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Socratic Seminar-Preparation

I. Part One: Preparing Your Answers

Directions: Below you will find the two anchor questions for your discussions. Prepare
arguments and evidence to use to support your position and discredit counter-arguments.

1. Should Greg Ousley have been tried as an adult?

Argument Evidence Counter-Argument Rebuttal

His emotionally He still killed them, Because hes a

abusive household, in cold blood, why young, emotionally
Mr. ousley should filled with constant should he get a troubled child, in a
not have been tried fighting and lesser sentence for situation where
as an adult; He was bickering, plus a doing the same escape and help
a struggling child, lack of guidance or crime? seemed impossible.
not a murderous any outlets, pushed He should not be
adult. a boy at a mentally treated the same as
unstable age, to do an emotionally
the only thing he felt developed adult. Put
would save him. yourself in his
shoes, think of how
clouded and
scrambled his mind
must have been,
then say he
deserves to die in
prison for what he
2. How should the judicial system handle juveniles who commit crimes? What about violent
Argument Evidence Counter-Argument Rebuttal

The fact that a Maybe a five year Better to let a

I believe different five-year-old could old commits a hundred guilty men
age groups should be punished in the violent crime he go free, than to let
have different same manner as a knows is bad, and one innocent man
Maximum thirteen year old, or turns out to be a die. Children should
Sentences applied even an eighteen psycho, that didnt not have their lives
to them; i.e, 1-3, year old, is absurd, get locked away thrown away for
4-6, 7-9, 10-12, and needs to be because of these stupid mistakes,
13-15, 16-18, 19-20. changed. Children rules. just because it may
change constantly, lock up some of the
and drastically, actual bad ones.
growing more
mature every year.
II. Part Two: Furthering Questions

Directions: Using the sentences frames given, come up with at least five furthering questions
that you can ask during the Socratic seminar.

What puzzles me is

Why we treat children as adults in the judicial system, but nowhere else; If a fourteen year old
can be tried as a twenty year old, then surely they can also buy cigarettes, drive a car, and own a

Id like to discuss

The punitive nature of our system, that prioritizes locking up criminals rather than rehabilitating

Im confused about

The benefit of locking children up, as it removes people from the workforce, and brings down
our countrys collective education standard, as well as destroys an entire life.

Dont you think this is similar to

Punishing animals who bite their abusive owners.

Do you agree that

Greg Ousley had an emotionally abusive home life? And may have felt trapped in his situation?

I wonder if

Gregs friends didnt take him seriously when he talked about killing his parents.

While I see what you are saying, have you considered

Do you think

That teacher could have stopped everything, if they just pushed a little more? If he could be free,
and his parents could be alive, if someone listened to him?

Do you agree/disagree that

Gary was a good person at his core, trapped by a bad situation.

III. Part Three: Notes

Directions: During the seminar, use this section to take notes on what others say and jot down
ideas. These can be used in your discussion or later in your paper.