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The Art Critics by Chuck McPherson

96th International Exhibition

and Caroline Van Winkle were largely responsible for

establishing our present NWS gallery. The Board of
Directors would like to thank the Van Winkle Family
KEN GOLDMAN for their contributions, their generosity, and their many
years of loyal service.

Special Events Director Debbie Abshear has

Dear Members,
continued to fulfill our resolution by organizing
Early this year, several of us on the Board of Directors a special exhibition of Selected Works from the
participated in a two-day strategy retreat in San Permanent Collection plus paintings by several local
Diego. Among many fine ideas, we decided it was NWS artists known for their generous volunteerism
imperative to explore additional ways of utilizing our and unending commitment to the NWS. These artists
Gallery space between the Annual Members-Only include David Teter, Loa Sprung, Jan Godachy, Alice
Exhibition and the Annual Open International Kayuha, Nancy Swan, Vickie Myers, Lowri Sprung,
Exhibition. Debbie Abshear, Joy Gonzalez, and Steve Abshear.
This exhibition is open during San Pedros First
As a first step in this direction, Caroline Van Winkle
Thursdays Evenings, April 6 and May 4, 2017, or by
assembled a fantastic retrospective exhibition for
special appointment with Debbie Abshear at 310-
Chris Van Winkle, her recently deceased husband
989-9906. Debbie is also in charge of renting out our
and Past President of NWS 2005-07. On view were
gallery space for workshops, lectures and meetings.
his earliest oils to his latest watercolors, spanning the
years 19522016. The Van Winkle family generously We are also very proud of our second Invitational
donated all proceeds to the NWS building fund. Chris NWS Members Exhibition at the prestigious
Muckenthaler Cultural Center. The theme, PORTRAITS 2017 Calendar
AND FIGURES, curated by Matt Leslie and Penny
Hill, opened with high attendance and great acclaim, March 17 Member Exhibition Entry closes
including a well-received portrait demonstration and twelve oclock NOON
gallery tour by Sean Barrett. This exhibition will be 26 Member Exhibition Exhibitors posted
up through April 9. Viewing times are Wednesday, April 01 International Exhibition Entry Opens
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, noon - 4:00 pm, and
May 06 Member Exhibition walk-ins drop off
Thursdays, noon - 8:30 pm.
19 International Exhibition Entry closes
Entry period for the Annual Members-Only twelve oclock NOON
Exhibition, juried by Bob Burridge, closed on March 21 Demo Bob Burridge
17. I am happy to report our membership saw
22-24 Workshop Bob Burridge
phenomenal growth, and our new nwsexhibition.
June 10 Member Exhibition Opening
com entry website worked extremely well, especially
because Penny Hill and Valli McDougle worked so
tirelessly and personally with any member having 11 International Exhibition Exhibitors
July 09 Walk-ins pick up of Member
Registration for the Annual Open International Exhibition works
Exhibition begins on April 1. Jurors of selection will 21 Deadline for receipt of artwork at
be Mike Bailey, Cathy Hegman, and Kathleen Ballard. Bartwood Inc. (Shipped and walk-ins)
Awards will be juried by Malcolm Warner, Director of September 16 International Exhibition Signature
the Laguna Museum of Fine Art. More about both Review and Awards Jurying
exhibitions in the next newsletter.
17 Armchair Chat with MikeE Bailey
Board member/volunteers stepping down this year 18 Awarded/Signatured Artists notified
are: Valli McDougle, Parrish Hirasaki, Jeanne Hyland, October 20 97th International Exhibition Mixer
Detra Francis, and Joe Cibere. With deep gratitude,
21 International Exhibition Opening
I thank all five of you for your years of dedication and Reception & Awards Ceremony
service. We will miss you and are grateful you will be
22 Demo/Gallery Walk with
continuing as advisors.
Geoff McCormack
Three talented artists have stepped up. We now 23-25 Geoff McCormack Workshop
welcome Denise Willis-Booher as First VP-Awards,
Carole Newsom as Third VP-Publications, and Judy
Saltzman as Web Director. Each of these positions
requires skill and dedication. We are grateful you have
accepted this responsibility. Our entire board looks
forward to working with you.

Finally, thank you to all of of our donors and Art

Material Sponsors. None of our efforts would be
possible without you. Please visit our Sponsors Page
at to support
these special businesses.

