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Mysterious aura of flesh From her naked body Nightmare

Half darkness of Room

Silence of night

What would happen if they began to dream of us in their turn ? Panting body

Harassment of monsters of the night


So that silent thou hast wove this also transparent web over my head Is this of my destiny whose thou have made yourself one of the Fates Syrupy bed Spider Weaver

What bug bit you during the night

Sunrising world buzzing Shower freshness Mocking bird


In the foreground wooden bridge over the green pond At Left crystal waterfall in the background cages of tennis Below indifferent white swans brown busy ducks

In the blue charcoal strokes of swallows far off furnishings of mountains Obviousness beyond words of In the loneliness and darkness of oneself In the daylight which streams God


Why this solitude of first man In this world which is silent In this impassive blue sky

Cawing of crow which answers God

Dizziness of a keen perception in the white sky of blinding light Immediately swallowed up

Being beyond being


Cicadas which saws the Gone with the Wind Heat

Which is running away between the stones Swallowed Not to be

Viperine Snake

Fall of day

Under the arbor of wisteria Wind that shakes itself to shed the words of the past with their weight Wholly listening Woman Talking Mature man

Harmony of day which goes off Children's cries far off

Whispers of leaves around

Chilled rosé on the table


In the center the sun on the shoulders of the horizon shines its final rays Here and there sails furled ruminating boats in the sunset Image of eternity transformed into now Day which is going off in its final glory Pulse of the sea which is slowing down Providential harmony of the world Swimming in the molten gold In the foreground the sea purrs like a cat