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Destiny by stars.. mc jains
A study in astrology occultism-bepin behari

Many people have requested for the Recommended Astrology Books. Below is the list :

Click the book name to read more about book including Preview ( for most of them) and buy
( if you would like to).

The Very Basic Best for Beginners ( In no particular order)- I recommend reading at
least 3-4 of these.
Planets in the Sign & Houses Bepin Behari
Light on Life Hart Defouw & Robert Svoboda
Path of Light ( I & II)- James Kelleher ( Expensive but one of the finest)
Ancient Hindu Astrology and the Modern Western Astrologer James Braha
The Art & Practice of Ancient Hindu Astrologer James Braha

Secret of Bhavat Bhava Dr S. Krishna Kumar

Ganesh Hora Shastra( 1 & 2) S. Ganesh
The Play of Planets in Houses ( I & II) By Dinesh Mathur
How to Make Money Using Astrology Joni Patry ( Book to judge about scope of
money in a horoscope )
Astrology- The Divine Order of the Universe Joni Patry ( Great resource spl for Bhavat
Advanced Techniques of Predictive Astrology ( 1 & 2) Vishnu Bhaskar
Classics( Not to be missed)

I feel a beginner should start reading them after they have gone through few books from
above otherwise they will not be able to appreciate the wealth that lies in these books.
Absolutely essential and not to be missed.

Uttara Kalamrita Prof. P.S. Sastri

Jataka Alankara Dr. K.S Charak

Also Recommended:

Jataka Bharnam Girish Chandra Sharma

Maan Sagari P.K. Vasudev
Chamatkar Chintamani SS Sareen
Advanced Books
Advanced Predictive Astrology ( I & II) Dr. S.S Chatterjee
Advance Astrological Knowledge Dr. S.S Chatterjee
Techniques of Predicting Future Nimai Banerjee
Golden Rules of Astrology Dr .S.S. Chatterjee
Predictive Series-Collectors Edition Saptarishis Astrology
Fortune & Misfortune Dr. S.S Chatterjee
Synchronization Of Period S.K.Mehta

Laghu Parashari ( Vimshottary Dasa Bible)
Advanced Use of Jaimini Chara Dasha Shri KN Rao
Snapshot Prediction Using Yogini Dasha VP Goel
Kaala Chakra Dasha System Shakti Mohan Singh
Predicting through Jaiminis Sthira Dasha- Akhila Kumar
Marriage & Children
Predicting Marriage Mridula Trivedi & TP Trivedi ( Bible for Marriage)
Timing of Marriage MN Kedar
Compendium of Marriage (2 Vol) Mridula Trivedi & TP Trivedi
Bliss & Agony of Marriage- Z Ansari
Planets & Children Shri KN Rao
Adoption Rajbir Singh
The First Born Child KN Rao
Children & Astrology Lt.Col(Retd.) Raj Kumar
Pointers to Profession Mridula Trivedi & TP Trivedi
Astro Equations for Specific Professions Mridula Trivedi & TP Trivedi
Astrology of Profession ( 1 & 2 ) KK Pathak
Profession Through Astrology OP Verma
Professions- Inclination,Fructification and Career Profile- Col.AK Gour
Astrology of profession - Col.AK Gour
Electional Astrology
Hindu Electional Astrology V.K.Sridhar ( Bible)
Rahu & Ketu
Understanding the Moon Nodes Keven W Barrett
The Mystery of Rahu in Horoscope Shivraj Sharma
The Book of Nakshatras Prash Trivedi
Nakshatra( 1 & 2) T Subhakaran
Path of Light ( I & II) James Kelleher
Divisional Charts
Secrets of Vargas Krishna Kumar
Comprehensive Prediction by Divisional Charts V.P Goel
Interpreting Divisional Charts N.N Sharma ( Specially remember it for showing how to
predict for Twins )
The Drekkana Col AK Gour
Splendour of Vargas Justice S.N. Kapoor
Charisma of Navamsa Lt.Col Raj Kumar
Dots of Destiny Vinay Aditya
Practical Ashtakvarga Vinay Aditya
Prashna & Varshphal
Prashna Shastra- Horary Astrology ( 1 & 2) Deepak Kapoor
Principles and Practise of Horary Astrology D.P.Saxena
Predictive Techniques in Varshphal Shri K.S. Charak
Tajik Neelkanthi D.P Saxena
The Solar Return or Varshphal Ojha & Ojha
Nadi Astrology
Insights Into Nadi- AV Sundaram & Andree Leclerc
Nadi Astrology Shri. C.S Patel

Books by K. N. Rao

Planets and Children

Dips into Divinity Astrology and History

The Nehru Dynasty

Enigmas in Astrology

Tried techniques of predictions and some memories of an astrologer

Astrological journey through history mystery and horoscope

Risks and Tricks in Astrological Predictions

Kaal Sarpa Yoga-Why such fright?

Jyotisha the super-science: A rich heritage of Indias composite culture

Rao as editor
Saadhe saati, a balanced view

Famous Women

Mystery of Rahu in Horoscope

Chor Prashna

Planets and Travel abroad

Predict Effectively through Yogini Dasha