All demonstrations, lectures and workshops are held at:
Ken Goldman NWS Gallery
NWS President 915 S. Pacific Avenue
San Pedro, CA 90731-3201


Chris Wan Winkle Retrospective

n January, 2016, Chris Van Winkle passed

I away at the age of 86. His family of five

sons worked with NWS to present an
extraordinary retrospective of his lifes
work at the National Watercolor Society Gallery, San
Pedro, CA, during January 2017. Included were
early oils, first watercolors of southern California
and landscapes from his many workshops around
the world. Well known as a plein air painter, Chris
surprised visitors to the exhibition with the innovative
abstract and non-objective paintings that he
produced in his studio.
As a watercolor painting instructor at Citrus College,
Glendora, CA, for thirty years, Chris spread his
love for watercolor to many painters. Current NWS CHRIS VAN WINKLE 1929-2016
members who had worked with Chris were invited A RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION
to show a painting at the Exhibition and share
their memories. Taking part were: Debbie Abshear,
Francesca Brayton, Nancy Caldwell, Julie Crouch, available for donations to the NWS Building Fund
Nancy Dorn, JoAnn Formia, Mary Gilman, Mary and the Chris Van Winkle Scholarship Fund at Citrus
Higuchi, Ike Ikeda, Michi Ikeda, Flora Johnson, College. A sum of $11,000. was raised and divided
Shirley Manning, Lynn Mikami, Setsuko Okuba, between the two non-profit groups.
Mary Ann Osko, Brian Reed, Betty Risner, Nancy
Shiershke, Jody Wiggins, Carol Ann Wolf, Mark NWS Exhibition Director Penny Hill invited the Van
Wood, and Jan Wright. Winkle family to have the retrospective exhibition for
Chris at the NWS Gallery. NWS Director of Special
John Taggart, an artist who often painted with
Projects Debbie Abshear directed all arrangements
Chris, developed a DVD of Chris painting in plein
for the exhibition, and Steven Abshear and Matt
air and photos over the years. This was shared at
the exhibition. Abshear hung the paintings. NWS President Ken
Goldman and the Van Winkle family welcomed
As president of NWS from 2005 through 2007, Chris
visitors to the NWS Gallery.
initiated a fundraising campaign for improvements of
the NWS building. His sons carried on that tradition. Many thanks to all who attended the retrospective
They donated some of their fathers paintings to be exhibition. v


Our Exhibitions Virtual Team Needs You

ur NWS Centennial is fast big prize money of $40,000+;

O approaching, a sure sign of the
resiliency of our society and its
Signature review; looking for a team of
8-10 people.
mission. We are a multigenerational society
with only one goal: ART of the highest form. These are the task areas:
While our goal has not changed, the skills E
 ntry Process: Monitor and provide
we look for from our volunteers has. The assistance to entrants, either online or
movement of different generations in and out by phone.
of the society dictates the need for changes
as new practices and technology becomes Jurying Process: Communicate with
available. So what are these skills for the jurors; oversee online jurying; assist
modern society and how do they come with on-site jury day and Signature
into play? review process.

Many of us may never meet face-to-face, but Proofreading for publications,

we can be engaged from where we are and catalog; write and proof wall didactics
apply the skills needed to make the changes for exhibitions.
required to stay current. With virtual teams,
Artists work in a very isolated environment and
we can explore and expand the possibilities
very often our process is the reward. Then
for our membership. With virtual teams, the
more satisfaction comes from participating
work and ideas of projects can be maximized.
Because of the advances in technology, we in the exhibitions, and with that comes
can now network on a global scale as the inspiring exchange of information and
never before. education when we talk to other artists.
Please join in by letting us know how this
As Director of Exhibitions, I am working to virtual teamwork might suit you. Contact me
build this virtual team. Many of the tasks that with any questions or ideas and experiences
need to be done do not require geographical you have to offer.
presence to carry them out.
I am looking for team members who
We need a team for each of the following: demonstrate responsiveness, kindness and
Member Exhibition: this is a small,
 professionalism online as a reflection of this
one-juror show, with about 400-600 membership organization. I would like you on
entrants for Members only; $5,000 in my team! v
prize money; looking for a team of 4-5
Penny Hill
Director of Exhibitions
Annual International Exhibition: this Tel: (+1) 760-908-3389
is an open exhibition, much larger on a Email:
global scale with 800 to 1500 entrants;


