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Christ the Antidote regarding Death


Part 14.
Several years ago I was reading in Jn. 3:3. ''Except a man be born AGAIN he cannot enter into the
kingdom o God'' my mind was direted to the word A!AI"# $ the s%irit o& the 'ord s%o(e to me $ said
loo( in yo)r onordane regarding the word A!AI"# I said to mysel&# I (now the meaning# it means 'from
above' $ went on reading# the s%irit s%o(e to me a seond time $ said he( yo)r onordane# one again
slightly %)**led I ignored that inner voie# +eing %ro+a+ly a little la*y $ thin(ing I (new +etter went on
reading# then one again a third time $ very &irmly in what I wo)ld all an order o& the s%irit# go $ o%en
yo)r onordane# this time I ated immediately $ I m)st say that I am very glad that I did. ,hen I o%ened
)% to the word A!AI" I read in -S./0"!S 123# anothen, an'-o-then; &rom 507; from above; +y anal. from
the first; +y im%l. anew:-- &rom a+ove# again# &rom the +eginning 4very &irst5# the to%.6 As I +egan to realise
the signi&iane o& what I had 7)st read I was asto)nded# elated $ thrilled.

89e%t a man +e +orn : ;/0< A=0>8 : ;/0< .?8 ;I/S. : ;/0< .?8 =8!I""I"! : ;/0< .?8 .0P.
"ow to +egin to ill)strate @ from the top @ today in m)si# means &rom the +eginning o& the song. A;rom the
&irstA# means e9atly the same as 'From the beginning' ''In the beginning God created'' ''Except a man be
born ! rom abo"e# or again ! that i$ to experience %hat he & man & had in the "er' beginning ( to
e"ent)a**' come to a rea*i$ation o %ho ( %hat he %a$ in the "er' beginning o time+'' ''or %e had been
oreordained ,cho$en ( appointed beorehand- in accordance %ith Hi$ p)rpo$e# .ho %ork$ e"er'thing
in agreement %ith the co)n$e* ( de$ign o Hi$ o%n %i**+'' 8%h 1:11+. Am%. ''/reated in /hri$t 0e$)$''
8%h B:12+ CJ># the !ree( says 'formed'. -S./0"!S B3D3 Cti*o to fabricate, make, found, create, form
originall!6 ''E"en 1in Hi$ *o"e2 He cho$e )$ 1act)a**' picked )$ o)t or Him$e* a$ Hi$ o%n2 in /hri$t
0e$)$ beore the o)ndation o the %or*d'' 8%h 1:4a. Am%.
The Fini$hing Gab*e or Head$tone
In Eeh 3:F. Am%. ,e read. ''For %ho are 'o)# O great mo)ntain 1o h)man ob$tac*e$23 4eore
5er)bbabe* 1%ho %ith 0o$h)a had *ed the ret)rn o the exi*e$ rom 4ab'*on ( %a$ )ndertaking the
reb)i*ding o the temp*e# beore him" 'o) $ha** become a p*ain 1a mere mo*ehi**26 And he $ha** bring
orth the ini$hing gab*e $tone 1o the ne% temp*e2 %ith *o)d $ho)ting&$ o the peop*e# cr'ing GRA/E#
GRA/E to it+'' In the CJ> .he 'finishing gable stone' is rendered the '#eadstone'! It is &rom the ?e+rew $
is &rom the word /0S? $ /0S?A? $ it means beginning, chapiter, chief, chiefest place, man, ever
man, r!ler, s!m, top"
.he great mountain of human obstacles is in the mind o& man @ his mistaken identit $ whih stands
+e&ore him $ the realisation o& his godhood# hi$ deit'# or his true identit /hri$t+ In the re+)ilding o& the
tr)e temp*e o God not the ty%e or meta%hor as mentioned a+ove# this great mo)ntain is now as we write
+eoming a p*ain - a mere molehill - $ %eo%le are with lo)d sho)ting:s now rying !/AC8 !/AC8 to the
tr)e !a+le or ?eadstone# : /hri$t in Hi$ )**ne$$ in Hi$ bod' & $ very soon as o)r cro$$ing o 0ordan is
ended# then the &)ll )nderstanding o& what is now ha%%ening will +eome lear $ the lea%ing o& the %lay&)l
alves will s)rely +ring a grace, grace, o& &)ll reality &rom o)r li%s as we +eome aware that the
A?eadstoneA# the &)ll )nderstanding o& the &)llness or om%leteness o& +eing &)lly +orn : rom abo"e# rom
the ir$t# rom the beginning# rom the top & +egins to ta(e %lae in e"er' man. .he &)llness or mat)rity o&
o)r 'gro%ing )p into the head' will not $ annot ta(e %lae in either the - %uter &ourt or #ol 'lace - in
the original &easts o& eah ''assover, 'entecost ( )abernacles' there was never any la%:over# eah &east was
om%letely se%arate in +oth dates $ eremony# C0<P'8.8'G S8PA/A.8D# there is $ m)st +e a se%arate
e9%eriene +etween 7enteco$t ( Tabernac*e$ that is i& we are to &ollow the %attern sri%t)rally. .he time
la%se +etween the 'Feast of *eeks or 'entecost, ( the feast of +ooths or )abernacles' was something li(e
o)r ( one ha* to i"e month$# whereas the %eriod +etween A'assover ( 'entecost' was a%%ro9 $e"en
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
''God %a$ manie$t in the *e$h' also 'The )**ne$$ o the Godhead d%e*t in /hri$t bodi*''' .his is not to
say that the &lesh o& Jes)s Christ was !od# as the man Jes)s was the - last ,dam - $ was o)r %er&et h)man
e9am%le. At times we hear the term o& '-od the .on' or '-od the hol spirit' we will not &ind these terms
anywhere in the sri%t)res# +)t yo) will &ind the %hrase GOD THE FATHER thro)gho)t the "ew .estament.
