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Sarah Paramita Compound Words 70 mins

Grade 2 - English

Lesson: Visualization (Review II Compound Words)

Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment
Revelation 4: 11 Final Exam & Compound Words Mini Poster
You are worthy; our Lord and God, to receive
glory and honor and power, for you created all
things, and by your will they were created and
have their being.

God, the only source of true wisdom. The

students will be taught to reason the given text
through the guided reading. Their task is to give
full attention to the text and able to comprehend
it in a deeper level of understanding. Through
guided reading and several activities in the
centers, the students will have a skill practice in
this learning process.

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)

How do you spot the compound The student will . . .
words from the given text? Identify several compound words from the given text
Sound All Around..
Determine the content of the given text without
having the teacher to explain it.
Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies
5 mins Beginning the Lesson
Have the students ready to learn in the carpet and give them the instruction before
they get to their own center.

Developing the Lesson

The students will pursuit to their own center and they will work as a group to
follow the instruction carefully in each center. One period of the centers will last for 15
30 The teacher will guide the reading team. The students will be ask to carefully
mins read the book and be alert when they find several compound word on the text.
(@15 Before the students start to read the teacher will ask several questions.
mins) From the cover, what do you think that boy is doing?
Where do you think the sound will come out?
What can you tell me about the writers purpose of writing this book?
The teacher will supervise each student to read. They will have their own turn to
In some point, the teacher will ask several questions.
Tell me what do you know about sound?
How is sound produced?
How does sound travel?
How do you describe differences in sound?
What is the difference between a pleasant sound and an unpleasant sound?
What are the steps of our brain hearing the sound?
When the students finish reading the booklet, the teacher will again ask several
Sarah Paramita Compound Words 70 mins
Grade 2 - English

What does the outside part of our ears do with the sound waves?
Which part of our ears that are very sensitive?
What part of our body that gives different sound when it vibrates?
How do deaf people listen and talk?
After 15 minutes, the other group of students will be switched with the previous
group and this second group will also be supervised in reading the text.
mins Closing the Lesson
Have the students go back to their seats and start to review about Noun, Pronoun,
and Contraction.
(The teacher will project the Worksheet to the whiteboard).
Formative Assessment Differentiation
Reading guided questions, English Centers:
Review from Grammar Book. Spelling Center
Reading Center (guided reading)
Reading Games
Writing Practice
Grammar Book,
Sound All Around Booklet