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Academics, Technical Arts, and Visual and
Performing Arts
3570 Cochran Street
Simi Valley, California 93063


Dear Scholarship Committee,

It is with great pleasure I write this letter of recommendation for Miccala Jackson. I have known
Miccala almost four years as her Theatre teacher, director and mentor, and it has been with great
joy to observe her maturity, talent, determination and fortitude flourish over her time here at Santa
Susana High School of the Arts.

Miccala is a very talented, hardworking student who exhibits respect, responsibility, perseverance
and a high level of competence as a team player, a virtue not seen in many her age. She is
passionate, caring, with a love of life and a great sense of humor and exhibits her love and
dedication to the Performing Arts. Furthermore, Miccala displays a high level of self-confidence
and self-esteem which has grown tremendously over the years which has given her the drive she
needs to succeed.

In addition, Miccala works diligently to improve in all areas whether it school or the community. At
school she is part of our Big Brother/Big sister program where she mentors Freshmen transitioning
into high school to assure their success. She is also an active member of the International Thespian
Society (an honors group for high achieving theatre students) where she will be certificating in
theatre, and in addition, she is a member of Choir Club. Miccala has been in our Theatre
Department as well as the Vocal Department for most of her high school career. As for the
community, Miccala has volunteered for the Simi Valley Little League and Simi Valley Baseball
League as well as volunteering at Hillcrest Center for the Arts.

The above talents and traits are not only due to her outstanding work ethic but her experiences and
involvement in various activities whether it is school or the community. Due to Miccalas love,
dedication, experience and passion for mainly Musical Theatre, combining her love for theatre and
vocals, it seemed all too appropriate for her to do a Senior Project assistant directing, by my side,
our Musical Theatre class production of The Little Mermaid which is our Spring, main stage
production, 2017. Miccala has displayed, not only talent and experience in musical theatre, but has
shown organization, research time, passion and professionalism to work beside me and learn all she
can. The major challenge of this is not only working through the process of putting on a production
but directing her peers and being able to separate friend and director.

In closing, with Miccala Jacksons dedication, talent, creativity, self-confidence, intelligence and
compassion for others, I feel that she is an outstanding candidate for this scholarship. She will be
very successful with any endeavor she pursues for her future.


Melissa Albertson, Theatre Educator/Director

Santa Susana High School of the Arts
Academics, Technical Arts, and Visual and
Performing Arts
3570 Cochran Street
Simi Valley, California 93063