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trendy watchmaker

Since 1885, SAINT HONORE has been renowned as a Trendy Watchmaker synonymous with the world-famous “Paris style” and has created collections of unrivalled design. From Paris to New York and Tokyo to Dubai, the brand’s exceptional watchmaking expertise exerts an irresistible attraction on those who love contemporary timepieces. Backed by Swiss Made quality, a unique spirit, high-status materials and bold finishes, SAINT HONORE offers watches, jewellery and accessories that embody and interpret today’s desires. SAINT HONORE is a truly global brand with a presence on five continents; it is a fast-growing style icon and a creative force to reckon with.


cIty OF LIGht
Not many brands have a street in their name! SAINT HONORE creations are appreciated worldwide for their bold, sophisticated and unmistakable style, where meticulous attention to quality and innovative design combine to create a timeless elegance. Paris, frequently called the City of Light, is the inspiration for SAINT HONORE in creating its timepieces. Legendary Parisian address, temple to Haute Couture, home of the great jewellers and watchmakers and symbol of French art de vivre, our establishment takes its name from the rue Saint-Honoré. Here in the heart of Paris, SAINT HONORE has chosen to open its exclusive flagship store at number 326 on the street that echoes the name of the brand.


SwISS made
SAINT HONORE is a true watchmaker, involving itself in all stages of the manufacture of its watches, from design to assembly, from quality control to distribution. With its two workshops utilizing centuries old traditions and expertise and blending them with modern design trends, SAINT HONORE creates a contemporary collection designed to meet the tastes of discerning audiences worldwide. Only the highest standards of craftsmanship prevail for SAINT HONORE. Every watch is assembled individually, inspected and adjusted by hand. All SAINT HONORE timepieces bear the Swiss Made label, synonymous with the utmost quality. Launched in 2005, the Tourbillon 1885 Collection has firmly established the brand’s credibility and technical virtuosity amongst the elite of watchmakers.


tourbillon for Lady

InventInG the Future
Along with tradition, innovation is the true driving force of the company. SAINT HONORE has always placed great emphasis on the development of new technologies, the search for new devices and the quest for new ideas. Launched in 2005, the Orsay Tourbillon 1885 was one of the very first Tourbillon watches designed especially for ladies. This prestigious model was the inspiration for the rotating monogram, a true signature to be found on selective watches in the SAINT HONORE ladies range. For men, the disc-chronograph innovation is a new way of reading time, whilst the panoramic glass offers an exceptional indepth view of the movement.

Panoramic glass

rotating monogram

disc chronograph


brand IcOnS
SAINT HONORE brand icons Paul Belmondo and Esther open the doors into a fascinating world of movies, Formula 1 and the catwalk. For top model Esther, life revolves around casting sessions and photo shoots, whilst Paul Belmondo moves brilliantly between F1 and show business. SAINT HONORE created its Orsay Black Racing Limited Edition in honour of his prestigious ambassador.



cOmmItment tO the beSt
SAINT HONORE’s story has always revolved around passion - a passion for watchmaking, tradition, expertise and design. But SAINT HONORE is also passionate about art and sport. On the art scene, SAINT HONORE has been active alongside famous painters and photographs. And world-renowned sport events like the America’s Cup or the Le Mans 24 Hours have been the theatre of SAINT HONORE achievements. Precision, accuracy, excellence all values that SAINT HONORE shares with these prestigious and demanding events. They are also a chance for SAINT HONORE to put its watches to the test under actual racing conditions and create truly unique timepieces. Perfect examples are the Limited Edition Haussman Regatta or Orsay Black Racing, which have become the wristwatches of choice for many of the world’s great sailors and drivers.


Orsay black racing, 2006


eLeGant tImePIeceS
SAINT HONORE is celebrating its 125th Anniversary with a collection exalting the values of the brand. An audacious collection, steeped in sophistication and elegance. Whether for lady or gent, style and performance are ever-present in the subtle combination of innovative technologies and noble materials.

863094 71Gnbr

898034 71Gnbr

889074 78Gnbr


889096 78ymIr

125th anniversary Limited edition


magnum attitude
Strength, character and innovation are the hallmarks of the Haussman model. Intended for thrill-seekers, it combines precision, performance and power with an affirmed style. Audaciously round with a wealth of technical features.

