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“Christ The Antidote Regarding Death”

Part 13.
''Then [the two witnesses] heard a voice from heaven callin to them! Come "# here$ %nd &efore the
ver' e'es of their enemies the' ascended into heaven in a clo"d('' Rev. 11:12. All references from the
Amplified nless other!ise stated.
''%fter this I loo)ed! * &ehold! a door standin o#en in heaven$ %nd the first voice which I had heard
addressin me li)e [the callin of] a war tr"m#et said( Come "# here! * I will show 'o" what m"st
ta)e #lace in the f"t"re('' Rev. ":1. #n this case the Diaglott reads$ ''Come tho" "# here('' %here&
''%s the' still went on * tal)ed! &ehold! a chariot of fire * horses of fire #arted the two of them! *
Eli+ah went "# &' a whirlwind into heaven('' 2 'ings. 2:11. #n referring to heaven. (TR)*+( ,-."$/
states $ as well as the higher ether where celestial bodies revolve.
)r !onderfl +od 0 savior even 1ess Christ is al!a2s calling s p!ard$ not necessaril2
geographicall2 /t spiritall2. %e shold never /e satisfied !ith or spirital stats 3o$ ever44 An2 person
in the seclar !orld that !old !ant to aspire to higher things mst have a desire or 5 hunger for better
things – he mst /e tired of the eas2 !a2 of 6st letting !hat !ill /e$ !ill /e$ he mst have a !illingness to
do something a/ot it. %e also as Christ follo!ers need to have a !illingness to let go of !hat has /een
or norm to date4 %ith or spirital 7 evolution – !e need a hnger to 7 come up here - 0 a dissatisfaction
of that !hich !e have e8perienced to date$ a !illingness to let go$ to gain a higher realm. %e have in past
articles sed the illstration of the !ine s9ins. %e are loo9ing at ans!ering an invitation /2 or +od $ !ho
is or 7 divine self 7 'for it is God who wor)s within 'o"' to /e raised into a higher e8perience$ or a deeper
!a2 of seeing things. :et s once more loo9 at$ :9.;:3<53=.
,ew -ine
''%nd no one #o"rs new wine into old wine.s)ins/ if he does! the fresh wine will &"rst the s)ins * it will
&e s#illed * the s)ins will &e r"ined 0destro'ed1( 234! 5"t new wine m"st &e #"t into fresh wine.s)ins(
236! %nd ,O O,E after drin)in old wine IMME7I%TE89 desires new wine! for he sa's! THE O87 I:
To gain ne! heights in +od !e mst first of all /e !illing to have or %#*>('#*( changed$ that is to
allo! the ?perimeter of our spiritual understanding' to ndergo a larger 0 higher 7 paradigm shift, as it
were – so as to /e !illing to allo! the ne! fresh !ine 7 of our understanding - to remain 0 not lea9$ or
/rst the s9ins 7 of our limited perception, – for there is no !a2 that !e can mi8 the old !ith the ne!. *o!
9eeping in mind that 1ess said that 'no one after drin)in old wine immediatel' desires new wine' or a
frther or deeper$ 0 also a higher nderstanding. %ho of s$ once !e /egin to realise$ 0 are thin9ing
clearl2 does not !ant to rise to a higher level in +od& *o5one4 @t as al!a2s there is a sacrifice involvedA
:>TT#*+ +) )B TC> ):D4 #f !e tr2 to mi8 the t!o realms there !ill onl2 come confsion 0
disappointment. This is actall2 the testing of or h"ner! this is the actal process of the sa2ing of 1ess
'man' are called &"t few are chosen' /eing pla2ed ot in or lives in thatA Are !e !illing to ans!er the
call& This is also !h2 1ess said that 'no one immediatel' desires the new' there mst come a time of
persal$ consideration$ 0 meditation on that !hich !e are /eing sho!n.
The ,ew -ine! a ,ew or ;"rther Realm
%hen +od decides to change the format of things$ as$ for e8ample$ from the Dispensation of$
1. Innocence! Adam 0 >veA T) 2. Conscience! Adam$ >noch$ Dethselah etcA T) 3. H"man
Government! *oahA T) 4. Promise! A/rahamA T) 5. 8aw! DosesA .... T) 6. Grace Realm! 1ess