.he term 'The 8on o God' is totally di&&erent to '-od the .on' or ''The 9ord i$ that $pirit'' means
something H)ite di&&erent to '-od the hol spirit'! ,hat are we saying hereI 'There i$ ONE GOD' who was
mani&ested in three ways +)t remained only 0ne !od. Three manie$tation$# "ot three %ersonsJ ,e &ind
in <ar( 1B:B3# :0e$)$ an$%ered# The FIR8T ( principa* one of all commands i$;
Hear O I$rae* the 9ord o)r God i$ One 9ord ( HIM ON9Y $ha** 'o) $er"e+
,e +eing made in the image o& !od an mani&est or reveal o)rselves in many ways +)t still remain only
one entity. i.e. <any o& yo) reading this right now will# in one day# reveal yo)rsel& in at least three ways# as
a h)s+and# ONE" .hen as a &ather# T#O" .hen as a son# THREE, $ still remain only 0"8 %erson. Anyone
meeting yo) that day will only a(nowledge ONE %erson yet yo) may &ill many roles d)ring the day. 0)r
,onder&)l !0D who is o)r ;ather is e9atly the same# yet remains 0"'G 0"8 !0D who is $pirit. "ow
this one !od revealed himsel& in one man# one +ody# namely Jes)s Christ# ?e was the &orer)nner o& the
or%orate +ody or son or <A"C?I'D. Jes)s ta)ght )s that 'I and M' Father are ONE' ?e also ta)ght )s ''I
ha"e gi"en to them the g*or' ( hono)r %hich 'o) ha"e gi"en Me# that the' ma' be one 1e"en2 a$ .e are
ONE+'' Jn 1F:BB. 8ah $ every one o& )s are e9at re%liaAs o& Jes)s Christ in every way. ,hat ?e is we
are also# I say A/8 deli+erately# &or I no longer 7)dge a&ter the &lesh or m mistaken identit whih is a
del)sion. I& Jes)s Christ was the 'AS. ADA< what does that ma(e yo) $ I. In at)al &at i& Jes)s was
tr)ly the 'AS. ADA< this means that sine the res)rretion there are no more ADA<S only AChristAsA
A"0I".8D 0"8S or S0"S or those who are 0"8 ,I.? .?8 ;A.?8/. ,hat stands in o)r wayI 0)r mind#
a del)sion# the mista$ing of o!r TR%E i&entit" ,hih is also the A>8I'A.
,hen !od +egins to reveal a ./K.? to )s# that is the time that ?e desires )s to to %ossess the
)nderstanding o& it. ,e annot $ m)st# not hear the message o& .A=8/"AC'8S thro)gh Penteostal ears.
In the realm o& Penteost it is A!od $ <8A# in the realm o& .a+ernales# it is !od alone. ?is 'identit' not
my 'mistaken identit'! In Penteost we were always trying to onvert Adam# Adam will never +e
onverted. ,hen Jes)s made the statement 'I ( m' Father are One' I do not +elieve &or one moment that
?e was re&erring to ?is &leshL ,hyI ?e was still then the 'last ,dam' ?e was re&erring to who ?e really
was .?8 C?/IS. Athe 8on %ho %a$ gi"en'# not +orn. ,hen Pa)l said 'It i$ no *onger I that *i"e$ b)t
/hri$t %ho *i"e$ %ithin me' he was re&erring to his 'true identit' /hri$t# Adam was no longer living# Pa)l
was "0. ./GI"! .0 C0">8/. ADA<. .o try to onvert Adam# is the same as trying to onvert o)r
'mistaken identit' whih is not real +)t a lie or a del)sion. "ow having said that# we have +een saying &or
some time that o)r Adam 'mistaken identit' is a del)sion. .he H)estion isL are we ready to go a ste%
&)rtherI In this wal( o& .a+ernales# !od is sim%ly o%ening )% $ +ringing )s into something that already
IS# it is sim%ly a revealing o& something that is already o)rs# +)t a veil# 'our soulish fleshl mind' has
hidden it &rom )s. /ight now the wonder&)l grae o& !od is at wor(. I re%eat what I said %revio)sly. I&
Jes)s Christ was the 'AS. ADA<#''The ir$t man Adam %a$ made a *i"ing $o)*; the 9A8T ADAM %a$
made a <)ickening $pirit+'' 1Cor 11:41. CJ># what does that ma(e yo) $ I. .his inl)des every last one o&
)s. .o (now all this is very eno)raging $ as wait e/pectantl &or ?is Coming or ?is unveiling o& ?imsel&
in )s# these are those who !od is soon a+o)t to H)i(en $ hange. "ow we realise that the letter
interpreters will +e on the 7o+ H)i( smart. =)t to those who are tr)ly wal(ing with !od $ who are
'h)ngering ( thir$ting ater tr)th ( righteo)$ne$$' they will +e &illed to over&lowing with revelation#
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
+less o)r ,onder&)l 'ord $ Savio)r Jes)s Christ. ;)rthermore thro)gh these that !od is hoosing now
ever ee shall behol& Him $ then he %i** appear to $ in every man. In other words ''e"er' knee $ha**
bo% ( e"er' tong)e $ha** cone$$ that 0e$)$ /hri$t i$ 9ord to the g*or' o God the Father'' Phil B:12:11.
The on*' $o*)tion to Death i$ 9ie+
B.hess B:M.Am%. ''And then the *a%*e$$ one %i** be re"ea*ed ( the 9ord 0e$)$ %i** $*a' destro him %ith
the breath o Hi$ mo)th ( bring him to an end b' Hi$ A77EARING at Hi$ /OMING'' .he )hird depth
or realm o& )nderstanding o& this ha%ter is &ar more revealing $ to the %oint o& where we are today than
the second realm one%t. .he *ie o& ?is appearing shall de$tro' the lawless one# or the death one%t
within )s# $ +ring it to an end.
''For the 9A. o the $pirit o 9IFE in /hri$t 0e$)$# HA8 reed me rom the 9A. o $in ( death+'' /om
M:B. 0ne again we see the word ?AS# it is a done deal# this veil or o)r mind has deeived )s.
.his what I am a+o)t share# some o& yo) may not have even tho)ght a+o)t or onsidered# ''4)t the
tr)th %i** $et )$ ree''+ ''M' - or man of -od0s own - peop*e are de$tro'ed or *ack o kno%*edge+'' or la(
o& Tr!th" ?os 4:D. .he 'aw or 'egalism was %assed down &rom J)daism $ in&iltrated into the early
Ch)rh. Pa)l the A%ostle wo)ld have none o& it# +)t it was a ontin)al %ro+lem to him $ the h)rhes he
esta+lished. In some irles it was tolerated# read very losely in Ats 11:B4. !al B:3:F. =ea)se it was not
om%letely dealt with# it remained a thorn in the side o& the early Ch)rh. Constantine %i(ed it )% $ then
o& o)rse it in&iltrated into the Dar(: ages thro)gh into 1D22s then right thro)gh into the 1322s. 0)r ;ather
is now leaning )% the resid)e today among ?is chosen ones:: those oming into &)ll son:shi% or )he
emerging 1an-child. In other words ?e is ta(ing o&& o)r Gra"e c*othe$+ .hen they in t)rn will ta(e the %)re
word. in a %)re attit)de# to the world. Ats 11:1D:1F. '( 3:D.
