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July 2010 • VOL. 21 NO.


Call for Feedback on Chamber’s 5-Year Vision Welcome New Members




Are We in for a Double Dip Recession? Mixer at Artesa Winery Member Spot: Twin Pine Casino & Hotel and more...

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One of the Measures of Success is Flexibility What remarkable organizations do that others don’t.
In every organization it is important to receiving advertising information from constantly scan the horizon for opportunities members. As a result we are discontinuing and threats that may affect your business. At the mailing of our Hot Sheet program. We the Napa Chamber we’ve been monitoring are encouraging our members to participate our communication trends with our members in the E-Sheet program, for several reasons. and the community. Since late 2009 we’ve One, the program is $100 per insertion as been monitoring the compared to $200 for In this age of skimmers effectiveness of several the mailed Hot Sheet communication outlets. and scanners, our single program; Second, Our findings have message emails are working you will only provide prompted changes in our us with a PDF to give you the information instead of 2,000 delivery methods. you WANT to see. We have found photocopies of your that our members enjoy flyer; Third, you will receiving our COMMERCE Newsletter enjoy the benefits of offering a flyer in color, online and appreciate our sustainability consistently. If technology will be kind to us, approach to sharing information. We’ve we will work to make sure that ‘hot links’ found that on average 35% of the are incorporated in the product we give to membership are clicking through and reading our news nearly immediately, while the rest See FLEXIBILITY on page 2... of the membership may visit the website at a later date. Call for applications! Since the start of our E-Sheet program See page 2... in March 2009, we’ve had a steady response rate of approx 35% of our members downloading and using the offers from other members. In a recent survey, an overwhelming response indicated that E-Sheets were the preferred method of


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Silverado Resort Napa Valley Marketplace Magazine Markstein Beverage Company Redwood Credit Union Exertec Health & Fitness Hawthorn Inn and Suites Queen of the Valley Medical Center Charter Oak Bank
Mark Coleman, State Farm Travis Credit Union Golden State Warriors Napa Recycling & Waste Services
Kathryn Fitzgerald, CFP® Umpqua Bank


Regulation Issued on “Grandfathered” Health plans under the Affordable Care Act
Allowing Americans to Keep Current Health Plans or Choose a New Plan While Extending Important New Benefits to All Consumers
The U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor and Treasury issued a new regulation that makes good on President Obama’s promise that Americans who like their health plan can keep it. The new regulation protects the ability of individuals and businesses to keep their current plan while providing important consumer protections that give Americans – rather than insurance companies – control over their own health care. The new regulation also provides stability and flexibility to insurers and businesses that offer health insurance coverage as the nation transitions to a more competitive marketplace in 2014 when

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continued from page 1... our members for viewing. The E-Sheets are a valuable way to reach the membership and we strive to offer this program to you in the most cost-effective ways. We will continue to offer you the twice monthly E-Newsletter. We have found this an effective tool for our membership to share information by publishing their Press Releases in the Member News section. We are always looking for ways to improve delivering your information to our entire membership. We’ve discovered over the last several months that our members are finding our single message emails efficient in their daily lives. We only send out single message emails for Chamber business, whether that is alerting you to an important issue, an education opportunity, reminders about networking, etc. In our daily lives at the Chamber, most of us receive at least 100 or more emails a day. Many of us receive e-newsletters and we find ourselves putting them aside to ‘read later’. We do eventually read them later, only to find out we’ve missed out on something we could have attended or worse, a discount on something we could have purchased! In this age of skimmers and scanners, our single message emails are working to give you the information you WANT to see. We will focus on sending more of these types of emails to keep you informed of opportunities so you can take advantage of your Napa Chamber membership benefits. ■