“Christ The Antidote Regarding Death”
Christ$ < 2--- EearsA T) 7. ;"llness of the =indom Realm! !hich is 1ess Christ$ revealed 0
represented in 0 /2 the Dan5childA F 1--- Eears. %e see (even dispensations represented here. #n the
last t!o dispensations !hich are e3ivalent to TCR>> da2s. ''One da' with the lord is as a tho"sand
'ears * a tho"sand 'ears as one da'('' 2Peter. 3:,/. %e notice that there is a difference in the carr2 over$
as it is the ministr2 of 1ess Christ in the po!er of the (pirit /ringing Cis /od2 to completion 7
incorruptibility – throgh Cis Man.child in the last da' or 1--- 2ears. #t is interesting to 9no! that >noch
!ho !as the first$ 0 earl2 t2pe of !hat !e are approaching toda2 7 translation – !as the (>G>*TC from
Adam. 1de1". *o coincidence4 The incorrpti/le e8perience that !e are /eing ta9en into !ill also /e the
(>G>*TC from Adam. #f 2o !ill re5read the a/ove seven dispensations this shold give s more
confidence than !e ever had in the inspired (criptres. #ncidentall2 the nm/er seven represents
P>RB>CT#)* or C)DP:>T>*>((.
:O HE 5RI,G: U: OUT! TO 5RI,G U: I,
''%nd He &ro"ht "s o"t from there! that He miht &rin "s I, to ive "s the land which He swore to
ive to o"r fathers('' Det .: 23. This happened in the da2s of Doses !hen he /roght the people ot
from nder Pharaoh?s rle. Pharaoh stood for the %orld or the arm of flesh. Toda2 !e appl2 this to coming
ot of the 7 in #art realm > 1Cor 13: 12/ ''&"t then [when #erfection comes] 7 Tabernacles, or The Most
Holy Place, or The Third ealm 7 we shall see in realit' * face to face$ ,ow I )now in #art
Himperfectl2I$ &"t then I shall )now * "nderstand f"ll' * clearl'!'' The land that !e are /eing promised
toda2 contains the tre realisation 0 nderstanding of or TRJ> #D>*T#TE. Throgh this !e !ill con3er
all other lands or enemies 7 so called – 2o see m2 /eloved /rothers 0 sisters the real land that !e are
/eing called to$ 0 are searching to inha/it$ contains m2 real home 0 that home is the realm of or +od5
consciosness 0 to fll2 gain this land it means that # eventall2 come to the place !here # relin3ish all
>:(>$ even the imagined heaven of the present realm or land that # have /een inha/iting$ /e it the land of
7 !uter "ourt or Holy Place – or !hatever else # am inclined to place /efore m2 real land or ha/itation
!hich is m2 tre home$ m2 ';athers ho"se' in !hich also e8ists man2 other /rothers 0 sisters 'Mansions'
or #dwelling places.$ )h !hat !onder 0 splendor a!aits those !ho trl2 love Cim 0 !ish to serve him
!ith all their 7 hearts, souls % minds – Bather grant this to /e so in all of or lives4
I; GO7 H%: * I: CH%,GI,G THE ;ORM%T/ -H9 I: THERE :TI88 8I;E I, THE O87?
This is a 3estion that has pKKled some. Birst # !ill reiterate something # have mentioned a nm/er of
times if a person has not /een called into the Third ealm the2 !ill pro/a/l2 never see it$ even some of
those that have$ ma2 still prefer the Old -ine( At the moment in the Pentecostal5Ta/ernacles scenario there
seems to /e a contradistinction$ on one hand !e see man2 !ho are seeing right throgh the s2stem of
Chrchianit2 0 /ecase of the h2pocris2 the2 are discerning$ are ma9ing the '&'odus' /2 the millions 0
are no! meeting in their o!n hoses$ 0 man2 !ith the 3estion. %CAT *>LT& Then some are receiving
enlightenment$ some are happ2 to contine in a some!hat redced t2pe of formalism$ 0 some are still
sincerel2 !aiting to hear from +odA perhaps throgh 2o 0 #4
)n the other hand !e hear of some amaKing reports especiall2 in several Third (orld contries$ of
genine moves of +od in the Pentecostal Realm. Co! do !e e8plain this& An2 time +od ma9es a change
Ce !ill never forsa9e those that are ?sincerely ignorant' of +od?s fll agenda$ and from among even these$
Ce al!a2s has a !a2 of finding Cis >:>CT. 'eep in mind that !hen !e ct do!n a tree it still has po!er
to sprot leaves for some time.

'no! this saints$ +od CA( made the change. # am no! going to share an e8cerpt from$ +eorge C.
%arnoc9?s /oo9 ?The ;east of Ta&ernacles'( MoteA5 #Then saints of )od, let us not be li*e Moses, who
put a veil over his face so that the children of +srael could not behold the glory of his countenance. ,nd
well he might- .or that glory was doomed to pass away- /ut ours is destined to become ever more
brilliant, % to shine even more % more unto the Perfect 0ay. 1et us therefore go forth ministering the

“Christ The Antidote Regarding Death”
(ord of 1ife with all boldness, prepared even to die the death of the "ross in this hour of His betrayal, %
*nowing that as surely as )od raised "hrist from the dead in the power of an endless life, so surely shall
we rise also with Him to wal* in newness of life.
+f men choose to remain where they are in their "hristian e'perience, then this message is not for them.
Than* )od that they may eat of the manna that falls from Heaven, % drin* of the water that flows out of
the roc*, % receive healing % strength for their 2ourney. /ut sorry to say, they shall die in the wilderness,
% not see this good heritage of the 3pirit.
!n the other hand, if some would arise % cross over 4ordan there shall be tremendous obstacles to
overcome, there shall be unseen dangers lur*ing in their pathway, % there shall be powerful enemies to
subdue. 5evertheless, theirs is a good spirit which the 1ord shall honour, % His presence shall be their
protection. To them )od would spea* words of great encouragement6
''This &oo) of the law shall not de#art o"t of 'o"r mo"th/ &"t 'o" shall meditate therein da' * niht!
that 'o" ma' o&serve to do accordin to all that is written therein@ for then 'o" shall ma)e 'o"r wa'
#ros#ero"s! * then 'o" shall have ood s"ccess( Have not I commanded 'o"? 5e stron * of ood
co"rae/ &e not afraid! neither &e disma'ed@ for the 8OR7 'o"r God is with 'o" wherever 'o" o('' 1osh
1:,5=. *e! '1G. 5: >nd 3ote
#n the case of Doses millions had /een /roght throgh the Red (ea$ had seen the great miracles 0
!or9ings of +od$ 2et at the first opportnit2 the2 complained for the lac9 of the ? lee*s % the garlic' 0 a
dissatisfaction in the manna 'manna from heaven' pls at the first opportnit2 the2 /ilt themselves a
golden calf to !orship !hich !as a direct carr25over from one of the god?s of >g2pt. The reason for the
illstration is that ?our mandate' is not to /ring an2thing that pertained to the >g2ptian or solish or in.#art
realm into or 1ordan 0 then into or Promised 8and(

