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Yerang Cho Enya

Biblical studies
Grade 2B
Lesson: Foreigners

Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment

Jesus loves foreigners too.

He loves everyone no matter what.

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)

- Students will know that Jesus loves
Who was Philip? everyone.
Who was the Good Samaritan? - Students will know how to share the
Who are the foreigners? Gospel by using the strategy.
To whom should we share the Gospel?

Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies

Beginning the Lesson
Review the Bible verse.
3min God does not show favoritism but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and
s does what is right.
- Acts 10:34-35

What is favoritism? Do you know the word favorite? What does it mean?
Favoritism: treating someone different than others. Treating someone specially = not fair,
not equal
For example: If a teacher likes one student more that the others and give him a chocolate,
would it be fair? - no
What is a nation? : Nation means group of people who lives in the same country.
Do you know the word international? International means there are more than two
different countries.
For example:How many nations do we have in our class?
- Filipinos, Koreans, Australian, Canadian, American and Indonesians.

Do we understand our memory verse now? Lets practice!

Read it all together twice. I will give you 20 seconds to memorize and we
5mins will do quiz.

I am going to take some words out from the verse, and you will guess.
Dont forget to raise your hand!
Yerang Cho Enya
Biblical studies
Grade 2B

Developing the Lesson

Our memory verse tells us that God loves everyone. It does not matter if
the person is Jewish or American or Indonesian, or Korean. He accepts
5mins EVERY one.
I am going to show you my friends.
Do we all look the same? what do you think?
What do you think it will be different
ex) Language, food, culture, look,

We study together to be a teacher.

We have one thing in common. We all believe in Jesus.

Everyone can believe in Jesus.

What do you think we should do?

- share the Gospel

What is the Gospel?

I will teach you to remember the Gospel with your hand.

Put the Hand Gospel picture on the board.

Thumb - God loved me and you

Index finger - I have sinned
5mins Middle finger - Jesus Christ died for me and you
Ring finger - If I believe, whoever believes it
Pinky finger - Will go to heaven

Practice in pairs.

Who can show me.

Closing the Lesson

Lets try all together

Why do we need to share the Gospel with others?

only to my family?
only to Indonesians?

No, we need to share it with everyone, every nation.

Can you tell me someone that you can share this Hand Gospel with?
- drivers, nanny, workers etc.

Formative Assessment Differentiation

Yerang Cho Enya
Biblical studies
Grade 2B
Ask questions
Demonstrate the Gospel with their