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Science Works provides the best support for a two-year KS3

Books 1 and 2 provide full curriculum coverage for schools following a two-year KS3. Book 3 and OxBox 3 ’re revisit all key If you S3 in ing K concept areas in teach ars you e two y ed two a different ly ne s! on context for book those following a three-year course and continue to develop the How Science Works skills needed as the foundation for GCSE. They ensure revision for levels 4-5, consolidation for levels 5-6, and further stretch for students at level 7 and 8, providing ideal consolidation KS3 and a springboard into GCSE.
Course outline:

Two-year KS3 Three-year KS3
Science Works 1
Cells Reproduction Differences Classification Acid reactions Particles Elements and compounds Chemical reactions Electricity and magnetism Energy Forces Space

Science Works 2
Life support Keeping healthy People and environment Shaping life The periodic table Using elements Metal reactions What’s in rocks Heating and cooling Light Sound Moving around

Science Works 3
Variation Extremes Independence The carbon cycle Transport for the future The cost of your drink Earth and space Energy 2 Sport

What else does Science Works offer?
Student Books
Science Works Student Book spreads contain carefully differentiated sections from easier green to red for your more able students. How Science Works is integrated throughout.

Interactive Resources and Planning OxBox CD-ROMs
The Interactive Resources and Planning OxBox CD-ROMs (which provide the lesson plans with learning outcomes matched to APP statements) contain everything you need to teach the new curriculum including customizable lesson planning, whiteboard resources, activity sheets, animations, PowerPoints, and video clips. You can add your own resources at the click of a mouse to really personalise learning. The Resources and Planning Packs contain all the paper-based materials from the Interactive Resources and Planning OxBox CD-ROMs in a handy folder for easy reference.

Want to see more?
Evaluation Pack 1 Evaluation Pack 2 Evaluation Pack 3 Student Book 1 Student Book 2 Student Book 3 978 019 915246 9 978 01 9915263 6 978 019 915264 3 978 019 915245 2 978 019 915250 6 978 019 915254 4

Interactive Resources and Planning OxBox CD-ROM 1 Interactive Resources and Planning OxBox CD-ROM 2 Interactive Resources and Planning OxBox CD-ROM 3 Resources and Planning Pack 1 Resources and Planning Pack 2 Resources and Planning Pack 3 Assessment OxBox CD-ROM 1 Assessment OxBox CD-ROM 2 Assessment OxBox CD-ROM 3

978 019 915247 6 978 019 915251 3 978 019 915256 8 978 019 915258 2 978 019 915259 9 978 019 915260 5 978 019 915248 3 978 019 915252 0 978 019 915257 5

For more information about Science Works, to place an order, or to arrange a visit from your local Educational Consultant contact our dedicated Customer Services team:

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What is APP?
Assessing pupils’ progress (APP) is a national approach to assessment, developed by QCA in partnership with the National Strategies. It provides a skills based, levelled assessment structure which shows you and your students the progression through levels within science. It provides the basis for tracking students’ progress throughout the year. Its inbuilt progression shows what students need to do to improve, so it assists individual target setting and further lesson planning for classes.

More on Assessment for Learning
The Assessment OxBox CD-ROMs provide:

Paper based tests
As well as matching in detail to APP statements for assessment for learning, the end of unit paper tests in the Assessment OxBox give results in levels and sub-levels which also help to give an overview of student progress regularly during the course. Although the national tests have been abolished, 80% of schools told us they still wanted end of unit tests.

How will Science Works help you deliver APP?
Science Works has been developed to help assessment using the APP statements.

• • •

The skills-related learning outcomes in each lesson plan in Science Works are all derived from APP statements. They are included in the lesson plans to support ongoing tracking and inform planning and teaching. In the Resources and Planning OxBox CD-ROM 3 we will also match specific activities to relevant APP statements to enable evidence gathering from specified tasks. In the Assessment OxBox CD-ROMs the questions in the end of unit tests will be matched to APP statements so that students’ responses can be added to their APP profile.
End of unit test

The auto-marked tests on screen can be used by you and your students as a quick and enjoyable check on understanding as teaching progresses and quickly point up problem areas which need review or consolidation.

The auto-marked tests can be used in 2 modes:

On-screen tests
The level 3 outcome ‘Identify a straightforward pattern in data presented in tables’ is taken from APP statement AF5 level 3. The lesson outcomes reference the APP statements in every lesson plan in Science Works. Teacher diagnostic mode. There are two tests per unit in this mode – the first one can be used during the unit for a quick check on student’s understanding, the second towards the end of the unit. The reports in this mode are for the whole class and show you at a glance whether there are any problem areas for the whole class or individuals.

Self-assessment tests. One per unit for self testing by students towards the end of the unit – only they see the results and they also have the opportunity to seek help if they are not confident using the unique OxBox AfL traffic lights. Students can go back to questions already done and are told after each question whether their answer is correct or not.

Auto-marked test

Lesson plan

Lesson plan – Word format

APP statement AF5 level 3

Auto-marked test

Diagnostic report - one of four reports available