Brthermore !hen the 12 spies retrned !ith the frit from the promised land$ it !old seem that the2
had all tasted of that frit /t onl2 t!o 5 4oshua % "aleb 5 !ere spirital enogh to appreciate the fact that
!hat +od had promised them$ 0 that Ce !old stand /ehind them !hen the2 !ere to fight the inha/itants$
inclding the giants 0 that if the2 trsted in Cim the2 !old overcome all enemies. %e read in *m$
1":2"$ ''5"t m' servant Cale&! &eca"se he has a different s#irit * has followed me f"ll'! will I &rin
into the land into which he went! * his descendants shall #ossess it('' Alas sch is hman natre or 5 our
mista*en identity – that the natral or solish man !ill al!a2s choose to follo! that !hich is of the mind 5
or the letter 5 rather than e8ercise the o/edient 0 adventros spirit of a 1osha or a Cale/.
*o! in the a/ove te8t !e need to /e ver2 alert not to overloo9 a ver2 important point$ - /ut my servant
"aleb....will + bring into the land into which he went! . he Cale/ had alread2 gone into 0 sighted the land
@>B)R> he !ent in to possess it. Cere lies the difference /et!een the t!o 0 the ten spies. %e can go 0
visit someone or some!here 0 not reall2 /e there$ in other !ords not reall2 /e pa2ing attention or
appreciating !here !e are 7 we can be somewhere else in our minds- Joshua & Cae! !ere BJ::E
APPR>C#AT#G> of !hat the2 !ere e8periencing in the promised land 7 they had their minds on the 2ob, as
it were – the ten spies also previosl2 ventred into the promised land$ as man2 partl2 have toda2$ @JT
''man' are called &"t few are chosen' the difference lies # /elieve in one !ord$ APPR>C#AT#)*. '&eca"se
he has a different s#irit * has followed me ;U889''( Do !e fll2 realise 0 appreciate the fact that /oth
1osha 0 Cale/ !old have had a complete change in their -I,E.:=I,: from an old !a2 of
nderstanding to a completel2 ne! nderstanding 0 perception. This gave them a *>% G#(#)*.
Brthermore the first instrction from +od to 1osha after the death of Doses !as$

#n the annals of +od?s plan there are !onderfl m2steries that have hitherto /een 9ept secret 0 mch is
/eing opened p to the !ise in +od$ !ho are pressing into the realm of 'Third 0ay spirituality.'
To proceed 0 to move on in +od that !hich is or !as or previos e8perience to TA@>R*AC:>( or or
("oses( mst die !ithin s if !e are to proceed in +od.

“Christ The Antidote Regarding Death”
% :eemin Contradiction can &e the :te##in :tone to Revelation(
Providing !e have an open mind4
Birst let me sa2 as another has saidA that if Christians are content to a/ide /2 the revelation that the2 have
received at the hands of great men of the past 7 let them /e content. @t +od is no! leading Cis people
on!ard 0 p!ard to higher heights$ to greater depths$ to vaster e8panses of Trth 0 +lor2 than the saints
have ever en6o2ed or appropriated in the past. Therefore !e fi8 or e2es pon the +od of increasing
revelation$ even on Cim !ho is A%&le to do B ECCEE7I,G89 B %5U,7%,T89 B %5O2E all B That
we as) B Or Thin) B %ccordin to the PO-ER B That wor)s I, U:(
#t is sad to sa2 that there are so man2 !ho !old insist on a literal 0 natral interpretation$ if 0 !hen a
spirital interpretation !old conflict !ith their theological vie!s. %e mst not forget as some do$ even to
the e8tent of ignoring revelationA that there are TCR>> Realms$ not T%).
> -%TER 5%PTI:M >
Mite a lot !ho are reading this article !old no do/t remem/er a Pentecostal preacher /2 the name of
)ral Ro/erts !ho onl2 recentl2 passed on. Ce !as a man !ho !as o/viosl2 called of +od for a certain
era !ith an amaKing gift of healing. )ne of the things that he stressed$ !as that !e needed a point of
contact$ so that !e cold release or faith. @ecase of or past 7 in part – perceptions +od graciosl2
gave to s men !ith gifts 0 means so that !e cold release or faith. @t the fact of the matter is that ?&'
His stri#es 'e -ERE healed' it is alread2 a 'done deal' /t alas !hilst the veil is even partl2 over or sol
!e cannot see the fll scene. To those of s !ho !old 'Come "# Hiher' 0 are leaving the 'In Part'
nderstanding that +od has to date catered to$ 0 are endeavoring to honestl2 move ahead into the fll
spiritual' nderstanding !e are no! seeing$ 0 are /rea9ing the stronghold of the fleshl2 'in part
understanding to regain or Edeni'c stats$ ''He has not dealt with "s after o"r sins nor rewarded "s
accordin to o"r iniD"ities('' ''%s far as the east is from the west! so far has he removed o"r
transressions from "s('' Psalms 1-3:1-$12. # am no! entering into the s/6ect of the 7 third realm
understanding on )od's will % opinion on the forgiveness % the remission of sins – a seeming spirital
contradiction to the Hol' Place or second Realm !a2 of thin9ing. This !ill no do/t raise a fe! e2e/ro!s
in some 3arters$ /t to /e perfectl2 honest in one respect$ # no! no longer care$ as # have for some time
no!$ come too far$ 0 have passed on to the place of no retrn. # am no! onl2 interested in helping the
diligent 0 those sincere ones !ho !ish to move ahead in +od?s C#+C>R D)G>. To those !ho fit this
description$ the ne!s is$ that there is a vast change in or spirital nderstanding 0 the scener2 that goes
!ith it.
The a/ove verse states that he has removed or sins or transgressions from s. There is a /ig difference
/et!een the the legal 0 the spirital as !e find in loo9ing at the difference /et!een the 'im#"ted race of
God' 0 'the im#arted race of God'. The trth of ''The sentence &' the decree of the 0heavenl'1
watchers * the decision which is &' the word of the hol' ones'' Dan ":1<$ is that the2 have alread2
passed the /aton over from the rle of the Piscean %e to the %D"arian %e/ refer to Part 11$ “A *>%
PCA(>$ #*C)RRJPT#)*.” The '"herubim % the 3eraphim' that are no! rling$ are no! imparting 5 to
us - a prel2 spirital nderstanding to or minds 0 hearts 0 are rling ot completel2 5 to us 5 an2 in #art
natral 0 literal interpretation. %e are no! /eing led completel2 into the +)D R>A:D or TC> D)(T
C):E P:AC>. )ne good e8ample of this$ to those !ho are interested is fond in the !onderfl free from
the letter !ritings of of or good @ro 1.Preston >/2 on his present ?Brom the Candlestic9 to the Throne?
series on the /oo9 of Revelation$ !hich # personall2 find ver2 enlightening 0 informative.
Rom 3:2152". '1G. ''5"t now the rihteo"sness of God witho"t the law is manifested! &ein witnessed
&' the law * the #ro#hets( 22$ Even the rihteo"sness of God which is &' faith of Ees"s Christ un)o a
an* "#on all them that &elieve@ for there is no *+,,e-en.e/ 0o- a have s+nne* * have come short of
the lor' of God/ 1e+n2 3us)+,+e* ,-ee4 !4 H+s 2-a.e thro"h the redem#tion that is in Christ Ees"s''