One of the globally recognized “Great Wine Capitals”, San Francisco | Napa Valley is home to the founders of America’s fine wine industry - where legendary entrepreneurs with a pioneering spirit, passion for winemaking, commitment to preservation and casual wine country lifestyle have made The Napa Valley the highly acclaimed wine, food, arts and wellness destination that it is today. The region’s wine and tourism businesses continue to follow in this tradition by creating exceptional and innovative offerings for visitors. Now San Francisco | Napa Valley innovators have the opportunity to share these achievements with the world – with the 2011 Best Of Wine Tourism Awards. With San Francisco’s close proximity to the Napa Valley, the destination provides visitors with the rare opportunity to explore and experience one of the best wine regions in the world. San Francisco is repeatedly named one of the top food and wine destinations in the world and many of San Francisco’s restaurants showcase Napa Valley wineries on their wine lists. Wine tourism in The Napa Valley has been carefully grown into Napa County’s second largest industry – while still supporting the conservation and protection of The Napa Valley as one of the most treasured agricultural preserves on the earth. As part of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network (GWCGN), San Francisco | Napa Valley wine and hospitality leaders are afforded the unique opportunity to showcase their best practices through the GWCGN’s annual Best Of Wine Tourism Awards. Celebrating excellence among wine tourism businesses, awards are presented in seven categories accommodation; restaurants; architecture, parks and gardens; arts and culture; innovative wine tourism experiences; wine tourism services; and sustainable wine tourism practices. The awards are open to all San Francisco | Napa Valley wine and tourism industry partners. Participants submitting entries in the categories of wine tourism services, accommodations and restaurants do not have to be to be a

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CALLING ALL SAN FRANCISCO | NAPA VALLEY INNOVATORS Great Wine Capitals Global Network is Now Welcoming Entries for the 2011 Best Of Winners in 7 Categories. Deadline July 31, 2010 Apply online at


We have an extraordinary combination of wine and tourism partners here in the San Francisco | Napa Valley region. The 2011 Best Of Wine Tourism Awards offers a wonderful opportunity for local business to shine and showcase the region’s unique offerings on an international level. It’s a marvelous program to get involved in!
~ Clay Gregory, President and CEO of The Napa Valley Destination Council

Accommodations* Wine Tourism Restaurants* Architecture, Parks & Gardens Art & Culture | COMMERCE | Page 2 |

Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences Wine Tourism Services* Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices *not required to be a winery

July 2010

Chairman’s FOCus
By Randy Martinsen, President & CEO of Accelerated Marketing Group 2010 Napa Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board Five years ago, we went through a review of that Vision statement, and made changes to expand some areas and re-define a few statements. The 5 Year Vision consists of 1) Economic Vitality, 2) Education, 3) Workforce Housing / Jobs & Housing Balance, 4) Transportation Maintenance & Improvement, 5) Protection of Natural Resources, and 6) Community Leadership. The statement name was changed to the “Napa Chamber of Commerce – 5 Year Vision” and was adopted by the Board in November 2005.

Ten years ago, our Chamber leaders had the forethought to go through the process of defining a Five-Year Vision for the Chamber. This document became the guideline for many decisions made by the Board of Directors concerning important issues which the Chamber would discuss and governs the position. It was named the “Five-year Community Vision” and there were five areas of focus with clearly defined policies and vision. It became a valuable tool when the Chamber began making candidate endorsements and taking positions on Propositions in the 2002 Election year; and has been the guiding document for how we debate legislative action items and advocacy for our members.

“I am asking that you each take time to review the current vision and give us your feedback about anything you think needs to be expanded or removed or changed.”
The Vision has helped us make decisions about whether to support issues like the Wine Definition Ordinance (WDO) revision, ordinances for Vacation Rentals

in both City and County governments, and the development of the Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) – all of these within the last 12 months. It’s time again for us to review our current Vision, and make any changes necessary for the next five year Vision. The Board of Directors will be reviewing these changes in the next quarter and decide on the revised Vision in our October or November Board meetings. Your input is very valuable to us, so I am asking that you each take time to review the current Vision and give us your feedback about anything you think needs to be expanded, removed or changed so we can include those comments in our review process. You can view the entire Vision statement on the Chamber website at: You can also view policies derived from the Vision that drive our candidate endorsement process on the Chamber website at: Please take the time to answer the series of surveys that will be sent from now through August. Thank you for participating in this process and helping your Board maintain positions that advocate for your business in a positive and practical way. ■

