AFFAIAS ISSUED TXEI/lINISTER FOFEIGN BY OF (ENVIhOI'IHENTAL ACT THEANTARCTICA PROTECTION) 1994 UNOEF Holder: SleveRoest Company/O.9ani6ation: Shephed Conservation Society Sea Friday Haltour, 98250 WA Address: PO Box2616, ForVoy6g€: For an Antarcticvoyageby the Ady G,lca.rying6 passengers. In Minlsterlal evaluailon. notiflcationreg!rdtngactlvltydeacdbed envlrorrnentel in TheMinister desdibed lhe environmenla mpaclassessment likely haveno are to herebynotitigs activnies that envifonment may be carried eflecl on the Anlarctic and out, sirbject the lo more than a minor or transalory activities include: rnay Miniotedal s€t Directions outbelow.These 1 Oc€anvoyageto Antarctaca


Minlsteriet Directions und€rPart1, Seclion10:

report impacts observed, 1. A full post-expedition including environmental any details any of activitjes breach thisnotif in ot icatiorvpermit non-compliance the lEE,andany and with mustbe submitted theHeadof the Antarctic to Policv otherrelevant details Unitot the Affairs Trade 1 June and by 2010. Ministry Foreign of pursuant thesubmitied shallbe aware their in IEE 2. All thoseinvolved activities to o'f Act responsibilitles under Antarctica lhe Prolection) 1994. {Environmental Ar€as(ASPAS) be entered is 3. No Antarctic Specially Protected shall asthe voyage not permitled do so. to may 4. No landings to be rnade andno land-based activities be caniedou1 the in are Antarctic Treaty AreaundefthislEE. 5. Wasteand sewage be dlspossd in accordance the disposal will ot with methods as stipulated lhe IEEandin Annex andlV of theProtocolon in lll Environmental Protection. pLanning 5. Thevessel fully the must ensure it complies with oilspill that contingency and equipment Safety Aulhority underits safeshipcertification requirements the Nlaritime of provision handling scheme, for hydrocarbon including having spills. 7. Allowed approaches, distances, speed vessels other of and measures taken around marine rnammals thewater in should thesame those oulin thelvlarine be as set Mammals 1992. Protection Fleoulations 8. Antarctica Zealand's lor New Environmental of Conduct ld be fo lowed al Code shou animals covered the l\4arine Mammals Proteclion 1978{l\4MPA). Act not by


9. No marine living resources be collected may under lEE. this 10.In caseof collision a marine with mamrnal other or vessel, report detailing resulting any a environmental impact mustbe submitted withinlive working daysof the incident. 11.fhe Ady A mustnot interfere vessels th€ Japanese with of fleetin waysthat whaling mayentailriskof collision otherconsequence mightresult marine pollution or that in and wlthil riskof morethana minor transltory or effect theAntarctic on as environment, well as riskio human safety. 12.In accordance Antarctic with Treaty Consultative fvleeting Measure (2004) Sea the 4 plans Shepherd Conservation Society mustdemonstrate appropriate that contingency and sufficient arrangements health safety, for and search rescue, medical and and care priorto the startof the activity. and evacuation havebeendrawn and are in place up Suchplansandarrangements notbe reliant suppod shall on tromotheroperators or ',vithout express programmes national their writlen agreement; thatadequate and, insurance otherarrangements in placelo coveranycostsassociated search or are with and rescue medical and careandevacuation. '13.The Gilis notto operate seaice. Ady in

P€rmittor Activalie.a 28 underPartIV,Sectlon The fvllnister hereby issues permit a under section ot the Acttorthglollowing 29 activities, subject th€ condilions to Vislts to AniarcticSpecialy Protected Afeas (ASPAs)are not permitted.
Permit Condltlons unde. Part lV, S€clion 28

1 . All activities must be conducl€din accorclance the approvedlEE,and it is an oll€nce nol to do so. with 2 . No devialionrhaybe madelrom the IEE withootfurtherapplication.

Ministerol Forelgn Aflalrs Perliament Buildings Wellington Daie lssue O€cernbef of 18 zmg
Daleol Expiry:15 Marcf 2010

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