So &or this reason I s)+mit what I am a+o)t to write &or +oth yo)r %er)sal $ onsideration. It is my
strong onvition that +oth Sin + Repentance have not +een %resented in their tr)e %)re meaning# +)t
have +een strongly olo)red +y a legalisti J)dai $ religio)s +a(gro)nd. 'et me %resent a H)estion.
,hen a %erson is onvited o& !od# is it the love o& !od onviting themI It most ertainly isJ It is +oth
the !rae $ the 'ove o& !od that +ring tr)e onvition# not guilt ( accusation! .he word repent $
repentance are e9e%t in one ase translated &rom three words :: Strongs# metame**omai N333M#
metanoeo /0012, metanoia /0013, %hich i$ re*ated to noieo /0405" .he om%o)nd meanings o& these
words are as &ollows :: regret, think differentl, change, reconsider, reversal, reformation, to e/ercise the
mind, observe, comprehend, consider, perceive, think, understand! "ot one word o& a)sation or
ondemnation or o& as(ing &orgiveness. I one again in this artile as( the H)estion# ,?GI Did the early
Ch)rh see something that we have not seen# or has !od le&t it )ntil now that the '8a*"ation to be re"ea*ed
peop*e#' wo)ld %i( it )% in the third /ealmI I +elieve it is +othJJ
.he tr)th is# that at Calvary it was &inished. ''A$ ar a$ the Ea$t i$ rom the .e$t $o ar ARE O=R
tran$gre$$ion$ remo"ed rom )$+'' .hey are already removed dear ones# gone# gone# gone. ''4eing
>)$tiied ree*' b' Hi$ Grace+'' /om 3: B4 ,e are no longer in the in-part realm )nderstanding.
A)sation# g)ilt $ ondemnation are o& the same &amily $ are in total o%%osition to the word
onvition. Aording to the !ree(# the meanings o& many words have over the years +een very s)+tly
hanged to meet the way o& thin(ing o& that %arti)lar time. I +elieve that i& Pa)l was to arrive on the sene
today he wo)ld +e H)ite s)r%rised. =)t lets not leave !od o)t o& the %it)re. ?as ?e not always hidden ?is
tr)thOs $ has he not always wanted searhers. ;or instane Prov B1:B. ''It i$ the g*or' o god to concea* a
thing? b)t the hono)r o king$ to $earch o)t a matter+@ ( a*$o i$ not God :in ( thro)gh a** thing$+''
He i$ %orth' o o)r prai$e!

,hen the tr)e love o& !od onvits )s $ at the same time tells )s that we have +een )nder a del)sion.
/e%entane will +ring a time o& re7oiing# A 6!bilee as it were. , great realisation! Please (ee% in mind
the a+ove tr)e meaning o& re%entane whih is sim%ly a change of heart or mind! 0r a realisation. "ot the
one o& &hurchianit whih is one o& rying o)t $ +egging# Please &orgive me.
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
''4eho*d I am doing a ne% thing'' whih inl)des ne7 7ine s$ins $ stripping off the ol& grave clothes"
''God$ ree git i$ not at a** to be compared to the tre$pa$$ ,AdamA$- or i man' died thro)gh one manA$
a**ing a%a' ,hi$ *ap$e# hi$ oence- m)ch more pro)$e*' did GodA$ grace ( the ree git thro)gh the
)nde$er"ed a"o)r o one man 0e$)$ /hri$t abo)nd ( o"er*o% to ( or ,the beneit o- man+'' /om 1:11
Am%. .he : offence ( trespass - in the a+ove is &rom the !ree( word paratome whih means :: side sli%#
la%se# or deviation 4i.e. )nintentional5# &all# &a)lt# o&&ene# sin# tres%ass# or wil&)l transgress. .he Go)ngOs
version says a a**ing a$ide 0ne again this word# it seems# as many other words# have +een somewhat
overstressed $ now in o)r searh &or s%irit)al tr)th# &reedom $ arising into the heavens# !od is wanting )s
to +e &ree in all areas o& o)r %ast 2e3ebel, soulish, good ( evil concepts. ;or those interested I am listing a
n)m+er o& te9ts to s)%%ort the a+ove ill)stration that the original meanings have +een ontorted. /om
11:11:1B# /om 4:B1# !al DL1 James 1L1D. <at D:14. <ar( 11:B1. B Cor 1:13. 8%h B:1. Col B:13. Am%.
.hen did God E"er te** Yo) or I that %e %ere a $inner3
''For a** ha"e $inned ( come $hort o the G*or' o God+'' /om 3:B3. ,e will onsider this verse &rom
three as%ets.

1. .he word sinne& in this verse is &rom the !ree( word hamartano, 8S./0"!S NBD4. ham-ar-tan'-o; to
miss the mar( 4and so not share in the %ri*e5# i.e. 4&ig.5 to err, to sin, $&or yo)r &a)lts# o&&end# sin# tres%ass6.