New Exhibition Entry website for NWS

hy? Why, an age-old and we got a second website

W question journalists are

taught to ask. Who,
just for exhibition entries The
What, When and Where new exhibition entry website
are other W questions that was used for the first time in
journalists ask. the International Exhibition
of 2016. It has some definite
As for the Who, we are the advantages. It will save money,
National Watercolor Society, a USA watercolor as the cost for using an app
society open to all. What do we do? In addition like CaFE is eliminated. It may
to workshops, symposiums and painting even make money, as it can be
competitions, we host international exhibitions sold to other societies.
that draw entries from around the globe. And we
continuously strive to improve. Of necessity, our This new exhibition entry
standards of judging, and entry image quality, and system allows us to download the images as well
navigational ease of digital entry are very high. as all the data about the images, and the personal
information of the artists so that we can merge it
So it is not surprising that in this case the new into our WA database.
Why and What refer to the NWS deciding to
design its own exhibition entry web page. Here is It is much easier for jurors to navigate in
a brief recap that answers not only why and what, selecting Yes, Maybe and No submissions.
but also when and who.
It is easier for artists to navigate when
Back in the olden days, entering an exhibition.
sometime after the
introduction of indoor Like any new program, it will continue to be
plumbing and sliced bread, tweaked and improved.
the NWS judged painting And there you have it, the W5 of the two NWS
entries by slides. In 2010, websites one with a facelift and the second
Linda Doll and a tech brand new. Not only do you belong to a society
consultant designed a with two web sites, you are now even more
web site and membership knowledgeable than when you started reading
database on a Wild Apricot this article. v
platform, and also tweaked
it to accept exhibition entries. It was, however, an
entry process that required much administrative
work as well as assistance for the many old farts Check it out:
like myself new to computers. CaFE had been
tried, but it had shortcomings for the jurors and
was costly.
The next president, Ken Goldman, decided a
better way was needed. Ken did some fundraising
and, with a donation from an anonymous donor/
friend, the NWS main membership web site got a facelift,


Maria Peeters CA
Joseph Reese CT
Bonnie Rinier CA
Dane Roberts CA
Deborah Roskopf WA
Judith Sanders-Wood ID
Fumiyo Selner VA
Fumiyo Selner VA
October 31, 2016 March 1, 2017 Bobette Shafton-Davison CA
Solange Andrieu-Planque Herault Mike Simpson CO
NorbertBaird AZ Ann Stoudenmire TX
Ron Barsano NM Sujit Sudhi WI
Patsy Blasdell NM Karen Tozer CA
Lorraine Bromley RI Gilmore Van Stone Jr. CO
Tom Brown TX Enza Viceconte IT
Dario Bucheli Galvan TX Lisa Wagner NY
Agus Budiyanto BT Patton Wilson VA
Allan Butt NC Rene Wojcik TX
Dave Carlson TX Joan Yauch IN
Brookes Dewey CA Tao Zhou WA
Leigh Ellis GA
Maria Gardinia Escay Metro Manila
Lau Fung Hong Kong
Pratibha Garewal NY
Dennis Garrison AZ
Richard Glassman CA
Michael Grahek CA
James Hartel WI 2017 Mike Bailey
Colleen Helmstetter OR Carol Pickle
Bernard Hoyes CA Cathy Hegman
Judith Johnson MI Alternates Michael Reardon
Helen Jones CA Kathleen Ballard
Galina Krasheninnikova CA Stan Kurth
Barbara Lae OR
Christopher Leeper OH 2018 Carla OConnor
Leslie Lienau CA Linda A. Doll
Craig Lloyd OH Linda Daly Baker
Nick Long TN Alternates Michael Schlicting
Marni Maree VA Charles Rouse
Elwira Maszara CA Doug Lew
Jane McElvany-Coonce VA
Clarice Mcilvain AZ 2019 Jean Grastorf
Margaret Missman CA Elaine Daily Birnbaum
Elizabeth Moore NH Frank Eber.
Pat Moseuk CA Alternates Zl Feng
Nancy Newcomb WI Bruce Bobick
Leslie Parsons Joe Cibere