“Christ The Antidote Regarding Death”
The righteosness of +od /elongs to A:: D>* 0 in one sense$ all are in the same categor2. %CE& Bor
A:: CAG> (#**>D$ saint or sinner 7 but 5 as far as +od is concerned TC>R> #( *) D#BB>R>*C>$ %h2&
Bor all are 1J(T#B#>D /2 Cis +RAC>. Tha) +s Go*(s o5+n+on on )he 6a))e-4 The pro/lem is !ith J(A #n
the in-part realm there !as still a lot of fleshl2 nderstanding 0 n/elief rampant$ so throgh 0 !ith Cis
agents 7 whether they be "herubims, 3eraphim's, or Heavenly (atchers 5 +od ordained a point of contact
for the spiritall2 deficient man !ho !as still in the G>#:>D R>A:D. Considering that man in general
need to see 0 feel somethingA #.>. in the case of healing$ 'a #oint of contact' to help release or faith$
!hich is a !onderfl thing. *o! let s consider that the people that 1ohn the @aptist 0 1ess Christ
ministered to$ had /een sed to all sorts of !ashings etc$ Ce/.=:1-/. ''and different washins! [mere]
eFternal r"les * re"lations for the &od' im#osed to tide the worshi##ers over U,TI8 the time of settin
thins straiht [of reformation! of the COMP8ETE ,E- OR7ER when Christ! the Messiah! shall
esta&lish THE RE%8IT9 of what these thins foreshadow ...... a &etter covenant.'' 0 so the2 !ere sed
to ?a point of contact' as it !ere$ so for this prpose the2 !ere still given something to hang onto to help
release their faith.............U,TI8/ BTHE COMP8ETE ,E- OR7ER$
#ncidentall2 the realit' of this complete ne! order can in no !a2 ?be established? in either the Birst or
second Realm$ namel2 Passover or Pentecost$ it !ill onl2 /e BJ::E completed in the TA@>R*AC:>
e8perience in !hich onl2 those !ho are !illing to dispose of their 'old wine.s)ins' !ill attain to$ for it is a
spirital e8perience )*:E$ !ith no in part helps, or points of contact needed. Those !ho have seen that
there is no! no need for an2thing other than (P#R#T have no! discarded that !hich is no longer necessar2
0 are no! 'Crossin their Eordan'! )h Ees4 1ordan is right no! /eing crossed /2 man2$ 0 the2 are
leaving all that pertained to the ):D$ the2 are no! realising that nothing of the old ?Doses Realm? is
needed$ or an2 longer accepted. %e are definitel2 moving ahead !ith a 3ic9ened pace. # !old li9e to tell
2o in the last fe! !ee9s some trl2 amaKing things have happened in m2 o!n personal scene$ too mch
to pt on paper right no!. Also some of 2o !old no do/t /e interested to 9no! that or otpt has
6mped considera/l2$ /oth in or mailing list as !ell as or >5mailing list.
''Even so it is that Christ! havin &een offered to ta)e "#on Himself * &ear as a &"rden the sins of
man'! once * once for all! will a##ear a second time! not to carr' an' &"rden of sin nor to deal with
sin! &"t to &rin to ;U88 :%82%TIO, those who are [eaerl'! constantl'! * #atientl'] waitin for *
eF#ectin Him('' Ce/ =:2,. 1ess Christ is not coming to /ear an2 /rden of 'sin consciousness'$ nor to
deal !ith sin ?consciousness'. %h2& @ecase there !ill /e a people that have come to the place that the2
realise that their sins 5 mista*en identity – have ?as far as the east is from the west &een removed from "s'
0 that there is no need of an2 point of contact needed to have them realise this 7 be it baptism or any other
means – the2 have dared to ma9e a 7 7uantum leap - into that fll spirital nderstanding namel2 'The
;east of Ta&ernacles or The Third Realm(' *o! this is 'Most Holy Place' langage. %e are catering 0
encoraging those of 2o !ho are no! - today - marching 0 follo!ing the Ar9 across 1ordan$ 0 ma2 #
also sa2$ this is all happening$ 'within o"rselves'(
This fll salvation is of corse !hat or great Apostle Peter referred to in 1Pet 1:;/ ''[till 'o" ;U889
inherit that ;I,%8] salvation that is read' TO 5E revealed [;OR 9OU] in the 8%:T TIME(''
''To ;I,I:H * PUT %, E,7 TO TR%,:GRE::IO,! to seal "# * ma)e f"ll the meas"re of sin! to #"re
awa' * ma)e eF#iation * reconciliation for sin! to &rin in everlastin rihteo"sness 0#ermanent
moral * s#irit"al rectit"de in ever' area * relation1 to :E%8 UP vision * #ro#hec' * #ro#het * to
anoint a HO89 O; HO8IE:('' Dan =:2"/. This !hat +od is doing here$ he is doing in a people$ or ma2 #
sa2, - in the realisation - of a peoples nderstanding. # feel that the sooner !e nderstand that !hat +od
has pt in his %ord$ from +enesis to Revelation is to happen 0 is happening #* a P>)P:>. Cis people$
Cis DA*5CC#:D. The nderstanding mst first happen #* J( 0 then to the rest of the !orld. (o the
revelation of the a/ove verse is a fll nderstanding 0 realisation of !hat is ors alread'. To s or those
!ho are crossing their 4ordan$ the first 0 second realm is completel2 finished ?'APJT? there is no frther
need in these 5 to us$5 !hatsoever.

