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Food Companion mother's milk (breast milk) is a food or beverage

containing the nutrients given to infants or children aged 6-24 months in order to
meet the nutritional needs other than breastmilk. MP-ASI is a food transition from
breastfeeding to family foods. The introduction and provision of complementary
feeding should be done gradually form and amount, according to the digestive
ability of the infant or child. Data in Indonesia showed the nutritional status of
infants 0-6 months of 2007 was 6.5%, including malnutrition; 8.2% is included in
malnutrition; 76.7% including good nutrition and 8.7% including better nutrition.
In 2010 in Indonesia breast-fed infants and the liquid diet (predominant) of 4.5%;
babies who are breastfed and complementary feeding early (partial) amounted to
81.54%; whereas for coverage nutritional status of infants 0-6 months in 2010 was
4.2%, including malnutrition; 7.2% is included in malnutrition. National target of
breastfeeding in 2015 amounted to 75%. In the town of Kediri, East Java, by the
city health profile kediri 2015, ASI attainment figures in Puskesmas Pesantren II
is 57.4%.
Keyword : Affecting Factor Complementary Food, Early Complementary
Food, Community Heatlh Center Pesantren II Kediri


Gunawan, Yoggie Andang. 2014. Hypertension as The Risk Factor of Stroke.

Final Assignment, Faculty of Medicine, University of Muhammadiyah

Malang. Advisor : (1) dr. Rahayu Gunardja, Sp.S, (2) dr. Rahmiyah

Hypertension was a trigger factor of stroke. Hypertension caused

increasing peripheral blood pressure. Poor hemodynamic system caused
thickening of blood vessels and hypertrophy of the heart muscle. It could be
worsed by smoking and high fat and salt consumption that could cause
atherosclerotic plaque. Hypertension with atherosclerotic plaque buildup over
time can lead to stroke, such as thrombosis or embolic stroke. Hypertension could
affect to community from various age and socio-economic groups, which
incidence increased with age. Nowadays hypertension could be affect to patients
under 40 years old. Incidence rate of hypertension was increased by year to year.
Some factors, like age, occupation and environment also played a role in causing
hypertension. Education and well understanding about prevention of hypertension
and stroke, hopefully could lowered the incidence rate of hypertension in

Keyword : Hypertension, Risk factors, Stroke