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SHADOW WALTZ WARNER BROS. & THE VITAPHONE CORP, resent od? m WARREN WILLIAM » JOAN BLONDELL ALINE MacMAHON * RUBY KEELER words by music by AL DUBIN HARRY WARREN mMERVERY Lf Rov dances_by BUSBY BERKELEY Shadow Waltz Pati’ In The Park Remember My Forgten Man Fre Got To Sing A Torch Song ‘The Gol Diggers’ Song tas) Remick Music Corp. Rem WW A ene a= REMICKS STANDARD HITS | SMILES | Lyric by Music by J. WILE CALLAHAN LEE S. ROBERTS | REFRAIN, ‘Moderato smiles that make ua hap - py,—— There are smilew— Copyright 1917 by Lee &, Roberta TILL WE MEET AGAIN | SONG Lyric by Music by RAYMOND B. EGAN RICHARD A. WHITING CHORUS mo sad a - dieu When the clouds roll 7 Jerome H Remick & Co, Smile the while you ki Copyright MY BUDDY Lyric by SONG Music by GUS KAHN WALTER DONALDSON REFRAIN ‘Valse moderato Rubato Nights are long since you went a - way I think a - ‘Copyright 1922 by Jerome H.Remick& Co. THE JAPANESE SANDMAN Told by SONG Set to Musio by RAYMOND B. EGAN RICHARD A. WHITING CHORUS. Here's the Japanese Sand- man—Sneak-ing on withthe dew Just an old vecond ‘Copyright 1920 by Jerome H-Remick & Co “Gold Diggers of 1933” 3 SHADOW WALTZ Words by Music by AL. DUBIN, HARRY WARREN wget ey Valse Andante Aon 8, Shad-ows on the wall,_ and there, D7 Daug G E? Ami Dy BT a fi fe ev -’ry - where, Sil-hou-ettes in blue, Dane-ing in the dew % Symbols for Guitar and Banjo Copyright MCMXXXIII by M. Witmark & Sons, N.¥. 2479-3 Remick Music Corp. Assignee of U.S. and Canadian Rights International Copyright Secured Made in U.S. A ALL RIGHTS RESERVED INCLUDING PUBLIC PERFORMANCE FOR PROFIT Anylarraugement ar adaptation of this composition ontthout the vowsant of the owner ts an infriazement of coker (ght: Dz ‘ea Bw Be poco rit. where are you? poto rit, 2 To G FA Rp G D. open) ang FRAIN conespressione Ey Hf ks; cme atmpo fi + An the shad-ows, let me come and sing —F Emi7 D7 Edim G-Emi7 AZ Daim D7 let mecling to you, Let me lin-ger long, let me live my song. —— x 4 | i= 2479-3 ‘5 ‘eps s > fa An? In the win-ter, let_me bring thespring to Let me feelthat I mean i Love's old song 7 c Bmi. Ddim, ee 1,G_ Emi7Ami7 D7 FT Tengo #8 HH In the shadowswhen I_comeandsing to you. Sagara aa ee atempo 2479-8 dim.e rit. Inthe shadowswhenI come andsing to Bt —— ‘WARNING: Any copying of in words or manic of hia song, ov any portion thereof, We infringerUableo crimiaal prosecution under tho US. copyright lam. &. ev—vll TWO GREAT STANDARD FAVORITES THE GARDEN OF ROSES Words by Verse Fminor, Chorus Fmajor (¢ to et) Music J.E. DEMPSEY JOHANN C. SCHMID Largo Beau-ti-ful garden of ros = Kissed by the gold - en dew, pes | SP rit, Each pret-ty flow-er dis- clos - Vir-tues I find Copyright MCMIX by JEROME H.REMICK & Co,New York YOUR EYES HAVE TOLD ME SO Lyric “hice Keys ; GUS"KAHN and BhGbod) Be tod) Ab (tox) war ditt!s,» opus EGBERT VAN ALSTYNE Valse lento (con espressione) ———$————— ‘With tove-tight and saw your eyes, your won der- ful eyes. RTE : = == They thrilled me thru, They filled me too beam - — ing, ton-der- ness Lf |~-— |) = _ |> Copyright MCMXIX ty JEROME H. REMICK & Co,New York sold or from the publishers Price 40c each postpcid — May be had wherever mi REMICK MUSIC CORPORATION SCHAEFER MUSIC SHOPPE “att KEITHALBEE BLDG. YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO