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I P - T E L E P H O N Y

innovaphone PBX
IP PBX Solutions for medium-sized businesses

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Voice-over-IP for everyone!

innovaphone PBX solutions for medium-sized businesses
Nowadays no small or medium-sized business has to live without the telephony comfort which is the norm for “the big ones”. innovaphone AG provides a well-engineered VoIP telephone system, the innovaphone PBX, which can be tailored to perfectly fit any company size with practically unlimited expandability. Software and hardware are perfectly coordinated, forming an extensive IP telephony solution. As part of the innovaphone PBX, there are terminals suitable for any possible usage – from simple to extensive equipment, from stationary to mobile. The innovaphone PBX is rounded off with additional software, and non VoIP capable terminals can of course also be integrated. VoIP solutions from innovaphone offer totally new and diverse possibilities which would hardly be imaginable with traditional telephony. An individual tailor-made innovaphone PBX package can be put together to fit into any company’s environment. Never over-sized, always perfectly sized to match the need. No matter whether it is a small, medium or large scale solution – the
High-end IP Telephone IP240

same features are always available.

Just connect

Maximum telephony comfort

Standard compliant
VoIP solutions from innovaphone are open in all directions as all solution modules within the innovaphone PBX support the SIP and H.323 protocols. This not only provides the prerequisites for integrating a large number of applications, but also enables connections to any SIP and H.323 telephones: telephones from the innovaphone product portfolio and Integration of applications in the innovaphone PBX even telephones from other manufacturers. A decision to XML SOAP-API interface e.g. for tailored solutions (broker work stations, messaging buy an innovaphone PBX doserver, a system for blind people etc.) es not in any way mean you Microsoft TAPI (Telephony API) interface are tied to one single manue.g. for CTI or Call Centre Integration facturer, thus ensuring comCAPI interface for VoIP (Common-ISDN-API) panies maximum sustainabilie.g. for Connecting Unified Messaging solutions ty in the future. LDAP interface
e.g. for Access to telephone directories, user administration CDR (Call Detail Records) e.g. for billing solutions

Diverse features
All conventional telephone functions are supported by the innovaphone PBX. This includes call on hold, switching, call forward, call diversion, call waiting, call pick-up, conference calling, call back on busy and the manager-assistant function. The functions are complemented by several waiting queues, announcements before call acceptance and music on hold. Should that not suffice, further applications ensure the innovaphone IP PBX is able to meet your individual company requirements.

Fine tuning for the innovaphone PBX

Software for the telephone system
Diverse telephone system software solutions shape both communication at the work place and customer care as effectively as possible. The innovaphone PBX will surely satisfy your requirements of a Unified Communications solution: for voice mail, switchboard, CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), Unified Messaging and billing software.

Furthermore, the standard compliance of the innovaphone PBX enables the use of telephone services from a service provider, connecting to various network providers thus poses no problems.

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I P - T E L E P H O N Y

Unified Communications and the innovaphone PBX – perfect partners

For all those who need more

Should the innovaphone software not suffice for your needs, there is an array of further applications which can be integrated to perfectly match your individual requirements. This also applies to special applications such as company specific software. Integrating additional software solutions takes place using standardised protocols and interfaces. The hardware and software interfaces on the innovaphone PBX enable for example ERP and CRM systems to be implemented as well as the integration of call centre solutions. Other Unified Communications solutions (e.g. OCS) can also be connected easily.

The wizard turns software installation into child play, a rollout tool supports the installation of terminals and the integrated update server centrally provides all updates for device groups in the network. All devices run under the same software enabling the learning curve for technicians to be kept as short as possible. It is irrelevant whether the installation is small or large. In addition there are extensive diagnosis tools to support monitoring and error search. Installation of multi level password access, separated into different authorisation levels is possible.

Saves costs

Administration made easy
The innovaphone PBX is easy to manage which ultimately leads to considerable cost savings. The system can also be managed centrally – even across several locations. Administration is access protected and takes place comfortably via a web browser. All subscriber and device settings can be done there.

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I P - T E L E P H O N Y

No call can go astray

Simple location integration

Integrated voicemail
The integrated innovaphone voicemail ensures no call remains unheard. The solution is available across the network and can be used by every subscriber within the innovaphone PBX. Listen to messages, delete them and save them directly from the telephone device. New messages are shown on the telephone. The absolute highlight of the whole situation is the fact that a computer server is not necessary as the voicemail data within the innovaphone PBX is managed on a Compact IP Telephone IP230 Flash card.

Integrating branch offices
Connecting branch offices and home offices to the company telephone system is also easy with innovaphone. Your employees are able to work effectively from any location; it does not matter whether they are in head office, in a branch office or in their home office. If necessary, the innovaphone redundancy concept also ensures additional availability: branch offices can replace each other in case of failure or overload.

Analogue meets VoIP

Integrating the “old world”
Non VoIP capable analogue terminals such as fax machines or door intercom devices and alarm systems can of course be connected to your innovaphone VoIP infrastructure without a problem.

Messages from telephone to telephone

innovaphone Messaging
Text messages can be sent from one innovaphone telephone to another. Therefore e.g. it is quick and easy to send a message to the desired subscriber should a call not be answered, or an automatic out-of-office message can be generated which is sent when call diversion or the “do not disturb” function is activated.

innovaphone solutions grow with your company

Continuous scalability
Even if you have started with the smallest hardware version: the innovaphone PBX will grow with your company, it is continuously scalable and can be extended at will. It allows an almost unlimited number of subscribers and locations to be connected.

Maximum mobility

Cordless telephony
The innovaphone PBX offers the possibility to integrate DECT, WLAN and/or GSM technology. Therefore your employees can be reached at anytime even if they happen to be absent from their desks. Cordless terminals based on the innovaphone PBX are of course on offer enabling maximum employee mobility.

About innovaphone AG

innovaphone was founded in 1997 and has continued to play a decisive role in the development of IP telephony. The company employs approximately 60 members of staff, and is financed entirely with private funds. innovaphone develops pure IP systems, not hybrid solutions. These pure IP systems unite the security and high availability of traditional PBXs with the flexibility and scalability of IP. The innovaphone PBX is the core of the solution portfolio. Companies of any size can be equipped according to their needs: from small companies over medium sized companies with several branch offices to large company environments. The innovaphone IP telephony systems are exclusively marketed by authorised distributors and resellers.

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