.his word is also related $ interhangea+le with the word hamartia whih was a &avo)rite among the
!ree(s es%eially when desri+ing one in an Arhery math who had missed the target $ it sim%ly means
to miss the mark! "ow interestingly the word mark in the !ree( is chara$ter $ means e9atly the same
as o)r word character whih desri+es ones identity. So missing the mar( is to miss the character or
identit! So onsidering all thingsL In o)r idiom today# we wo)ld sim%ly say mistaking our identit that is
why yo) &ind so many .a+ernale writers )sing this term. :For a** ha"e mistaken their identit ( /OME
8HORT o the G*or' o God+@ <ista(ing o)r identity is sim%ly +elieving we are someone we are not 'an
i**)$ion'+ ,e have missed the mark, in not realising who we really are. 0)r tr)e identity is at)ally '/hri$t
in 'o)'+
/an %e e"er remember GOD te**ing )$ that %e %ere a $inner3
B. I wo)ld now li(e to loo( at $ om%are the term come short o the G*or' o God+ Another way o&
desri+ing to come short wo)ld +e say to lack or to +e a little lower, In Ps M:4:1 Am%# we read# ''.hat i$
man that Yo) are mind)* o him# ( the $on o 1earth&born2 man that Yo) care or him3 Yet 'o) ha"e
made him b)t a *itt*e *o%er than God - 4lohim, or heavenl beings,- ( 'o) ha"e cro%ned him %ith g*or'
( hono)r+'' .he word 4lohim in all other ases re&ers to !od or god's whih is re&erring to the corporate
man! .he Go)ngAs translation says ''And ca)$e$t him to *ack a *itt*e o Godhead+'' .o 'ACC# to C0<8
S?0/. or to +e A 'I..'8 '0,8/ is not the same as +eing - damned sinners! .o %rove this t)rn to#
/om M: B2# ''For the creation ,nat)re- %a$ $)b>ected to rai*t' ,to )ti*it'# condemned to r)$tration-
not beca)$e o $ome intentiona* a)*t on it$ part# b)t b' the %i** o Him .ho $o $)b>ected it&&&1'et2 %ith
the hope+'' In other words !od deli+erately '0,8/8D )s $ a)sed )s to lac$ A 'I..'8 o& !odhead# )ntil
?is time to reverse it# whih is ha%%ening "0,. ''that 1%e might arri"e2 at rea**' mat)re manhood ,the
comp*etene$$ o per$ona*it' %hich i$ nothing *e$$ than the $tandard height o /hri$t'$ o%n perection-#
the mea$)re o the $tat)re o the )**ne$$ o the /hri$t ( the comp*etene$$ o)nd in Him+@ 8%h 4:13+#
+)t then we read ha% B:D :And He rai$ed )$ )p 'past tense' together %ith Him ( made )$ $it do%n
together 1gi"ing )$ >oint $eating %ith Him2 in the hea"en*' $phere 1b' "irt)e o o)r being2 in /hri$t
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
0e$)$ ,the Me$$iah# the Anointed One+'' I& ?e has already raised )s )% why are many still getting si( $
dyingI 0ne word the >8I'. So ''in bringing man' $on$ into g*or''' there is now not only a need# +)t the
de&inite will $ wor(ing o& the S%irit# that %ro%hey might +e &)l&illed right on time. I +elieve that !od has
his own &oreordained alender# whih is one o& %er&etion. ,e are right now also realising that the last
,dam is done away with# $ all those +eing +orn into the world they are ''in rea*it'# <)ickening $pirit$ or
*ie gi"ing $pirit$''+ Isa B1:F. ''And He %i** de$tro' on thi$ mo)ntain the co"ering o the ace that i$ ca$t
o"er the head$ o a** peop*e$ 1in mo)rning2# ( the "ei* 1o proo)nd %retchedne$$2 that i$ .OBEN (
$pread o"er a** the nation$+'' /I!?. 0" .I<8JJ
"ow +eloved %lease do not ta(e this the wrong way as the last tho)ght in my mind is to so)nd s)%erilio)s#
+)t the &ats are that in rossing Jordan the men will be separated from the bos I re&er one again to
")m+ers 14. 0h !od grant )s that we wo)ld all have the - spirit of a &aleb!
.here# did %e ir$t hear that %e %ere 8inner$3
3. 'et )s now onsider the setting. ,hat I am a+o)t to write will +e a similar reiteration o& a %ortion o& o)r
last edition# +)t in a di&&erent setting. "ow I well realise that what we are +ringing here will +e new to some
o& yo) $ i& yo) &ind it a little hard to gras% at &irst thatAs H)ite 0(ay# +)t give it a little time $ meditation
+e&ore yo) start stoning me. /emem+er this is .A=8/"AC'8 )nderstanding. /om 3:B1:B4. CJ>. ''4)t
no% the righteo)$ne$$ o God %itho)t the *a% i$ manie$ted# being %itne$$ed b' the *a% ( the prophet$+
BB# E"en the righteo)$ne$$ o God %hich i$ b' aith o 0e$)$ /hri$t )nto a** and )pon a** them that
be*ie"e? or there i$ no dierence? CD# ;or all ha"e $inned ( ha"e come $hort o the g*or' o God; 4eing
>)$tiied ree*' b' Hi$ grace thro)gh the redemption that i$ in /hri$t 0e$)$'' I& the inter%retation o& sin
was what we have +een ta)ght &or so long $ not what we have said a+ove in the E
a$pect# how o)ld o)r
%er&et $ wonder&)l !od tell )s here that all are 7)sti&ied ;/88'G. ,hat the CJ> has written here is the
e9at inter%retation o& the original !ree(# -eorge 5icker +err, the &oncordant 6iteral 7ew
)estament, the 7ew 829, the :iaglott, the 829! All say e9atly the same thingJ "ow in one sense it
does not really matter# &or all versions in their own way say that ''there i$ no dierence# or a** ha"e
$inned - missed the mark,or mistaken their identit - ( ha"e come $hort o the g*or' o God ( are a** are
>)$tiied ree*' b' Hi$ grace+'' +)t H)ite a n)m+er o& them omit '')nto a**# and )pon a** them that
be*ie"e+'' ,?GI .he main reason is that they do not +elieve that the !os%el inor%orates A'' <8"# $ so
what they are saying is# that what Pa)l wrote is wrong $ they will not onsider that he may +e right# $ do
not want to (now a thing a+o)t it $ they dare to omit what is written in the originalL "ot a good %osition to
+e inJ
.he righteo)sness o& !od +elongs to A'' <8" $ in one sense# all are in the same ategory. ,?GI ;or
