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13th – 14th Century


Page from the Kairouan manuscript of the Koran
Written in Kufic, Tunisia, 9th10th centuries. Ink, gold, and silver on blue dyed parchment.

MOSQUES Dome of the Rock
Jerusalem, late 7th century

The Great Mosque, Cordoba c. 961-966

Arches of the Great Mosque
Cordoba, c. 961-966

Mosque of Soleyman I
Istanbul, Turkey begun 1550

Interior of the Mosque of Soleyman I

Courtyard of the Mosque of Soleyman I

The Luftullah Mosque
Isfahan, Iran, 1602-16


Purse cover from the Sutton Hoo ship burial Suffolk, England
ca. 625 gold, glass and enamel cloisonné with garnets and emeralds 7 1/2 in. long


Animal-head post
Oseberg, Norway, 800-850

Burial Ship Oseberg, Norway
ca. 825 wood 75 1/2 ft. long

Lion-head finial
Kul, Oba, Russia. Gold and bronze

The Rok Stone
Ostergotland, Sweden, Early 9th century

Rune stone
Jelling, Denmark, c. 965

Warrior entering Valhalla
Tjangvide, Gotland, Sweden, 8th -9th century


Celtic cross
Ahenny, Tipperary, Ireland late 8th century

Lion (symbol of St. Mark) Book of Durrow possibly from Iona, Scotland
ca. 660-680 ink and tempera on parchment 9 5/8 x 6 1/8 in.

Carolingian Art

Map of holy Roman Empire under Cahrlemagne

Equestrian portrait of Charlemagne from Metz, France
early 9th century bronze, originally gilt 9 1/2 in. high

Odo of Metz Interior of the Palatine Chapel of Charlemagne Aachen, Germany
ca. 792-805

Odo of Metz Interior of the Palatine Chapel of Charlemagne Aachen, Germany
ca. 792-805

Odo of Metz
Interior of Charlemagne’s Palace Chapel, Aachen, 792-805

Saint John
Late 8th century. Parchment

Four Evangelist
early 9th century

Rheims school
Illustration to Psalm 88

Reconstruction model of the monastery of Saint Gall
Switzerland, c.820

Drawing of the monastery church of St. Riquier Centula, France
ca. 800 engraving made in 1612 after a now destroyed 11th century miniature

Ottonian art

Restored abbey church of Saint Michael’s
Hildesheim c. 1001-1031

Abbey Church of St. Michael’s Hildesheim, Germany
ca. 1001-1031

Bronze door, Saint Michael’s
Completed 1015

Paschal candlestick
Saint Michael’s, Hildesheim, c. 1022. Bronze

Christ Enthroned wit Saints and Emperor Otto
Ottonian, 962-973. Ivory

Saint Luke
c. 1000, Bayerische, Staatsbibliothek, Munich