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…to all schools following Twenty First Century Science. Your hard work has improved exam results and increased uptake at A Level. Here is the story so far...
Twenty First Century Science grew from the recommendations of the Beyond 2000 report, published in 1998.

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
The QCA is asked by the government to explore ways to modernise the science curriculum. The project team at the Nuffield Foundation Curriculum Programme and University of York Science Education Group start developing Twenty First Century Science, working with OCR and Oxford University Press.

Twenty First Century Science is piloted in 76 schools in England.

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The first cohort of post-pilot students takes final GCSE exams. Teachers feed back on their students’ success. The first set of students from the pilot take final GCSE exams. The final specifications and exams are revised in light of the comments from pilot schools.

A staggering 1,100 schools start teaching the Twenty First Century Science suite of specifications.

University of York’s research shows an increase in AS Level uptake: 37% increase in students taking biology, 25% for chemistry and 34% in physics in schools following the Twenty First Century Science course.

Working with Oxford University Press, Nuffield Foundation Curriculum Programme and University of York Science Education Group, OCR develops and refines the new Twenty First Century Science specifications with input from teacher feedback and research.

The new GCSE specifications are first taught in schools. We’re here to help and make sure the transition is smooth and as easy as possible.

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