'A** ha"e $inned'# or have mistaken their identit! saint or sinner @ but - as &ar as !od is onerned .?8/8 IS "0
DI;;8/8"C8# ,hyI ;or all are JKS.I;I8D +y ?is !/AC8. That i$ God'$ opinion on the matter ; .he
%ro+lem is o)r in part# Ho*' 7*ace# 7enteco$ta*# 9ega*i$tic )nderstanding. 0)r wonder&)l !od is in one
sense +eginning to wi%e away the tears o& the in part Pharaoh# legalisti# even in some ases# des%oti#
Antihrist )nderstanding. 0e$)$ /hri$t ta$ted death or e"er' man+ o)r title isL
''Death i$ $%a**o%ed )p %ith 9IFE+'' 1Cor11:14. ''And God p)rpo$ed that thro)gh ,b' the $er"ice# the
inter"ention o- Him 1the 8on2 A99 thing$ $ho)*d be /OM79ETE9Y reconci*ed back to Him$e*# %hether
on earth or in hea"en# a$ thro)gh Him# 1the Father2 made peace b' mean$ o the b*ood o Hi$ cro$$+
And a*tho)gh 'o) at one time %ere e$tranged ( a*ienated rom Him ( %ere o ho$ti*e attit)de o mind
'or in our mind' in 'o)r %icked acti"itie$+ YET NO. ha$ 1/hri$t the Me$$iah2 reconci*ed 1'o) to God2 in
the bod' o Hi$ *e$h thro)gh death# in order to pre$ent 'o) ho*' ( a)*t*e$$ ( irreproachab*e in Hi$
1the Father$2 pre$ence+'' Col 1: B2:BB. Am%. .he CJ> renders# ''A*ienated in 'o)r MIND8'' or +y $
thro)gh o)r - mistaken identit - we man(ind are a&&eted +y the <ASS C0"SCI0KS"8SS o& the
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
)nregenerate ,0/'D. .hat is why Pa)l admonished )s ''that 'o) henceorth %a*k not a$ other Genti*e$
%a*k# in the "anit' o their MIND+ Ha"ing the )nder$tanding darkened# being a*ienated rom the *ie o
God thro)gh the IGNORAN/E that i$ in them beca)$e o the b*indne$$ o their heart+'' 8%h 4: 1F+:1M
CJ>. I& we o)ld +)t realise that the tr)th is now# sine Jes)s the last ,dam went to the ross $ thro)gh ?is
true identit Christ overame ?is mistaken identit ( is now a li&e giving s%irit# we now are also
<uickened together with ?im. In other words the last ,dam is the 'AS.# i& we re&er to a ;I/S. there are
others to &ollow +)t in s%ea(ing o& a 'AS. there annot +e# $ there are not# any more ADA<S.
''And 'o)# being dead in 'o)r $in$ - mistaken identit - ( the )n&circ)m$cription o 'o)r *e$h#
HATH HE F=I/GENED TOGETHER .ITH HIM# ha"ing orgi"en 'o) a** tre$pa$$e$; 4*otting o)t the
hand%riting o ordinance$ that %a$ again$t )$# %hich %a$ contrar' to )$# ( took it o)t o the %a'#
nai*ing it to Hi$ cro$$; And ha"ing $poi*ed principa*itie$ ( po%er$# He made a $ho% o them open*'#
tri)mphing o"er them in it+'' Col B:13:11. CJ>. Please notie that we are already - <uickened together
with #im - ( i& yo) an reeive it# sine the res)rretion there are no any longer any ADA<S. .he )l%rit
that wo)ld deeive )s is 'A darkened mind' or a one%t o& DKA'I.G or +etter still 'a mistaken identit'!
Please allow me to re%eat a verse that I H)oted earlier.
''And He %i** de$tro' on thi$ mo)ntain the co"ering o the ace that i$ ca$t o"er the head$ o a**
peop*e$ 1in mo)rning2# ( the "ei* 1o proo)nd %retchedne$$2 that i$ .OBEN ( $pread o"er a** the
nation$+'' Isa B1:F.
''A$ %e ha"e borne the image o the earth'# %e $ha** a*$o bear the image o the hea"en*'+'' 1Cor 11:43.
CJ>. .his %assage o& sri%t)re is totally )nonditional $ re&ers to every man# &or whom Jes)s Christ tasted
death. I will now say ?allel)7ah# ?allel)7ah# Praise the 'ord $ also !lory.
"ow having +een thrilled at what !od has aom%lished &or )s# +)t we m)st not as many have in the %ast#
%res)me more than what is meant. <any well meaning men o& !od in the %ast have +een given gen)ine
revelations $ then have +eome over e9ited $ r)n ahead o& !od. !rae m)st not +e e9l)ded.
''For the GRA/E o God that bring$ $a*"ation HA8 appeared to A99 men+ Teaching )$ - to be - 9ooking
or that b*e$$ed hope# ( the g*orio)$ appearing o the great God ( o)r 8a"io)r 0e$)$ /hri$t ; .ho ga"e
Him$e* or )$# that He might redeem )$ rom a** ini<)it'# ( p)ri' )nto Him$e* a pec)*iar peop*e#
Hea*o)$ o good %ork$+'' .it)s B:11:1Ba# 13:14. CJ>.
I& there is one thing that o)ght to +e %romoted# realised# $ s%o(en a+o)t it is the !/AC8 o& !od# ?is
eletion# or hoosing +y ?is grae# ?is drawing +y ?is grae# ?is timing +y ?is grae. .here is seemingly
a very &ine line +etween !od doing something &or $ to )s $ we doing it o)rselves# +)t really they are very
&ar a%art. ,e do the res%onding# we are the o+edient ones. .he '''g*orio)$ appearing o o)r great God (
8a"io)r'' who has ome $ is oming is now +eing 're"ea*ed ( g*oriied IN Hi$ $aint$' - in the clouds -
?e+ 1B:1# is the one who is ma(ing the ta%estry. I am not the one ontrolling the )niverse# yes it is the same
!od who dwells in me# +)t I am a son o& o)r ;ather# ''8ha** %e not m)ch more cheer)**' $)bmit to the
Father o $pirit$ ( $o 1tr)*'2 *i"e+'' "ow I realise &)lly that Jes)s said ''I$ it not %ritten in 'o)r 9a%# I
$aid Yo) are god$3'' Jn 12:34# $ I &)lly realise that he was addressing even the )nonverted Jews. =)t this
does not mean that i& I have red +lood &lowing thro)gh my veins that I an ta(e li+erties $ laim to +e a
manifeste& son o& !od. I +eome very onerned when I hear that someone has stated# even in a meeting#
:that ou are looking at a manifested son - when +lood is %)m%ing thro)gh their veins# or that someone has
stated that a %erson is si( +ea)se they hoose to +e# when they# themselves# are arrying a si(ness. A
: mistaken identit - has s%o(en twie# $ in +oth ases has lied. A mani&ested son will have a re%lia o& the
+ody o& the glori&ied Christ. "o +lood $ no si(nesses. A tr)e mani&ested son wo)ld never e9%ress
themselves in the a+ove way. I say this to ma(e yo) all aware o& any o)nter&eits that yo) may hear o&.
