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Reflection on Day 06: Group Poster Presentation

Time for feedback and comments:

In almost every classes, I tend to have problem in the ending part. I think the possible reason is

that I wanted to give more information and I should not forget the fact that the students in my

class loved to talk. It tend to take more time than I expected. On this presentation day, since there

were some students missing and their group members had to decide again which part they would

do. So, they needed sometime (about 5-7 minutes) to discuss. As there were five groups in total, I

should have reminded the groups who went beyond the limited time (more than 3-4minutes).

Because in the end of the class, it was a bit rushing for the last group to finish it up. Some groups

presented really well (they knew exactly what they were presenting), but some did not. I think as

a teacher, I should have taken a few minutes to provide feedback and comments on their

presentation as well. This would show my acknowledgement to their hard work (team work) and

they would also learn how to improve in presentation. In the grading part, my cooperating

teacher and my peer student-teacher helped me. We worked together and decided to give the

grade that we all agreed with. As I am not good enough in grading part, I think it is a good idea

to work with others, especially, with mentors who already have experience in teaching for many