Matthew Bird, NWS, BWS, won First Place received The Winsor & Newton Art Materials
for watercolor in the Artists Magazine All Media Award at the Allied Artists of America, Inc.
Competition for NOLA Beetle, to be published 103rd Annual Juried Exhibition in New York City.
in the July-August issue; and the 2nd Place
award for the painting Once Upon A Time in the Robin Purcell AWS, NWS, won the
Kansas Watercolor Society National Exhibition. CaliforniaWatercolor.Com Award (In the Early
Hidden Kiss is in the International Watercolour California Style) for her painting Curry Point
Society Invitational Exhibition in Fabriano, Italy. November in the 8th Annual Signature American
Watermedia Exhibition at the Fallbrook Art
Associate member Francesca Brayton, CWA Center.
WW, WCWS, HWS, received the Mijello Award
III at the 48th Watercolor West International Associate member DeEtta Silvestro, PWS,
Juried Show for San Carlos Shore Birds. NEWS, PWCS, BWS, NFW, received the
Ampersand Art Supply Award in the
Oren Cooper was Awarded Signature North East Watercolor Society 40th Annual
Membership in Watercolor West, with the International Exhibition for her painting
selection of Protective Eyes into the 48th Accessorizing 1; was awarded the Pencil in the
Annual Watercolor West International Exhibition. River Studio Reproduction Services Award
at the Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society 13th
Ratindra Das, AWS(DF), NWS, received the National Exhibition for her painting Jail
Alan Chiara Memorial Award in 150th AWS House Rock.
annual exhibition. He will be receiving the
TWSA Distinguished Master (DM) status at Michael Reardon received the Ogden and
the Annual Reception for being in 20 exhibitions Mary Pleissner Memorial Award in the
of Transparent Watercolor Society of America. 150th Annual Exhibition of the American
Ratindra just published his second book Watercolor Society.
Watercolor with an Eye for Design, available
through the artist, Associate member April Rimpos painting
Freight Yard included in North Lights Best
Jeanne Dobie, NWS, will be the Juror of of Acrylic book, AcrylicWorks4: Captivating
Selection for the Pennsylvania Watercolor Color; and had a solo exhibit, titled Common
Society 2017 Annual Juried Exhibition, Sept.11 Threads, at Touchstone Gallery, in Washington
October 28, 2017 to be held in historic DC, during March.
Gettysburg, PA., at the Adams County Arts
Council new building and gallery. Frank Spinos Sliced Citrus with Calamondin
II was invited to the International Watercolor
Associate Member Judith A. Johnson was the III Thessaloniki, Greece 2016; Citrus Smile
featured artist in the Art Gallery section of The was invited to the FabrianoinAquarello, Italy
Chronicle of the Horse, February edition. 2017; Circles & Squares II received the Steve
& Colleen Aicle Award at the 8th Annual
Lynn Ferris, NWS, AWS has a feature article Signature American Water Media Exhibition;
entitled Light Up the Night in the April 2017 Circles & Squares III received the Exhibition
issue The Artists Magazine. Award at the Adirondacks National Exhibition
Joyce K. Jensens painting Marble and Jacks of American Watercolor; Citrus Squared


We are proud that our members receive so many accolades;
however, we are limited in what can be included.

WE PRINT the following for Signature and Associate

received the Peoples Choice and Florida Awards (only from National or International exhibits
Reflections III received a Merit Award at open to all artists. No members only shows.)
the Brevard Watercolor Society Splash 2017 Indicate the award[s] you received.
Exhibition. Recent publications that include your work
Special honors (i.e., Signature membership to
Roland E. Stevens, NWS, TWSA, PWCS, national art groups; serving as Juror; having work
PWS, NFWS, CNYWS, WPA, RAC, added to permanent collections, etc.)
obtained Signature Member status in the Inclusion in invitational, solo or two-artist exhibitions
Transparent Watercolor Society of America,
2016 International Exhibition and won WE DO NOT PRINT:
the American Artist Magazine Award; Your workshops or websites
received the 3rd Place Award, National Your inclusion into exhibits (unless you get an award
Watercolor Society Award For Excellence and it is in an exhibit open nationally to all artists)
in Watermedia, in the Philadelphia Items over 6 months old
Watercolor Society International Exhibition; Submitted material will be edited if it does not conform
and the 2nd Place Award, Joseph Whalen to the above criteria OR in order to fit space available.
Legacy Award in the Niagara Frontier
Watercolor Society 13th National Exhibition.
Steve Walters, NWS, won Best of Show in Indicate your member status (Signature or Associate)
the NCA Bold Expressions 2016 Annual ACCOLADES: Submit your information PROPERLY
International All-Media Exhibition for his FORMATTED and in the 3rd person. Use the
watercolor painting Far Above Sabrina. Accolades section in this newsletter as a guide. Be
He also won the Signature Members specific about titles and dates.
Award II in the Watercolor West 48th Annual ARTICLES will be reviewed for content and
International Exhibition for his painting relevancy. NWS reserves the right to accept or reject
Campaign Morelia. articles and to edit the contents to fit.
IN MEMORIAM: NWS will publish one submitted
photo, space permitting.
NEXT NEWSLETTER DEADLINE: JULY 1, 2017 CALL FOR ENTRIES: Submitted and applicable to NWS
will be posted on our website.
See if paid until 4/1/2017
Spring: March 1; Summer: July 1; Winter: November 1.
If not, please go online to pay: ONLINE PREFERRED |
or send your check to: (Indicate NWS Newsletter in subject line, or it may
NWS, 915 S. Pacific Avenue, be missed.)
San Pedro, CA 90731-3201 MAIL-IN | NWS Newsletter Editor, 915 S. Pacific
Membership Dues are $50 for Avenue, San Pedro, CA 90731-3201
Signature and Associate