By Lisa Batto ACE, President/CEO

Just do a search for ‘W recession’ or ‘ double dip recession’ in the news section of your favorite search engine and dozens of articles pop up from across the nation and world. It is not my favorite thing to search for this type of news, however, knowledge is power. Since April I’ve watched my 401K take a little nose dive, it’s been my experience that stock markets are good indicators of the future. That is about as far as my radar goes, from there I rely on the experts to tell me what’s going on. Looking at the reports from sources like The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA News and many more, learning about the weak job market, consumers that are slightly spending, global credit crisis, Bush’s federal tax cuts coming to an end, housing markets that are still in trouble…with all of
July 2010

market conditions. It is knowing when and why to cut, how much and when to begin to invest again. For a large corporation, this these things combined, just one of them could might be the norm, as they might have a cause the panic of the double dip! whole department devoted to the case. For The interesting part of any recession is small businesses these things might be more the bounce back. Why do some companies do difficult. Where do YOU go to get help? better than others during this period? I spoke The Napa Valley College Small Business with a member who is in the trucking industry. Development Center may His company weathered have the help you need through the recession “The interesting part They even without dropping the following of any recession is havemight help youprograms his employee base. He that prevent was able to keep his the bounce back. the panic from taking hold people employed, he of your business: Why do some cut them back, however NXLEVEL™ companies do better he continued to invest ENTREPRENEURIAL during the downturn. than others during TRAINING PROGRAM As his industry started this period?” is a practical business to experience more education and enhancement activity, his company program for serious has been able to meet the demands of their entrepreneurs. This hands-on course is current customer base. The company was designed to help small business owners and also better prepared to pick up new business managers advance their critical thinking because the upswing caught his competitors skills and hone their business knowledge and by surprise. His investment paid off as his entrepreneurial savvy. NxLeveL™ covers all company is now positioned to take full phases of researching, analyzing, defining, advantage of the upswing in the market. planning and improving your company. Make Is the key to invest in your business at all use of NxLeveL’s™ winning combination times? Not necessarily, the key is KNOWING of education, mentoring and networking to where your business stands at anytime – from staffing; product depletion; finances and See CEO on page 7...
| COMMERCE | Page 3 |

continued from page 2... winery, but should have a strong wine tourism presence. “Visitors to San Francisco may experience the best of both worlds - a worldclass city that is also just an hour from worldclass winemakers,” said Joe D’Alessandro, president and CEO of the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau. “We are proud to be part of Great Wine Capitals Global Network and encourage our members to submit their entry for the 2011 Best Of Wine Tourism Awards.” Best Of Wine Tourism Awards are presented for each of the seven categories on both a regional and international level. The 2011 San Francisco | Napa Valley Best Of Wine Tourism Award winners will be announced at an awards ceremony held in early Fall 2011. Adjudicated by an international panel of respected wine tourism professionals, the 2011 “Global Best Of” winners will be announced at the 12th annual general meeting of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network, to be held in Christchurch, New Zealand this November.
To submit your entry online...


for the 2011 Best Of Wine Tourism Awards, please go to the Napa Valley Vintners Association website at http:// and setup a trade account. Once you have created your trade account, or are logged in, you can access the award submission form and materials. Entries must be submitted by July 31, 2010. For more information, please contact: Emilie Wyrick at (707) 968-4225.
About Great Wine Capitals Global Network

Founded in 1999, the Great Wine Capitals Global Network is an alliance of nine internationally renowned wine regions - Bordeaux, France; Cape Town, South Africa; Christchurch-South Island, New Zealand; Florence, Italy; MainzRhienhessen, Germany; Mendoza, Argentina; Porto, Portugal; Bilbao-Rioja, Spain and San Francisco-Napa Valley, USA. The international Best Of Wine Tourism awards serves as an industry benchmark for excellence and recognizes leading wineries and wine-tourism related businesses within each Great Wine Capital that have distinguished themselves in areas such as innovation, service and sustainable practices. For more information visit, http://w ■