“Christ The Antidote Regarding Death”
TO M%=E %, E,7 O; :I,:

As regards the first . !ords in the a/ove verse$ the '1G states$ ''to ma)e an end of sins'' these !ords
are not sa2ing !hat most people thin9 the2 areA )nce again this is to happen in a people. +od is in Cis
!onderfl !isdom revealing$ or liftin the veil to a ?chosen company of people' that there is no need to
ma9e a point of contact 0 /e plnged nder !ater to have a realisation of sins forgiven or remitted. The
fll realisation of sins forgiven is that the2 ?already are'. *o! # !ant to sa2 this that in the 'ealm of
Pentecost' this !as a valid rite$ /t to us it no! no longer applies. Than9 +od !e have fll2 realised the
'purely spiritual' nderstanding$ that as far as +od is concerned or sins are gone$ 0 have /een dealt !ith
in the mind of +od - and now in the understanding of our minds - since ''the lam& was slain [in sacrifice]
from the fo"ndation of the world'' Rev 13:,. The proof of this is fond in /oth >noch 0 >li6ah !ho !ere
/oth translated or transferred(((((((((( # thin9 # ma2 have heard a response from the galler24 #f not AD>*4
,o eFcess 5aae received or needed! in the Crossin of o"r Eordan(
As !ith the diver !hen he descends into his o7e- e85e-+en.e or leaves his E*en 9 as it were 5 in his
descending he is given a su+) o, .o)h+n2 0 all of the necessar2 5a-a5he-na+a$ to match the environment.
Does not this allegor2 fit or present circmstances& %hilst the diver is in that o7e- e8perience$ for his
o!n safet2$ he ses all that he has /een given$ at an2 given time 0 circmstance$ to preserve !hat he feels
is a ver2 precarios e8istence. *o! !hen the time comes that he mst a-+se h+2he- 0 -e)u-n to his origin$
all of the previos 5a-a5he-na+a that !as srel2 needed is .o65e)e4 *+s.a-*e*. %h2& #t is no longer
needed or necessar2.
#n the .o6+n2 u5 h+2he- as a montain clim/er ascends to!ard his goal or h+2h 5a.e the scener2 /egins
to change$ as he loo9s do!n he sees things from a different perspective. #n this higher vie!$ the geograph2
of certain places !ith !hich he thoght he !as familiar$ are not 3ite$ e8actl2 !hat he had previosl2
thoght$ pls he no! sees an added /eat2 that he had not /efore considered$ also he also sees the realit2
of - not before realised 5 e4eso-es. As he clim/s higher$ the going gets a little togher$ roc9s$ precipices$
etc$ ma9e the going rogher$ /t he has a goal$5 )o )he )o5 : this he mst 9eep ppermost in his mind 0
spirit. As he dra!s closer to the top 0 loo9s do!n$ mch of !hat he thoght onl2 recentl2$ does not seem
so important 0 necessar2 an2 more. %CE& Bor he is no! on a higher plane 0 his vie! is mch more
encompassing 0 clearer. 'Come "# Hiher' is his calling$ 0 so on!ard 0 p!ard against !hat !old
seem impossi/le 5 humanly spea*ing 5 the odds are against him$ still he proceeds. Cis mind /egins to
tro/le him. Cave 2o set 2or goals too high& Ce as9s himself. *)4 Ce has a call to go higher 7 )o )he
)o5 : no matter !hat the o/stacles I 6us) ,+n+sh )he .ou-se )ha) +s se) !e,o-e 6e he feels strength 0
rene!ed encoragement he 5-esses on7a-* )o )h+s h+2h a5e8 7h+.h +es ahea* this 2oa is something
that he has considered for some time no!. As he moves on!ard 0 p!ard in the deep recesses of his past
memories there is something familiar in certain land5mar9s as he dra!s closer to his goal or E*en. At last
he reaches the smmitA /t something is !rong$ he is still not satisfied$ he is conscios that there is still
more$ he finds he is pra2ing 0 reaching for more. (ddenl2 he finds himself going into a frther higher
consciosness$ he leaves that realm that he thoght !as to /e his a5e8 0 he finds that he is rising even
higher 0 he realises that his e8perience in his )-ue e8istence 5u-e s5+-+) 1n ":2352"$ is never ending 0
ever enlarging 0 that there is al!a2s more as he approaches the realit2 of his Go*hoo* Col 2:=51-. >ph
":13. 0 that the ,o-6e- o-*e- o, )h+n2s have .o65e)e4 5asse* a7a4 0 no longer matter.
#n this metaphor as most of 2o have no do/t discerned$ !e have tried to mi8 the natral !ith the
spirital to /ring a point home. # mst confess that in !riting this last portion that there !ere tears in m2
e2es as !e !ere tr2ing to impart that !hich !e feel$ 0 is ver2 real in or e8perience.

