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Reflection on Day 02: Constantinople

1. Listing Agenda on the board: As I followed the advice of my cooperating teacher, I

listed agenda of the day for every lesson, each day. This was really helpful as the students

realized what came next.

2. Explanation before watching video clips:
This time as I learned from yesterdays class, I told the students what I expected them to

think through, what things they should focus on as they were watching videos. I foretold

them the guiding questions so that they would be prepared to answer the questions. This

actually helped and I could see their active participation in discussion.

3. Grouping for poster presentation: (This does not include in this lesson plan anymore

since I already revised it)

On this day, I introduced the students about the poster presentation and I told them this

would be summative assessment at the end of the 2-week course. I asked them to count 1,

2, 3, 4 from each row as I tried to group them randomly into 5 groups of 4. Unexpectedly,

it was totally chaos and the class went out of control. The reason was that they did not

like each other. They wanted to remain with their friends and they were urging me to

have their own choice. They could not hear me even though I tried to speak the loudest.

Finally, I had to tell the students that I would regroup them the next day. From this I

realized that being flexible is not always good. I should have used a teachers authority to

group them and I also need to learn how to manage when it went chaos.