880070 1nIn

Swiss automatic eta 2824 3 hands date

889272 78cbar

Swiss Quartz chronograph retrograde


889070 1cGbn

863214 71nIn

Swiss Quartz chronograph retrograde

Swiss Quartz 2 hands big date small second diving

880070 1nInt

Swiss automatic eta 2824 3 hands date

889070 8mbr

863614 71bIn

Swiss Quartz chronograph retrograde

Swiss Quartz 2 hands big date small second diving – Limited edition

880070 8nIr

Swiss automatic eta 2824 3 hands date

889274 71nn

Swiss Quartz chronograph retrograde


766070 1nan

Swiss Quartz 3 hands date

796275 4bybt

Swiss Quartz chronograph

889270 1byan

Swiss Quartz chronograph retrograde

766080 6y8dr

Swiss Quartz 3 hands date

796290 8mbr

Swiss Quartz chronograph

889280 6byar

Swiss Quartz chronograph retrograde

766081 1y8dn

Swiss Quartz 3 hands date Special Order

L a d y


The Quadrature of the Circle
The dynamics of shapes have dictated the design of this newgeneration round watch which showcases audacity and ergonomics. The slender design of the case is perfectly trendy whilst its thickness lends itself to a very contemporary interpretation of the crown/crown protector assembly. The “falling” horns ensure perfect adjustment of the strap to the wrist. In short, everything in this watch evokes a movement of rare elegance.

766055 1nrn

Swiss Quartz 3 hands date

766160 3byht

Swiss Quartz 3 hands date


766030 1arF

Swiss Quartz 3 hands date

766060 1Phn

Swiss Quartz 3 hands date

766055 3nrt

Swiss Quartz 3 hands date

741030 8arF

Swiss Quartz 3 hands date

766463 8nhr

Swiss Quartz 3 hands date

766055 8nrr

Swiss Quartz 3 hands date

766130 8arF

Swiss Quartz 3 hands date

L a d y


861165 1aFIn

Swiss Quartz 3 hands date

885065 1aIan

Swiss Quartz chronograph

898065 1GIn

Swiss Quartz «disc» chronograph

861065 6nFIr

Swiss Quartz 3 hands date

885065 6nIar

874065 8nIr

Swiss Quartz chronograph

Swiss automatic chronograph eta 7750 valjoux Limited edition

874069 71nrO

Swiss automatic chronograph eta 7750 valjoux Limited edition


A Character of Tempered Steel
The specifications for the new Worldcode watch from SAINT HONORE were very straightforward: create the most elegant steel chronograph imaginable. The full force of SAINT HONORE expertise rose to this challenge and the result has surpassed all expectations. The sophisticated design honours the traditional codes of great timepieces with particular attention given to the bezel, decorated with six roman numerals, and the stylized metal band.

890117 1GnIb

Swiss Quartz chronograph

890117 6aaIG

Swiss Quartz chronograph


890117 1GaIn

Swiss Quartz chronograph

890117 1aaIm

Swiss Quartz chronograph

890118 71GnIb

Swiss Quartz chronograph

6232 72

c22 2 890118 71GnId 890120 6nnIb

Swiss Quartz chronograph

Swiss Quartz chronograph

890122 71amIm

Swiss Quartz chronograph


Contemporary Distinction
A clever blend of styles for chic sporting gentlemen, collectors of rare objects and other aficionados of passing time, the Orsay for Gent collection brilliantly combines watchmaking tradition with art deco design. Crazily chic with its monogram that rotates like a Tourbillon, the Orsay Carrée for ladies takes its inspiration directly from the Tourbillon 1885 Haute Couture Collection.