“Christ The Antidote Regarding Death”
Enco"raement to the 7avid'ic Inha&itants(
''In that da' will the 8ord "ard * defend the inha&itants of Eer"salem! * he who is [s#irit"all'] fee&le
* st"m&les amon them in that da' [of #ersec"tion] shall &ecome [:TRO,G * ,O58E] li)e 7%2I7/ *
the ho"se of 7avid [shall maintain its s"#remac'] li)e God! li)e the %nel of the 8ord -ho is &efore
them(G A%nd I will #o"r o"t "#on the ho"se of 7avid * "#on the inha&itants of Eer"salem the s#irit of
race of "nmerited favo"r * s"##lication( Nech 12:,$ 1-a. #t is good to 9eep in mind that !hatever
circmstance that ma2 come or !a2$ no matter ho! !ea9 !e thin9 !e are$ !e are promised as !e 9eep
or mind on Cim !e !ill not onl2 /e lifted p /t !e !ill /ecome (TR)*+ li9e David.
''In that da' there shall &e a fo"ntain o#ened for the ho"se of 7avid * for the inha&itants of
Eer"salem [to cleanse them from] sin * "ncleanness('' Nech 13: 1. # /elieve that this fontain that is to
/e )P>*>D at this time is the tre$ fll 0 complete nderstanding of sins forgiven 0 remitted - as
mentioned on pages 8%9.
''%nd in all the land! sa's the 8ord! two.thirds shall &e c"t off * #erish! &"t one.third shall &e left alive(
%nd I will &rin the third #art thro"h the fire! * I will refine them as silver is refined * will test them
as Gold is tested( The' will call on M' name! * I will hear * answer them( I will sa'! It is M' #eo#le/ *
the' will sa'! The 8ord is m' God('' Nech. 13:,5=.
%hen # read the a/ove t!o verses$ # cannot help /t /e reminded once again of 1osha 0 Cale/$ onl2
t!o ot of the 12 leaders of #srael !al9ed across 1ordan 0 into the promised land. The percentage ma2 /e
a little different /t the dire meaning 0 otcome screams at s. As !e fll 9no! there are three parts to the
Ta/ernacle plan 'O"ter Co"rt! Hol' Place * Ta&ernacles(' All that is needed for those !ho are prsing
#*C)RRJPT#@#:#TE is one part$ ?TA@>R*AC:>(? or (One Th+-*.( T!o parts or (T7o Th+-*s( are not
needed$ /oth )JT>R C)JRT 0 C):E P:AC> !ill /e finished. ''two thirds shall &e c"t CUT O;; *
#erish! 5UT one third shall &e left alive( %nd I will &rin the third #art thro"h the fire! * I will RE;I,E
them as silver is refined * I will test them as GO87 is tested( The' will call "#on m' name! * I -I88
HE%R * answer them( I will sa' ! It is M9 PEOP8E/ * the' will sa'! THE 8OR7 I: M9 GO7('' Another !a2
of loo9ing at it is that the Piscean Age !ill /e over$ 0 the Age of the man !ith the pitcher of !ater !ho
represents the A3arian Age !ill /e on the scene 0 !e !ill /e fnctioning in a completel2 *>% R>A:D.
%hat !onderfl$ !onderfl things !e have ahead of s4 God is certainl' doin a ,E- THI,G.
#ncidentall2 this is !h2 this ridiclos nonsense in regards to the fact that the +)e-a )ld Testament
temple is to /e restored 0 that the sacrifices are to /e reinstated$ is not in an2 !a2 inspired of +od$ it is an
a/solte fallac2 0 is completel2 literal$ carnal 0 fleshl2 0 has no spirital athenticit2 to it !hatsoever 0
an2one !ho teaches it$ are sadl2 revealing their spirital position in regards to the three Realms. An2thing
that is to /e restored is in the TC#RD R>A:D 0 has a completel2 spirital connotation to it 0 is in no !a2
legal$ of the la!$ or literal....... The onl2 sacrifice that +od re3ires is (>:B. +al 2:1.521. Gerse 1,$
THE 7%R=,E:: * THE 8IGHT %RE 5OTH %8I=E TO 9OU
''Even the dar)ness hides nothin from 9o"! &"t the niht shines as the da'@ the dar)ness * the liht
are &oth ali)e to 9o"('' Ps 13=:12. %hen !e consider the 3estion of sin 0 transgressions. #n or
dar9ened nderstanding !e have accepted the !orldl2 0 religios interpretation of sin. The !ord 'sin' is
from the +ree9 !ord Ha6a-)+a its tre meaning is 'missing the mar*' 0 to translate that into toda2?s
idiom reall2 means to 'mista*e our identity' in other !ords since !e /egan eating from the tree of 'good %
evil' !hich is in the 'garden' !hich is !ithin s$ instead of eating from the 'tree of life' !hich is Christ
!ithin s 0 is or tre identit2 'Christ lives in me * the life I now live in the &od' I live &' His faith *
#resence' !e have /elieved a lie 0 thoght that !e !ere no more than a /eing that originated from a
sperm from /oth or natral Bather 0 Dother !hen all the time !e all !ere ''Created > not recreated – in
Christ Ees"s! &efore the fo"ndation of the world('' >ph 2:1-. 1:".

