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Name: Rosy Thinn Grade - 7.

1 (01, February, 2017)

Topic: The Constantinople Lesson: 02 (Discussion Mode, 50mins)

Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment
Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Final Exam (Optional)
Empire became the largest city with a huge Poster Presentation

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)

The student will be able to
What is Constantinople?
How did it form? Identify how Constantinople is
Why did it become the formed and what makes the city the
biggest city in the world in that time?
How many population were biggest in the world in that timeline
in that city? (Development in art, business and
What were the people like? education)
What are some significant
facts about the city Constantinople?

Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies

10 mins Beginning the Lesson
List down the agenda on the board while waiting for the students to come
Short video
Reading with a partner and sharing
Taking Notes
Review (Ask questions)
o When did Byzantine Empire begin?
o How long did it last?
o What are some facts that we learned from last classes?
Goal of Lesson: To Identify how Constantinople is formed and what makes
the city the biggest in the world in that timeline
(Development in art, and education)

Developing the Lesson

Group Discussion
15mins o Distribute handouts to students. Tell them to read with the partner
sitting next to them and write down their answers.
o Provide Guiding questions as they read, (feel free to write notes/
highlight the text)
What was Constantinople and how did it form?
Why was the city hard to attack?
What were people like?
For what reasons did Constantinople became the richest and the biggest city
(many possible answers.)
Do you see any significant about the palaces?
10 mins After that, students will share what answers they got from their discussion
to the class. Ask other students opinions if they have different answers.
Teacher will use several pictures for the students to visualize and see more
what they have read. (The great wall, the Roman clothing, schooling, the
big market, the Hagia Sophia Church with explanation)

Closing the Lesson

10 mins Tell students to take notes
How did Constantinople become Istanbul today? (Fall of Byzantine
Constantinople was founded by the emperor Constantine I in 330 AD.
The most popular religion there was Eastern Orthodox Christianity (Greek
Orthodox Christianity).
In 1453, Constantinople was invaded by the Ottoman Turks (Turkish).
Emperor Constantine XI died in battle that day and that was the fall of
Byzantine Empire.
The Hagia Sophia Church was changed into a Mosque (now a Museum).
In 1923, Constantinople became Istanbul named by the Turkish.
Listen to a song and sing along (The Istanbul not Constantinople)
5 mins

Formative Assessment Differentiation

Group (partner) discussion after reading Dialog (Woman of
handout Constantinople and the interviewer)
Ask students to read the
material out loud and teacher explain
Students will give a summary
about the City Constantinople at the end
of the class.
The copy text of hand out pages 30-32 The Beauty of Constantinople