In Memoriam

Carole Ann Myers, AWS, NWS

Carole Ann Myers, 82, passed away at home surrounded by her family on Saturday,
March 4, 2017, in San Antonio. She was born at home on December 28, 1934, in
Shawnee, OK, to Ardith Dawkins Ash and Daniel Ash. Carole attended Horace Mann
Elementary and graduated from Shawnee High School in 1952. She married her high
school sweetheart, Roy Myers, whom she met in band. They spent the first few years of
their life in El Paso, where Roy served in the U.S.A.F. They moved to Tulsa, where their
son Randy was born; then to Muskogee, where their daughter Lisa was born. The family
moved to St. Louis, MO, and then retired and moved to San Antonio. Carole was an
active member of Cornerstone Church for over 20 years.
Carole was blessed with the gift of creativity and began painting as child. She was an
active member in art guilds throughout her life. Carole studied at The Instituto Allende in
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and taught numerous painting workshops throughout the
U.S., Mexico and France. She was a signature member of both the American Watercolor
Society and the National Watercolor Society and a source of inspiration through her skill
in abstract expressionism.
She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband, Roy William Myers; and 2
nephews, Jeffrey English and Casey Myers.
Survivors include her son, Randall Myers and wife Cassandra, and her daughter, Lisa
Danelle Haynes and husband Gregory. She also leaves 5 grandchildren: Carmen and
spouse Justin Smith, Wesley Myers & spouse Mandy, Victoria, Christina and Elizabeth
Haynes, and a great-granddaughter, Riley Erin Smith; a sister, Helen English and husband
Walter; a brother-in-law, Arthur Myers and wife Janyce and numerous nieces and cousins.