“Christ The Antidote Regarding Death”
;or or %ainst
#n 1osha ;:1351". ''-hen Eosh"a was &' Eericho! he loo)ed "#! * &ehold! a Man stood near him
with His drawn sword in His hand( %nd Eosh"a went to Him * said to Him! %re 'o" for "s or for o"r
adversaries? %nd He said! ,o [,EITHER]! &"t as Prince of the 8ord's host have I now come( %nd
Eosh"a fell on his face to the earth * worshi##ed! * said to Him! -hat sa's m' 8ord to His s ervant?''
As 1osha as9ed this 3estion$ so do !e4 1st !hat did the Dan or the angel mean /2 the !ord
*>#TC>R& (hich incidentally is the correct interpretation- Dost people d!ell in the realm of ?)ood
verses &vil' +od does not$ 5 My *ingdom is not of this world - 0 neither do Cis angels. This realm is a
realm of dalit2 ')ood verses &vil' a realm of opposites$ 5 ,o- & a2a+ns) 9 !hilst !e are fnctioning in this
realm !e are 'missing the mar*, or mista*ing our identity' this is actall2 !hat sin is. %e have /een taght$
especiall2 in 'religiosity or "hurchianity,' !e thin9 !hen !e do something !rong that this is (#*$ it goes
mch deeper than that. %hen a person thin9s in the realm of the flesh he thin9s in terms of ?right verses
!rong?$ or ?good verses /ad?$ this is !hat !e have /een taght for centries$ /2 or parents$ teachers$ the
media$ etc /t the /iggest clprit is or mind. Eo can find a child in the most moral home 0 2o !ill find
that the2 can get angr2$ lie$ cheat 0 crse !ithot them ever hearing or seeing it in their parents. %h2& #t
is innate$ ever since the +arden of >denA !hich is a metaphor of that !hich is !ithinA A%re 'o" for "s or
aainst "s? *>#TC>R said the Angel. #n other !ords !e don?t d!ell in that realm 7 of opposites, - 0 for
those of s !ho are no! 7 as 4oshua was - crossing or 1ordan into the promised land !e realise that as
!e go in!ard 0 ma9e contact !ith or D>#TE$ 0 !e !ill not find or +od an2 !here else other than
%#TC#* orselves$ A;or it is God who wor)s within "s &oth to will * to do of His own ood #leas"reG
!e find that right no! +)D #( *)% DA'#*+ A %AE$ () TCAT %> CA* PJ:: )JT )B TC#( DJA:#TEA
and go on to perfection4 Those !ho desire the perfect !ill of the BATC>R$ are realising that in the mind of
+od that$ ''The dar)ness * liht are &oth ali)e to 9o"('' Dar9ness is onl2 the a/sence of light. #n
dar9ness$ !hether it /e natral of spirital$ nothing changes$ the onl2 difference is$ that !e can?t see as
there is no light. An2 scene remains the same !hether it da2 or night. The same goes for$ ? Good * evil'
The2 are /oth ali9e to +od. *ot onl2 to +od$ /t it can /e the same to J( also. %h2& The tree of life can
/e accessed /2 an2 sincere person at an2 given time$ 0 as !e /egin to realise this$ the veil that has /een
over or mind for so long /egins to disappear. %h2& @ecase$ 'My people are destroyed for - o- !e.ause
of . 1,": !. :5!(1&0)&' ''This I sa' therefore * testif' in the 8ord! that 'o" sho"ld no loner wal)
as the entiles wal)! in the f"tilit' of their mind! havin their "nderstandin dar)ened! &ein alienated
from the life of God thro"h the inorance that is in them! &eca"se of the &lindness of their heart( 5"t
'o" have not so learned Christ('' >ph ":1<51,$ 2-a. *e! '1G.
8ET 9OUR E9E 5E :I,G8E
To lose the dar9ness of or mind or hearts cr2 needs to /e as the t!o /lind men in Dat 2-:3353". ''The'
answered Him! 8ord we want o"r e'es to &e o#ened$ %nd Ees"s! in #it'! o#ened their e'es/ * instantl'
the' received their siht * followed Him('' )r sincere desire is al!a2s 9no!n 0 felt /2 or loving
Bather 0 !ill not go nre!arded. Also in Dat .:215.23. '';or where 'o"r treas"re is! there will &e 'o"r
heart also( The E9E is the lam# of the &od'! :o if 'o"r E9E is so"nd! 'o"r entire &od' will &e f"ll of
liht( 5"t if 'o"r e'e is "nso"nd! 'o"r whole &od' will &e f"ll of dar)ness( If then the ver' liht in 'o"
['o"r conscience] is dar)ened! how dense is that dar)ness$'' The !ord sond is from a +ree9 !ord
!hich means ?.ea- o- s+n2e.( The '1G reads ''If 'o"r e'e &e sinle then 'o"r &od' will &e f"ll of
#n >ph 1:1</51,$ 21. %e are told$ ''That He ma' rant 'o" a s#irit of revelation [of insiht into
m'steries * secrets] in the [dee# * intimate] )nowlede of Him( 5' havin the E9E: of 'o"r HE%RT
flooded with liht! so that 'o" can )now * "nderstand the ho#e to which He has called 'o"! * how
rich is His lorio"s inheritance in the saints 0HI: :ET %P%RT O,E:1('' '';ar a&ove all r"le * a"thorit'
* #ower * dominion * ever' name that is named [a&ove ever' title that can &e conferred]! not onl' in

“Christ The Antidote Regarding Death”
this %GE * in this world! &"t also in the %GE * the world which are to come!''
To ''Come "# hiher'' !e of corse need a 5 single eye – !hich !ill affect or !hole /eing 0 in this
process or !hole /eing is /eing changed 0 is receiving light 0 revelation in preparation for the A+> to
come !hich is no! not too far a!a2$ 6st on the other side of the 1)RDA* !e are no! crossing4
''5"t "nto 'o" who revere * worshi#f"ll' fear M' name shall the :"n of Rihteo"sness arise with
healin in His wins * His &eams! * 'o" shall o forth * am&ol li)e calves [released] from the stall
* lea# for +o'( %nd 'o" shall tread down the lawless * wic)ed! for the' shall &e as ashes "nder the
soles of 'o"r feet in the da' that I shall do this! sa's the 8ord of Hosts( [Earnestl' remem&er the law of
Moses! M' servant! the stat"tes * ordinances which I commanded Him on [Mo"nt] Hore& [to ive] to
all Israel( 5ehold I send 'o" Eli+ah the #ro#het &efore that reat * terri&le da' of the 8ord comes( %nd
He shall t"rn * reconcile the hearts of the [estraned] father to the ["nodl'] children! * the hearts of
the [re&ellio"s] children to [the #iet' of] their fathers [a reconciliation #rod"ced &' re#entance of the
"nodl']! lest I come * smite the land with a c"rse * a &an of "tter destr"ction('' Dal ":25..
# /elieve that there are a people alive on this planet toda2 that !ill def2 0 overcome death$ 6st as 1ess
Christ did. ''%nd whoever contin"es to live * &elieves in 0has faith in! cleaves to * relies on1 Me shall
never [act"all'] die at all( 7O 9OU 5E8IE2E THI:?'' 1n 11:2.. As !e /egin to trl2 realise that ''He is not
dealin with "s after o"r sins > mista*en identity – nor rewardin "s accordin to o"r iniD"ities('' or
mista*en identities. Ps 1-3:1-. Then a great confidence in /egins to arise in or hearts$ /oth in +od$ 0
orselves 9no!ing that if ever !e miss the mar9$ +od is not loo9ing at or recognising or other self or
?mista*en identity' /t is onl2 loo9ing at the Christ$ or 'true identity'. )r !onderfl +od does not
participate in or 7 thin*ing of duality – this is !hat he !arned Adam against. Ce is the athor of 0
d!eller in the tree of life !hich also is CCR#(T. +od does not thin9 li9e a hman /eing or a flesh man Ce
is (P#R#T.
The (n of righteosness CCR#(T shall arise !ith healing in Cis /eams$ this is not referring onl2 to
/odil2 healing$ /t a healing 0 restoration of all that !e lost in the ?descending?$ or the ? disruption of the
cosmos.' *atrall2 those people !ho are e8periencing this healing !ill no do/t have great reason to
/ehave li9e pla2fl calves R>:>A(>D from the stall$ -eease* from the centries of the 7 &ondae of
corr"#tion! sic)ness! #ain * not onl' 7E%TH &"t also the fear of d'in( And 2o shall tread do!n the
la!less 0 the !ic9ed$ this treading do!n means that it shall /e pt nder the feet of not onl2 those !ho
are ministering$ /t also nder the feet of those !ho !ere caght p in la!lessness 0 !ic9edness. The2
shall /e as ashes$ in other !ord their deeds 0 their old natre !ill not onl2 /e /rned p$ /t /rned ot$
%shes( The scene !ill change$ the tide !ill trn in this ver2 soon$ coming da2 of the :ord4 >arnestl2
remem/er the :a! of Doses D2 servant. # hear a 3estion. # thoght that the la! !as finished& Co! tre$
0 2et !e read plainl2.
I -I88 PUT M9 8%- -ITHI, THEM