continued from page 1... businesses and consumers will have more affordable choices through exchanges. “The Affordable Care Act gives American families more control over their health care by providing greater benefits, cost savings and protections,” said Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius. “With the announcement of the new ‘grandfather’ rule, we’re providing the market stability and flexibility to ensure that families and businesses can make the choices that work best for them.” While the Affordable Care Act requires all health plans to provide important new benefits to consumers, under the law, plans that existed on March 23, 2010 are exempt from some new requirements. The “grandfather rule” makes it clear that these plans can continue to innovate and contain costs by allowing insurers and employers to make routine changes without losing grandfather status. Plans will lose their “grandfather” status if they choose to significantly cut benefits or increase outof-pocket spending for consumers – and consumers in plans that make such changes will gain new consumer protections. All health plans – whether or not they are grandfathered plans – must provide certain benefits to their customers for plan years starting on or after September 23, 2010 including: • No lifetime limits on coverage for all plans; • No rescissions of coverage when people get sick and have previously made an unintentional mistake on their application; and • Extension of parents’ coverage to young adults under 26 years old; • For the vast majority of Americans who get their health insurance through employers, additional benefits will be offered, irrespective of whether their plan is grandfathered, including: • No coverage exclusions for children with pre-existing conditions; and • No “restricted” annual limits (e.g., annual dollar-amount limits on coverage below standards to be set in future regulations). “The Affordable Care Act positions consumers, instead of insurance companies, as decision makers when it comes to their health care,” said Assistant Treasury Secretary for Tax Policy Michael Mundaca. “The rule preserves individuals’ ability to keep their current plan and provides strong consumer protections that give Americans more control over their health insurance choices.” Grandfathered health plans will be able to make routine changes to their policies and maintain their status. These routine changes include cost adjustments to keep pace with
| COMMERCE | Page 4 |

medical inflation, adding new benefits, making modest adjustments to existing benefits, voluntarily adopting new consumer protections under the new law, or making changes to comply with State or other Federal laws. Premium changes are not taken into account when determining whether or not a plan is grandfathered. Plans will lose their grandfathered status if they choose to make significant changes that reduce benefits or increase costs to consumers. If a plan loses its grandfathered status, then consumers in these plans will gain additional new benefits including: • Coverage of recommended prevention services with no cost sharing; and • Patient protections such as access to OBGYNs and pediatricians without a referral by a separate primary care provider. Details about what routine changes insurers and employers can make without losing their grandfathered status, and the projected impact on large and small employer plans and the individual plan market can be found at http://www. health_plan_you_have.html Most of the 133 million Americans with employer-sponsored health insurance through large employers will maintain the coverage they have today. Additionally, large employer-based plans already offer most of the comprehensive benefits and consumer protections that the Affordable Care Act will provide to all Americans this year – such as preventing rescission of coverage. The roughly 42 million people insured through small businesses will likely transition from their current plan to one with the new Affordable Care Act protections over the next few years. Small plans tend to make substantial changes to cost sharing, employer contributions, and health insurance issuers more frequently than large plans. To help small businesses afford employee coverage, the Affordable Care Act includes a tax credit for up to 35% of their premium contributions. The 17 million people who are covered in the individual health insurance market, where switching of plans and substantial changes in coverage are common, will receive the new protections of the Affordable Care Act sooner rather than later. Roughly 40 percent to twothirds of people in individual market policies normally change plans within a year. In the short run, individuals whose plan changes and is no longer grandfathered will gain access to free preventive services, protections against restricted annual limits, and patient protections such as improved access to emergency rooms. In 2014, small businesses and individuals who purchase insurance on their own will gain access to the competitive market Exchanges.

HEALTH on page 7…

July 2010

WElCOmE nEW mEmbErs!
Bed & Breakfast Accommodations

Calistoga Wayside Inn

Massage Therapy

Susan & Dave DeVries, (707) 942-1655 1523 Foothill Blvd, Calistoga Email: Website: Catering

E Acupressure Therapy


Eva Kapsalis, (707) 319-0798 100 W American Canyon Rd Ste K-1, American Canyon Email: Website: Medical - Clinics

Napa Airporter

Johnny Giri, (707) 252-1900 Email: Website: Vacation Rentals

Cindy Crater, (707) 945-1229 6525 Washington St Ste E1, Yountville Email: Website: Computers - Design & Consultants


