CERAG

Pgina 2
He stands on the stage. He sings. There are hundreds of screams in the air. He sings again.
And again, and again. There are tears in the eyes of Rickys fans. There is sweat on Rickys face. There
is a lot of money in his managers pockets.
Ricky leaves the stage. He does this every day. He is Ricky Starr __ a hero on the stage, just a
lonely boy when he goes home alone.

Write T (TRUE) or F (FALSE) according to the text. If it is false, correct the verb of the sentence.

EX: ( F )Ricky wakes up in a stadium. (doesnt wake up)

a)( ) Ricky eats his breakfast at table.(0,02)__________________________________________

b) ( ) The pop star chooses some green clothes.(0,02)____________________________________
c) ( ) Rickys hair is a strange color.(0,02)______________________________________________
d) ( ) A car arrives in front of the hotel.(0,02)____________________________________________
e) ( ) Rickys girlfriends dont go with him.(0,02)__________________________________________
f) ( ) Ricky doesnt look in the mirror.(0,02)______________________________________________
g) ( ) Ricky sings more than a song.(0,02)______________________________________________
h) ( ) Rickys show is a big success.(0,02)_____________________________________________
i) ( ) Rickys fans dont cry.(0,02)____________________________________________________
j) ( ) Money and success make everybody happy.(0,02)___________________________________

Question 06
Complete the sentences with the simple past.
a) The Americans astronautsto the moon in 1969. (go) (0,05)
b) Shakespeare.Hamlet. (write) (0,05)
c) The Brazil before Portuguese. (come) (0,05)
d) The United StatesVietnam in 1975. (leave) (0,05)
e) Henry Ford.the model T car in 1909. (make) (0,05)
f) Leonardo da Vinci ..Mona Lisa. (paint) (0,05)
Question 07
Complete the table of regular verbs in the past. Rule of (ed) at the end.

Study (0,01) Talk (0,01)

Work (0,01) Listen (0,01)

Wash (0,01) Visit (0,01)

Watch (0,01) Live (0,01)

Drive (0,01) Help (0,01)

Atividade Avaliativa de Lngua Inglesa I Unidade - Professora: Daniely Santos CERAG

Pgina 3
Dance (0,01) Play (0,01)

Question 08
Complete the following sentences with the verbs in the past.

a) I ________________________ soccer yesterday afternoon. (play) (0,05)

b) John and Maggie _______________________ to music last night (listen). (0,05)

c) Rebecca _____________________ TV last night (watch) (0,05)

d) Tyler ___________________ Math last weekend (study). (0,05)

Question 09
Complete the sentences below using the simple present.

a) Mariana___________(to watch) TV on Sundays. (0,05)

b) _________Pedro___________soccer on Saturdays? (to play) (0,05)
c)_________your brothers_________Spanish? (to speak) (0,05)
d) Good kids _______ (to brush) their teeth and _____ (to wash) their hands. (0,05)
e) Sally ___________ (to play) cards every day. (0,05)
f) Wars ___________ (to destroy) cities and lives. (0,05)
g) Ms. Kate often ____________ (to drink) milk. (0,05)
h) Men ________ (to like) football. (0,05)

Question 10
Combine the columns, finding the appropriate complement for each verb:
1 . I read ( ) a coke at lunch time.(0,02)
2 . She always drinks ( ) his studio. (0,02)
3 . We walk ( ) a good book every week. (0,02)
4 . Aline eats ( ) in the park every Friday. (0,02)
5 . Mary gets up ( ) hamburger on Saturdays. (0,02)
6 . I work with ( ) in an apartment . (0,02)
7 . We sit down ( ) mother wash the dishes after lunch. (0,02)
8 . Eduardo lives ( ) in front of the TV every afternoon. (0,02)
9 . Kevin goes to ( ) early to study every day. (0,02)
10. My brother helps my ( ) my father. (0,02)
Question 11
Write the words to fill the gaps. Put the verb in the present continuous tense.

a) Im really busy I _______________________ (study) for the exam. (0,05)

b) Right now we _______________________ (ride) camels! (0,05)

Atividade Avaliativa de Lngua Inglesa I Unidade - Professora: Daniely Santos CERAG

Pgina 4
c) They said they _______________________ (have) a great time. (0,05)
d) Daisy _______________________ (download) an album. (0,05)
e) What _______________________ (you do) at the moment? (0,05)
f) They _______________________ (wait) for me in the caf. (0,05)
g) _______________________ (Oliver work) hard? (0,05)
h) The weathers terrible, so we _______________________ (not go) walking much. (0,05)

Atividade Avaliativa de Lngua Inglesa I Unidade - Professora: Daniely Santos CERAG

Pgina 5

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