''5"t this is the covenant which I will ma)e with the ho"se of Israel@ %fter those da's! sa's the 8ord! I
will #"t M' law -ITHI, them! * on their hearts will I write it/ * I will &e their God! * the' will &e M'
#eo#le( %nd the' will no more teach each man his &rother! sa'in! =now the 8ord! for the' will all
)now Me [reconise! "nderstand! * &e acD"ainted with me]! from the least of them to the reatest! sa's
the 8ord( ;or I will forive their iniD"it' ! * I will [serio"sl'] remem&er their sin no more('' 1er 31:325
Then in 2Cor 3:3. ''9o" show * ma)e o&vio"s that 'o" are letter from Christ delivered &' "s! not
written with in) &"t with [the] :#irit of the livin God! not on ta&lets of stone &"t on ta&lets of h"man
hearts('' Then Pal tells s in Ce/ 1-:1. A;or since the 8aw has merel' a r"de o"tline
0;OR:H%7O-I,G1 of the ood thins TO COME.....instead of ;U889 eF#ressin those can
never &' offerin the same sacrifices contin"all' 'ear after ma)e #erfect those who a##roach [its

“Christ The Antidote Regarding Death”
altars]('' %hen the a/ove spea9s of 'foreshadowing' the '1G renders the same as the 'shadow of thins
to come', !e can vie! a shado! !hether it /e a person an animal or a /ilding$ 0 2o !ill onl2 have a
ver2 remote idea of the tre s/stance of the tre article or /od2 of !hatever the shado! is representing. A
shado! is onl2 a t2pe or a metaphor$ it is never the real thing$ it is a (CAD)%. The realit2 is that all of
!hat these 'types % shadows' represent The &a7 have a spirital connotation. The proof A ''I will #"t M'
law within them 'this includes what the 3abbath day, "ircumcision, washings, sacrifices % whatever,
represented' * on their hearts I will write it! not with in) &"t with the :#irit of the livin God! not on
stone &"t on ta&lets of h"man hearts! for since the 8aw has merel' a RU7E OUT8I,E a foreshadowin
of the ood thins TO COME('' The trth is that all of this is a R>A:#(AT#)* of !hat all this meant$ is
'within ourselves.'
The ,uness of or tre (a//ath rest is fond !ithin orselves 0 is not merel2 the ,o-e)as)e or second
realm e'perience. This is fond in #sa 11:.51-. ''%nd the wolf shall dwell with the lam&! * the leo#ard
shall lie down with the )id! * the calf * the 'o"n lion * the fatted domestic animal toether/ * a little
child shall lead them( %nd the cow * the &ear shall feed side &' side! their 'o"n shall lie down
toether! * the lion shall eat straw li)e the oF( %nd the s"c)in child shall #la' over the hole of the as#!
* the weaned child shall #"t his hand on the adders den( The' shall not h"rt or destro' in all m' hol'
mo"ntain! for the earth shall &e f"ll of the )nowlede of the 8ord as the waters cover the sea( %nd it
shall &e in that da' that the Root of Eesse shall stand as a sinal for the #eo#les/ of Him shall the
nations inD"ire * see) )nowlede! * His dwellin shall &e lor' [HI: RE:T G8ORIOU:]$''

These different animals of corse$ as most of 2o are a!are$ represent the different aspects of or
natre$ some are the /estial 0 sandpaper parts of or personalities$ 0 !ill at last /e harnessed. This !ill
all /e pla2ed ot in the 'seventh da' of rest' or the ?millennim? !hen$ ''M9 RE:T :H%88 5E G8ORIOU:(''
0 !ill /e instigated /2 a people !ho dared to /elieve in a +od of Incorr"#ti&ilit' namel2 a DA*5CC#:D
C)DPA*E. (o the trth is that in one sense the law is not finished$ /t the tre meaning the R>A:#TE not
the 'shadow' is no! in the nderstanding of or hearts 0 increasing ever2 da2. Also 9eeping in mind that
the !ar /et!een (al 0 David !hich !as a one sided one !as !aged for some time$ ''There was a lon
war &etween the ho"se of :a"l * the ho"se of 7avid( 5"t 7avid rew stroner * stroner! * the ho"se
of :a"l rew wea)er * wea)er('' *o! the first application of this is that it is happening !ithin s$ the
second oter application in the promised land !ill ta9e place !hen the !ar is over !ithin s. Callel6ah4
Than) God that we are Risin Hiher(
+od?s richest to each 0 ever2 one of 2o.
;-+))en !4 Ra5h $no7es. "a-.h : A5-+. 2<1<.