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BOA NOITE (GOOD-NIGHT) (Pronounced-NITEY) JS, the 20" Contary- Fox Beturer Sung by Alice Faye BOA NOITE (GOOD-NIGHT) From the 20th Century-Fox Picure “THAT NIGHT IN RIO” Lyric by For Diagram System Tune Ukulele Masic by MACK GORDON CEA HARRY WARREN Moderately an oO a ty 2p ————— I—> to Y Moderately In’ old Bra—zil Daim, cmi7 et tf Daz BS lov — ers__ one part-ing kiss, In old Bra-zil, their lips are —— = ror TF ee_ |r —— En An? s7 Day sz su feet blend-ing, - Heholds her ‘close to hit andwhis-pers this; —— —— Ft eSombols or Ukulele in rial Key, Plno-Accordaon, Banjo and Guar ‘Curt for Ute Coprright 1941 Twentieth Century Music Corporation, New York, N. Y. ‘Rights throughout the wotld controlled by MILLER MUSIC, INC., 1629 Broadway, New York, N.Y. For Australia & New Zealand J. ALBERT & SON Pty. Ltd, 137-139 King St, Sydney, also at Melbourhe & Wellington, NZ. ‘ALL MANUSCRIPT ARRANCEMENTS OF THIS WORK PROHIBITED, VIDE COPYRICHT ACT. INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT SECURED, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, INCLUDING PUBLIC PERFORMANCE (Be 's| Chorus, foderately (with a Lilt) a Noi a Noi good — night good ~ night ff Soon ev~ ‘ry star will be Soon ev-'ry star will be And this, And this, Boa Norte 2 (3) te te moon night lit Boa Noite 3(3) te night is te la ay a tempo and and when youll way in- to your hold you in ” my arms arms thru, fair, Tl dream my Where I can Bo-a Bo- a > > Noi-— te Noi - te > =