125th anniversary Limited edition Swiss Quartz rotating monogram

863030 78ymIdr

863023 1byd

Swiss Quartz rotating monogram Special Order


731128 1ybb

Swiss Quartz 2 hands date

863017 1ybd

Swiss Quartz rotating monogram

863020 1ybrdn

Swiss Quartz rotating monogram

731028 8ymbr

Swiss Quartz 2 hands date

863020 8nbdr

Swiss Quartz rotating monogram

863120 3ybdt

Swiss Quartz rotating monogram

863020 8ybdr

Swiss Quartz rotating monogram

L a d y


898027 1aIa

Swiss Quartz chronograph

897027 1nIa

Swiss automatic eta 2824 3 hands date

898057 1bIar

Swiss Quartz «disc» chronograph

898027 8nIar

Swiss Quartz chronograph

898057 8bIar 898030 78mIr

Swiss Quartz «disc» chronograph

Swiss Quartz chronograph

125th anniversary Limited edition Swiss Quartz chronograph

898034 71Gnbr


The Shape of Elegance
A close-up on a watch made exceptional by its pure elegance. SAINT HONORE has revisited one of the great watchmaking classics - the Tonneau shape. The Monceau model wonderfully combines the past and present, watchmaking know-how and modernity: exceptional finishes, prestigious materials and pure shapes.

880092 7GIG

Swiss automatic eta 2824 3 hands date

898063 78nb

Swiss Quartz chronograph


898152 1nran

Swiss Quartz chronograph

863082 1nbn

Swiss Quartz 2 hands big date small second

880082 1aIn

Swiss automatic eta 2824 3 hands date

8203 8b

880082 8nIn 898052 8mrar
Swiss Quartz chronograph

Swiss automatic eta 2824 3 hands date

125th anniversary Limited edition Swiss Quartz 2 hands big date small second

863094 71Gnbr


721055 1aFdn
Swiss Quartz 2 hands

6413 2bZ

723086 1aFdn

Swiss Quartz rotating monogram

721052 8bybr

Swiss Quartz 2 hands

723086 8nFdr

Swiss Quartz rotating monogram

723086 3bydF

Swiss Quartz rotating monogram

125th anniversary Limited edition Swiss Quartz rotating monogram

723085 78ymIdr

L a d y


125th anniversary Limited edition Set

6219 74

masculine Seduction
To the man who loves sophistication and elegance: indulge! The SAINT HONORE pen and cufflinks collection dovetails perfectly with the watch range to create a decidedly dashing style. Nothing is too beautiful for this collection, made with the noblest
mm17 6419 74


6217 2G c40 74

6419 78


6233 74 c31 74n

6216 8Z

6230 78 c36 8Z

6220 2n

c22 78

6230 6


c46 8 c29 2

P e n S


6405 8 6217 78

c33 1ru

c30 8n 6410 7

6422 2 6413 8bZ

c41 78

c45 1

c31 8ncZ 6412 8nZ

P e n S


eSSentIaL beauty
Jewels are a girl’s best friend. With its contemporary collection, a perfect blend of aesthetics and innovative design, SAINT HONORE epitomizes the elegance of the women wearing it. In conjunction with a SAINT HONORE timepiece, our jewellery pieces are truly unique and harmonious.

r10 5

r10 w 12d 3

r15w 9d 8

r13w 3d 5

r15 3

r13 8

r14 5

r14w 19d 3

r15w 20d 8


1992 - Official opening of the ultra-modern factory at charquemont

1993 - Opening of the first boutique in Paris

2004 - Opening of the Paris flagship boutique at 326, rue Saint-honoré


2009 - advertising campaign «trendy watchmaker since 1885»

2009 riyadh boutique : the first of the new generation

1885 - victorien Frésard sets up his own watchmaking firm, the predecessor of SaInt hOnOre


1985 - SaInt hOnOre officially succeeds the Frésard company

2006 Orsay black racing & Paul belmondo



1997 - First Prize in the new york Luxury design competition awarded to the manhattan collection

2005 - Introduction of the haute couture collection «tourbillon 1885»

2008 - Partnership with all4One Sailing team 2010 - SaInt hOnOre celebrates its 125th anniversary 2010 - coloseo black racing

125 years


The products shown in this catalogue are available at SAINT HONORE boutiques and exclusive retailers worldwide.

Boutique SAINT HONORE PARIS 326, rue Saint-Honoré 75001 PARIS FRANCE T/F +33 (0)1 42 60 14 01

For more information, visit the SAINT HONORE Official Website at

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