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1. What Type Of Connection Do You Have At Your Home?

(A)Cable (B) DTH (C)DD National (D) None

2. Why You Choose DTH Over Local Cable?

(A) Picture Quality (B) More Channels (C) Cost Is Less (D) Other

3. Which DTH Network Do You Own?

(A)Dish Tv (B) Tata Sky (C) Videocon D2h (D)Sun Direct

4. How Long Have You Been Using The DTH Service?

(A) 0-2 Year (B) 2-4 Years (C) 4-6years (D)More Than 6 Years

5. From Where Did You Come To Know About Your DTH Service Provider?

(A)Newspaper (B) Banners C) Retailer (D) Other Consumers

6. Which Marketing Scheme Attracts You Most?

(A)Discount (B)Promotional Offers (C)Service Package (D) Brand Image

7. Which Type Of Package Are You Using?

(A) Monthly (B) 3 Months (C) 9 Months (D) Yearly

8. What Do You Like Most About Your Dth Service?

(A)Service (B) Worth For Money (C) Features (D) All Of The Above

9. How Is The Performance Of Your Dth Service Provider?

(A)Strongly Satisfied (B) Satisfied (C) Dissatisfied (D) Strongly Dissatisfied

10. Ability to Record Programs In Dth Setup Box?

(A) Yes (B) No

11. Do You Easily Get The Recharge For Your Dth?

(A) Yes (B) No

12. Do You Think That Warranty Plays An Important Role For Dth Service

(A) Yes (B) No

13. Is Continued Service Even In Heavy Rains?

(A)Yes (B) No

14. What Would You Recommend To Company To Add?

(A)They Should Improve Their Customer Care.

(B)They Should Introduce New Schemes To

. Attract Customers.

(C) They Should Find New Ways To Advertise Their Product

(D) Introduce New Services

15. Rate (Out Of 5) Your Influence On The Preference Of Your Dth?

1 2 3 4 5
Brand Name

16. Scale Your Satisfaction From Your Dth Customer Care?

(A)Strongly Satisfied (B) Satisfied (C) Dissatisfied (D) Strongly Dissatisfied

17. If You Get A Chance To Buy New Tv, Which Connection Will Choose?

(A)Dish Tv (B) Tata Sky (C)Videocon (D)Sun Direct