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Hi-Track Call Home

Service and Remote

Maintenance Tool

Partner Beyond Technology

Hi-Track Call Home Service and Remote
Maintenance Tool
Designed to ensure 24/7 access to your critical business
information, the Hi-Track call home service and remote
maintenance tool delivers an additional level of protection
to Hitachi storage to help avoid downtime.
Hi-Track Service and ToolComplete The Hi-Track service and tool monitors your Hitachi storage systems
and notifies the Hitachi Data Systems support center when assistance
Security, Accelerated Response is required. Specialized routines simulate, at computer speeds, the logic,
Data availability 24/7 is an imperative for effective business calculations, and analysis techniques of the best service engineers. As
operation. Downtime and information loss are expensive, and for a result, the Hi-Track service and tool detects potential problems and
todays organizations, unacceptable. In fact, Meta Group estimates proactively addresses them.The Hi-Track system watches over your
the cost of unplanned downtime at an average of US$1 million per Hitachi storage systems to provide what every CIO dreams about
hour, while Contingency Planning Research reports losses can tally a full-time product specialist in the data center who guards against
as high as US$6.45 million per hour for retail brokerages. And neither unforeseen disruption.
figure fully takes into account possible adverse headlines, company
devaluation, and lowered employee productivity.
Business Benefits
Securing your information on Hitachi storageTagmaStore
Universal Storage Platform, TagmaStore Adaptable Modular Storage, Ensure Business Continuity
TagmaStore Workgroup Modular Storage, TagmaStore Network : : Minimizes correction time. Hi-Track service and tool automatically
Storage Controller, or Lightning 9900 V Series enterprise and runs data-gathering routines and transmits the error information
Thunder 9500 V Series modular storage systemsis just the via a direct communication link to the technical and product
beginning. Business continuity calls for a full range of technologies support personnel in Hitachi Data Systems customer support
that protect your data and ensure 24/7 availability. Hitachi Data centers for proactive corrective action.
Systems answers this challenge with the Hi-Track call home : : Reduces chance of impact to business operations with provisions
service and remote maintenance tool. for onsite service. Because Hi-Track supplies the Hitachi Data
Most businesses are concerned about reliability, data integrity, and Systems support center with detailed information, should a
availability, but feel trapped by an impossible tradeoffmaintaining problem arise,a service representative can be promptly dispatched
a 24/7 service staff isnt cost-effective, but waiting for service can to the site with the parts needed to resolve it.
become even more expensive if it halts normal operations.In designing Improve Productivity and Processes
the Hi-Track offering, Hitachi Data Systems concentrated on eliminating : : Guards against unforeseen interruption that can hamper business
that tradeoff.The Hi-Track service and tool is pre-installed within Hitachi activity. Availability and reliability are improved, thus enhancing
storage systems and provided as part of your maintenance agreement. operation efficiency. Monitoring capability relieves burden on
All you need is a dedicated phone line to feed information to the IT staff by detecting issue and notifying support center when
Hitachi Data Systems customer support center. assistance is needed.
: : Analyzes the type and frequency of errors and provides accurate Prerequisites
feedback. Feedback allows manufacturing to better diagnose
the trends of suspect components and informs the continuous Pre-installed within Hitachi storage systems, the Hi-Track offering
improvement of Hitachi storage systems. is provided as part of your maintenance agreement. All you need
is a dedicated phone line to feed information to the Hitachi Data
: : Supplements personal service, augmenting the service Systems customer support center.
representatives maintenance capabilities by speeding up
the data analysis process and supplying the information they
need to take the required action.Time saved in data analysis is Reduceor EliminateOutages. Shorten
time can be spent on performing other service-related tasks. the Backup Window. Were at Your Service.
The Hitachi Data Systems Global Solution Services team can help
Feature Highlights you address your backup and recovery needs through services that
support Hitachi Universal Replicator software for Universal Storage
: : Allows administrators to control, limit, and monitor activity Platform and Network Controller, as well as Hitachi TrueCopy
of the Hi-Track service and tool at the firewall level
Remote Replication, and Hitachi ShadowImage In-System
: : Serves as an ideal extension of the industry-standard error Replication software. Quick Start Implementation Services are
reporting produced by most operating systems available for both open systems and mainframe environments.These
services assist you with configuration and basic control of Hitachi
: : Collects technical data storage systembased data mirroring.They also help you support
: : Analyzes fault-symptom codes your data replication requirements, including backup and recovery,
testing and development, business continuity, and disaster recovery.
: : Runs remote diagnostics
: : Transmits error information to specialists
: : Recommends corrective actions
: : Provides database for manufacturing feedback

Complementary Solutions
Hitachi Universal Replicator Software Hitachi Cross-System Copy Software
Designed to asynchronously replicate data hosted on Universal Cross-System Copy software enables data to be quickly and easily
Storage Platforms and Network Storage Controllers, Universal copied, in either direction (to/from Universal Storage Platform,
Replicator software can copy data over any distance for outstanding Network Storage Controller, Adaptable Modular Storage model
business continuity. It reduces cache utilization and increases AMS500*, Lightning 9900 V Series enterprise systems, and the
bandwidth utilization by leveraging disk-based journaling. In Thunder 9585V ultra high-end modular system), without the use
addition, the software can mitigate the impact of network failures of server cycles. Cross-System Copy software can copy data over a
and data corruption and will intelligently combine synchronous storage area network (SAN) or wide are network (WAN) to meet a
and asynchronous replication to enable rapid recovery and variety of business needs, including content distribution, disk backup,
multidata center configurations. and disaster recovery.

Hitachi TrueCopy Remote Replication Software Business Continuity Consulting Services

Synchronous capabilities of TrueCopy Remote Replication software Hitachi Data Systems supports your goal of ensuring continuous
duplicate data between like Hitachi storage systems for everyday access to information across your enterprise with three business
uptime improvement and rapid recovery in the event of an outage. continuity services.Initial services assess your current disaster recovery
capabilities and business needs. Next, your areas of risk are analyzed.
Hitachi ShadowImage In-System Replication Software Finally, Hitachi Data Systems consultants help you develop the strategy
Providing nondisruptive, high-speed data replication within any and technical plans you need to achieve nonstop operations.
Hitachi storage system, ShadowImage software enables immediate
use of data in decision support, software testing and development,
and backup operations. * Available in 1Q06
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