.here an sometimes +e a very &ine line +etween on&ession $ st)%idityJ I wish it go on reord that we
have nothing to do with these sort o& ativities. '.i$dom i$ >)$tiied o her chi*dren+'
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
O)r Deinition O Grace
In onsidering the immediate a+ove %aragra%h we o)ld easily onl)de that !odAs grae inl)des only
ertain individ)als# this is at)ally - in part - thin(ing $ is &ar &rom the @ all-compassing - tr)th. ,hen we
onsider the vast all enom%assing grae o& !od# we m)st inl)de the &ollowing verse. ''For it %a$ in him
that a** thing$ %ere created# in hea"en ( on earth# thing$ $een ( thing$ )n$een# %hether throne$#
dominion$# r)*er$# or a)thoritie$; A99 thing$ %ere created ( exi$t thro)gh Him 1b' Hi$ $er"ice#
inter"ention2 ( in ( or Him+'' Col 1:1D. Am%.
I& we loo( are&)lly at this verse we will see that the a** thing$ inl)des any %erson or ir)mstane that
we o)ld %ossi+ly +ring to mind. "o matter who yo) are# reading this right now yo) are inl)ded in !odAs
%lan# .he o&ten H)oted one%t o& !rae as - the unmerited favour of -od - goes &ar &rom doing o)r Creator
Christ &)ll 7)stie. Please read with me this verse. ''For God ha$ con$igned ,penned )p- A99 men to
di$obedience# on*' that He ma' ha"e merc' on them A99 1a*ike2+'' /om 11:3B. Am%. As we move on in
!od# o)r in:%art hearing is e9%anded# as is o)r in:%art vision also e9tended# $ we +egin to realise that the
all things inl)de any %erson or any thin(a+le ir)mstane no matter how aw&)l or tragi it may +e# are
inl)ded in the %lan o& !od# ?is imm)ta+ility or )n:hangea+leness is &ar a+ove what we are a+le to thin(
or imagine# 'or a** thing$ %ork together or good' now we an %)t this verse into o)r %arti)lar theologial
nihe i& we want to# +)t witho)t an enlarged vision we are - missing the mark - $ are thin(ing in the realm
o& our mistaken identit! Pa)l the A%ostle had a &ar greater vision than many +elievers realise listen# to
what he had to say in 8%h 3:3 Am%.
''A*$o to en*ighten A99 men ( make p*ain to them %hat i$ the p*an 1regarding the Genti*e$ (
pro"iding or the $a*"ation o A99 men2# o the m'$ter' kept hidden thro)gh the age$ ( concea*ed no%
in 1the mind o 2 God .ho created a** thing$ b' /hri$t 0e$)$+'' "ow to some who &ind it hard to reonile
the two seeming di&&erent ways o& thin(ing# 1. .he hoosing $ eletion o& the <an:hild whih may seem
o%%osed to. B. .he salvation o& all men. .hese &ollowing verses may hel% to throw some light on the
seeming dilemma. ,e are reading &rom 8%h 1: 3:11. Am%.
3.''Making kno%n to )$ the m'$ter' ,$ecret- o Hi$ %i** ,o Hi$ p*an# o Hi$ p)rpo$e-+ 1And it i$ thi$;2
In accordance %ith Hi$ good p*ea$)re ,Hi$ merci)* intention- %hich He had pre"io)$*' p)rpo$ed ( $et
orth in Him+EI+ 1He p*anned2 or the mat)rit' o the time$ ( the c*imax o the age$ to )ni' A99 thing$
( head them )p ( con$)mmate them in /hri$t# 1both2 thing$ in hea"en ( thing$ on the earth+ EE+ In
Him a*$o %e %ere made 1God'$2 heritage portion ( %e obtained an inheritance; or %e had been
oreordained ,cho$en ( appointed beorehand- in accordance %ith Hi$ p)rpo$e# .ho %ork$ o)t
e"er'thing in agreement %ith the co)n$e* ( de$ign o Hi$ o%n %i**+'' "otie in verse 12. that !od has
%lanned to )ni&y A'' .?I"!S that means what it says $ yo) $ I are %art o& the A''# every last %erson who
e9ists now on the earth# who has dwelt# or shall dwell here on this %lanet is inl)ded. As Pa)l was
&oreordained &or his time so we are &oreordained &or this time# $ also eah $ every one o& yo) now reading
this iss)e have a time# G0K A/8 ;0/80/DAI"8D ;0/ A C8/.AI" .I<8. .r)st !od +e eno)raged $ wal(
in %eae $ it will s)rely ome to %ass. .his is also %art o& the !/AC8 o& !od.
I loo$ to7ar&s the light, of the &a7ning ne7 &a,
The &ar$ness rece&es, as the light sen&s it a7a9
As I a7a$e + 7elcome the coming of the &a7n,
'rom &eep 7ithin m spirit, ne7 life + hope are born"
I rise from sleep9 to&a I loo$ aro!n&,
To&a I see ne7 life spring forth, as I trea& ne7 gro!n&9
As Go&:s Spirit lea&s me on to higher gro!n&"
I reach o!t $no7ing, it:s Go&:s love that I have fo!n&"
A7a$e no7 the &a7n, Go&:s love no7 in bloom,
It:s light no7 is filtering, thro!gh the nights gloom9
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
A ne7 &a is born, + it:s light fills m room,
I am, that I am, in Go&:s love 7e:re in t!ne" <ar7orie Stam%a. 3 o& F verses.
