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Canyon Ministry Leaders

Andrew Gutierrez, Elder, Pastor-Teacher

Jason Drumm, Elder, Associate Pastor

Dave Lutz, Elder

Small Group Ministry

Brad Penner, Elder

Josh Farmer
Music Ministry

Rob Leahy
Security Team

Jeff Nordyke

Joe Sapko
Childrens Ministry

Chuck Schafer
Needs Ministry

Jeff Timm
Set-Up, Tear-Down & Sound

Kristy Tracy
Womens Ministry

Canyon Bible Church // Prescott

Church Office: 122 N. Cortez Street, Ste. 317
Phone: 928.277.0017
The Final Appeal
John 12:44-50

March 12, 2017

Prayer Meeting: 8:40 in Mrs. Sobos Classroom

Welcome and Announcements

Song: The Love of God

Song: Shine Into Our Night

Assurance of Pardon
Scripture Reading: Psalm 32:1-5
Pastoral Prayer

Song: Before the Throne of God Above


Sermon: The Final Appeal
Scripture: John 12:44-50

Offering & Song: The Glory of the Cross
Scripture Reading: 1 John 1:5-7
Prayer & Dismissal

Application: Are there examples to follow? Commands to obey?

Errors to avoid? Sins to forsake? Promises to claim?
Thoughts about God? Principles to live by?
Friday Canyon Announcements
Pray for the Yavapai Territorial Gospel Rescue Mission. Friendship Folders
Pray for their specific requests below: Please pass the Friendship Folders, for prayer requests and praise
reports please also register your attendance. If there is no one
-We are in need of some new night staff. sitting at the end of an aisle, please make sure the worship guide
-Full financial support. gets passed.
-Prayer for our guests as they struggle to know the right
things to do and the way to do them to move forward. Get to Know Canyon
-One of our guests is expecting and needs prayer for a The next Get to Know Canyon Class will be March 19th. This class is
healthy pregnancy. for any who would like to know more about Canyon Bible Church of
-Another guest is in need of a car and a job. Prescott and for those considering membership. If you would like to
-We need prayer for two of our volunteers. One is our attend please email to R.S.V.P.
meal coordinator and has been going through dialysis and
chemo. She has just completed chemo, but needs to see James Gems
some other results before she can come off dialysis. The James Gems will meet for fellowship and browsing at Black Dog
other is a board member and meal provider and she has Coffee, 10 a.m., Friday, March 24. Enjoy a hot beverage, followed by
been hospitalized recently. some time in 5ive, the quaint vintage shop next door, 514 E. Shel-
don Street. Parking is located in the back, or along one of the side
streets. RSVP to Lynn, 928-778-2734,

Womens Bible Study

Saturday Pick up your workbooks for our Jonah study (March 21-April 11)
before and after church this Sunday, March 12th at the Womens
Resources: Ministry table in the foyer at PHC. You will need to work the first
weeks lesson before our first meeting.Morning Ladies will continue
Book of the Month: to meet 9:00-11:00am at American Warehouse, 226 N Montezuma
Street, Prescott AZ 86301.Evening Ladies will meet at 6:30
Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts by Jerry Bridges 8:30pm at our new location, Alta Vista Retirement Community, 916
Canterbury Lane, Prescott AZ 86301.If you have any questions or
Since suffering is a reality in a cursed world, we should not still need to sign up, contact Kristy Tracy at or
be surprised when trials come our way. The Bible teaches (907) 232-3743.
that God is sovereign over suffering and that He is also near **Important Change for the evening ladies: We will be meeting at
as a comfort to those in the valleys of life. In Trusting God, Alta Vista Retirement Community( 916 Canterbury Lane, Prescott,
Bridges teaches us about the character of God as it relates AZ 86301 ) instead of American Warehouse.
to suffering so that we might be able to trust Him, even when
life hurts. Men at War
Our four-week study through Jonah will begin on Thursday March
Blog: 23rd. Time and location will remain the same. If you were a part of
the Ruth study, there is no cost for Jonah. If you were not involved,
Go to in the Ruth study, workbooks are $5. All can pick up their books on
read the article Yes, You Can Please Your Heavenly Father Sunday March 12th during worship service. The first lesson should
by Kevin DeYoung be completed before Thursday, March 23rd. For more information,
see the churchs website.
Monday Wednesday
Praise based on John 12:46 - Take some time to meditate Holiness is but one of the attributes of God. This attribute
and praise God for His freeing you from spiritual darkness. means that God is untouched and is unstained by the evil in
Challenge based on John 12:47 - Take some time to con- the world. God is absolutely pure and perfect. Read Exodus
sider how God would assess your keeping of His Word. 15:11 and Psalm 99:9, then pray and praise Him who is holy
Repent of disregarding it in any area and then enjoy the and worthy of all glory and honor and praise.
forgiveness He offers.

Tuesday Thursday

Read Colossians 3:5-17. In these verses the Apostle Paul Read Philemon. The theme seen in the book of Philemon
speaks of putting off the old self and putting on the new self. is that the gospel has the power to transform lives, v. 11
This is because for believers the old man has died in Christ (Formerly he was useless to you, but now he is indeed
and the new man lives in Christ. The remaining sinful deeds, useful to you and to me.) We also see that the gospel has
in the life of a believer are to continually be put off, while they the power to impact human relationships, v. 16 no longer
are continually being renewed in the likeness of Christ. Pray as a slave but more than a slave, as a beloved brother
and ask the Lord to help you to continually put off the old and especially to me, but how much more to you, both in the
to put on the new. flesh and in the Lord. Pray and thank the Lord for the
transforming power of the gospel. Ask for boldness to pro-
claim this powerful truth to the lost.