Jim Brower, NWS

Jim Brower, age 101, passed away Thursday, December 22, 2016, at Hickory Ridge Care
Center in Temperance, Michigan. Since 1932, Jim created art work characterized by its
attention to detail, execution, design and, often, humor. The long and distinguished career
of this octogenarian began in Clarksburg, WV, where James Calvin Brower was born to
Leroy Cooper and Margaret Wood (Watkins) Brower.
From 1992 to 1997, Jim was director of art and design for Meeks Heit Publishing
Company. Jims commercial art career was uninterrupted by World War II as fatherhood
kept him out of the service. In 1936, Jim married the lovely Elsie Margaret Day, and
they eventually had five children, James Lawrence, Sandra Joan, Margaret, Linda Ann,
and Beth.
Jim is listed in Whos Who in America and in Whos Who in the World. These listings honor
both his long years in advertising art and his accomplishments as a fine artist. Jims sense
of humor often surfaces in his watercolors. Self Portraits Turn Me Off featuring his own
image reflected in a light switch, was given special jurors mention in an Ohio Watercolor
Society show. The creative switch was constantly on in Jim Browers head.
Jim served as president of the Northwestern Ohio Watercolor Society, 1983-84, and as
president of the Toledo Federation of Art Societies, 1987-88. He served on the board
of directors of the Ohio Watercolor Society from 1986 to 1992. Jim designed the 1983
Return of the Jedi Star Wars glasses for Burger King. He went on to win many national
awards, including the San Diego International, Watercolor Society, and more.
Jim painted more than forty paintings in his 100th year of life. He was featured on the
Smuckers Jelly jar in his 100th year and was honored by Willard Scott on national
television for his community service. Jims family established the Ohio Watercolor Jim
Brower Lifetime Achievement Fund to honor his many contributions to the world of
NWS MEMBER PROFILE: LOA RUTH SPRUNG membership. The year was 1975, and in 1977 I
served on the board as a secretary. NWS had two
secretary positions in those years, one who kept
the minutes and one who handled all the letters the
The National Watercolor Society will celebrate its 100 president had to send out. I was secretary number
Year Anniversary in 2020. To start the celebration two. Way back then there were no associate
and to recognize long-time members, we will be members, and no computers.
sharing some of their stories. We hope you enjoy their
memories and insights on being an artist. If you could give your younger self some advice
about being an artist, what would you say?
If you know someone you would like to see profiled,
please contact Debbie Abshear by email at Attend a normal school and become a teacher of art or by telephone at (310) 989-9906. for grades K through 12. I did attend the Chicago
Institute of Art, an excellent school, but there were
Loa Ruth Sprung was born in no lessons on how to teach young people. In the
1922, studied at the Chicago year 1940, I dont think any person dreamed of being
able to live by painting alone. In fact, being a fine
Institute of Art from 1942-1944.
artist was frowned upon; people considered the idea
Married John Sprung in 1948,
impossible, a way to goof off.
and had two children, John
and Lowri.
Loa became a Signature
member of NWS in 1975 and served on its board of
directors in several capacities including president in
2003. Loa received the Arts and Humanities Award
from NWS in 2006. Loas daughter has sponsored
an annual award for over 10 years named the Loa
Ruth Sprung Award, for the best non-objective
painting at the NWS Annual Show.
Loa studied at Chouinard Art Institute, Los Angeles,
in the 1950s. She taught all media in Long Beach
at Poly High School and also adult education for the
City of Los Angeles. Loa retired in 1987. Oh Say Can You See | 32x48 watercolor by Loa Sprung
Loa recently celebrated her 94th birthday and has
not slowed down. She paints daily and was recently Who was your greatest teacher?
honored to have an exhibition in China with 100 of
Ed Reep of Chouinard Art Institute was my greatest
her paintings. Loa and her daughter Lowri flew to
teacher. The Chicago Institute of Art had excellent
China to attend the opening.
teachers. Maholy Nagy from Germanys Blaue
Loa continues to mentor artists daily in her studio in House taught in Chicago just before the war started
San Pedro, California. The artists who paint and print in Europe. Joyce Triemen, who was my age,
in her studio share that they feel privileged to spend happened to be a student in one of the life classes,
time with someone so dedicated and passionate and life model, Cleo, who many years later, I was
about the arts. Loa has a broad knowledge of surprised to meet again in California.
composition, painting and printing practices and is What is your happiest art moment?
often called upon to critique and offer advice. She is
cherished for her gentle reminders and compassion. Every time I feel I have completed a painting worth
What motivated you to join NWS?
For a student wanting an art career, what
Fellow artist Lucille Brown Green, who was also my advice can you give them?
art professor and fellow Women Painter of the West
Earn a doctorate in art history and become an art
member, talked me into at least try for the NWS
professor in a college. What piece by another artist is your favorite or
What do you see as the biggest change in the most memorable?
watercolor world? On the lower level of the Prado in Madrid, the black
I think the quality of/in art supplies has improved paintings by Goya are hung; I saw them and was
both in paper and paint. Sadly, I feel artists depend overwhelmed, became weak in the knees. v
too much on photographs. The idea of painting just
like some well-known artist is more prevalent these
days. Then again there are more people painting
today than at any other time in history, alas more
What is your favorite art tool?
My $100, sable, one-inch, flat watercolor brush.
If you couldnt be an artist, what would you
have done instead?
I would have studied to become an archeologist.

Night on Bald Mountain, 22 x 30 watercolor by Loa Sprung

NWS Board of Directors


Ken Goldman Stephanie Goldman


Denise Willing-Booher
Debbie Abshear
Beatrice Trautman Matthew Bird
Carmageden, 30 x 22 watercolor, by Loa Sprung


Alice Kayuha Judy Saltzman
What is your favorite painting and why?
Any painting created by Dean Mitchell. This gifted DIRECTOR, EXHIBITIONS GALLERY MANAGER
man works with a compassionate heart and a Penny Hill Jan Godachy
sensitive brush.






2017 NWS Annual Member Exhibition

June 10 July 9, 2017
NWS Gallery, 915 S. Pacific Avenue
San Pedro, CA 90731-3201

The 96th Annual Catalog

is available for purchase.
Contact us to buy this or
past editions: Adrift in a Sea of Madness
Elaine Daly-Birnbaum Loa Ruth Sprung Award, 96th International Exhibition

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