T%o God'$
A Good god ( a 4ad god+
,ho wo)ld +elieve in s)h a thingI Get sadly# not that long ago I was as(ed to attend a gathering $ share#
+e&ore it was time &or me to s%ea( a +rother arose to share $ +egan very vehemently# to e9tol the very
)nattrative %owers o& a +eing alled satan we were all warned that this one was on the trail o& every one
o& )s# $ that he was alive $ well $ that he at)ally was going to get more &eathers in his a% than !od# in
other words the ma7ority o& so)ls were his &or the ta(ing. Get we read that o)r great !od had already
delared that 'a** $o)*$ are mine' also that 'I %i** dra% a** men )nto Me'. .his sorrow&)lly# what I was
hearing was a %rime e9am%le o& the : in part : one%t that is )nderstood in many irles today. .his
+rother was e9%o)nding the ty%ial - tree of good ( evil - )nderstanding whih is dual thinking. In eating
o& the &r)it o& good ( evil, those who are still %arta(ing have %ersonalised the goo& $ made it a god; also
the :evil: $ alled it a 'devil'# +)t (now this# they are still eating &rom the wrong tree# the in part realm.
.hese are also a&&irming that this other so alled go& is going to lay laim to# $ %ossess at least 32P o& the
%o%)lation# %ast# %resent $ &)t)re. Inidentally I thin( it is very signi&iant that i& yo) ta(e the A8A in evil $
%lae it +ehind the A>A we now have the word >8I'. .his one%t at)ally es%o)ses a good -od, ( a bad
god. "ow %ersonally in eating &rom the tree o& li&e whih is tabernacles my eyes have +een o%ened# along
with many# many others who realise that there is only 0"8 !0D $ we are to 'gi"e NO p*ace to the de"i*'
whih is none other than o)r mistaken identit! Also we read in ?e+. B:14+:11# Am%.
''He 1Him$e*2 partook o the $ame 1nat)re2# that b' 1going thro)gh2 death He might bring to no)ght (
make o no eect him %ho had the po%er o death&&&&that i$# the de"i*+@:: or o)r mistaken identit the
nat!re o& whih Jes)s %artoo(. :And a*$o that He MIGHT de*i"er ( comp*ete*' $et ree a** tho$e %ho
thro)gh the 1ha)nting2 ear o death .ERE he*d in bondage thro)gho)t the %ho*e co)r$e o their *i"e$+''
.his word might is &rom the !( &!namai or &!namis $ the main im%liation is# - miraculous power! In
the original lang)age $ idiom# this word did not mean ma'be+ +)t A7ill or 7o!l& in po7er:++++++.he word
devil is &rom the !( tra&!cer $ means - false accuser ( slanderer - S./0"!S N 1BBM. ?ow did Jes)s
overome this - false accuser - whih is none other than o)r - mistaken identit or nature= ,ell +less !od
''He partook o the $ame "A.K/8 $ bro)ght to no)ght'' o)r mistaken identit whih tries to 'acc)$e )$
beore o)r Father' : who is o)r - divine nature - within )s @ da' ( night# ( ha$ been ca$t o)t+' /ev.
1B:12+. .o the enlightened what this is sim%ly saying is that o)r - mistaken identit - is a)sing )s +e&ore
o)r - true identit - whih +oth o& o)rse are within )s. ,e m)st remem+er that there are three de%ths to to
the word o& !od - 6iteral, of the soul, ( spiritual! In the Thir& Realm or Tabernacles we have ome to
realise that the word serpent or Satan# re%resents the arnal or nat)ral mind. ?ow or whyI I& yo) do a
searh on the word serpent yo) will &ind that it is related to the *s!che man, or so!l S./0"!S# N1132#
also N1311# N11FB. ,hile I am on the s)+7et# the word ,!cifer is &rom a word - light bringer or shining
one,- we have +een ta)ght +y religiosity that this one is a &allen Angel# +)t i& we loo( at verse 1D in the 14
ha%ter o& Isaiah we &ind that this so alled angel is alled a man who goes to the grave or the %it. ;or those
who are interested in see(ing &)rther# ons)lt the &ootnote at the +ottom o& Isaiah 14 in the Am%li&ied +i+le
$ yo) will +e wonder&)lly enlightened. .hose who are not yet &)lly in&ormed are o)r +rothers $ sisters $
everyone o& them at some stage o& their e9istene# will +e enlightened# +y the '0>8 o& !od $ not the
vinditiveness o& a r)el des%ot. 0& late I have +een e9%eriening the love o& !od in a way that I have not
hitherto (nown $ I am %ers)aded that it is +o)ndless.
In &inalising this little T7o Go&:s res!me:# as we ome to o)r s%irit)al senses $ )neH)ivoally +egin to
%arta(e o& the tree o *ie we will &ind only one entity# Christ in whom there is no d)ality or good verses
evil one%t $ then it +egins to ome lear the saying ''The 9ord o)r God i$ one 9ord ( HIM ON9Y $ha**
tho) $er"e+'' .hen# $ only then# shall we +egin to realise &)lly that. ''I and M' Father are ONE+''
In 8pirit ( in Tr)th
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
?ow do we ome to (now this 0"8 ./K8 !0D in the way ?e desires )s to (now ?imI :God i$ $pirit# &
or a spiritual being - ( tho$e %ho %or$hip Him M=8T %or$hip Him in $pirit ( in TR=TH+'' Jn 4:B4. .he
only tr)e $ %er&et way o& worshi%%ing !od is in the secret place of the 1ost #igh whih is in the realm
o& )abernacles or )he 1ost #ol 'lace this is where the sri%t)re +egins to ome to %ass where ?e will
'Anoint the mo$t Ho*'' Dan 3:B4+# whih is within every last one o& )s# also then we +egin to e9%eriene
&)rther the tr)th o& that whih is already in )s that we are 'a $harer in the g*or' ,the hono)r ( $p*endo)r-
that i$ to be re"ea*ed ,di$c*o$ed ( )no*ded-? 1Pet. 1:1+. ,hih is ha%%ening right nowJ
He take$ a%a' the Fir$t to e$tab*i$h the 8econd+
In the 0ld .estament $ also the A0)ter Co)rt $ ?oly Plae /ealmA !od has +een so graio)s in meeting )s
on a lower level than )abernacles in these 8ras or Periods in the Ch)rhes e9%erieneL +)t (now this they
were not the %er&etion that !od had in mind $ has now led )s into. Q)ite a n)m+er o& years +a( my then
wi&e $ mysel& were heavily into the deliverane ministry $ we were onsidered +y some to have +een