Brannan Townhome

Napa Valley Personalized Healthcare

Kristi Jones, (707) 257-1550 3010 Beard Rd, Napa Website: Nanny Services

Susan & Dave DeVries, (707) 942-1655 Brannan St at Lincoln Ave, Calistoga Email: Website:

Chien Blanc Bungalows

Valley Computer Networks

Derek & Barbara Hall, (707) 355-1240 Email: Website: Embroidery

Grapevine Placement Agency & Travel’n Tots

Susan & Dave DeVries, (707) 942-1655 1441 Second St, Calistoga Email: Website: Wineries

707 Embroidery Zone

Monin MartinZangeneh, (707) 256-3555 Email: Website: Real Estate - Brokers

Carlos Salazar, (707) 252-1927 3149 California Blvd Ste D, Napa Email: Website: Event Rentals, Planning & Consultations

Lava Vine Winery & Tasting Room
Joseph Cabral, (707) 942-9500 965 Silverado Trail, Calistoga Email: Website:

Terra Firma Global Partners

Wine, Women & Shoes dba Among Friends

Heidi Rickerd-Rizzo, (800) 681-1361 1606 Main St Ste 203, Napa Email: Website: Restaurants

Katie Hamilton Shaffer, (530) 400-1149 Email: Website: Film & Video Production

Frida’s Mexican Grill

Mint Locations

Arturo Delgadillo, (707) 252-3575 1533 Trancas St, Napa Email: Website:

Jayson Pahlmeyer, (707) 255-2321 811 St Helena Hwy S Ste 202, St. Helena Email: Website:


Toolbox Wine Company

Cynthia Osborn, (415) 671-9091 Email: Website: Janitorial Services

Martini House

Moreno’s Express Janitorial

Todd Humphries, (707) 963-2233 1245 Spring Street, St. Helena Email: Website: Retreat Centers

Katie Hamilton Shaffer, (707) 257-6796 1021 McKinstry St, Napa Email: Website:
For a complete listing of Napa Chamber members, updated daily, go to

Jorge Hurtado, (707) 307-9288 Email: Website: Jewelry

Montesol Company

Pete McGee, (707) 942-1373 5500 Lake County Hwy, Calistoga Website: Senior Services

Creations By You Fine Jewelers
Brian Doughty, (707) 252-8131 3341 Solano Ave, Napa Email: Website: Manufacturers

Francisco Roa, (707) 265-8652 2541 Vintage St, Napa Toys

Napa Valley Senior Care, Inc.

Renew your resources... by using the Napa Chamber’s

Wine Country Kitchens

The Napa Valley Toy Company

online at

Green Business Directory

Victoria Kramer, (707) 252-9463 511 Alexis Ct, Napa Email: Website: Marketing Consultants

Renee Fannin, (707) 259-1189 1398 First St - Napa Town Center, Napa Email: Connect with us... NapaChamber Your Napa Chamber Supporting A Sustainable Future


Lisa Gottfried, (707) 332-2163 Email: Website:
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After-Hours MIXER at Artesa Winery
The after-hours MIXER at Chamber member Artesa Winery was a huge success with over 200 business people networking, learning about new business opportunities and socializing. Located high above the Carneros region next to Milliken Peak, the views are just as spectacular as the wines and welcome. PLAN AHEAD: Don’t miss the third-Thursday After-Hours MIXER on August 19 at the fun and educational venue of Napa Firefighters Museum at 1201 Main Street in Napa!
Winery - we couldn’t resist pubs View from Artesaof our amazing Carneros region! lishing this shot

Artesa Hospitality Director Linda Champagne welcomes over 200 attendees to the mixer! member Joe from s L-R New & Reed; RyanFulfordand wife Waddell Grant Sarah from Elypsis, Inc.

Artesa Winery invited 10 Chamber Members to share their edibles at the mixer!

Ad Space Now Available!
in Napa Valley’s Most in Demand City Guide & Business Directory

Opportunity Contact: Dana Johnson Cell: 707.322.3403 Email:

Published to support our local economy and encourage the use of member services; thousands of books will be distributed throughout the County. The entire publication is available online AND new this year, a VP Smartphone App for both iPhone and Droid platforms!


mEmbEr bEnEFit bullEtin
The Napa Chamber understands the trending opportunities for marketing your business and we want to make sure you have access to these marketing advantages by connecting your Business Directory Listing to your video and audio messaging.

