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Analysis of Soap Opera Episode Name of Soap: Eastenders

Episode Title/Date: 18/06/2010 Complete the table below: Storylines: How many storylines in the episode? Six Characters: How many characters in the episode? Approx 19 Camera Angles: What camera angles are used and why? • Mid shots- shows relationship between characters • Close ups- helps the audience empathise and relate to the characters Sound: What sound is used in the episode and why? All diegetic: • Dialogue • Music on radio • Music from CD player Creates a strong sense of realism making the situation believable.

List the storylines found: • Family breakdown • Stealing a betting slip • Issues revolving around a couple • Over 60s dance at the community centre

List the type of characters found and examples: • Older generation • Young couple • A few 25-35 year olds • One girl of around 17/18

Mise-en-scene: Are there common settings/props that are shown regularly throughout the episode? If so, what? The majority of scenes are have a domestic setting such as ordinary homes or the flat above the pub. There are also some scenes shot within the pub and community centre, but all these settings are within the same area. In the domestic scenes, common props include mugs, cutlery, lamps etc. - the usual items found in the average household. In the pub scene there are props such as glasses and

Editing: How is the soap edited? Continuous/Noncontinuous? • • Continuous Shot-reverse-shot for conversations and arguments Match on action when door is opened Cuts between each scene to suggest they are happening simultaneously

Time: How is time managed in the episode? Is more time spent on one storyline than another? • The most prominent story of the episode is the issue revolving around Roxie and Ronnie’s mum and Peggy Mitchell as the episode begins and ends with this plotline • However, each of the storyline has about an equal length of time devoted to it in the episode

Target Audience? Who is the target audience for this soap? Eastenders is aimed at a wide variety of age groups, however this episode seems to be particularly aimed at the older generation with storylines involving the over 60s dance and family relationships. There are very few characters under the age of 25 in this episode suggesting that these particular storylines were not aimed at people audience members below this age.

What time is it scheduled to be shown on the television?

a payphone giving the setting high verisimilitude. Why have specific settings been chosen for this soap? Typical places that the average person would be accustomed to: houses, flats, the pub and the community centre. Nothing too out of the ordinary so that the majority of audience members will relate to the situation.


Other Key Notes on the Episode: