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Sarah Paramita Daniel Is Faithful 20 mins

Grade 2 - Biblical Studies

Lesson: Daniel Remains Faithful

Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment
Romans 12:2a Final Exam (on the third week).
Do not conform to the pattern of the world, but
be transformed by the renewing of the mind.

In this lesson, the students will apply their

learning about being faithful and it can only be
achieved with the help of Gods Spirit inside
them. The students are expected to be the light
of the world as they pursue Gods
commandment to love Him wholeheartedly and
love others despite of their unrighteousness.

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)

How do we set an example for others who The student will . . .
are Christians and those are not? Describe the life that they should follow as a Christian
What are the things that we can take from who should be the light in the broken world.
the life of Daniel? Plan and apply the actions that they should adapt as
their lifestyle in following Christ (showing
Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies
Beginning the Lesson
1 min Have all the students sit in the carpet. Ready to give instruction about the Jumble Verse
5 mins The students will be divided into 2 groups. They are required to find the 2 different verses
that the teacher have placed in 2 different spots. They will only be given a Bible for each
group. They will arrange the verse according to what it says in the Bible and paste it to the
poster paper.
The verses will be taken from Matthew 5: 14 and Psalm 34: 4.
2 mins Have the students conclude the activity that they just finished.
- You shine Gods light by being faithful in obeying His word.
- Others might choose to worship God when they see our lives. God wants everyone in
the world to be part of his family and worship Him.
- Are you being the light for your friends?

Developing the Lesson

After they finish the activity, have them all sit again in the carpet.
5 mins Review the previous lesson about Daniel and his friends.
I want to see a thinker who can tell me about Daniel and his friends.
How Daniel and his friends live their lives in foreign country?
Were they able to follow what is right?
What are the things that they do differently from other people?
Closing the Lesson
7 mins Another review will be done by finishing the Worksheet that they have started since the
previous lesson. The teacher will do it together with them and after several numbers, let them
work independently.
Formative Assessment Differentiation
Review Questions, Cooperative Learning: Group work in playing the
Worksheet about Obey the Word and Be Jumble Verses Games.
Faithful. Independent: Worksheet

Poster Paper
Jumble Verses
Glue sticks
Bible (4)