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Analysis of Soap Opera Episode Name of Soap: Coronation Street Episode Title/Date: 9th July 2010 Complete

the table below: Storylines: How many storylines in the episode? IIIIII Characters: How many characters in the episode? IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII List the type of characters found and examples: Working class characters Upper class in charge of the working class Jack the lad trying to impress the females The damsel character all the men want Camera Angles: What camera angles are used and why? Lots of close ups/mid shots used alongside shot reverse shot to show conversation and relation. Establishing shot used in opening sequence to set the scene Close ups to show important objects and items Sound: What sound is used in the episode and why? Well known theme tune at the begging and end of the episode to make it familiar Lots of extra diegetic sound added such as cars driving past to create realism Most characters share the same accents to show the region of the setting

List the storylines found: Job in sewing factory issue Man and young boy bonding Underage person in betting place Two men talking about a female relationship Wedding planning Couple conversation

Mise-en-scene: Are there common settings/props that are shown regularly throughout the episode? If so, what? All scenes are in the same neighbourhood Rovers return is seen which is common to every epiode

Editing: How is the soap edited? Continuous/Noncontinuous? The episode is very continuous and all the stories are well continued, it is easy to follow because of this. Lots of eye-line matches used to show equality and conversation. Makes most characters seem equal. Zoom ins are used to pull focus onto specific things such as the wine glass

Time: How is time managed in the episode? Is more time spent on one storyline than another? The soap is in real time so everything is occurring at the same time. More time has been spent on two of the storylines, the first is the sewing factory story and the second is the wedding planning scenes. The betting shop is also shown quite a lot.

Target Audience? Who is the target audience for this soap? Mainly adults and young adults as the stories would not appeal to the younger audiences

Why have specific settings been chosen for this soap? By keeping the settings the same the soap is more easy to relate to for the audience, making the metanarratives easier to follow.

What time is it scheduled to be shown on the television? This show is shown at 7:30 PM, this is the after dinner time slot meaning people will often sit down after their dinner and watch it.