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Chapter 1

The Problem and Its Scope


After graduating from high school, a student is bound to enter the next phase of his

lifecollege. But before he could go on with his journey, he should first know where to

begin. That is where he finds himself in crossroads in the process of choosing a course.

The student's future whether he succeeds or not is influenced by the course he

chooses. The chosen course should be one that captures the interest of the student. But

nowadays, a student's choice of career is often influenced by his environment. Factors that

contribute to a student's educational aspirations and ability to persist are often prevalent in

their home environments (ProQuest, 2007).

Family influence is widely interpreted as parents or caregivers instilling their values

onto their child, whether purposefully or unintentionally (Williams-Washington, Melon, and

Blau, 2008).

Parents are most probably the only people who are involved with their childs

education throughout their entire school years. They are thus likely to have great interest in

their childs learning overall and be the most affected by the outcomes of any schooling

decisions (Mitchell, 2007). For some students, it may lead to their success. But for some, they

may be forced to stray from the path that they have chosen for themselves which would

eventually lead them to slacking off or get failing grades. Parent and pupil frustration results

when parent's ambitions and hopes for their child do not coincide with his abilities or

interests (Kahayon & Aquino, 2000).

Of those concerned about a childs education, parents have the most long-term

relationship with children, giving them insights into what is right for their child that not even

the most famous educational expert could ever hope to have. Ultimately, parents should be

the final decision makers about their childs education (Nelson, 2010). Even so, the parents

decisions affect each student differently.

Statement of the Problem

The study encompasses the different effects of family influence among students. The

following questions are to be answered in this study:

1. What are the factors to be considered in choosing the students career choice?

2. What are the effects of family influence in your career choice?


Conceptual Framework

This study uses the input-process-output model. The input frame shows the center of

the study. The process frame shows the different steps done by the researchers in the

gathering of data which includes the distribution of survey questionnaires and documentation

of the results gathered. The output frame includes the implication of the data gathered and the

purpose of this study.

Input Output Process
Family Influence:
To gain knowledge
The researchers
Effects of Following
how family influence
presented letters of
the Parents Career
affects a students
permission to conduct
Choice educational behavior.
a survey to the deans
from each department
of Baliuag University.
After receiving
permission, the
researchers distributed
survey questionnaires
to gather information
concerning the study.
The researchers tallied
the results of the
survey and analyzed
its results.

Significance of the study

This study aims to show the effects of following the parents career choice to the


Parents. For them to understand the behavior of their children towards their course.

Teachers. For them to understand the reason why some students have a hard time in passing

their course.

Administration. For them to be aware of what is happening to their students, and to advise the

teachers on how to handle and help their students.

Students. For them to have a better view of their interest especially in choosing their course

and to have an insight in the results of their grades.

Scope and delimitation

The focus of this study is to determine the effects of family influence in choosing the

students' course. This study encompasses college students from the Baliuag University under

the following departments: College of Education, College of Business Administration,

College of Nursing, College of Environmental Design and Engineering, College of

Information Technology and Education and College Hospitality Management and Tourism.

Only 6 students per department and only 4 students from College of Arts and Science was

chosen as the subject of study.

Definition of Terms