H)ite s)ess&)l. .here ame a day when the 'ord s%o(e to me $ told me that there was a ?I!?8/ ,AG. I
+egan to see( the 'ord as to what ?e meant +y this. "ot long a&ter I was ta(en right o)t o& the in part
'entecostal sene. .here had +een a %ro%hey earlier +y a well re%)ted %ro%het that we were to +e p*)cked
)p ( )prooted ( taken into a dr' ( arid p*ace ( there I %i** teach 'o) the tr)th$ o God in p*ace o the
tradition$ o men++++ I hose to try to ignore this# as in o)r assem+ly were many lovely saints o& !od who
we loved dearly# +)t than( !od# ?e wo)ld have none o& my ignorane $ virt)ally &ored me o)t. As I
+egan to see( the 'ord witho)t any a/e grinding hindranes# I +egan to see the tr)th o& the di&&erene
+etween the .ree o& 'i&e $ the .ree o& !ood $ 8vil. It was a marvello)s revelation to me the day that I
realised that in the Tree of ,ife that there were no more 0PP0SI.8S# no more enemie$# no more o& -ood
fighting 4vil whih omes &rom %arta(ing &rom the &r)it o& the tree o& -ood ( evil. I then +egan to realise
the ?I!?8/ ,AG that I had (nown e9isted# +)t )% to this %oint it was only a theory )ntil I reeived a
revelation whih is the unveiling o& the Christ who is already within )s. "ow !od who is so good $ so
%atient with )s will reveal this to those who ?e has ordained# +e&ore the mani&estation o& ?is sonAs. .he
reH)irement o& o)rse is that we are willing to allow a hange o& new wine skins $ not to thin( that the
0'D ,AG is +etter. It is not an easy thing to give )% the - in part - '47)4&%.),6 binding ( *oo$ing+
,hyI ,ell we or o)r mistaken identit li(e to +e in harge or doing something. As we %rogress &)rther
ahead we realise that in the third realm all Adam ativity m)st die# in other words the ativity o& goo&
verses evil, or goo& overcoming evil m)st &inish. 0ne we +egin to realise that the war is &inished $ we
tr)ly %arta(e o& the tree of life, C?/IS.# then we tr)ly +egin to grad)ate into the ?I!?8/ ,AG or
TA4ERNA/9E8+ Some years later I was sharing this with <ar7 Stam%a $ she also had reeived the same
words &rom !od on this same iss)e# a ?I!?8/ ,AG.
.hene"er Mo$e$ i$ read# a Bei* *ie$ )pon their Mind$ ( Heart$+
I& we insist on thin(ing in 0ld .estament terms as regards generational )rses to the third $ &o)rth
generation s)h as in De)teronomy $ other 0... re&erenes# we are denying the &)ll e9tent o& what was
aom%lished in the r)i&i9ion $ res)rretion# namely there are no more ,dams now we may immediately
ta(e a loo( in the mirror or loo( losely at the &irst %erson we lay eyes on $ %rom%tly deny what we are
now readingL +)t (now this# this is not how we are told to wal( o)r Christian wal(# this is not faith we an
ontin)e to go on with h)nts $ we an &ind a devil )nder any )shion# or in any vase with a H)estiona+le
drawing or logo# we an &ind needs to deliver %eo%le &rom &ormer assoiations# <asoni C)rses# et# $ it
will +e never ending# +)t (now this# this is not oming &rom the .ecret 'lace of the 1ost #igh this is all
oming &rom an in part rea*m or in other words a delusion! S)re there may have +een some s)esses#
some gen)ine# some %syhologially ind)ed# in retros%et I now realise that some o& this ativity +ordered
on withra&t. .his In 7art Rea*m is not &or those who are hungering ( thirsting &or a ?I!?8/ ,AG# in
this way all 8"8<G ativity eases &or KS# $ we wal( in a most wonder&)l e9iting realm o& %eae.
''.hat do 'o) mean b' )$ing thi$ pro"erb concerning the *and o I$rae*# The ather$ ha"e eaten $o)r
grape$ ( the chi*dren'$ teeth are $et on edge3 A$ I *i"e# $a'$ the 9ord God# 'o) $ha** not ha"e occa$ion
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
an' more to )$e thi$ pro"erb in I$rae*+'' 8*e( 1M:B:4. Am%.
So)r gra%es is really another term &or )nri%e &r)it. I& o)r &r)it o& the s%irit in )s is not yet mat)re or not yet
regenerated# : ( ma > sa that it will never reach maturit in the second or the in part realm ; we an have
sour grapes toward those who are wal(ing in that ?I!?8/ ,AG $ will %i( on anything we an &ind $
this is sim%ly a re:enatment o& the attit)de o& the 12 s%ies against the B namely Josh)a $ Cale+. .he 12
in&l)ened the whole o& Israel )ntil they all wanted to (ill Josh)a $ Cale+# +)t than(&)lly !od intervened
$ none# $ I re%eat none o& them $ that inl)ded the whole o& the ad)lt %o%)lation o& the millions o& Israel#
went into the %romised land# e9e%ting Josh)a $ Cale+ $ those B2 years old $ )nder. "ot so long ago I
was saddened +y the &at o& one +rother# who does not reeive these writings 7)dged another +rother on his
wal( in .a+ernales on the &at that he had an illness# the reason &or this +rotherAs attit)de is +ea)se his
&r)it has not reahed ri%eness $ is still so)r $ is 7)dging in his own im%er&etion# $ this )n&ort)nately an
set other +ody mem+ers teeth on e&ge" .he sri%t)re tells )s very %lainly that 4' their r)it 'o) $ha**
kno% them+ not +y whether a +rother or sister has an illness.
;or those o& yo) who are interested <ar7 Stam%a has done a very in de%th st)dy on this %arti)lar
s)+7et $ is very well in&ormed on the truth o& the ann)lment o& generational )rses even &rom the 0ld
.estament# <ar7 also was at one stage very involved in the deliverane ministry $ i& any o& yo) wish to
ontat her I am s)re that she wo)ld +e more than %leased to share her (nowledge with yo)# <ar7 is now in
her eighties $ what a wealth o& e9%eriene $ (nowledge she has. In this wonder&)l alling we m)st
remem+er that the whole +ody is involved# none o& )s are interested in : or ought not to be : in +)ilding o)r
own (ingdom.
And thi$ %i** *ead )$ to the rea*i$ation that# I and m' Father are One+
<ay the realisation o& !odAs grae +e yo)rs.

#ritten b Ralph <no7les" April = (a" >232"