Visit for more informations
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July 2010



continued from page 3... take your business to the NEXT LEVEL of success! The Rx for Business is performed by a highly experienced team of SBDC consultants. They will conduct a review of your business, including on-site interviews and observations. After the review, the lead consultant will prepare a written report with recommendations to improve the operating efficiency of your enterprise. On-on-one counseling is then available at no charge to help you implement any new strategies or recommendations. Another stop might be checking in with one of the SCORE Counselors to Small Business. Business counseling by seasoned executives provided free of charge to small business owners and budding entrepreneurs. For appointments contact the Napa Chamber office at (707) 226-7455. Increasing your knowledge will help you weather the economic storms and reap the benefits of the upswing to come! ■


continued from page 4... These Exchanges will offer individuals and workers in small businesses with a much greater choice of plans at more affordable rates – the same choice as members of Congress. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has estimated that, on an apples-to-apples basis, premiums will be 1420 percent lower than they would be under current law in 2016 due to competition, lower insurance overhead, and increased pooling and purchasing power. Small businesses also will have more affordable options. CBO has estimated that a family policy for small businesses would be available in the Exchanges at a premium that is $4,000 lower than under current law in 2016. These reduced premiums do not take into account the tax credits available to small businesses and middle class families to help make insurance affordable. These additional new choices and cost savings may further lower the likelihood that small businesses workers will remain in grandfathered health plans. Consumers insured through large employers are more likely to remain in grandfathered plans in 2014 and beyond. ■

A fact sheet about the regulation can be found at: Read the Questions and Answers at:

Did You Know?...

MEMBERS ONLY BENEFIT: Your Napa Chamber publishes your press releases in Napa Business Focus? Check it out at

You can view the regulation at:

Consumer Focused Website at:

WE FOCus On businEss
Chamber Member Spotlight:

Twin pine Hotel & Casino
Twin Pine Casino & Hotel can be found one mile south of Middletown and 15 miles north of Calistoga on Highway 29. It is owned and operated by the Middletown Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California. Rick Howard has been the General Manager for 18 months and has overseen the exciting opening of their new 60-room hotel. Twin Pine Casino has been in operation for 15 years and in November of this year will celebrate its 16th anniversary. The Casino was fully renovated in 2008 and the new hotel opened in March of 2009. Twin Pine is a major economic engine for Middletown and Calistoga area, employing 260
July 2010

people and hosting many attractions and events which draw visitors and tourists to the community. As a community partner the Tribe and Casino are quietly involved in philanthropic and charitable activities both in their local and extended communities. Hotel & Casino Entry As the northern gateway to Napa’s world-class wine country, the new state-ofover the course of the day, $1,000.00 per the-art facility was designed with a wine day in August and on Labor Day guests country motif. Its unique and delightful have the opportunity to win a new Harley turn-of-the-century winery theme has been Davidson motorcycle. very well received. The General Manager Howard is starting casino is California’s to incorporate social media outlets in his newest with over marketing plan, so you can now follow 92,000 square feet Twin Pine on Facebook and on the web. of guest space and The web is working well for him and is open 24 hours a enhancements are being added to their web day, 7 days a week. site frequently. This summer is jamIn addition to state-of-the-art gaming, packed with tantalizing Twin Pine provides elegant dining in promotions; the Fourth its new Manzanita Restaurant, and the of July promotion is a full-service smoke-free Grapevine Bar & $16,000.00 give-away
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Dining in the Manzanita Restaurant

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Upcoming Events... maximize your networking!
July 21, 2010 August 8, 2010 August 19, 2010

Wake Up Your Business Wednesday
For more information call 707.226.7455 or visit our website and register for events online at
“Succession Planning” Napa Chamber Boardroom 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

First Friday Business Development Lunch
Compadres Rio Grill
505 Lincoln Ave. Napa $30 Members; $35 Prospective Members 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Napa Firefighters Museum
1200 Main Street,Napa
5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

