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English is the most widely learned second language globally.

Millions of people try to learn it every year, and there are
different approaches which start from different aspects of
the nature of language-learning in people. Within this
context, some experts claim that the Communicative Approach
is the best way to learn English, which I agree with,
provided it has limitations.

First of all, this approach is highly effective for fluency

developing. It will be very rewarding for any student to find
he/she is able to express ideas, to answer questions
properly, etc. This shall be achieved first and the student
might develop accuracy progressively later by focusing on
language-oriented methods practising them.

On the other hand, the communicative approach is not the only

way to learn english succesfully. Methods and procedures
derived from this approach should be complemented by
othermethods such as TBL and grammar-translation. In this way
the student will become a constant learner by trying to
translate the words he uses in his native language into
english and also link life-experiences and goal-achievement
to the language usage and learning.

All in all, the communicative approach is great as a way to

trigger motivation in beginners, but it must be complemented
by other methods nonetheless.

Name: Ricardo Mandujano