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Stereo LCD Monitor

REDROVER is a company committed to excellence in 3D display technology. Since our first True3di monitors were manufactured in 2004, our goal has been to make 3D viewing accessible to everyone. Nowhere has the axiom “seeing is believing” more true than in the 3D world, and we’re sure that we can make you a believer.

Stereo LCD Monitor - True3Di 24″

3D Display Methods There are several traditional methods to view 3D stereo contents, such as micropol-film, wireless liquid crystal shutter eyewear, CRT add-on panel, non-glasses type, or flat LCD screen combined with 3D shutter glasses. By way of 3D, they are successful in creating some semblance of 3D imaging. However, these methods have several shortcomings, such as low resolution, dark imagery, increased dizziness and a narrower angle of view, to name but a few. Market penetrations in professional GIS and commercial visualization applications have not been realized due to the limited technological advancement. That is, until now. Cutting-Edge Technology True3di utilizes both optical and polarized light to bring real solutions to the 3D world without any resolution lost and flickering. This is all you expect and desire from top-quality stereoscopic workstation because our monitors are built to set new global standards.

Easy conversion button between 2D and 3D
By using the 2D/3D conversion button, monitor can switch from 2D view to 3D view with a push of a button and vice versa. When 2D view is in use, one of monitors is turned off so that it shows a normal 2D view.

For Photogrammetry For Photogrammetry
People involved with the field of photogrammetry are well aware of the benefits of being able to visualize in three dimensions. We at TRUE3Di are pleased to bring an outstanding and cost effective display solution to this community. Why mess around with outdated CRT screen or semi-finished products that require DIY to waste your valuable energy, time and money? Contact us today to find out why you deserve a better stereo viewing workstation.

See more than you could ever imagine… …
TRUE3Di monitors deliver visually stunning 3D images in sizes as small as 8″ and as large as 40″ in high resolution. This is made possible using
LCD Pannel 2

TRUE3Di monitors deliver visually

dual LCD screens, one mounted on the top of the monitor facing downward, the other at the back
45˚ 8″ and as large as 40″ in high resolution. This is made possible using dual LCD

stunning 3D images in sizes as small as

facing the viewer, and a beam-splitting mirror
screens, one mounted on the bisects the two. This creates two top of the views separate monitor facing downward, the other right rendering one complete image for theat the eye


back facing the and one for the left viewer, a beam-splitting mirror bisects the two. This creates two

LCD Pannel1


Why choose TRUE3Di stereoscopic monitor?
Most visually sharp and dynamic 3D stereo images Using a combination of special designed LCD panels and patented technology, we are able to provide full-resolution imagery with extraordinary brightness and contrast. Besides, there are still many factors determine the display clarity such as pixel density, stereo leakage, color tracking, luminance response, screen reflectance, etc. A product that offers less fatigue, inevitably will lead to better productivity and less strain. This is true3di’s guarantee to highest product quality. Solid and rugged design We understand this is not a small amount of money to invest in exceptional 3D technology. Therefore, stability and durability of the monitor are very important when you are looking to upgrade your current CRT workstation. All True3Di monitors are built with solid material and structure. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about alignment or dust issue because all the valuable and fragile components are well concealed during production in the monitor unit. Latest in quality and comfort We have received many compliments on both the quality of the stereo image and the ease with which the monitor integrated into customers’ existing systems. A truly plug-and-play product will simply bring you higher efficiency and productivity. D. B.

Dual LCD panel: 2 TFT-LCD panels are used to display stereo imagery pair from different generating devices such one for the left image for the right eye andas stereo camera, stereo microscope, etc. One panel is installed on the top of the monitor and the A. LCD panel 2 TFT-LCD panels are other one is : installed at rear side, so used to display highest quality images together it makes 90-degree angle.
separate views rendering one complete


possible from many different image generating devices such as stereo Control board: Various input ports are set at camera, stereo microscope, stereo thecomputerthe monitor for different devices back of graphics images and so on. and purposes,is installed at the top of the One panel such as RGB, DVI, Composite, monitor and the on. Components and soother one is installed at rear side, so that both makes 90degree angle. Optical beam splitter: This is the major

component positioning 2 images from each screen intoboard3D There areIt variety rigidly B. Control one : imaging. must of fit input ports at the back of the monitorand to ensure exactly 50:50 reflection for many and transition of different deviceswithstand beam, and purposes, such as RGB, DVI, considerable impact. Dielectric coating is Composite, Components and so on. especially exploited in all True3di lines instead of metallic coating, which results in oxidation and corrosion. : It takes a very C. Optical beam splitter
important roll in terms of positioning 2 images from 2 screens into one. It is very rigidly fit and designed case Case (interior and exterior): Exterior to withstand considerable impact. It devises protects all the fragile and valuable uses dielectric from showing of metallic within aside coating insteadits body shape. coating, which Another interior resultsis designed andhold case in oxidation to corrosion. It is also specially designed accurate 90 exactly both monitors intransmit beam degrees to to reflect and maximize stereoscopic vision. In addition, 50:50.

dual monitors can effectively hold the rails of the interior case and prevent case D. Case (interior skewing and Exterior deformation of and exterior) : (or) twisting case protects use, and inside after long time whatever isfurther assure aside from showing its body dusts perfect alignment and block out shape. and Interior case is designed to hold both lights, which may interfere and in order the decrease monitor in exactly 90 degree quality of stereo effect. In short, the quality to maximize the stereoscopic vision. 2 of the monitor fully depends on the quality of the production of case.





Aspect ratio Resolution Active Display area (mm, typ) Pixel Pitch(mm) Brightness (through glasses) Contrast Ratio(typ.) Color number Response Time(ms) Viewing angle (vertical) Viewing angle (horizontal) Dimensions(WxHxD)mm Input Signal Weight(Kg, lbs )

SXGA 1280x1024 376.32(H) * 301.056(V) 0.294(H)*0.294(W) 300(150) cd/ 700 : 1 16.7M 5 80/80 80/80 452 X 467X 418 Analog RGB, DVI 30Kg, 66.1 lbs

Aspect ratio Resolution Active Display area (mm, typ) Pixel Pitch(mm) Brightness (nits) Contrast Ratio(typ.) Color number Response Time(ms) Viewing angle (vertical) Viewing angle (horizontal) Dimensions(WxHxD)mm Input Signal Weight(Kg,lbs)

WUXGA 1920x1200 518.4(H) * 324.0(V) 0.270(H)*0.270(W) 400cd/ 1000 : 1 16.7M 5 80/80 80/80 636 X 530 X 502 AnalogRGB, DVI, S-Video, Composite, Component 33.5 Kg, 73.9 lbs

Aspect ratio Resolution Active Display area (mm, typ) Pixel Pitch(mm) Brightness (nits) Contrast Ratio(typ.) Color number Response Time(ms) Viewing angle (vertical) Viewing angle (horizontal) Dimensions(WxHxD)mm Input Signal Weight(Kg, lbs)

WUXGA 1920x1080 885.6(H)*498.15(V) 0.46725(H)*0.46125(W) 500cd/ 3000 : 1 16.7M 8 89/89 89/89 1042 X 746 X 745 AnalogRGB, DVI, S-Video Composite, Component 80









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