“Ensuring your Success”

Sponsored by Umpqua Bank

Bring plenty of business cards!


continued from previous page... Lounge offers live musical entertainment, free comedy shows on selected nights, large and plentiful flat-screen monitors for viewing your favorite sports events or concerts, and a large variety of wines, beers and spirits. There is even a unique wine-tasting room that showcases the very best of California’s world-renowned wines, most of which are grown and produced virtually in Twin Pine’s “back yard.” The adjoining 60-room hotel features smoke-free, spacious luxury accommodations. Its convenience to Napa and Lake County, in addition to its easy accessibility to Sonoma and

Mendocino Counties and the beautiful northern California coast, make it the perfect location. Whether it’s a weekend excursion to world-famous wine country or a week-long vacation with family, Lake County and the surrounding area offer an astounding variety of outdoor choices…championship golf, boating on Clear Lake (California’s largest freshwater lake), tournamentlevel fishing, horseback riding, hiking, camping, bicycling through plentiful vineyards and rolling hills, kayaking, beachcombing, and more. For more information on hotel availability and current promotions go to Twin Pine Casino & Hotel. ■

A great advertising opportunity for your business!

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Contact Katherine Zimmer for more information at 707.254.1147 or

As the membership organization for business, we promote our community’s economic vitality and quality of life through leadership development, advocacy, facilitation and education.

Randy Martinsen, Chairman of the Board .................... Accelerated Marketing Group Ryan Gregory, Chair-elect ..................................... Riechers & Spence Associates, Inc. Debra Dommen, Vice-Chair Advocacy ..........................Winegrowers of Napa County Kent Kuhlmann, Vice-Chair Resources ........................ Kuhlmann Associates Financial Cherie Knox, Treasurer .............................................................. Redwood Credit Union Mike Silvas, Immediate Past-Chair....................................Wine Country Fine Properties

BENEFIT from being a member of the Napa Chamber of Commerce
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Dean Bowen, Net-Flow Corporation; John Cardinale, State Farm Insurance; Linda Champagne, Artesa Winery; Sandra Elles, Napa County Farm Bureau; Ken Frank, La Toque; Pamela Gleeson, Santen Inc.; Clay Gregory, The Napa Valley Destination Council; Cathy D’Angelo Holmes, Coldwell Banker Commercial; Stanton Lawson, Sequoia Senior Solutions; Bill Lockhart, Edward Jones; Kara Long, Tugboat, Inc.; Barry Martin, City of Napa; Kevin Massie, Napa Ford Lincoln Mercury; Sherry McKillop, Follow Your Creating a Strong Local Economy Compass; Shawn Milburn, Napa Valley Marriott Hotel & Spa; Dennis Pedisich, Napa Promoting the Community Community Bank; Jaime Penaherrera, Queen of the Valley Hospital Foundation; Richard Providing Networking Opportunities Rybicki, Rybicki & Associates; Don Shindle, Westin Verasa Napa; Brenda Speth, Napa Supporting a Sustainable Future Valley Register; Patrick Sweeney, Napa Valley Unified School District; Kevin Teague, Representing Business to Government Holme Teague Roche Anglin LLP; Toni Renee Vierra, Vierra Environmental Consulting; Jay Williamson, Williamson and Company. Engaging in Political Action HONORARY DIRECTOR: Julian Weidler, Retired. For membership information call NApA CHAMBER STAFF Sherrell Harper at 707.257.4598 Lisa Batto, ACE, President/CEO, 707.226.7455, or Rebecca Johnson at 707.254.1142 Katherine Zimmer, VP Marketing & Communications, 707.254.1147,
Sherrell Harper, Membership, 707.257.4598, Rebecca Johnson, Membership, 707.254.1142, Jayson Johnson, Creative Manager, 707.254.1144, Paula Wick, Customer Service, 707.226.7455, Lynn Page, Sr. Administrator / Event Specialist, 707.254.1145, Christine Sullivan, Administrative Assistant, 707.254.1143, Caryl Chakerian, Communications, 707.738.6053, | COMMERCE | Page 8 |


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