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Twelve-Twelve Polo and Turf Club is a facility for Polo, Horseracing, Horse Riding, and other
equestrian activities. The club is also designed to support diverse recreational activities. 12-12
Polo and Turf Club derived its name from the day and month Abuja was inaugurated as the
Federal Territory; 12th of December, 1991. Incidentally, it was commissioned on a unique date
that depicts the clubs power, class and grandeur; the 12th of December, 2012 (12-12-12).

Spanning about 180 hectares directly under Gwarimpa Hill in Abuja, 12-12 polo and turf club is
expansively sited at a breathtaking natural beauty Abuja has to offer. It is located at No. 1539
Ahmadu Bello Way Gwarimpa Abuja, Nigeria.

Twelve-Twelve Polo and Turf Clubs Products


12-12 Polo and Turf Club boasts of a polo field of international standard and arguably the best in
Nigeria. With a seating capacity of 2500 people, the pavilions give unhindered view of the game.
Our highly prestigious cups are annually competed and they are well publicized thereby
attracting thousands of polo enthusiasts and thrill seekers. The cups for Polo annually competed
for include the following:

Presidents Cup
Democracy Cup
Fallen Heroes Commemoration Cup
Chief of Army Staff Cup
ExxonMobil Cup


12-12 Polo and Turf Club is the first to bring Horseracing to the Abuja the Federal Capital
Territory. The Maiden edition of the horseracing derby is slated for 26 th 28th March, 2016. The
high profile event has already attracted individuals and corporate organisations from within and
outside Nigeria. The cups for Horseracing to be annually competed for include the following:

Presidents Cup
Sultan Abubakar III Cup
Chief of Army Staff Cup
Other Events

12-12 Polo and Turf Club strongly believes in diversity therefore we periodically organize events
that are not equestrian-related. These events are platforms that organisations can establish the
corporate presence of their brands. The events include:

Fashion Exposition
Culinary (Cooking) Exposition
Art Exhibition

Twelve-Twelve Polo and Turf Clubs Facility

The expanse of the 12-12 Polo and Turf facility provides immeasurable opportunities for
corporate branding. Our state of the art facility has the following:

280 meters by 160 meters Polo Field

1600 meters Horseracing Track
Pony Exercise Track
Pony Lines
The polo fields seating area/viewing stands is about 2,500 seats capacity
Over 300 cars Capacity Parking Lot

Club House

A three storey building houses the club and it has the following features

Two terraces at the top of the club house provide an unobstructed view of the polo
field and a panoramic view of the city of Abuja. The terraces serve as restaurant and
bar where wide range of cuisines and exotic drinks are always available.
The trophy gallery also serves as the VIP bar where elitist guests can unwind in the
beauty and exclusive privacy of our facility.

Nature and Topography

The Gwarimpa Hill provides opportunity for recreational activities such as climbing and
ornithology because of the numerous bird species inhabiting the area. The natural ambiance
provides an ideal environment for our proposed world class resort.

The sponsorship packages available at 12-12 Polo and Turf Club are short term related and are
associated to our tournaments, other events, and/or product related.

1. Tournament sponsorship

We have several tournaments annually and these tournaments attract different sponsorship

Tournament Sponsorship: Coca Cola can be the official sponsor of any of our events in polo,
horseracing or any of our non-equestrian activities. This makes the Coca Cola exclusively privy
to all the sponsorship entitlements.

Cup Sponsorship: In a Polo or Horseracing tournament, there can be several cups fielded. Coca
Cola can sponsor a Cup which could be among our existing cups, or the name can be given as
Coca Cola Cup.

2. Branding

2A. Arena Branding

We have signage posts around the facility and choice locations that establishes loud presence of
any corporate organization. 12-12 Polo and Turf Club can go into a short term agreement of a
specific tournament, 3 Months, 6 Months, and 12 Months.

2B. Jersey Branding

Coca Cola can provide the Jerseys for any of our tournaments with some conditions for colour
selection for easy distinction between teams.

3. Product supply

Our events attract many dignitaries, polo players, race jockeys, match officials and spectators.
Coca Cola can partner with 12-12 Polo and Turf Club for Coca Cola products to be the exclusive
soft drinks served at the tournament.

Sponsorship Package

The general sponsorship packages that are to be benefited from our sponsorships include:
Sampling (Coca Cola products served in disposable cups on entry, Coupons distributed at
the venue)
Tickets (Brand on tickets)
Mentions; Television advertorials of our events, radio, print media, Clubs website and
other web based advertorials
Exhibition stands and booths for Coca Cola Products
Goal Posts
Customised Coca Cola products for the club and/or tournament
Proposal for 12-12 Polo and Turf Clubs Upcoming Event

Proposed Event: International Charity Horseracing

Organizers: Twelve-Twelve Polo and Turf Club
Potential Sponsor: Coca Cola Co.
Date/Time: 26th 28th March, 2016.
Duration: 3 days
Venue: Plot 1539, Gwarimpa Hill, Ahmadu Bello Way, Abuja Nigeria.
Event Description

The International Charity Horseracing is proposed to be a three (3) day event with three cups
staked to be won. The Presidents Cup is in honour of the past and present Ministers of the
Federal Capital Territory. The Sultan Abubakar III cup is in acknowledgement of the selfless
sacrifices made by the late Sultan in sustaining peaceful coexistence in the North and the rest of
Nigeria, and to identify with his contributions and love for equestrian sports. Chief of Army
Staff (COAS) Cup heralds the achievements and success thus far under the effective leadership
of Chief of Army Staff and also the relationship between the Nigerian Army and equestrian

In Abujas 24 years history as the Federal Capital Territory, Horseracing has never been
organized by any club or turf and we are happy to be blazing a trail that projects Abuja on to a
global pedestal. As you are aware, Abuja is the corporate as well as the administrative center of
the entire nation. Having successfully organize a Democracy Day International (Invitational)
Polo Tournament in June, 2015 which was ably sponsored by Exxonmobil, and a memorable
International Charity Polo Tournament from November 12 to 15, 2015, we make bold to say that
have the right facility and events that attract highly placed government dignitaries and captains
of industry.

The interest of Coca Cola in customer satisfaction and value based contributions to the society
makes partnering with Twelve-Twelve Polo and Turf Club an alignment of objectives of the
two organizations in more ways than one.

12-12 Polo and Turf Club has deeply rooted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles,
therefore we earmark some percentage of sponsorship Proceeds for Community Involvement and
Development Projects. The funds are directed strategically towards a charity cause that we tag on
every of our events. For the International Charity Horseracing event, the club is directing its
awareness and attention to revitalizing the state of education in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria
that have been under the scorch of insurgence.


We are confident that no other sport than Horseracing, and no other organization than Twelve-
Twelve Polo and Turf Club has the capacity to project the intrinsic values Coca Cola possesses,
to the rest of Abuja and Nigeria at large.

The adrenaline and the thrills of horseracing is unequalled by any other sport therefore it attracts
people of different but special interests. The excitement of the game has the ability to converge
individuals of elitist status as well as other classes of thrill seekers. The International tournament
and its wide net of expected patronage forms a viable potential platform for your Coca Cola to
create wider awareness for special products and packages.

Should Coca Cola be interested in Sponsoring the Horseracing derby, further detail of the
sponsorship proposal can be provided.